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Industry --Pilgrims Rest Cemetery


In Industry go one block north of Hwy 159 on Hwy 109.   Turn left and go to the Methodist Church. 

  This cemetery is the second one behind the church.  

Additional information was supplied from current church cemetery records.   Hopefully a map will soon appear showing  the overall locations and divisions of the cemetery.  At present use Control F to find the name for a particular person in the files below...but not in reference to  adjacent graves.

NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.

To look for obits go to Bellville Public Library site and click on Newspaper as there is a wealth of information for obituaries and other records.

PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.

Thanks to Carolyn Zaskoda

for updates to these files. January 2022 for military records.


Last name First name Birth Death Comment
Ables Mary Louise Nunnellee 4-Apr-05 5-Jul-05 w/o Elmer "Red"
Axtell Patrick   23-Jun-04  
Baring Emilie Caroline 13 Oct 1884 6-Nov-11  
Baring Louis 2 Sep 1838 4 Jun 1895  
Baring Albert 21 Jun 1843 23 Feb 1896  
Baring Johanna Sieper 22 Oct 1846 30-May-21  
Barkley Elizabeth Rosalie McKown 21-Mar-1920 8-Apr-1998  WWII
Barkley Jim "Bob" 10-Nov-20 13-Jul-01  
Bastian Esther Eckermann Robinette 20-May-09 1-Jul-03  
Beck C Casper 26 Sep 1836 24-Jun-01  
Beckman Glenn 17-Oct-00 10-Aug-21  
Beckman Josie 9-Nov-03 8-Jan-99  
Beckmann Robert 13 Jul 1858 30-Jan-42  
Beckmann Albert 7 Oct 1831 25 Dec 1886  
Beckmann Norma 26 Dec 1864 8 Dec 1884  
Beckmann Margaret Halzmann 15 Oct 1863 22-Mar-58  
Beckmann Reinhold H. 6 May 1860 31-Aug-33  
Beckmann Mathilde 22 Jun 1838 5-May-00 w/o Albert
Beckwith Linda Lee 27-Dec-1947 15-May-2017 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Belt Alice Boelsche 2 Feb 1896 20-Feb-74  
Benefiel Shirley Rome 16-Jul-35 29-Nov-14 w/o Gene L.
Berhsausen Vernita 25-Sep-17 23-Jan-29  
Berndt Carl Heinrick "Henry". 28 May 1848 6-Mar-29  
Berndt Amelia Vieratz/ Emiline Wurtz 19 Aug 1848 16-Apr-32  
Bernshausen Reinhold 10 Oct 1842 22-Aug-05  
Bernshausen Ida Kaase 24 Jul 1879 1-Nov-03  
Bernshausen Louise Wunderlich 7 Feb 1848 21-Sep-01  
Bertsch JR Henry Fred     WWII
Beutling Wilhelmine 22 Feb 1831 4 Dec 1889  
Beutling Wilhelm 11 Sep 1827 2 Mar 1899  
Bishop Mary Joe McCollum 10-Oct-23 12-Jul-04 w/o Jim
Blezinger Sophie Eben 14 Feb 1866 25-Mar-48  
Blezinger Julius 4 Jul 1860 9-Oct-49  
Blezinger Frederick 22 Aug 1875 27-Aug-34  
Blezinger Johanna 23 Oct 1879 1-Dec-40  
Blezinger Erna 27-Dec-04 9-Mar-05  
Blezinger Emma 1898 1902  
Blezinger George 26 May 1869 23 Mar 1899  
