DeSoto Parish Louisiana

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the state of Louisiana
and to the motto for which it stands:
A state, under God, united in purpose and ideals,
confident that justice shall prevail for all of those abiding here."

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DeSoto Parish LA
& the War For Southern Independence

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Camp Mouton #41, UCV, Mansfield, LA, est. 1891
photo abt. 1900

Photo above is reproduced in Slawson's 1967 History of DeSoto Parish, with names as shown below, but it's hard to tell whether the "rows" indicated run vertically or horizontally.  There appear to be 48 people therein.  Forty-seven names are shown below, but "Greenings" may indicate that the seated lady is Rebecca [Bullock] Greening, wife of Camp member Swepson W. Greening.  The young lady on the far right is probably Lucille Williams, daughter of Camp member Boling Williams.  If you can identify others in this photo, please E-MAIL ME

Row- #1 Abington,  Thomas, Youngblood, G Jackson
Row #2-  B illingsley,  T. S. Sligh,  R. H. Jay,  Marshall,  McClanahan
Row #3- McMullin,  A P Reeves,  Harwell,  Sample,  Franklin
Row #4- Taylor,  Rogers,  Hamilton,  Peyton Rascoe
Row #5-  W W Hunt,  J Williams,  Powell,  Brownfield,  John J Vascoe
Row #6-  J O Beck,  McKinney,  Cunningham,  A F Jackson,  W R Jackson, 
Row #7-  H A Jenkins,  J Yarborough,  J J Gardner,  J W Pitts,  T. G. Pegues
Row #8- B. Williams,  Stribling,  Marshall,  B F Jenkins,  L Williams
Row #9-  A P Harris,  Greenings,  J T Smith ( J P ),  J M Parsons,  S F Walker
Row #10-  Andrew Hoy,  James H Hunter,  A DeValtz,  L M Rambin

NOTE: I think the man 4th from left (in my photo he is 4th from right) is my gg grandfather, John Abernathy Dixon (1830-1901).  Although he wasn't in the Battle of Mansfield, he did live at Longstreet/Grand Cane until his death in 1901.  The sword is a possible clue also as he was Major of the 12th Infantry Regiment at the end of the war under the command
of Joe Johnston.  He was also paroled at Vicksburg.
David Dixon

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