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      Oak Knoll Cemetery







This cemetery is located in Bellville on Mechanic St. and FM 529, east of Santa Fe R. R. tracks.  There is only one cemetery.

NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.

Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.

PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.

Last name First name Birth Death Comment  
Faken Denise 11-May-53 19-Sep-95 w/o Dennis Eugene, Jr. 26 W2
Faken Dennis E., Jr. 1955 not given   26 W2
Faken Patsy M 9-Nov-1928 20-Jul-2021 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels  
Falk Marguerite LouiseWoodruff 21-Jan-18 17-May-64 w/o Douglas M 26 H3
Falk Douglas Madison 12-Aug-13 27-Nov-89 WWII 89 H3, 26 H3
Falk Hettie Almyra Washam 5-Aug-28 25-Mar-14 w/o Trenckman 26 I-5
Falk Charles Donadous Sr. 20 Jun 1884 12-Jan-68   26 I-5
Falk Ida Isobel Shelburne 20 Sep 1887 11-Oct-70 w/o Charles D Sr. 26 I-5
Falk Charles Donadouss, Jr. 16-Feb-09 22-Aug-87 WWII 26 I-5
Falk Trenckman D. 27-Jul-21 20-Dec-99 WWII 26 I-5
Falk Otto -1849 1930   26 I-5
Falk Mary Verick 1847 1903 w/o Otto 26 I-5
Falk Alexa Byer 24 Jul 1857 5 Mar 1899 w/o Gus A. 26 M2
Falk Gus. A. 1 Aug 1854 27-Aug-08   26 M2
Fant John Charles Sr. 31 Aug 1893 11-Sep-83 WWI work 31 H8
Fant Eva Maye Weisler 27-Sep-10 3-May-83 w/o John Charles 31 H8
Fariss William Felix 12-Jun-24 30-Dec-94 WWII 31 B14
Fariss Jean E. 15-Feb-31 18-May-03    
Farmer Thomas Henry 16-Apr-13 21-Nov-84   26 Z11
Felchak Thaddeaus Joseph 12-May-09 26-Jul-83   42 H20
Felchak Geraldine Spence 22-Feb-17 31-Mar-10   42 H20
Felchak Walter Lee 17-Jul-38 13-Oct-48 s/o Thaddeaus 42 H20
Fergeson C. D. 4-May-08 16-Apr-80   26 F2
Fergeson Sylvia R. 12-Nov-39 26-Jan-79 1st w/o Cleveland L 26 F2
Fergeson Cheryl Dee 10-Aug-64 23-Aug-80 d/o C.L. &Sylvia 26 F2
Ferris Cynthia Mahala Pope 5 Sep 1861 11-Jan-14 w/o Heman; m/o Heman 26 J6
Fife James Everly 31-Aug-03 1-Sep-56   26 M9
Fife Imogene Hardy 26-Jul-05 2-May-84 w/o James E 26 M9
Finch  William R. 6-Mar-17 27-May-68 WWII 52 U3
Finn Hedwig Baum 7 Aug 1878 1 Apr 1899 12t w/o  Oscar 26 I-4
Finn Elsie Warmke 5 Jan 1883 13-Feb-73 2nd w/o Oscar 26 I-4
Finn Oscar Edwin 4 Jul 1866 1-Jan-45   89 I-4, 26 I-4
Finn Christian 20 Feb 1820 14-Nov-03 h/o Dorothea Heinze  
Fischer Lea Louise       26 L4
Fischer Josie 17 Dec 1888 15-Oct-68   31 B16
Fischer Hugo 10 Oct 1882 1-Apr-53   31 B16
Fischgrabe Ottilie Roehr 2 Mar 1879 7-Apr-71 w/o Henry C 26 Z3
Fischgrabe Henry C. 14 May 1879 19-Mar-31   26 Z3
