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also known as

Old Travis Cemetery


Location of Campbell-Catlin cemetery:  Take old Hwy 36 to the Nelsonville Road.  Turn left and go approximately 1/10 mile to a dirt road on the left.  Go to the Ervin Hold farm.  Cemetery is behind the main gate about 300 yards.
Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.


Name Born Died Notes
Albrecht, Fred W. 15 May 1856 18-Apr-49  
Albrecht, Marie S. 24 Feb 1856 4-Jan-22  
Campbell, Mary J. 31 Jan 1864 28 Apr 1879  
Campbell, Rufus Easton 15 Aug 1815 27 Oct 1878  
Catlin, Susan L. No date given 13 Feb 1872  
Cleveland, Leonard E. No date given 7 Mar 1870  
Graff, Adolph 15 Jul 1862 28 Feb 1889  
Graff, Mary No date given 18 Oct 1893  
Heckman, Christian 15 Jul 1833 22 Aug 1893  
Heckman, Louise 2 Nov 1841 27-Apr-13  
Hober, Lewis 16 Jul 1879 17 Jun 1880  
Kenney, John R. 29 Apr 1839 7 Sep 1861  
Kenney, John W. Jul 1799 9 Jan 1865  
Kenney, Maria E. 22 Mar 1801 22 Apr 1875  
Lee, Ada No dates given    
Lee, Ella No dates given    
Lee, John Kenney No dates given    
Lee, Susan C. 2 Aug 1854 16 Aug 1882  
Lord, William 17 Oct 1818 5 Sep 1875  
Lott, James W. 5 Dec 1818 25 Dec 1868  
McHenry, Lydia Ann 11 Jun 1796 7 Aug 1864  
Palm, Liza Meyer 18 Mar 1828 31 Aug 1898  
Palm, Rudall 7 Oct 1828 9 Sep 1889  Civil War
Tesch, Edwin W. 7-Jan-00 21-Feb-18  
Torrence, M. L. 22 Jun 1834 2 Nov 1884  


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