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Oak Knoll Cemetery








This cemetery is located in Bellville on Mechanic St. and FM 529, east of Santa Fe R. R. tracks.  There is only one cemetery.

NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.

Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.

PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.


To look for obits go to Bellville Public Library site and click on Newspaper as there is a wealth of information for obituaries and other records.

Thanks to Carolyn Zaskoda

for updates to these files January 2022 for Military records.

Last name First name Birth Death Comment Location
Abel Adele Meyer 17-Aug-09 21-May-09   52 S15
Abel Adolph 8 Aug 1849 24-Mar-41   31 E17
Abel Alfred Erwin, Jr. 14-Jan-30 2-Sep-85   42 B15
Abel Alfred, Sr. 20 Jan 1890 20-May-86   42 B15
Abel Andrew Adolf 30-May-08 28-May-70   26 Z7
Abel Anna Elise Brast 22 Jan 1875 10-Feb-28   26 Y 6
Abel Birdie Katherine Mettke 24-Jun-13 not given   70 B7,  26 Z7
Abel Annie Marie 20-Jul-29 4-Dec-86 dau of Willie A 52 N12
Abel Annie Wolgast 9 Jan 1875 2-Dec-24   13 C10
Abel Arnold Claud 19-Sep-04 9-Jun-71   52 V12
Abel Asmus Adolf 8 Oct 1897 22-Jul-59    
Abel Cordella Necker 21-Oct-04 5-Jan-84   52 N12
Abel Edna Zube 14-Jun-11 25-Sep-99   52 V12
Abel Elsie Becker 30 Mar 1894 11 Aug 1884   MAU
Abel Emma Schulke 11 Sep 1864 10-Apr-47   31 E17
Abel Hazel E. 29-Jan-18 3-Jan-77 w/o James O 52 V1
Abel Henry 30 Jun 1870 13-Feb-43   26 Y 6
Abel Isabella Bolten 29-May-01 2-Feb-79   42 B15
Abel James Otto 6-Jun-16 10-Dec-89 WWII 52 V1
Abel John 15 Jan 1875 30-Mar-32   13 C10
Abel Raymond John 4-Sep-04 6-Sep-88   52 S15
Abel Valeska Henrichsen 3 Aug 1897 11-Feb-93    
Abel Werner Henry 7 Mar 1892 1-Nov-69   MAU
Abel Wilma S. 3-Sep-1925 25-Apr-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels  
Abel William Ray 23-Jan-51 11-Sep-05    
Abel Willie Aug 16 Dec 1899 11-Nov-84   52 N12
Abel Wilma S. 3-Sep-1925 25-Apr-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels  
Ables Frances (Fran) Krueger 8-Nov-1936 8-Feb-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels  
Ables Roy Lyvon 18-Aug-1944 25-Feb-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels  
Acebo Antonio 21 Sep 1873 18-Jun-49   42 A6
Acebo Edicta 17 Jan 1882 16-Jan-55   42 A6
Acebo Sam       52 R8
Acebo Soledad Velasquez 28-Oct-17 14-Feb-07   52 V2
Acebo Charlie, Sr. 16-May-19 1-Mar-80 WWII 52 V2
Acebo John 31-Dec-17 20-Oct-00 WWII 52 W14
Acebo Lena Ferron 25-Dec-20 22-Nov-14 w/o John 52 W14
Acebo Ricardo 27-Sep-32 3-Feb-37    