Fisher Anton 1852 1922   26 F4
Fisher Mary C. Hutchins 1856 1925 w/o Anton 26 F4
Fisher Emmit 16 Feb 1894 9-Dec-46   26 F4
Fisher John 16 May 1896 21-Jul-76   26 F4
Fisher Clifton Neely 12-Apr-19 13-Apr-96 WWII& Korean 26 F4
Fisher Mary Loucille Gould 10-Jun-31 not given w/o Clifton N. 26 F4
Fisher Ben C. 1 Nov 1889 19-Jan-55 h/o Stella M. Sutton 89 L2, 26 F4
Fisher Clarence James 24-Jun-20 2-Oct-43 WWII  
Fisher Peter William 16 Nov 1883 19-Feb-64   89 K1,  26 I-6
Fisher Peter William Jr 15-Oct-11 19-Jul-74 h/o Mildred Estelle Ogg 26 I-6
Fisher Mildred Estelle Ogg 29-Dec-08 16-Dec-96   26 I-6
Fisher Gratus 22 Feb 1838 2-Mar-1909 Civil War 26 L4
Fisher Martha Ann Spence 7 Apr 1847 24-Jun-45 w/o Gratus 26 L4
Fisher John "Ben" Bernard 29 Aug 1866 30-Dec-52   26 L4
Fisher Louise Woehst 1 Nov 1868 23-Mar-65 w/o John Bernard 26 L4
Fisher Lillian Bell 22 Aug 1893 18-Feb-13 d/o John B.. 26 L4
Fisher infant 28-Oct-07 3-Sep-08   26 L4
Fisher James Luther 28-Jul-15 17-Dec-01 WWII 26 Z6
Fisher Hazel Lorraine Campbell 6-May-15 25-Feb-95   26 Z6
Fisher Alma May Stafford 5 Apr 1895 8-Jun-59 w/o Leon 26 Z9
Fisher Leon 1895 1976   26 Z9
Fisher James Larry 25-May-39 28-May-42 s/o James Luther 26 Z9
Fisher Gratus "Grattie" 19 Mar 1893 1-Mar-70   26 Z9
Fisher Edna Wilhelmena  Ludwig 29 Nov 1893 30-Jan-84 w/o "Grattie" 26 Z9
Fisher Annie Bartay 25 Oct 1875 5-Feb-57 w/o Aug 26 Z9
Fisher Aug 29 Aug 1870 20-Feb-35   26 Z9
Fisher Lt. Clarence J. 24-Jun-20 2-Oct-43 WWII 26 Z9
Fisher Amalia Anna Roensch 18 Nov 1898 11-May-87   MAU
Fisher Herbert O. 2 Jul 1897 6-Feb-61   MAU
Fisher Lena L. Boeckelmann 27 Mar 1897 4-Dec-78   MAU
Fisher Raymond 6-Jul-02 8-Dec-80   MAU
Fisher Birdie Alice Spence 4 Feb 1890 23-Apr-88 w/o Henry 52 R13
Fisher Henry 9 Aug 1882 22-Aug-57   52 R13
Fisher  Paul 25-Jan-16 7-Sep-73   52 V7
Fisher  Paul Douglas 16-Oct-57 23-Feb-99 h/o Lisa Davila 52 V7
Fisher  Lester 29-Dec-06 5-Dec-74 h/o Edith J. Volcek 52 V7
Fisher  Ina Jeline Acock 12-Mar-23 14-May-82 w/o Paul 52 V7
Fitch Laraine P. Schluens 1-Jan-47 1-Jul-01 w/o Anthony J. 52 N7
Fitt Gussie Charles 21-Sep-03 25-Jan-81   52 V15
Fitt Virgie       52 V15
Flores Telesfora 1863 1937   26 Z2
Flores Amanda Lee 11-Jan-12 11-Oct-14 d/o Carol (Revels) & Robert Flores  
Foehner Lenora 20 Feb 1896 6-Feb-83   13 B6
Foehner Bernhard O. 30 Sep 1872 8-Jan-16   13 B6
Foehner Mary A. Ramsel 4 Jul 1875 9-Jul-49 w/o Bernhard O 13 B6
Foehner Isador 30-Jul-04 21-Jul-36   13 B6
Foehner Leon H 20 Feb 1898 1-Jul-42 h/o Pauline Oldag 13 B6
Fogarty Lawrence L       13 A4
