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Date:4/17/2003 10:01:27 PM Central Standard Time

From: (Donna Wall)


Dear Gay:

I saw your note to John Adams in the 'Taylor Tracer' recently and thought I'd share some GRIFFITH info. I have compiled. GRIFFITH is not one of my family lines, but because of a possible intermarriage with one of my lines, I kept the info. My questions is: do you have any info. re. Henrietta SHINE who m. Francis Marion GRIFFITH. SHINE in my major line of research and I can't determine how Henrietta fits. All the SHINEs in Taylor Co. are of the same line. Hope something here helps you and I look forward to hearing from you. I'm open to additions/corrections.
Donna Wall
Grayson, GA

Researching: SHINE, BROOKS, BICKLEY, SUDDETH, PETERMAN, GAULTNEY, RAY, LARY and more in Taylor Co, GA-area

Descendants of William Howard Griffith

Generation No. 1

1. William Howard1 Griffith was born Abt. 1810 in NC, and died May 1896 in Taylor Co, GA. He married Mourning Parker 1831 in Bibb Co, GA. She was born Abt. 1811 in Jefferson Co, GA, and died 1882 in Taylor Co, GA.

REFERENCE: Crawford County, Ga.; Annual Returns Book B, p 103, February 7, 1853. Richard F. Davis, deceased. Gregory J. Turner as Administrator returned a list of perishable property sold during December 1852. Purchasers of items sold for $406.62 were: R. F. Davis, J. D. Bell, C. F. Fickling, John Gardner, W. W. Pope, William Tune, J. S. May, Jesse Glover, P. T. Montfort, W. W. Stephens, John S. Brooks, William GRIFFITH, James L. Bowden, S. P. Corgin, Thomas Drawhorn, William A. Ingraham and Julius Turner.

Children of William Griffith and Mourning Parker are:

+ 2 i. Harriet Ruth2 Griffith, born Abt. 1836; died 1898 in Taylor Co, GA.

3 ii. Francis Marion Griffith, born Abt. 1842; died 1904 in Taylor Co, GA. He married Henrietta Shine; born Abt. 1845; died Unknown.

Generation No. 2

2. Harriet Ruth2 Griffith (William Howard1) was born Abt. 1836, and died 1898 in Taylor Co, GA. She married Isaac Charles Eubanks. He was born Abt. 1836, and died 1908 in Taylor Co, GA.

Child of Harriet Griffith and Isaac Eubanks is:

+ 4 i. Howard Griffith3 Eubanks, born 06 Feb 1870 in Taylor Co, GA; died 13 Mar 1954 in Reynolds, Taylor Co, GA.

Generation No. 3

4. Howard Griffith3 Eubanks (Harriet Ruth2 Griffith, William Howard1) was born 06 Feb 1870 in Taylor Co, GA, and died 13 Mar 1954 in Reynolds, Taylor Co, GA. He married Annie Clyde Windham 06 Dec 1900 in Taylor Co, GA, daughter of George Windham and Harriet Poole. She was born 31 Jan 1876 in Taylor Co, GA, and died 23 Nov 1953 in Reynolds, Taylor Co, GA.

Children of Howard Eubanks and Annie Windham are:

5 i. Harriett Ruth4 Eubanks, born 03 Dec 1901 in Taylor Co, GA; died 06 Nov 1989 in Montezuma, Macon Co, GA. She married Elmer Adair Nelson 14 Feb 1920 in Taylor Co, GA; born 26 Feb 1901 in Taylor Co, GA; died 11 Mar 1965 in Reynolds, Taylor Co, GA.

6 ii. George Herman Eubanks, born 04 Apr 1903; died 26 Feb 1972 in Thomaston, Upson Co, GA. He married Conola Langley Private; born Private.

7 iii. Sarah Margaret Eubanks, born 10 Mar 1906 in Reynolds, Taylor Co, GA; died 11 Apr 1981 in Thomaston, Upson Co, GA. She married Newt E. Waller; born Abt. 1903; died Unknown.

8 iv. Annie Louise Eubanks, born 26 Sep 1908; died 28 Mar 1951 in Reynolds, Taylor Co, GA. She married John Mercer Nelson 20 Nov 1926; born 04 Sep 1904; died 28 Jan 1997 in Butler, Taylor Co, GA.

9 v. Howard Marshall Eubanks, born 28 Jun 1910; died 31 Jul 1910.

10 vi. Emmie Lee Eubanks, born 17 Feb 1912; died 25 May 1913.

11 vii. Benjamin Franklin Eubanks, born 12 Dec 1913 in Taylor Co, GA; died 05 Jun 1970 in Taylor Co, GA. He married Miriam Harmon Private; born Private.

12 viii. Robert Sanders Eubanks, born 18 Dec 1915 in Taylor Co, GA; died 06 Aug 1944 in France in WW II.

13 ix. Isaac Charles Eubanks, born 16 Mar 1921 in Reynolds, Taylor Co, GA; died 19 Aug 1973 in Forest Park, Clayton Co, GA. He married Nelle Miller Private; born Private.




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