DeSoto Parish Louisiana

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the state of Louisiana
and to the motto for which it stands:
A state, under God, united in purpose and ideals,
confident that justice shall prevail for all of those abiding here."


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1850 Census DeSoto Parish LA

Foreign born residents

Transcribed by Jane Keppler

NAME                             AGE OCCUPATION BIRTHPLACE
ABINGTON, Thomas 47 Planter Ireland
ANTONIA, M. 50 - Mexico
BROWN, John H. 46 Potter Germany
BROWNING, George W. 45 Physician Scotland
BURNS, Robert 38 Physician Ireland
CARRELL, James 42 Ditcher Ireland
CASPIRA, Peter W. 45 Merchant France
CHECHO, Jacinto 60 - Mexico
COLBAR, Fred   Carpenter Prussia
COLLINS, Frank 25 Laborer France
CONAHEY, (?) 35 Joiner Ireland
COOSE, Mary 65 - Mexico
COURTIS,Oleanna 20 - Mexico
CRAGO, John 40 Carpenter Wales
CUTHBERTSON, John 30 - Scotland
DAVIDSON, John 49 Planter Scotland
DAVIDSON, Mariah 30 - Nova Scotia
DAVIDSON,James 45 Planter Scotland
DEVALVE, Nepolian 48 Planter France
DOLORIS, Zamos 31 Laborer Mexico
DUCEAGA, Augustus 25 Mail Rider England
ELLIOTT, Levi 20 Laborer Ireland
FANVILLE, O. 45 Physician France
FITSPATRICK, Patrick 30 Laborer Ireland
GAMBLE, Nancy 53 - Ireland
GIBBONS, Joseph 17 Student Canada
GOSSIE, Csarnon 60 Planter Mexico
GRACIA, Benjamin 23 Mail Rider Mexico
HAITE, John 34 Planter Germany
HERRING, John G. 32 Blacksmith Prussia
HUSE, James 34 Laborer Ireland
HUSE, James 34 Laborer Ireland
JOHNSON, Thomas 43 Builder Ireland
KELLER, Conrad 35 Carpenter Germany
LEE, Daniel 50 Planter England
LONG, William 50 gent. at Ireland
MAINS, Andrew 29 Physician Ireland
MALENA, Ambrose 45 Planter Mexico
MALENA, Mary 36 - Mexico
MANSHACK, Arvile 53 Tailor Mexico
MANSHACK, Francis 38 - Mexico
MATTHEWS, Samuel 38 Carpenter England
McLAUGHLIN, John 44 Planter Ireland
McNAMARA, Michail 50 Planter Ireland
MILLER, Frank 28 Shoemaker Germany
MORAL, Felician 14 - Mexico
MORAL, Hasoos 19 Laborer Mexico
MORAL, T. 12 - Mexico
MORAL, Undras 50 Planter Mexico
MORAL,Joseph 20 Laborer Mexico
NORTON, William 29 Overseer Ireland
POWELL, John 36 Methodist Minister Great Britain
PRUDHOMME, John 47 Planter France
SCHULTZ, C. F.  45 Musician Germany
SHANNON, John 29 Planter Ireland
SIPHERINE, Bernald 45 - Mexico



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