Fogarty Lucille Machemehl 24-Sep-09 5-Mar-98 Mausoleum 13 A4
Fojtik Annie Catherine 20-Feb-18 11-Jun-59 w/o Adolph H. 26 I-2
Forbes Boyd H. 2 Jun 1866 1-Jan-10   26 I-3
Ford Dolores Loesch 10-Sep-1929 2-Dec-2021 P.: Theo & Minnie(Winkleman) Loesch  
Ford Henry Kenneth, MD 28-Apr-16 3-Jan-15 h/o Jane Lillian S  
Ford Jane Lillian Smith 2-Feb-20 6-Sep-02 WWII w/o Henry K 99 45
Ford Jerry Milton 20-Oct-37 20-Sep-15 w/o Dolores Loesch  
Fordtran Gilbert C. 26-Jun-09 18-Feb-32   31 A1
Fordtran Robert Edward Lee 7 Nov 1864 29-May-34   31 A1
Fordtran Mary Catherine Carmichael 7 Apr 1872 9-Mar-44 w/o Robert E. L. 31 A1
Fordtran Charles Neil. "Dutch" 22-Oct-10 24-Dec-73   31 A2
Fordtran Lee Roy A."Pat" 15 Jul 1897 27-May-85   31 A2
Fordtran Josephine Knolle 21 Sep 1899 23-May-83 w/o Lee Roy A 31 A2
Fordtran Benjamin Franklin 8 Mar 1889 24-Jul-70 WWI 31 A2
Fordtran Della Louise Koch 29 Jun 1895 20-May-89 w/o Benjamin F 31 A2
Fordtran Ruby Jurries Stein 11-Apr-14 19-Jul-03 w/o Charles N.  
Fox Otto Bismark 28 Aug 1857 10-Mar-27   26 D9
Fox Lillian Octavia 1863 1891 w/o Otto B 26 D9
Francis Charles Alexander 21 Apr 1866 11 Mar 1891   26 I-5
Francis Addie Falk 1878 -1899 w/o James C 26 I-5
Frank Harold 20-Aug-10 29-Aug-46   13 C11
Frank Edwin 20 Apr 1888 23-Feb-49   13 C11
Frank Myrtle McCasland 15 Mar 1893 12-Dec-72 w/o Edwin 13 C11
Frank Calvin M 30-Apr-31 11-Mar-15    
Frank Bonnie Del 8-Oct-34 31-Jan-36 d/o Reese A 13 C15
Frank Clover Cecelia Peschke 19-Jun-07 31-Jan-97 w/o Reese A 13 C15
Frank Hubert Lee 24-Dec-22 28-May-06 WWII 13 C15
Frank Reese Alec 5-Apr-07 Dec-62   13 C15
Frank William Bernard  A. "Candy" 12-Nov-14 4-Nov-95 WWII 31 I-4
Frank Louise Faye Franke 11-Jun-22 14-Sep-13 w/o Wilbert B. 31 I-4
Frank Albert Ferdinand 23 Nov 1882 11-Mar-57   42 B19
Frank Minnie Sauter 20 Jan 1884 11-May-60 w/o Albert F. 42 B19
Frank James Henry/
12-Aug-22 25-Apr-96 WWII 42 E18
Frank Mona Maxine Cochran 30-Oct-23 8-Aug-92 w/o James  H. 42 E18
Frank Dottie Mae Meyer 18-Jun-14 23-Dec-94 w/o Earl K 42 F21
Frank Earl Kitchner 5-Jan-15 16-Sep-97   42 F21
Frank SR Arno Edward 6 Jan 1895 27-Aug-49 WWI 42 G12
Frank JR Arno Edward     Korean  
Frank Norma Mewis 19-Mar-01 8-Aug-95 w/o Arno E. 42 G12
Frank Katie       42 H10
Frank Bernhard "Ben" 16 Jun 1890 24-Jun-66   42 H16
Frank Alwina Schroeder 6 Apr 1891 17-Nov-72 w/oBernhard 42 H16
Frank Otis Allen 27-Sep-22 27-Mar-81 WWII
h/o Katie Pauline Tomczak
42 H16
Frank Arnold Charles Jr. 27-Sep-10 19-Aug-77    
Frank Leona Mae Viereck 19-Oct-12 w/o Arnold C Jr.    