Acebo Severiana 20-Jul-30 10-Apr-61    
Acuna Sadie Najeli 2-Jan-02 8-Aug-07 5 yrs.  
Adams Opal No date given 19-Jul-83    
Adams Herndon L. 1906 1966    
Adams Edna Louise Schroeder 13 Jun 1898 22-Feb-37   31 E9
Adams Mabel Hill 15 Nov 1892 16-Oct-78   26 C2
Adams Edwin F. 25 Jul 1892 30-Jul-60   26 C2
Adams Thomas Edward 18-Aug-1928 13-Oct-1990 Korea 26 C2
Adams Mrs. P. E. No date given 18-May-07   26 O4
Akin Roy B. 13-Nov-01 28-Oct-76   52 V9
Akin Loretta Westbrook 15-Feb-08 14-Jan-96   52 V9
Albert Dalton Paul "Dutch" 31-Jan-23 13-Sep-99 WWII 31 B1
Albert Paul 14 Jan 1875 31-May-34   31 B1
Albert Sidonia Schaffner 27 Oct 1879 26-Nov-61   31 B1
Albert Louis John 25 Feb 1898 16-Sep-83   31 B1
Albert Hattie Juergens 15-Nov-00 11-Jan-99   31 B1
Albert Emmie E. Hold 20-Jul-00 9-Aug-69   31 F5
Albert Monroe Charles 28-Nov-00 4-Mar-52   31 F5
Albrecht Margaret Elizabeth Clark 16-Sep-19 26-Dec-01   52 R16
Albrecht Otto G. 10 Nov 1887 20-Jan-54   52 R16
Albrecht Lena Ida Andreas 20 Apr 1896 21-Feb-95   52 R16
Albrecht Ervin Herman 5-Sep-17 29-Sep-84   52 R16
Alexander Avis Schneider 1-Jan-1919 11-Mar-2019 Knesek Funeral Chapels 26 I-8
Alexander Deborah Brown 1-Mar-52 11-Jul-81   31 F11
Alexander George Gambrell, Jr. 13-Sep-53 3-Sep-10   99 45
Alexander George Gambrell, Sr. 10-Mar-1926 2-Nov-2003 WWII 99 45
Alexander Helen Cunningham 1-Sep-1926 1-Aug-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels  
Alexander Mary A. 1838 21-Jan-03   26 I-8
Alexander Wayne Benson 10-Dec-1916 16-Jul-2012 WWII 31 F11
Alexander W. M. 28 Feb 1813 1-Jan-02   26 I-8
Alford Rosa C.  Hill 29 Mar 1875 17 Jan 1899   89 C,  26 C2
Allen Johanna Reinhardt 22 Mar 1852 18-Jun-25   1913
Andreas Herman 23-Feb-03 14-Sep-86   52 R12
Andreas Mary Middlebrook 10-Feb-08 28-Jun-85   52 R12
Andreas Carrie Albrecht 7 Jul 1889 12-Jul-68   52 R12
Andreas Otto 25 Jul 1891 12-Jan-81   52 R12
Andress Viola L. Oxley 7 Aug 1889 11-Sep-73 w/o William M. 26 D7
Andress William Monroe 1 Mar 1864 18-Dec-51   26 D7
Andress Marsaleet 8 Apr 1862 3-Jul-22   26 D7
Andress Delmar 9 Jun 1893 15-Feb-20 WWI  
Andrews Clarence Oran 30 Aug 1882 10-Aug-62   42 C10
Andrews Maude Odessa Sturdivant 12 Sep 1897 19-Dec-67   42 C10
Andrus Roy Raymond 17 Aug 1899 13-Oct-77 WWII 42 G 16
Andrus Norma C. Goeke 3-Mar-13 31-Dec-67   42 G 16
Archibald Hamet Pinson 1-Sep-02 3-Dec-70   26 Z7
Archibald Martha Elise Patterson 18-May-05 1-Jul-03   71 Z5
Argenbright Carrie 1864 1918   13 B4
Argenbright Robert H. 1859 17-May-19   13 B4
Armstrong Ralph William 28-Nov-37 13-Sep-2003 US Army 1960-62; 2 yrs in Germany