Blezinger G. 28 Feb 1882 16-Apr-00  
Blezinger Louise 11 Feb 1831 29 Oct 1888  
Blezinger Fred Born and Died 9-Mar-05  
Blezinger Adolph 11 Jan 1872 15-Mar-26  
Blezinger Louis 3 Nov 1857 25-Oct-33  
Blezinger George Otto 5-Dec-42 2-Jan-43  
Blezinger Minna Ora (Ora Minna) 16-Aug-08 6-Apr-96  
Blezinger Werner H. 8-Apr-06 23-Feb-91  
Blezinger George A. 26-Dec-07 15-Apr-05  
Blezinger Bessie Irene Heinsohn 20-Jan-11 24-Apr-90  
Blezinger Janet Joy 18-Aug-40 17-Apr-03  
Blezinger Linda E. Mieth 15-Jan-24 25-Jan-04  
Boedecker Emma M      
Boedeker Alma M. 20 Feb 1866 23 Aug 1867  
Boedeker Chas. 13 Nov 1858 12 May 1866  
Boedeker Henry 3 Dec 1872 16 Aug 1873  
Boelsche William Friedrich 15 Dec 1865 1-Apr-37  
Boelsche Minnie Froelick 20 Nov 1878 8-Mar-33  
Boelsche Caroline M E. Weber 1 May 1839 16-May-21  
Boelsche Frederich D. 3 Oct 1833 9-Apr-06  
Boelsche Carl F. W. 3 Jan 1881 21-Jan-03  
Boelsche Frederich C 29 Nov 1873 16 Jan 1874  
Boelsche Elizabeth Schulze 5 Feb 1897 13-May-84  
Boelsche Lenora Knolle 17 Nov 1869 29-Nov-55  
Boelsche Alfred Herman 29-Dec-00 18-Jun-98  
Boelsche Ralph A. 22-Dec-04 16-Sep-93  
Boelsche Ida Banks Fordtran 13-Oct-02 8-Apr-94  
Bogue Joe Reginald 4-Aug-39 25-Sep-04  
Boling Jerry D 6-Jul-1966 20-Aug.-2021
Brandt Lena 21 Mar 1860 1 Jul 1897  
Brill Edward 6 Aug 1870 3 Jan 1875  
Brill Louise Sieper 21 Dec 1848 3 Jun 1896  
Buenger Adolph 14 Aug 1864 29-Dec-30  
Buenger Johanna Schulze 4 Dec 1868 11-Sep-50  
Buenger Wanita 6 Jun 1896 1-Dec-89  
Buenger Emilie D Ernst 1 Jan 1856 19-Feb-33  
Buenger Herman L. 6 Dec 1855 8-Aug-45  
Buenger Annie Lockwood 6 Sep 1882 26-Feb-06  
Buenger Ellen 1 Apr 1896 23 Dec 1896  
Buenger Arno 27 Oct 1893 20-Oct-07  
Buenger Harry H 26 Dec 1887 11-Sep-12  
Buenger William A. 25 May 1852 5-Dec-20  
Buenger Agnes T. Mangliers 15 Jan 1861 17-Aug-38  
Buenger Nessie Annie 22 Mar 1898 31-May-85  
Buenger Alma Caletka 9 Jul 1897 10-Jul-95  
Buenger Eldie William 03 Jan 1891 1-Jan-60 WW I 
Buenger Norbert E 30 Jan 1892 28-Nov-67 WW I 
Champion Donald Franklin 28-Jun-11 10-Nov-97  
Dippel Ernest 12 Jul 1885 21-Jul-42  
Doss Willie Mae Berndt 27-Aug-14 10-Jul-02  
Eben Fritz 12 Dec 1832 14 Aug 1892  Civil War
Eben Christine 27 May 1831 19-Oct-18  
Eben       slab only
Eckermann Sophie 9 Mar 1826 23 Apr 1895  
Eckermann Aug 19 Apr 1819 1-Jan-00  
Eckermann Ferdinand 3 Jan 1870 27-Feb-12  
Eckermann Arnold Henry Wilhelm 1 Dec 1898 -1922  
Eckermann Walter 1901 1924  
Eckermann Louise 6 Feb 1864 16-Sep-22  
Eckermann Aug 10 Mar 1861 16-Dec-27  
Eckermann Elsa 31 Jan 1897 18-Apr-01  
Eckermann Erna Laura  Emshoff 18-Sep-20 14-Feb-90  