Frank Bryan William 26-Dec-24 8-Feb-03 WWII & Korean  
Franke Edward 12 Aug 1876 7-Mar-62   31 I-4
Franke Mary E. Freier 5 May 1886 4-Jul-67 w/o Edward 31 I-4
Franke Norma Elizabeth 11-Nov-15 13-Dec-06   31 I-4
Frazier David Jeffery 15-Jan-57 5-Jul-97   31 E4
Freier Otto A. 23 Sep 1888 28-Apr-66   31 I-4
Freitag Philip 21 Aug 1875 4-Aug-45   42 D21
Freitag Emma Dentler 15 Oct 1876 18-Apr-73 w/o Philip 42 D21
Freitag Elmer 17-Sep-08 15-Nov-96 WWII 42 D21
Freitag Lucile Schwartz 24-Jun-17 7-Dec-11 w/o Elmer 42 D21
Frenzel Alphons A. 12 Aug 1891 14-Aug-75   52 R3
Frenzel Clara Vogelpohl 27 Apr 1894 25-Mar-73 w/o Alphons A 52 R3
Frizzell Hayden Crawford 3 Feb 1896 13-Feb-89 w/o Hayden 31 B15
Frizzell Isabel Remmert 18-Apr-20 not given   31 B15
Froebel Paul Arthur 19-Jun-04 15-Apr-94   52 R11
Froebel Anita Pauline Schaffner 4-Aug-10 26-May-01 w/o Paul A 52 R11
Froelich Charlie 12-Feb-05 13-Mar-96   26 G2
Froelich Adolph H 3 Feb 1872 15-Sep-25   89 G2, 26 G2
Froelich Frances Ognoskie 21 Dec 1885 19-Nov-69 w/o Adolph H 26 G2
Froelich Myrtle Ella Anna Kristen 26-Aug-06 10-May-02   MAU
Froelich John Otto 11-Oct-07 25-Nov-74   MAU
Fulgham William Ed 11 Feb 1869 10-Dec-46   42 C9
Fuqua  James Burford 4-Oct-01 13-Sep-71   52 U4
Fuqua  Clara Dora Davenport 12-Apr-04 18-Mar-90 w/o James B 52 U4
Furr  Myrtle Nelius 31-May-14 17-Jan-72 w/o Jack 52 T16
Fuson John William 4-Apr-33 4-Apr-33 s/o W. W. Fuson  
Gambill. Victor Eugene, Sr. 13-Feb-02 16-Feb-03 WWII 99 45
Gantry Ima Jean       26 G4
Garcia Jesus Martinez 21-Mar-41 17-Aug-02   99 48
Gardner Dr. Asa B. 7 Nov 1852 22-Oct-02    
Gardner Hattie Campbell 4 Oct 1862 19-Feb-29    
Gardner Claude E. No date given 15-Sep-14    
Garrett William Arthur, Jr. 25-Mar-27 3-Oct-77 WWII h/o Janis Butler 13 C13
Garrett Annie Mary 18-Aug-04 30-Jan-73 2nd w/o Wm. Arthur Sr. 13 C13
Garrett William Arthur., Sr. 18 Mar 1884 15-Jan-64   13 C13
Garrett Bessie Ryan 9 Jan 1888 24-Apr-20 1st w/o Wm. A. Sr. 13 C13