VA death file. BT Sept. 2003 WWI

99 48
Arning Antonie Lydia Bravenec 11-Mar-31 29-Mar-69   52 P12
Arning Arthur J., Sr. 7-Aug-08 27-Dec-78   42 F6
Arning Emma C. Grebe 8 Aug 1877 17-Nov-59 w/o Wm. H 42 F6
Arning Eugene Alvin 25-Sep-1936 21-Feb-2000   42 F6
Arning Freida Wiecker 11 Sep 1896 8-Feb-71   52 U6
Arning Leona L. Emshoff 27-Feb-1924 5-Jul-2018 Knesek Funeral Chapels  
Arning Roy H. 1-Aug-34 29-Mar-69   52 P12
Arning John, Sr. 25 Nov 1895 29-Jun-67 WWI 52 U6
Arning John H. E., Jr. 24-Apr-1926 31-May-2002 WWII  
Arning William H. 21 Dec 1877 15-Apr-51   42 F6
Arnold Jim Francis 9 Jul 1896 22-Oct-35   31 B7
Arnold Nell E. Holt 16 May 1893 22-Aug-75   31 B7
Arnold Joe Leonard 1888 1939   31 B7
Arnold David Wayne 26-Sep-49 27-Sep-49   31 B7
Arnold Gladys J. 25-May-1921 1-Apr-2011   31 B7
Arnold James Clifton 18-Jul-1921 22-Mar-1976 WWII 31 B7
Aschenbeck  Albert Wm. 16-Jul-21 1-Apr-92    
Aschenbeck Albert William 16-Jul-21 1-Apr-92 WWII 52 P11
Aschenbeck Clara Jessie Bravenec 28-Feb-27 7-Dec-91   52 P11
Ashley Lenore Schluens 7-Oct-37 24-Oct-12   52 N11?
Ashley Jimmy A. "Big Jim" 28-Mar-36 11-Aug-86    
Atkerson Mary Louise Letien 29-Sep-26 10-Feb-02   31 I-1
Atkinson Louise M. Schavrda 13 Apr 1890 2-Jul-76   13 C8
Atkinson John Pinkney 25 Oct 1878 13-Mar-58   13 C8
Atkisson Edward Eugene 13-Mar-18 9-Apr-06 WWII Obituary 42 G18
Atkisson Jeanette Irene Batla 21-Jan-20 6-Mar-11   42 G18
Aukerman E. L. 2-Oct-1903 7-Sep-1975 Korean       MAU
Aukerman Edythe Mae       MAU
Austin Frank M. 5 Jun 1893 2-Jun-62   31 G7
Austin Dovie Smith 15 Oct 1891 15-May-80   31 G7
Autwell Ruby Lee Vincent 14-Sep-40 11-Jan-85   52 U4
Aycock James C. 10-Apr-05 20-May-83   26 G2
Aycock Mary Ann Froelich 26-Oct-12 27-Dec-93   26 G2
Bader Leslie Lewis 17 Jun 1899 3-Mar1961 SATC U. of TX WWI 13 A5
Bader Gillis Ervin 10-Dec-00 13-Nov-78   13 A5
Bader Lily Ann Koehn 23-Jan-05 22-Mar-52 w/o Gillis E 13 A5
Bader Max 7 Dec 1876 26-May-67   26 A5, 13 A5
Bader Birdie Ervin 29 Dec 1876 27-Dec-68 w/o Max 13 A5
Bader Edward Henry 28 Apr 1866 31-Jan-24   13 D4
Bader Emma Ueckert 20 Feb 1870 16-Apr-60 w/o Edward Henry 13 D4
Bader Bennie 10 Feb 1899 23-Mar-84   13 D4
Bader Edmund, Sr. 5 Sep 1891 28-Mar-1965 WWI

