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A state, under God, united in purpose and ideals,
confident that justice shall prevail for all of those abiding here."


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Jeffersonian Lodge

submitted  by Nancy W


The following was given to me in 1979 by Mr. G. Simmons of the Grand Lodge of the State of Louisiana in New Orleans.

He wrote that the Jeffersonian Lodge No. 138 was chartered on 2/12/1856. It surrendered its charter on 2/17/1860. It was rechartered as Jeffersonian Lodge No. 181 in 1868. It surrendered its charter again on 4/13/1880. I believe it was located at the Jefferson Steam Mill. I'm not sure where that was, but it had to have been in the Keatchie / Frierson area.

The Charter Members were:

Seneca Powell, Sr.

Thomas Pirrin

E. R. Best

James M. Farmer

Jno. F. Tomkies

E. C. Norris

B. S. Lester

J. M. Siester (?)

and James H. Beard

At the time of the surrender (in 1880) the members were:

L. F. Scott (W.M. in 1880 ) *

W.E. Parker J. H. Cowley

J. M. Nelson W. S. Frierson

J. G. Marshall T. C. Frierson

E. W. Lacey A. V. Lester

J. H. McCreavy N. S. McLeod

Geo. Jefferson

J. C. Baker

* (whatever that means)

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