Garrett Laura Elizabeth Derryberry 21 Mar 1880 8-Sep-37 w/o John D. 13 C13
Garrett John Daniel 15 Aug 1878 28-Jan-37   13 C13
Garrett Charles Richard 20-Jan-30 31-Dec-85   13 C13
Gattis Ida Elna M. 26-Jan-13 31-Aug-10 w/o Robert D. 52 O9
Gattis Robert D. 21-Jan-06 21-Dec-82   52 O9
Gebhardt Otto 19 Jan 1881 4-Jun-60    
Geick  Ida Wiede 21 Nov 1896 21-Dec-85 w/o John 52 V11
Geick  John 19 Oct 1896 13-Dec-68   52 V11
Geisendorff Albert Polk 10 Aug 1896 3-Oct-72 WWI 52 N16
Geisendorff Elisa Marie Schoelmann 19-Feb-09 22-Nov-75 w/o Ernest Goodwin G 52 N16
Geisendorff Ernest Goodwin 15 Feb 1898 11-May-1975 Veteran         
52 N16
Gentry Ima Jean 7-Aug-14 14-Jan-89    
Gilbert Melvin "Bubby" 28-Oct-41 12-Oct-14 h/o Carol Ann Frank  
Gilbert Pearl E. Coward 17 Nov 1884 19-Mar-04 w/o Herman Wm. Jr. 26 E2
Gilbert Herman William 29 Nov 1878 15-Jul-50   89 E2,    26 F2
Gilbert Caroline Emma Hoffman 12 May 1854 5-Sep-30 w/o Herman Wilhelm 26 F2
Gilbert Herman Wilhelm 14 Nov 1837 14-Jul-04   26 F2
Gillard Antonio Oscar 21-Nov-02 17-Nov-97   26 I-8
Gillard Florence Lucille Meissner 28-Jun-08 25-Nov-90   26 I-8
Gillis Thomas Stratton, Jr. 2-Feb-21 19-Apr-10 WWII  
Gillis Susan 12-Aug-50 20-Sep-50 d/o Thomas S.Jr.  
Gilmore Molisie J. 13 Jan 1849 21-May-34    
Gindorf Mae Virginia Kendrick 29-Aug-13 9-Mar-12   MAU
Gindorf Morris Stephen 24-Dec-10 5-Jan-86  WWII MAU
Gindorf Eunice Sadie Mikeska 24-Jul-24 25-Aug-02 w/o Stephen A. Jr.  
Gindorf Glendora Meier 15-Jul-18 12-Dec-12 w/o Henry John  
Girndt  Albertina Isabelle Sandberg 24 Apr 1884 25-Apr-71 w/o A, W. 52 T10
Girndt  Arthur Fredrick 18 Nov 1886 2-Jul-54   52 T10
Giroux Nell 29-Sep-1950 2-Jul-2019 Schmidt Funeral Home  
Gist  Archie 8 Mar 1892 27-Nov-74   52 O13
Gist  Nettie Lou Rhodes 11 Feb 1895 30-Apr-78 w/o Archie Gist 52 O13
Glaeser William H "Willie"H. 30-Dec-05 28-Oct-90    
Glaeser Elsie Emma Hinze 6-Sep-12 3-Dec-06 w/o Wm H.  
Glaser Phillip Johann Albert 30 Nov 1887 22-Nov-67    
Glaser Elizabeth H. Gleistein 7 Feb 1887 9-Jul-79 w/o Phillip J. A.  