Cpl. Sec. B., SATC U. S. Army

13 D4
Bader Bertha Schultz 26 Jun 1894 9-Jun-69 w/o Edmund 13 D4
Bader Annie 29 Aug 1877 26-Dec-11   26 H3
Bader Jack 8-Apr-18 9-Mar-85 WWII 70 Z7F
Bader Kathleen Zela Woolgar 29-Jan-1923 26-Aug-2013 WWII w/o Jack  Obituary 26 Z7
Bader Martha Haak 2 Jan 1862 26-Oct-50 w/o Fred Wm. 31 C1
Bader Fred William 23 Jul 1857 14-Feb-33   31 C1
Bader  Thomas 20-Oct-05 7-Nov-91   52 U6
Bader  Elfrieda Caroline Schroeder 7-Oct-16 24-Feb-01 w/o Thomas 52 U6
Bailleux Bertha Albers 28 Mar 1858 5-Apr-24 w/o J. B. 26 O5
Bailleux J. B. 2 Feb 1854 5-Sep-13   13 O5 26 O5
Baker Fred G. 17 Nov 1891 19-Oct-71   42 F19
Baker Edna Muery 24 Feb 1895 24-Aug-71 w/o Fred G 42 F19
Baldwin Francis A. Nov 1837 10 Oct 1890   26 D7
Baldwin Willie Bell Hill 17 Oct 1862 10 Oct 1894    
Baldwin Millie       26 D7
Baldwin Martha Ann Engelking 21-Feb-43 11-Apr-01   26 P1
Ballard Sarah Ann Fort 30 Aug 1874 12-Apr-00 w/o Robert R. Sr 26 N2
Ballard Sarah Ann 12-Apr-00 15-Jun-00 d/o Robert R 26 N2
Ballard Nellie May Dallas 3 May 1898 1-May-72 w/o Robert R. Jr 26 N2
Ballard Robert Reeves, Jr. 15 May 1898 3-Feb-72   26 N2
Ballard Ida       26 P1
Baranowski Charles 30-Apr-1920 11-Sep-2005 Find A Grave & obit  
Baranowski Theodore Paul 24-Aug-13 15-Sep-76   42 E11
Baranowski Irene Gladys Taylor 10-Oct-17 31-Jul-07 w/o Theodore P 42 E11
Baranowski David Earl 16-Jul-38 3-Mar-06    
Baranowski Mary Jankowski 25-Mar-1925 26-Mar-2014 Find-A-Grave  
Baranowski Melvin Roy 24-Oct-40 11-Apr-14    
Barler Beatrice Frances Ripple 17-Feb-18 1-Jul-13    
Baron Lena Kollman 30 Jul 1875 5-Oct-36 w/o Louis H 26 J8
Baron Louis  H. 18 Jun 1874 20-Jun-18   89 J8    26 J8
Barr Zollie Lorine Barrett 23-Nov-17 2314 May 2009 w/o Bryant C. 42 B1
Barr Bryant Charles 2-Sep-1911 18-Feb-1985 WWII 42 B1
Barrett Bertha Emma Smith 26 Feb 1891 16-Aug-1973 w/o Jacob A, Jr 42 B1
Barrett Marvin Earlin 8-Apr-25 16-Jan-90   42 B1
Barrett Beatrice Belle Thompson 21-Oct-25 21-Mar-98 w/o Marvin E 42 B1
Barrett Arthur 24-Oct-1916 18-Feb-2008 WWII 42 C11
Barrett Vera Opal Brooks. 18-Oct-18 not given   42 C11
Barrett Charlie B., Jr. 9-Nov-05 6-May-72   42 D3
Barrett Catherine B. Fuchs 28-Nov-19 25-Dec-87 w/o Charlie B Jr 42 D3
Barrett Charlie B. Sr. 12 Sep 1875 9-Apr-47   42 D3
Barrett Alvina Pfeffer 20 Jan 1878 6-Nov-63 w/o Charlie B Sr. 42 D3
Barrett Jacob Allen, Jr. 28 Aug 1895 22-Jul-68   42/13 1
Barrett Johanna Baranowski 14-Mar-27 31-Dec-08 w/o Halbert 52 V10
Barrett Halbert 31-Jan-19 11-Sep-86   13 C10 52V10
Barry James David 13-Feb-47 13-Feb-47 s/o James Steck 26 N1
Barry Virginia "Ginna" Dare Eastman 28-Sep-22 21-Sep-03   13 N,    26 N1