Eckermann Margaret Schroeder 19-Apr-45 3-Jul-99  
Elolf Matilda 16 Apr 1850 14-Nov-05  
Elolf Aug B 18 Oct 1850 30-Oct-03  
Ernst Aug F. 1 Feb 1861 27-May-31  
Ernst Herman Gerhard, Sr. 25 Sep 1827 20-Nov-13  
Ernst Wilhemine 3 Jul 1854 3 Oct 1879  
Ernst Marie Elizabeth Christiane Drier 1832 1880  
Ernst Herman Albrecht 30 Jan 1858 13-May-45  
Ernst Ferdinand Heinrich 10-Nov-71 9-Jan-47  
Ernst Freidrich E. 30 Aug 1870 9-Mar-49  
Feist Beaulah Ann Schultz 23 Apr 1933 20 Sep 2009  
Feist Bennie 22 Aug 1925 7-May-1991 WWII
Finke Harold 20-Oct-1940 6-Jun-2021 Brenham Memorial Chapel
Foerster Jo Ann Lillie Juergens 11-Apr-1937 3-Apr-2017 Parents: Conrad & Carrie (Wassermann) Juergens
Franke Angela Ruth 10-Sep-20 18-Jul-48  
Franke Ernst C. 21 Oct 1860 13-Nov-42  
Franke Minnie Bollmann 6 Jul 1876 28-Jun-48  
Franke Rudolph D. Jr. 7 Sep 1866 1-Oct-42  
Franke SR Carl August 31 May 1844 9-May-1903 Civil War 
Franke Rudolph Sr. 8 Jan 1834 6-Jul-1902 Civil War 
Franke Chas. 14 Feb 1835 15-Sep-1922 Civil War 
Franke Agnes Bittner 6 Jun 1844 11-Feb-34  
Franke Louise Schwartz 13 May 1841 1-Mar-24  
Franke Bertha Dieckmann 1876 1901  
Gabler Gottlieb 29 Apr 1863 16-Feb-43  
Galle Andreas 5 Jan 1843 9-Jun-28  
Galle Wilhelmine (Moritz?) 1897 1907  
Galle Hubert 22-May-07 1-Apr-08 Stone moved
Galle Hubert 22-May-07 1-Apr-08  
Galle Alvin Ludwig 25-Apr-04 14-May-88  
Galle Marcus H. 22-Nov-09 19-Dec-92  
Galle Alma S. Rinn 26-Jul-07 7-Aug-90  
Galle Clifton A. 24-Mar-14 3-Sep-01 WWII
Gebhart Elfices Herr 7-Dec-15 1-Jan-00  
Gibson Patricia M. McPherson 14-Jul-1937 6-Apr-2017 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Giebel Elsa Schmidt 20 May 1897 12-Apr-92  
Giebel Goebel Clara Fricke 11 Aug 1863 11-Feb-39  
Giebel Goebel Albert 16 Dec 1853 24-Sep-26  
Godwin James Roger, III 18-Aug-67 19-Sep-99  
Griffin Patricia Ann Lofton 5-Mar-44 4-Aug-01  
Griffith Garth 25-Oct-1937 10-Dec-2020 Schmidt Funeral Home
Gross Delroy 7-Sep-44 17-Aug-14 h/o Dorothy Frank
Harting unknown No dates given    
Harting unknown No dates given    
Hartmann Heinrich No dates given    
Hartmann Margarita Wuepke 10 Oct 1826 4 Jan 1894 Cem Bk 127
Hartmann Molly 7 Oct 1892 3 Jul 1897  
Haverlah Herbert Lee 10-Feb-37 16-Sep-04  
Hegemeyer Frieda Schroeder Assman 11 May 1897 3-Feb-91  
Hegemeyer Roger 5-Aug.-1925 30-Jul.-2017 WWII
P.: Fritz & Frieda (Schroeder)
Helweg Louis K. 9 Jul 1864 24-Dec-26  
Helweg Bernard Willie 5-Jun-18 19-Jun-98  
Helweg Robert Earl 21-Jan-49 21-Nov-98 Vietnam 
Helwig Sophie Kersting 5 Aug 1836 26-Oct-25  
Helwig Carl 23 Jun 1829 9-Dec-05  
Hennings George A 1838 1897  
Herr Anna 26 Dec 1877 19-Sep-35  
Herr Christian 25 Jan 1896 11-Feb-47  
