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      Oak Knoll Cemetery







This cemetery is located  in Bellville on Mechanic St. and FM 529, east of Santa Fe R. R. tracks.  There  is only one  cemetery.

NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.

Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.

PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.

THANKS to Carolyn Zaskoda

for the updates to these files February 2022 for military records.

Last name First name Birth Death Comment  
Kaase Alvin William 8-Oct-10 6-Jul-97   26 Z11
Kaase Goldie Pearl Peschel 8-Apr-18 29-Dec-08 w/o Alvin W. 26 Z11
Kaase infant 8-Jun-57 8-Jun-57   31 G3
Kaase Robert E. 19-Jul-1919 6-May-1963 WWII   Korean 31 G3
Kaase Chas. 26 May 1880 6-Dec-52   31 G3
Kaase Rosie Beamer 7 Aug 1888 5-Jan-71 w/o Charles 31 G3
Kaase Charlie Henry 7-Sep-12 25-Nov-67   52 R16
Kaase  Frederick G. 29-Dec-03 7-Feb-74   52 V6
Kaase  Dora Henrietta Schroeder 18-Oct-08 20-Mar-71   52 V6
Kaase Herbert Emil 2-Nov-15 6-May-11 WWII  
Kaase Elfrieda Adela Albrecht 4-Aug-19 5-Jun-09 w/o Charlie H  
Kaechele Minnie Eber 3 Nov 1866 11-Sep-46   13 C1
Kaechele Everett Lee 7-Nov-19 18-Jan-21   13 C7
Kaechele Fritz J. 21 Apr 1894 9-Sep-80   13 C7
Kaechele Hattie A. Remmert 18 Jul 1894 6-Apr-75 w/o Fritz J. 13 C7
Kaechele Ella Vera Jeschke 6-Sep-13 10-Mar-88 w/o Fred E 13 C7
Kaechele Richard Harlan 28-Oct-67 8-Mar-91   13 C7
Kaechele Dorothy Louise Stringer 13-Feb-44 20-Apr-91 w/o Fred E 13 C7
Kaechele Donald Ray 18-Nov-46 8-Dec-46 s/o Fred 13 C7
Kaechele infant 1914 1914   26 H2
Kaechele R. W       26 H2
Kaechele Dora B. Pfeffer 15 Jul 1889 22-Sep-75 w/o Lee J. 31 D6
Kaechele Lee J. 8 Oct 1886 29-Jul-75   31 D6
Kaechele Julius F. 16 Jan 1886 3-Oct-74   42 C11
Kaechele Sophia B. Ueckert 22 Feb 1890 16-Apr-64   42 C11
Kaechele Curtis Melvin 4-Oct-13 3-Oct-97   42 C11
Kaechele Edward 13 Dec 1887 17-May-79   42 H8
Kaechele Alma Warmke 27 Apr 1891 22-Jul-58 w/o Edward 42 H8
Kaechele Fred William 22 Jan 1860 24-Mar-24   89 H2, 26 H2
Kaechele Alvena Schonert 8 Mar 1861 28-Aug-12 w/o Fred William Kaechele  
Kaechele Lucille Marie Diebel 13-Aug-12 8-Jun-06 w/o Curtis M.  
Kaliszewski Elizabeth Faterkowski 1886 1973 w/o Wallace 31 F4
Kaliszewski Judy M Carver 4-Aug-1949 10-Nov-2021 P.: Earl & Dorothy (Mosmeyer) Carver  
Kaliszewski Josephine Mary Krulick 16 Mar 1879 9-Jan-43 w/o Wallace S. 26 L1
Kaliszewski Max William. 8-Oct-22 12-Jul-75 WWII 42 I-5
Kaliszewski Margaret Mewis 25-Nov-20 4-May-03  w/o Max W.  2nd h.  
Kaliszewski Margaret Mewis 25-Nov-20 4-May-03    
Kaliszewski Wallace S. 27 Jan 1881 26-Dec-41   26 L1
Kaliszewski Wallace 15 Nov 1872 21-Aug-46   31 F4
Kamas John Daughtrey 23-Feb-14 24-Sep-82 WWII 42 D9
Kamas Anita Delores Dittert 11-Feb-15 25-Sep-97 w/o John Daughtrey 42 D9