Barry Claude Mahon 26 Sep 1887 7-Aug-49   42 G13
Barry Maggie Mae Glenn 26 Jan 1887 11-Apr-78 w/o Claude Mahon 42 G13
Barry Ruth Lee 22-Jul-13 19-May-99   42 G13
Barry Claude Kenneth 20-Mar-16 22-Aug-93 WWII 42 G13
Barry James Steck 19-Jul-20 1-Nov-04 WWII 26 N1
Barry Eugene Winston "Lucky" 28-Sep-22 21-Sep-03    
Bartay Abby Magdeline "Maggie" Spence 20 Sep 1871 18-May-1931 w/o Benjamin Obituary  
Bartay Alvina Liska 20 Jan 1898 2-Jun-98 w/o Roland 42 G3
Bartay Benjamin "Ben" 18 Oct 1865 6-Feb-1928    
Bartay Delmar M     WWII  
Bartay Ella Elise Schiller 27-Mar-00 3-May-84 w/o Lee Roy W 42 E3
Bartay Erwin John 25 Jan 1898 15-Nov-83   31 C2
Bartay Ethel Bell Fischer   7-Nov-17    
Bartay infant son No date given 3-Apr-48   42 E6
Bartay John Arthur 18-Apr-09 9-Jan-78    
Bartay Lee Roy W. 9-Jul-02 5-Jun-46   42 E3
Bartay Lena Rothermel 27 Feb 1849 1-Dec-28 w/o James M. 26 M3
Bartay Nancy Diane 13-May-56 19-Jul-57 d/o Vernon Ray 42 G3
Bartay Valeria Lucille Mikeska 23-Sep-31 No dates given   42 G3
Bartay Patricia Ann Garrett 31-Oct-32 28-Sep-12 h/o Delmar M. Sr  
Bartay Roland 17 Mar 1893 14-Jul-1972 WWI
Musician 2nd class 36th
 div US Army
42 G3
Bartay Vernon R. 17-Jan-30 24-Jun-95   42 G3
Bartay Viola Weige 15-Dec-02 2-Jan-93 w/o Erwin J 31 C2
Barton James Randall 1-Nov-60 3-Sep-95   26 W2
Barzak Emma Amelia Klentzmann 21 Dec 1875 5-Oct-42 w/o Herman 26 E3
Barzak Herman Carl 18 Mar 1869 16-Oct-32   26 E3
Barzak Louise Elizabeth  Mewis 17 Jun 1845 4-Jun-19 w/o Stephen 26 H1
Barzak Stephan 27 Feb 1828 11-Oct-1905 CSA  13 D10
Batla Edward "Ed" 14 Jun 1884 17-Aug-50   42 G 15
Batla Julia Uhrik 17 Dec 1886 21-Sep-76 w/o Edward 42 G 15
Batla Thomas Woodrow 9-Oct-12 15-Mar-61   42 G 15
Beaman Elvera Ann McClure 13-May-1953 14-Nov-2017 Schmidt  
Beaman infant 1-Nov-82 1-Nov-82    
Bechert Amanda Luhn 2 Jul 1872 29-Sep-55 w/o John William 89 I-8 26 I-8
Bechert John William 6 Sep 1864 23-Jun-04   89 I-8 26 I-8
Becker William 18 Jan 1862 16-Oct-48   31 B5
Becker Emilie Bertha Hackfeld 20 Jul 1866 31-May-38 w/o William 31 B5
Becker Vesta Mae 27 Aug 1899 28-Apr-79 w/o Oliver H 31 B5
Becker Oliver H. 15 Oct 1898 25-Sep-80   31 B5
Beckham Leonal 31-Oct-19 5-Jul-68    
Beckham Sally Louise Falk. 16-Feb-24 No date given w/o Leonal  
Beckmann  Metha Nelius 14 Dec 1876 13-Aug-63 w/o Charles 52 T8
Beckmann Charles Louis 8 Aug 1875 16-Dec-57   52 T8  70 Z7
Bell Alfred Wesley "Al" 15-Jul-1925 12-Nov-2009 WWII 99 29
Bell Antoinette Daughtrey. 8 Oct 1885 26-Apr-30 w/o James F  
Bell Belle Brown 12 Nov 1893 18-Feb-78 w/o Foster F 26 B2
Bell Foster Franklin 16 Oct 1893 6-Sep-1967 WWI