Gleistein Rudolph G. 30 Nov 1890 16-Feb-70 WWI  
Gleistein Walter Charles 13 May 1896 28-Aug-62 WWI  
Glenn William Israel 10 Oct 1842 4-Oct-27   89 O3
Glenn Richard Clement 9 Sep 1880 24-Jul-32    
Glenn Mary Elizabeth Pilley 22 Dec 1852 28-Apr-07 w/o Wm. Israel  
Glenn Robert Pilley 14 Nov 1874 20-Jun-21   26 O3
Glenn William Israel 10 Oct 1842 4-Oct-1927 Civil War  89 O3, 26 O3
Glenn Richard Clement 9 Sep 1880 24-Jul-32   26 O3
Glenn Mary Elizabeth Pilley 22 Dec 1852 28-Apr-07 w/o Wm. Israel 26 O3
Glenn Lewis B. 6 May 1891 22 Aug 1891 b by Wm B. & wife 26 D4
Glenn Lisette Harloff 21 Apr 1854 19-Sep-28 w/o Wm B 26 D4
Glenn William B. 7 Sep 1850 17 Jul 1898   26 D4
Glenn Annie 9 Feb 1881 12 Jun 1881 b. by Wm B & wife 26 D4
Glenn Walter W. 14 Dec 1875 15-Mar-09   26 I-3
Glenn Agnes Steck 9 Nov 1874 11-Feb-20 w/o Walter w. 26 I-3
Glenn Evie Cowart 3 Feb 1892 10-Apr-75 w/o Oscar Fred Sr. 26 N4
Glenn Oscar Fred 15 Mar 1882 20-Jan-82   26 N4
Glenn Henry Mahan 13 Nov 1896 31-Aug-71   26 N4
Glenn L. Homer       26 N4
Glenn Leola       26 N4
Glenn Wilmoth F       26 N4
Glenn Charlie T. 24 Feb 1878 29 Dec 1896   26 N4
Glenn Levi Jay 14 Jul 1852 8-Nov-27   89 N4,  26 N4
Glenn Ida Umland 30 May 1857 20-Mar-43 w/o Levi Jay 26 N4
Glenn Levy John 2 Sep 1894 16-Jul-86 WWI 26 N4
Glona Ruth Adele 6-Jan-27 7-Jan-91 no stone 26 F
Goeke Burgess C. 16-Feb-21 3-May-96 WWII 52 P10
Goeke Irene M. Glaser 22-Dec-24 22-May-96 w/o Burgess C 52 P10
Goeke  Lillie Laura Roehe 19-Feb-01 29-Jul-63 w/o Herbert B 52 U10
Goeke  Herbert B. 5 Mar 1897 27-Oct-67   52 U10
Goeke  Clara Wesatzke 13 Jun 1896 19-Sep-80 w/o Emanuel 52 U11
Goeke  Emanuel 16 Jun 1893 26-May-78 WWI 52 U11
Goeke  Rogers Emanuel 24-Jun-20 3-Sep-89 WWII 52 U11
Goeke Roy Lee 28-Mar.-1955 26-May.-2017 Brenham Memorial Chapel  
Gohlke Rudie C. 6-May-07 10-Jan-72    
Gohlke Sudie Amanda Woodley Hoff 15-Feb-07 25-May-93 w/o Henry Hoff,  then Rudie C.  