Herr Anna Mertz 3 Dec 1839 28-Feb-07  
Herr Christian 29 Jul 1826 26-Nov-02  
Herr Otto 6 Feb 1866 25-Mar-44  
Hill Fritz 27 Jan 1858 29-Jan-21  
Hill Minnie Eben 26 Jan 1863 8-Feb-50  
Hines James Doyle, Jr. 4-Jan-32 23-Mar-01 Korea & Viet Nam 
Hohmann Sophie 15 Jun 1837 8 Jul 1891  
Hubbard Sharon Ivina Richard 10-Feb-22 10-May-03  
Hubbard Henry Clark 15-Jul-24 8-Jun-04  
Huebner Mary Catherine Franke 17 Dec 1869 22-Feb-02  
Huebner Herman W. 25 May 1872 9-Feb-47  
Huebner Louis W. 16 Dec 1882 25-Feb-14  
Huebner Anna Adamek 20 Nov 1886 No date given  
Huebner Hugo 8 Aug 1853 15-Nov-21  
Huebner Lena Mueller 10 Mar 1857 30-Oct-41  
Huebner Sadie Anna 27-Dec-09 22-Feb-02  
Huebner Jesse Edwin 10-Jan-00 15-Dec-69 Pvt WWI  
Huffman Francis G 7-Sep-1943 5-Sep-2020 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Juergens Herman 19 Dec 1882 23-Feb-23  
Juergens Mannie "Tommy" 23-Nov-09 15-Sep-84  
Juergens Conrad H, Sr. 7-Apr-06 9-Mar-87  
Juergens Carrie E. Wassermann 23-Aug-08 19-Jan-99  
Kaase Hermann 18 Feb 1876 10-Apr-14  
Kaase Selma Dietrich 4 Jan 1881 21-Apr-67  
Karbulka Frank Joseph 1-Jan-17 1-Feb-83 WW II 
Kettner Johanna Dorothee Koetteritzsch 30 Aug 1815 18 Aug 1891  
Kirschke Arthur Edward "Barney". 10-Jan-35 22-Sep-90  
Kirschke Arthur E. "Barney" 19-Jan-35 22-Sep-90  
Kliem Carl F. 8 Jun 1833 15 Dec 1885  
Kliem Herman Born and Died 1871  
Knobelsdorf William J. (Joseph) 11-Mar-32 26-Jul-86 Korea 
Knolle Chas. F. 8 Nov 1870 13-Jun-39  
Knolle Annie Ernestine. Knolle 1871 1949  
Knolle Jesse 15 Feb 1887 12-Jan-11  
Knolle Dr. Otto J 23 Feb 1878 31-Aug-38  
Knolle Emil M. 23 Sep 1848 16-Jul-31 Civil War
Knolle Ernestine Weise 9 Oct 1851 22-Jun-36  
Knolle Otto J., Jr. 3-May-21 5-May-21  
Knolle d/o OttoJ & Hilda 26-Oct-03 24-Mar-04  
Koch Charles Christian  2 Nov 1826 1 Dec 1891  
Koch Marie Rehm Teufel No dates given    
Koch Emilie 19 May 1872 7 Jan 1875  
Koch Rosalie Machak 13 Jan 1846 17 Oct 1874  
Koneschik Johnnie J. Jr. 8-Oct-06 19-Jan-86  
Koneschik Esther Frieda Spreen 5-Feb-11 26-Jul-84  
Krause Edward 3 Dec 1887 25-Jul-12  
Krause Anna M. Dietrich 3 Jul 1878 6-Feb-25  
Kruger Arthur 29 Aug 1894 20 Dec 1894  
Kuehn Frederich J. 25 Nov 1853 2 Oct 1888  
Kuehn Ella 6 Oct 1883 28-Nov-14  
Kuehn Minnie Baring 16 Jan 1882 9-Nov-05  
Kuehn Emilie 1881 1889  
Kuehn Maria M 31 Aug 1888 13 Oct 1888  
Kuehn Louise S Born and Died 1888  
Kuehn Johann Aug. 9 Mar 1845 1-Jul-06  
Kuehn Pauline Boeche 26 May 1850 3-Dec-22  
Lockwood Anna 12 Nov 1859 17 Sep 1882  
Luedke infant s/oAug & Alma Born and Died 15-Dec-22  
Lunbeck Stanley Laurence 20-May-50 9-Apr-88  
Maedgen Cynthia Mae 24-Dec-48 1-May-13  