Cpl Aux Rmt Dep 325 QMC Army

13 B2, 26 A2
Bell George C. 25 Feb 1847 3-Apr-02   26 A2
Bell James Frederick 25 Dec 1876 3-Jan-56    
Bell John Gideon, "J.G" 2 May 1820 17 Sep 1895   26 B2
Bell Luther C. 12 Nov 1889 5-Sep-22 WWI

TX Pfc Co C 168 Inf 42 Div US Army

26 B2
Bell Penelope Green 10 Nov 1819 31-Dec-02 w/o John G 26 B2
Bell Roy Chester "Beau"     WWII US Army  
Bell Thelma Lee Collier 20-Dec-1924 28-Jul-2012 wife of Alfred W. 99 29
Bell William G. 11 Sep 1859 3 Oct 1897   89 B2, 26 B2
Benson Rozella Vera Richter 4-Jun-1921 5-Dec-1979 WWII   w/o William F 31 GH
Benson William Franklin "Bill" 12-Apr-19 4-Jun-11 WWII                   h/o Rozella  R. 31 GH4
Berger Ida Mary 15 Mar 1889 20-Mar-58   52 S7
Berger Elizabeth A. 28 Jul 1884 19-Jul-65   52 S7
Berger Minnie Aug 13 Mar 1891 5-Jun-69   52 S7
Berger Malinda E. 2 Dec 1895 23-Jan-85   52 S7
Berndt Edgar 11-Apr-10 28-Feb-65 WWII 42 D20
Berndt Annie Frank 9 Mar 1889 25-Jan-83 w/o Richard 42 D20
Berndt Richard 23 Nov 1881 11-Nov-53   42 D20
Berndt Paul Edmund, D.D.S. 13 Dec 1879 13-Apr-54   42 H5
Berndt Jewel Pearl Moses Jan 1887 24-Aug-62 w/o Paul Edmund 42 H5
Berndt Helena "Lena" Reichle 7 May 1886 10-May-65 w/o Emil 52 S8
Berndt Emil 22 Dec 1874 15-Dec-58   52 S8
Bertling Francis Lee (Penny) 20-Jul-1926 1-Aug-2017 Navy WWII Knesek Funeral Chapel  
Bertling Lewis Clyde 21 Mar 1897 13-Dec-86 WWIU. S. Army 52 O14
Bertling Sadie Mattie Ryman 17-Sep-03 10-Sep-91 w/o Lewis Clyde 52 O14
Bertling Winnie Mae Orsak 27-Jan-29 6-Jun-10 81 yrs  
Bethany Auga Ueckert 11 Jul 1885 4-Jul-58 w/o Roff Vivian 31 A6
Bethany James Miller 14 Feb 1850 6 Nov 1890   26 A1
Bethany Calpernia Hutchin "Callie" Bell 7 Mar 1850 10-Apr-01   26 A1
Bethany Emma 12 Apr 1874 7 Jan 1897   26 A1
Bethany Olla 25 Dec 1870 4-May-03   26 A1
Bethany Thomas A. 31 Mar 1877 30-Aug-26   26 A1
Bethany James Lewis 3 Sep 1890 8 Feb 1891 s/o James M. 89 A3
Bethany John C. 13 Jun 1869 31 Dec 1895   26 A2
Bethany Annie L. Dement 26 Aug 1870 24 Dec 1897 w/o John C 26 A2
Bethany Wells Matthew 1892 1916   26 A2
Bethany Roff V. 25 Apr 1886 27-Nov-25   26 A2
Bethany Callie 12 Dec 1866 9-Sep-02    
Bethany Mary Adaline Woods 20 Feb 1825 26-May-21 w/o James Waller 26 C5
Beyer Gottfried 7 Aug 1842 1-Mar-25   13 D2
Beyer Albertine Ramus 24 Jun 1845 24-Jan-40 w/o Gottfried 13 D2
Beyer Hedwig H. Koester 30 Dec 1896 6-Nov-81 2nd w/o Frank 13 D2
Beyer Frank 13 Jul 1881 26-Jun-70   13 D2
Beyer Minnie Sontag 11 Nov 1893 31-Aug-36 w/o Frank 13 D2
Beyer Herman Otto 9-Dec-1918 26-Sep-1991 WWII 13 D2
Beyer Wilhelmine Netzel 11 Feb 1876 23-Aug-47 w/o Gustav 13 D2
Beyer Gustav 16 Dec 1878 9-Aug-48   13 D2
Beyer Lee Roy 31-Jan-09 19-Feb-29   13 D2
Bielefeld  Ben 6 Nov 1894 15-Jun-1954 WWI 52 U16
Bielefeld  Bessie Mae Sloan 28-Aug-06 24-Nov-02 w/o Ben 52 U16
Bienek Pauline S. Kaliszewski 3-Dec-19 16-May-13 w/o Herman 26 L1
Bienek Mike Herman 21-Sep-14 13-Aug-88   26 L1
Bienek Douglas 26-Dec-46 16-Dec-15 s/o Mike & Pauline  
Biggs Anna Bradford  Pier 25 Jan 1875 3-Nov-65 w/o Thomas Ira 42 A1
Biggs Ray 31 Dec 1898 28-May-66   42 A1
Birkmann Isabel 2 May 1895 14 Jun 1895 d/o William 26 D7
Black Nettie Abel Dailey 10 May 1864 2-Sep-31    
Blackmore Clifford Ray 17-Oct-63 6-May-64    
Blake Arthur Upshaw 15 Aug 1873 27 Nov 1873   1856
Blake Samuel Reese III 4 Jun 1871 14 Feb 1873   1856
Blake Samuel Reese Jr 19 Jan 1845 29-Nov-08    
Blake Julia  Lee Upshaw 16 Oct 1843 15-Sep-31    
Blake Louise 23 Oct 1875 8-May-76    
Blanchard  Zebulon Vance 1-Jan-07 30-Jan-89   52 T14
Blanchard  Nell Louise Crawford 1-Jun-13 3-Nov-08   52 T14
Blanchette Harmon 7 Mar 1894 8-Feb-1919 WWI

Pvt. Co 314 Z.M.C. 