Golden Lucille Baker 10-May-19 14-Sep-61 w/o T Rex  
Golden Thomas Rex 15 Aug  1908 9 Nov ,1980    
Goller Charles C. "Charlie" 7 Jan 1899 9-May-50    
Goller Irma Bolten 26-Sep-03 1-Dec-86 w/o Charles C  
Goller Joyce Elaine 11-Jul-26 18-Apr-03    
Gonzales C. No date given 25-Nov-80    
Gonzales Josie Carol 5 Sep  1980 25-Nov-80 d/o Geraldo G  
Goode John William 1833 1896   26 O6
Goode Calpernia "Callie" Tennessee Glenn 16 Jul 1848 24-Jun-25 w/o John Wm. 26 O6
Goodman Willie Jim 13-Apr-13 13-Apr-93 h/o Ruby Lee Eckardt Hill 52 V2
Goodman Jennie Adelaide 18-Jan-11 25-Jan-81 1st w/o Willie Jim 52 V2
Goodman Ora Lee Atkinson 13-Aug-13 21-Dec-97 w/o Charlston 13 C8
Goodman Charleston 12-Mar-15 9-Sep-97   13 C8
Goodman Adela Warmke 20 Jan 1888 22-Dec-40 w/o Henry G. Luhn, then Chas T 26 I-8
Goodpasture Minnie Palm 27 Dec 1858 19-Feb-40    
Gore Floyd 18-May-21 21-Nov-90 WWII  
Gore Reva N. Mahnke 6-May-1935 20-Nov-2017 w/o Floyd  
Gottselig Joe M. 1912 1983   26 Z11
Gottselig Bertha Mary Wischnews 20-Aug-16 6-Jun-01 w/o Joe M. 26 Z11
Gould Ochle Lucille Lovell 17-May-07 9-Feb-63 w/o Otis W. 52 S13
Gould Otis W. 23 Jan 1890 25-Jan-68   52 S13
Gould Otis William, Jr. 26-Apr-35 16-Feb-90   52 S13
Gould Earl Dinsmore 26-Oct-24 11-May-07 WWII h/o Earleen  Joyce Harper 99 34
Grabow Henry W. 15 May 1886 3-Jan-52   13 W8
Grabow Alma J. Hoff 13 Nov 1890 20-Jun-85 w/o Henry W 13 W8
Graf Beth 2 Dec-1928 14-Apr-2018 Knesek Funeral Chapels  
Graf Vernon Charles 24-Nov-08 15-Jul-09 WWII  
Granau Eva Sherer 29-May-04 31-May-81 w/o Edgar Lucian 26 C3
Granau Edgar Lucian 11 Dec 1897 9-Jun-80 WWI 26 C3
Granau Herman Frederick 1855 1927   89 C3, 26 C3
Granau Clara Minna Schlosser 1877 1969 2nd w/o Herman F 13 C3
Granau infant 1895 1895   26 C3
Granau Annie 9 Oct 1884 14 Apr 1898 Herman F & wife 26 C3
Granau Meta Menke 9 Aug 1867 18 Sep 1895 1st w/o Herman F 26 C3
Granau Leona Marie 11-Jun-03 11-Mar-81   26 J4
Granau Hulda Schluens 28 Jun 1873 30-Sep-29 w/o Otto A 26 J4
Granau Otto Arthur 11-Feb-00 14-Nov-50   26 J5
Granau Otto A 13 Aug 1863 27-Jan-08   89 J5,   26 J4
Grawunder Alma Emma Pfeffer Krueger 24-Jan-02 20-Dec-85 w/o Dallas K & Edward G.  