Mahlmann Anna Eben 1 Nov 1860 24-Nov-42  
Mahlmann Sophie 16 Oct 1893 24-Nov-42  
Mahlmann Henry Ernest 20 Oct 1887 22-Jul-59 WWI 
Meischen Louise 25 Aug 1861 25 Nov 1898  
Meischen Edgar F. 19-Dec-15 21-Jun-94 WW II 
Meischen Erna Haedge 26-Jul-17 25-Jan-15 w/o Walter
Meischen Walter Ernst 22-Aug-14 28-Nov-05  
Mertz Christian 25 Nov 1811 10-Aug-00  
Mertz Gesina 26 Jan 1821 25-Dec-09  
Miller Hilda 26 Sep 1890 27 Sep 1890  
Miller Hilda 26 Sep 1890 27 Sep 1890  
Moeller Waldo Eugene 19-Feb-24 28-Jun-12 WW II 
Mueller Caroline Hagemann 21 Nov 1826 11-Oct-10  
Mueller Aug 9 Mar 1840 11 Feb 1890  
Mueller F. W. (Friedrich Wilhelm) 16 Mar 1818 23 Apr 1896  Civil War
Neumann Emma 20 Feb 1866 22 Jun 1890  
Neumann Cora 4 Dec 1885 22 Oct 1887  
No marker        
Paap Johann 28 Jun 1832 10-Mar-08  
Peevler Gregory Scott 21-Nov.-1956 4-Apr.-2018 Brenham Memorial Chapel
Pennison Robert 27-Aug-1939 18-Jan-2021 Memorial Oaks Funeral Home
Perkins Gary C. 4-Jun-41 1-Feb-00  
Peschel Clyde Herman 12-May-82 15-Feb-92  
Peschel Fred Ben Born and Died 13-Jul-44  
Peschel Goldie Laura Spreen 26-Nov-07 10-Feb-95  
Peschel Karl O 7-Jun-1959 22-Mar-2021 Schmidt Funeral Home
Peschel Leroy K 28-Aug-1930 30-Aug-2020 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Peschel Lloyd Otto 10-Mar-14 18-Apr-93  
Peschel Loretta Shimek 8-Jan-1934 28-Dec-2021 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels  wife of Leroy
Peschel Mary Kathryn "Kay" 25-Sep-34 1-Jun-16 w/o Wilfred, Sr.
Peschel Wilfred J. 30-Sep-30 21-Sep-97  
Plagens Bernhard 12 Aug 1899 20 Aug 1899  
Platte Henrietta Schroeder 27-Mar-04 3-Dec-99  
Powell Dudley C. "Mark" 10-Nov-31 25-Feb-98 Korea
Reichle Minna 18 Jul 1874 24-Dec-48  
Rinn Alma 12 Aug 1881 28 Mar 1882  
Rinn Anita Mary Buenger 15 Aug 1895 5-May-84  
Rinn Beatrice Elsa Blezinger 31-Oct-1938 25-Dec-2020 Schmidt Funeral Home
Rinn Louise Voelkel 1865 13-Apr-45  
Rinn Emil J 10 Jan 1862 10-Dec-15  
Rinn Johanna Koch 30 Jul 1829 8 Apr 1884  
Rinn Jacob 12 Feb 1813 27 Sep 1872  
Rinn Marie 1875 1896  
Rinn Jacob A 31 Oct 1874 28 Aug 1884  
Rinn infant d/o Lena & Ed No dates given    
Rinn Edna 21 Jun 1889 31-Dec-05  
Rinn James 7 Jun 1892 4-Apr-66  
Rodiek Henry 14 Oct 1861 2-Jun-38  
Rodiek Charotte Paap 12 Feb 1835 7-Jul-20  
Rome Esther Louisa Sonnenberg 18-Aug-15 15-Aug-99  
Rudloff Albert 20 Jul 1868 19-Mar-58  
Rudloff Lillie 19 Jun 1894 16-Jul-01  
Rudolff Frieda Moegle 5 Feb 1872 12-Nov-30  
Ruppert Ervin 11 Mar 1893 2 Apr 1893  
Schmidt Max 1819 1853  
Schmidt Mary 1881 1902  
Schmidt Anna 1848 1891 127 Cem Bk
Schmidt Chris No date given 1902 127 Cem Bk
Schroeder Anna (Frels?) 27 Jan 1820 28-May-1903  