U. S. Army Died,pneumonia

13 C12
Blanchette Henry 28 Oct 1856 30-Oct-34   13 C12
Blanchette Mary Smith 24 Oct 1857 10-Jan-39 w/o Henry 13 C12
Blanchette Ida Auga Loomis 3 Mar 1891 9-Jun-54   13 C12
Blanchette Ed 11 Jul 1879 29-Jul-53   13 C12
Blaschke Richard R. 7-Feb-04 30-Aug-84   52V19 26 F
Blaschke Lenora Hohlt 22-Feb-09 10-Aug-98 w/o Richard 52 V19
Blazek Ladgie John 3-Sep-06 3-Mar-85   31 G4
Blazek Annie J. Pilchik 14-Mar-05 14-Jun-67 w/o Ladgie John 31 G4
Blezinger Herbert A. 23-Feb-1918 30-May-1977 WWII 31 G6
Blezinger Grace Virginia. Kiesewetter 27-Mar-20 25-May-11 w/o Herbert A 31 G6
Blum Robert Henry 31-Mar-12 10-Mar-93   42 G12
Blum Bernice E. Frank 17-Oct-20 No dates given w/o Robert Henry 42 G12
Boekelman Charles A. 23 Oct 1885 6-Mar-65   26 Z7
Boekelman Daisy Rachael Willis 8 Jul 1891 13-Sep-71   26 Z7
Boelsche Olivia M. Wendt 28 May 1896 15-Nov-73 w/o Leroy Emil 42 B13
Boelsche Leroy Emil 31 May 1892 20-Oct-82   42 B13
Bogar Henrietta Mary Rohan 24-Sep-21 27-Jul-08 w/o William Thomas 99 48
Bogar William Thomas 7-Dec-24 13-Sep-08 WWII 99 48
Boggs Donald George 14-Mar-46 8-Jun-07 VN 99 46
Bolten Baldie W. 5 Aug 1890 23-Aug-74   31 F7
Bolten Frieda T. Hoffmann 24 Jun 1891 28-Jan-77   31 F7
Bolten Laura Harigel 15 Sep 1861 16-Jan-60 2nd w/o John Wm. 26 D1
Booker Charles Ammon 25-Sep-12 22-Feb-81   52 V8
Booker Janie V. Perkins 2-May-11 8-Jun-92 w/o Charles A 52 V8
Boone Will A       31 C7
Boriack Adolph Arthur 29-Jan-06 23-Apr-83   26 Z10
Boriack Marie M. Drews 14-Jun-07 17-Aug-91 w/o Adolph A 26 Z10
Bosse Gene Raymond 4-Jan-44 11-Nov-10    
Bosse Raymond Fritz 21-Apr-17 6-Apr-11   52 V8
Bosse Elfrieda Hold 18-Oct-19 28-May-74 1st w/o Raymond F 52 V18
Bouldin Mercedes Trenckmann 27-Sep-05 11-Aug-83 w/o Wood W 31 E12
Boyd Pearl Vadine Howze 3 Nov 1894 3-Sep-93   13 W4
Boynton Amos M. 14-Sep-00 21-Sep-03   13 I-1
Boynton Annie Mae 24-Sep-08 30-Sep-08   13 I-1
Boynton Dulcie Minton 8 Dec 1876 27-Mar-46 w/o George Amos 13 I-1
Boynton George Amos 27 May 1869 1-Mar-38   13 I-1
Boynton unknown No dates given     13 I-1
Bracey Claude Odell,  Jr. 8-Jun-09 23-Sep-40   31 D1
Bracey Claude Odell, Sr. 12 Sep 1884 10-Nov-55   31 D1
Bracey Lillian Charpiot 10 Dec 1889 29-Dec-88 w/o Claude O Sr 31 D1
Bracey Hyla L. 3-Dec-10 14-Aug-72   31 D1
Bracey infant No date given 3-Jul-45   31 D1
Bracey Beuford Norris 21-Oct-11 5-Nov-02   31 D1
Bracey Beuford H., Jr. 16-Mar-42 4-May-42   31 D1
Bracey Rosanah Benson 29 Jun 1834 22 Dec 1895 w/o James W 26 O10
Bracy Lena W 26-Mar-12 20-Feb-08    
Brandes Hedwig Louise Behrens 3-Dec-00 5-Nov-75   MAU
Brandes Otto 28 Jul 1894 23-Sep-63 WWI  MAU
Brandt Lillie Krueger 6-Jun-10 23-Jun-90   MAU
Brandt Arno 18-Oct-09 13-Apr-92   MAU
Brandt Elizabeth Emma 15-Jul-05 27-Dec-90   52 R12
Brandt  Emil 23 Aug 1878 2-Oct-53   52 U14
Brandt  Martha Lueckemeyer 29 Mar 1883 15-Jun-73 w/o Emil 52 U14