Grawunder Alberta Louise 25-Sep-1925 6-Aug-2020 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels  
Grawunder Ernest Otto 5-Feb-01 2-Jul-30 h/o Hilda W. M. Krueger  
Gray  Mary Ruth Spence 22-Dec-41 21-Dec-81    
Gray  Andrew Boyd 5-Feb-05 5-Aug-92   52 O12
Gray  Mary Spence 30-Mar-07 3-Jul-88 w/o Andrew Boyd 52 O12
Gray  Alice Spence 25-Apr-10 30-Mar-97 w/o James Archie 52 P10
Gray Mary Ruth Spence 22-Dec-41 21-Dec-81   52 P14
Gray Arthur (D  ?)       52 P14
Green  Doyle Russel 16-Jun-16 10-Apr-69   52 U7
Green  Athlene 2-Oct-15 13-Feb-68   52 U7
Gribble Barbara Barzak 4 Dec 1897 10-Nov-79 w/o Samuel R. 26 E3
Gribble Samuel R. 29-Jun-01 1-Oct-79   26 E3
Gross Anna Palm 15 Feb 1883 22-Mar-74 w/o Gustav 52 S8
Gross Gustav 6 Apr 1884 17-Jul-68   52 S8
Grubbs Hilda Ballard 17 Mar 1897 4-Jun-76   26 N2
Grubbs James Harry 6 Sep 1890 28-Apr-73   26 N2
Grube Charles A. 1888 1940    
Grube Louise Engelking & infant son 1888 9-Oct-27 w & infant of Charles A 26 P1
Grube Goldie Charles 11-Oct-16 26 Aug  2002   26 P1
Grube Nellie Ruth Dunn 6-Feb-19 3-Feb-08 w/o Goldie Charles  
Grube John 26 Jul 1892 25-Jul-80 WWI  
Grube Margaret Evelyn Barry 4-Feb-11 16-May-70 w/o John  
Grube Minna Grabow 20 Sep 1867 27-Jun-49 w/o Carl  
Grube Carl 5 Jan 1861 4-Dec-28    
Gruener Edward 11 Aug 1884 11-Dec-18 h/o Mary Pomikal G. Dierke 13 B3
Gutowski Antonia 11-Nov-11 10-Jan-38    
Gutowski infant No date given 1-Dec-37    
Gutowsky Kathryn Gail Kaiser 2-Jul-1940 13-Jun-2019 Schmidt Funeral Home  
Haak Julius F. W. 11 Jun 1858 15 Mar 1888   1856
Haak Mary Louise Menke 16 Nov 1859 17 Jun 1895 w/o Julius F. W  
Haak Henry Walter 18 Jun 1876 24-Mar-48    
Haak Tillie 5 Nov 1867 1-Oct-38    
Haak Amelie Wammel 29 Nov 1838 5-Jan-10 w/o Carl Wm  
Haak Aug, Jr. 2 Nov 1874 13 Aug 1876 s/o Carl Wm. A 1856
Haak Carl William  Aug 28 Aug 1830 18-Oct-01    
Haak Paulina 20 Jun 1891 27 Jun 1897    
Hageman Mary E. Washington 20-Nov-26 No date given    
Hageman Lee Roy 24-Feb-18 12-Apr-69    
Hagerty William. P. 1855 1890   26 D2
Hagerty James Madison 1816 1867   26 D2
Hagerty Margaret Ann Collett, "Mother" 1824 1900 w/o James M 89 D2, 26 D2
Hagerty Ida Manning 31 Mar 1862 19-Jan-37    
Hagerty John James 1844 7 Apr 1893   26 D2
Haines  Alfred Brad 7-Apr-45 18-Oct-00   52 V5
Haines Francine Lynn       52 V5
Hall Milton Irvin 20-Feb-04 8-Nov-98   89 N3,  26 I-8
Hall Rose Allie Luhn 6-May-09 3-Nov-98   26 I-8
Hallman Emelie Lisette Dement 1 Feb 1849 26-Sep-20   26 C8
Hanks Ella Rebecca Adams 16 Aug 1851 8-Dec-43   26 O4
Hansard Thomas James 20-Jan-45 26-Feb-97 WWII Korea MAU
Hansard Edna Muriel Stone 22-Sep-20 22-Jun-97   MAU
Hansard Tommy Vell 20-Jan-45 1-Jun-13 Vietnam  
Hardlin Unna 24 May 1804 9 Oct 1884   1856
Harigel Bessie May DeLay 4 Oct 1886 23-Jan-75   26 D1
Harigel Emil H., Jr. 7 Dec 1882 20-Jul-72 w/o Emil H. Jr. 89 D1 13 D1
Harigel Nancy Louise "Nannie" Lovette 1 May 1866 24-Dec-44 w/o Emil H. Sr. 26 D1
Harigel Emil H., Sr. 15 Jan 1859 3-Oct-04   26 D1