Kamas  Betty Lois Witte 9-May-28 19-Sep-97 w/o Thomas M 52 W13
Kamas Isabel Daughtrey 30 Mar 1872 27-Dec-64 w/o John D.  
Kamas John David 26 Feb 1878 14-Sep-57    
Kamas Thomas M 9-May-24 16-Nov-06 WWII  
Kaminsky Sara Kay 4-Feb-72 5-Feb-72 d/o Glenn L.  
Karl unknown No dates given     13 C3
Kasten Emma Vogelpohl 17 Feb 1866 3-May-48 w/o William H 26 M7
Kasten William Henry 4 Aug 1865 20-Oct-44   26 M7
Kasten Amelie Antonie 23-Nov-03 4-Dec-03 d/o William H  
Kastrop Lily Henrichsen 24 Jul 1846 7-Dec-24 w/o Henry 26 D8
Kearney Sydney Charles 21 Dec 1878 31-Dec-47   13 C3
Keding Cleveland 10-Nov-18 8-Jul-83 WWII 31 GH
Keding Ollie BernitaViereck 10-Jul-17 26-Feb-05 w/o Cleveland 31 GH
Kemper Leroy Bennie "Pete" 13-Nov-1931 8-Jun-1998 Korea  w/o Caroline 42 I-11
Kendrick Harold Garvin"Nubbin" 12-Dec-23 26-Jun-91 WWII 31 E22
Kendrick Philip Roy 10-Sep-18 1-Dec-74   42 E4
Kendrick Erline Rachel Patillo 6-Aug-18 22-Apr-95 w/o Philip Roy 42 E4
Kendrick Janet Elaine No date given 25-Jul-46   42 E4
Kendrick Michael Ryan 20-Aug-71 6-Apr-84   52 N11
Kendrick Ocea Verbeline Smith 9-Nov-17 30-Jan-08 w/o Claude N. 52 N11
Kendrick Claude Nolte 7-Jan-14 14-Jun-94 h/o O. Verbeline 52 S14
Kendrick John Arlie 13-Mar-27 11-Jun-62 WWII  h/o Elizabeth 52 S14
Kendrick Minnie Tolula Nolte 30 May 1892 3-Nov-82 w/o Henry C 52 S14
Kendrick Henry Claude 30 Nov 1887 23-Mar-75   52 S14
Kendrick Alice Louise "Dodie" Perkins 26-Mar-25 27-Dec-10 w/o Harold G.  
Kendrick Michael Ryan 20-Aug-71 6-Apr-84    
Kenion Reese     Civil War   
Kenter Lenora Hueske Klump 4-Feb-1902 5-Mar-1977 2d w/o Benhard J., Jr. 42 F13
Kenter Leslie Fred 30-Sep-1918 16-Nov-1975 Veteran 42 F14
Kenter Mary Alma Louise Dietrich 13 Dec 1892 2-Aug-49 1st w/o Benhard J., Jr. 42 F14
Kenter Benhard John, Jr. 13 Jun 1894 8-Dec-61   42 F14
Kenter Eva Lorraine Rasmussen 7-Jun-16 4-Dec-03 w/o Leslie F.  
Kenter Franklin Benjamin Max 7-Dec-15 11-Apr-05    
Kenter Grace Darden Bradshaw 26-Oct-16 8-Sep-07 w/o Franklin B. M.  
Kerce George W. 12 Sep 1899 14-Feb-58   42 H4
Kerce Gertrude Barbara Lange 15-Jun-02 16-Dec-89 w/o George W 42 H4
Kethan Vergie L       31 C4
Keyser Laura E. Mernitz 10-Dec-07 24-Apr-53 w/o George C. 42 F9
Kidd William Foster 29-Jan-24 28-Mar-77 WWII 31 C7
Kidd Flora Lee  Kurt 25-Oct-25 22-Feb-96 w/o Wm. F 31 C7
Kidwell Todd Lange 22-Jun-69 24-Aug-88   42 D13
Kidwell Keith Robert 5-Mar-40 21-Aug-09 h/o Mary Nell Lange  
Kiemsteadt Fred, Jr. 30-Oct-23 5-Jul-99 WWII 52 S4
Kiemsteadt Helen Louise Bullock 23-Feb-18 26-Feb-62 1st w/o Fred, Jr 52 S4
Kiesewetter Henry 17 Aug 1884 11-Oct-56   31 G6
Kiesewetter Hulda Emma Wietstruck 30 Jun 1885 2-Jan-56 w/o Henry 31 G6
Kiesewetter Charles A. 25 May 1891 5-Apr-79   42 D18
Kiesewetter Selma Lischka 30 Jan 1891 18-Nov-75 w/o Chas. A 42 D18
King Charles Benjamin 6-Jun-25 18-Apr-91 WWII h/o Velma Smith 52 S2