Schroeder Anna M. Voekel 30 Apr 1861 26-Mar-1939  
Schroeder Alma K. 17-Mar-1900 17-Mar-1992  
Schroeder Alma "Mama" 4-Jun-1876 12-Jul-1953 submitted 8/16/2021 by Peggy Weldon   Wife of Henery Il8#2
Schroeder Annie Lee Boelsche 20-Oct-1914 25-Jul-2003  
Schroeder Aug 8 Jun 1856 1-Jun-1912  
Schroeder Edward F. 20 Aug 1867 14-Aug-39  
Schroeder Heinrich 28 May 1815 21 Jun 1870  
Schroeder Henry Feb 1865 31-Dec-1914 submitted 8/16/2021 by Peggy Weldon   Husband of Alma Il8#23
Schroeder Henry "Rusty" 21-Apr-1911 28-Oct-1965 submitted 8/16/2021 by Peggy Weldon   Son of Henry & Alma Il8#21
Schroeder Herman 30 Jun 1857 17-Mar-40  
Schroeder Herbert 23-Apr-01 2-Aug-32  
Schroeder Hertha Duedensing 23-Apr-01 23-Mar-32  
Schroeder Louise H. 3 Jan 1865 8-Nov-40  
Schroeder Otto 3 Feb 1864 24-May-1947  
Schroeder W. 8 Nov 1822 13-Oct-1900  
Schroeder Wilhemine Ernst 8 Nov 1822 13-Oct-1906  
Schroeder unknown No dates given    
Schulz Ewald A. 11 Jun 1892 16-Oct-00  
Schulze Carl Gottlieb David 14 Apr 1841 5-Jun-18  
Schulze Louise Weige 1 May 1841 7-Feb-31  
Schulze Johanna 20 Jun 1860 24-Jul-19  
Schulze Agnes Vanderwerth 15 Jan 1873 24-Apr-40  
Schwartz Carl H. 27-Dec-06 10-Oct-93  
Simmons John Ramsey. 19 Sep 1841 23-Jun-22 Civil War 
Simmons Phillipine Hasting -1845 1937  
Simmons Annie 12 Dec 1874 14-Dec-42  
Sonnenberg Gilbert 10-Nov-17 4-Aug-18  
Spreen Ella Lahrmann 31 Dec 1886 31-Jan-33  
Stoehr Louise Ernst 1800 1889  
Stoelke Charles, Sr. 29 Jan 1872 4-Oct-41  
Stolte unknown -1856 19 Nov 1862  
Strickler Norma 16 Feb 1893 1-Aug-29  
Strickler Gilbert 2-Nov-11 11-Jun-12  
Strickler Roland Morris 26-Jun-24 7-Apr-25  
Stringer Diana White 1945 20-Jan-16 w/o Thomas Davis
Suter Erwin 27-Sep-00 23-Jul-01  
Teufel Herman 2 Jul 1859 6-Oct-16  
Teufel Anna 2 May 1860 12-Jul-49  
Teufel Melvin 22-Mar-25 11-Jan-27  
Teufel Chester 17-Nov-27 29-May-43  
Teufel Kermit Kinney "Koy" 4-Jan-22 8-Nov-12 WW II 
Teufel Lorraine Margie Stepan 16 Jul, 1930 29-Sep-15 w/o Kermit
Todd Robert E.   13-Jan-05 Cremation vase
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Villman Lillie Mae 9-May-1930 5-Sep-2020 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Witt Doris Dorothy Teufel 5-Jun-34 20-Mar-85  
Wittner Marvin 11-Jan-09 15-Nov-96  
Wittner Dennis W. 24-Nov-14 7-Jan-95  
Wittner Bertha Schmidt 4-Feb-15 29-Oct-02  
Wittner Viola Kaase 11-Nov-1942 30-Nov-2018 P.: Erwin & Hila (Nelius)
Memorial Oaks Funeral Home
Wolters Jacob 1797 1865  
Zeptner Charles 1827 1892  
Zeptner Theresa 1844 1887 w/o Charles
Ziemer Thomas Richard 13-Apr-33 23-Apr-95  



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