DeSoto Parish Louisiana

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the state of Louisiana
and to the motto for which it stands:
A state, under God, united in purpose and ideals,
confident that justice shall prevail for all of those abiding here."


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DeSoto Parish Funeral Home 
 DeSoto Parish, Louisiana
Submitted by: Jane Sanford Keppler 

 Osborne Funeral Home in Shreveport from the 1950's. Transcribed from microfilm records.

Bazer, Carrow Beatrice b 1/20/1887 father Henry Hinkie Mother Minnie Brown

Burgess, Caroline Elizabeth, b 10/25/1878 Father-Thomas Fullilove Mother Elizabeth Samford

Douglas, Lois b 4/20/1925 Father-E. E. LaRue Mother-Elizabeth Barbee

Gamble (?), John B. b 4/23/1868  Father-W. Gamble Mother (???)

Grafton, Lucy Lacy, b 4/7/1893 Father-Austin Lacy Mother -Molly Jane Wells

Keith, Lucille Rascoe b 7/15/1893  father-Benjamin Rascoe Mother-Helen Herlot

Lambeth, Henry Clay  b 3/7/1883 father Jessie Monroe Latham mother-Mollie Talbert

Means, Carrie Lee, b 7/29/1897 Father Ratliff Nicholson Mother Carrie Hugerford

Melton, Roberta Louise Wiley b 9/14/1880 Father James Thomas Wiley Mother Amanda Mary McElhenny

Moore, Ida b 3/24/1873 father Nicholas Moore Mother Carolyn Davis

Rucker, George b 6/25/1883 Father John B. Rucker Mother-Mary Tull

Rushing, Clayton b 8/24/1891 Father Joseph Rushing Mother-Mary E. Wells(?)

Sample, SR. Arthur N. b 9/23/1882 Father Oliver Sample Mother Frances Guy

Smith, William Washington b 4/8/1871 Father Wm Smith Mother Helen Schackelford

Styron, Virginia Bailey, b 1/30/1876 Father-Wayne Bailey Mother-Kate Foster

Tanner, Wilmer Plympton  b 12/19/1895  father Nathanieal P. Tanner Mother-Lula Mosely

Trindel (?), Lillian b 12/16/1885 Father Wm Hall Mother Ida Jack(?)

Westmoreland, Mary Daisie b 9/7/1898 Father-Minor Palmer Mother Hattie D. Griffin



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