Brashear Coleman Earl 15-Sep-13 30-Mar-00   52 R1
Brashear Eva Zelma Vaughan 2-Sep-16 15-May-03 w/o Coleman Earl 52 R1
Brashear Sidney Earl 20-Feb-46 19-Dec-06 VN  
Brast Hilda M. Stahl 18-Feb-07 18-Aug-79 w/o Walter 31 GH
Brast Walter F. 26-Jan-05 27-Jun-83   31 GH8
Brast Carl 23 Feb 1842 4-Jan-29    
Brast Evelyn Joyce 31-Jan-41 1-Sep-58    
Brast Ervin George 27-Aug-08 26-Jun-67   52 Q7
Brast Evelyn Joyce 31-Jan-41 1-Sep-58   52 Q7
Brast Norma Richter 7-Feb-14 30-Mar-92 w/o Ervin George 52 Q7
Bravenec  John I. 31-Jul-1920 4-May-1984 WWII & Korean 52 P15
Bravenec  John, Jr. 21 Mar 1892 12-Oct-65 WWI 52 P15
Bravenec  Lydia Janovsky 5 Aug 1891 1-Dec-74 w/o John 52 P15
Bravenec Elenora Martens 20-Aug-17 7-Aug-64 1st w/o Louis 52 S16
Bravenec Gilbert W. 21-Dec-13 30-Apr-86   52 T9
Bravenec Sadie Kroulik 16-Jul-07 6-Sep-88 w/o Gilbert W 52 T9
Bravenec Lydia Janovsky 5 Aug 1891 1-Dec-74 w/o John 52 U5
Bravenec John, Jr. 21 Mar 1892 12-Oct-65 WWI 52 U5
Breddin  Dennis Brannard 11-Aug-07 3-May-99   52 U14
Breddin  Edna Mathilda Brandt 18-Apr-12 3-Jan-02 w/o Dennis Brannard 52 U14
Breddin Edna Mathilda Brandt 18-Apr-12 3-Jan-02    
Bregenzer Nelda Boone Kurt 18 Oct 1886 24-Dec-58 1st w/o Charles Kurt 31 C7
Brenton  Ralph E. 18-Aug-06 28-Apr-88   42 P9,  52 P9
Brenton  Bertha Mae Hast 5-May-10 28-Sep-93   52 P9
Brewer Emma John 25 Mar 1872 8-Nov-57 w/o McLaran 13 C9
Brewer Leroy 17-Feb-03 6-Jun-21   13 C9
Brooks John Williamson 26 Dec 1856 21-Jul-39   31 E3
Brooks Mary Eunice Styers 23 Apr 1874 5-Feb-38 w/o John Williamson 31 E3
Brooks Hedwig  Hoff "Hattie" 8 Feb 1898 May-77 w/o Sam Lee 42 A3
Brooks Sam Lee 27 Nov 1892 13-Aug-51   42 A3
Brooks Beverly Ruth 23-May-40 5-Nov-63   42 B10
Brooks Alfred Lister, Jr. 16-Aug-08 13-Jul-96   42 B10
Brooks Inez Granau 6-Mar-14 27-Jan-01 w/o Alfred Lister 42 B10
Brooks Smith 25 Dec 1895 22-Sep-78    
Brooks Eldie Lee Fulgham 20 Dec 1891 20-Jun-79 w/o Smith  
Brooks Frances JaneVerm 24-Nov-19 1-Jan-84   52 P10
Brooks James Howard 16-Apr-21 26-Feb-95 WWII           h/o Erna Belle Brast 52 P10
Brouillette Ruth 20-Dec-02 15-Jun-60   MAU
Brouillette Herbert M. 28-Apr-1900 1-Jun-1985  WWI MAU
Brown Minnie Lee  Harris Wilson 13 Jan 1880 13-Nov-67 w/o Jesse O Wilson 26 M8
Brown Helen Louise Sander 10-Dec-09 6-Mar-28 w/o Charles E  
Brown Robert Harris 11-Feb-02 6-Sep-65   31 A4
Brown Belle Lorene Smith 12-Nov-02 4 Aug  1964 w/o Robert Harris 31 A4
Brown Pauline Louwien 14 Dec 1889 27-May-29    
Broz  Eddie Adolph 9-Jun-23 3-May-2019 WWII  Obiturary 52 U10
Broz  Mada Marie Goeke 4-Sep-24 1-Jul-16   52 U10
Brugger Andrew 28 Apr 1855 7-Oct-16   31 E19
Brugger Auga Schumacher 2 Feb 1858 23-May-46 w/o Andrew 31 E19
Brugger Clara Sophie 12 Feb 1887 23-Oct-62   31 E19
Brugger Alfred 23 Apr 1883 24-Aug-62   31 E20
Brugger Regina Louise Abel 24 Feb 1883 18-May-66 w/o Alfred 31 E20
Brugger Leslie Raymond 9-May-09 8-Jan-73