King Clarence Eugene 9-Jun-1925 25-Mar-2018 US Navy WWII          Wife: Doris Zander  
King Dan Neely 10-Oct-27 10-Aug-07 WWII  h/o 1st? 2d Juanita (Foster) Chitty  
King Gusta Elsie 19-Jul-21 22-Nov-83   42 B9
King James Everett 2-Jan-29 15-Oct-79   52 S2
King infant No date given 11-Feb-64 s/o Sarah J. & Dan N. 52 S2
King Irene A. Kramer 21-Jan-31 14-Jan-96 w/o James E. 52 S2
King Sarah Jane Newman 15-Aug-29 15-Feb-87   52 S2
King William Oscar 4-Mar-02 12-Oct-94   52 S2
King Lucy Mae Marable 30-Apr-06 28-Sep-92 w/o Wm. O. 52 S2
Kinkler Erwin A. 16 Mar 1899 3-Dec-71   52 V18
Kinkler Olga Erna Fischer Hoppe 9-Sep-00 10-Feb-94 w/o Erwin A 52 V18
Kinnison Martin Luther 16 May 1884 4-Aug-68   31 C4
Kinnison Ophelia D. 11 Sep 1885 20-Aug-53 w/o Martin L. 31 C4
Kinnison Irene Kate Weige 5-Sep-14 13-Jun-99 w/o Carlton MAU
Kirkpatrick Edward Adolph 12 Oct 1889 4-Oct-79    
Kirkpatrick Minnie Bartay 17 Nov 1889 5-Feb-76 w/o Edward A  
Kirkpatrick infant 26-Jun-52 26-Jun-52 inf./o Clifton E.  
Kizer Grover Cleveland 12 Nov 1884 11-Sep-33   13 B5
Kizer Minnie Dittert 22 Sep 1886 9-Nov-72 w/o Grover C 13 B5
Kizer John 15 Jun 1844 25-Sep-1917 Civil War 
13 B5
Kizer Josephine Virginia Wilson 1 Sep 1858 25-Jan-37 w/o John 13 B5
Klentzman Delmer Edward 19-Apr-19 28-Jun-94   26 E3
Klentzman Helen Lucille Sloan 8-Jul-20 21-Feb-09 w/o Delmer E 26 E3
Klentzman Ray Edward 12-Mar-51 12-May-08    
Klingsporn Edwin H, 5-Jun-10 23-Jan-96   52 R15
Klingsporn Doris Luhn 6-Jun-11 13-Jul-72 w/o Edwin H 52 R15
Klostermann Alvina 9 Jul 1889 10-Aug-80 w/o Fritz 31 E11
Klostermann Fritz 3 Nov 1879 6-Sep-50   31 E11
Klostermann Edgar 1917 30-Nov-1941 WWII KIA 31 E11
Klostermann Marvin Fritz "Dickie" 16-Feb-20 25-Jul-07 WWII  2d h/o Connie  
Klump Leo 2 Jan 1884 10-Jul-75   31 I-5
Klump Mathilde Schiller 23 Aug 1884 24-Apr-70 w/o Leo 31 I-5
Klump Emmett 16-Nov-01 27-Oct-47   42 F13
Klump Francis Huebner 12 Apr 1878 11-Apr-41 w/o Louis B 42 F13
Klump Louis Berhard 12 Aug 1871 23-Feb-51   42 F13
Klump Tracey Renee 19-Jan-70 19-Jan-70   42 F13
Klump Kirby Emmett 28-May-25 14-Aug-08 WWII h/o Ora Nell Grebe  
Klump Ora Nell "Toots" Grebe 20-Mar-28 17-Mar-16 w/o Kirby  
Kmiec Martiana "Tiney" Stolarski 30-Jun-11 11-Mar-55 w/o Leon Sr. 42 H8
Kmiec Leon, Jr. 4-Jan-35 23-Jan-96   42 H8
Kmiec Leon, Sr. 25-Sep-10 27-Jan-90   42 H8
Koch Heinrich Gustav 26 Nov 1814 16 Feb 1879 Civil War  1856,  26 P3
Koch Amalie Rempe 30 Oct 1808 13-Nov-03   26 P3
Koehn Emil Hugo 29 Nov 1895 22-May-79 WWI 13 W6
Koehn Liesette Selma. Mettke 9-Mar-00 29-Aug-80 w/o Emil H. 13 W6
Koehn Amanda Ziemer 27 Nov 1886 16-Feb-65   MAU
Koehn Charles Ferdinand 5 Nov 1886 26-Mar-70   MAU
Koerth Walter 6-Jul-06 13-Oct-08 s/o Herman 26 J4
Koerth Martha Warmke 21 Sep 1880 26-May-26 1st w/o Herman R. 26 J4
Koerth Herman Rudolph 12 Jul 1878 25-Jun-65   26 J4
Koerth Annie 2 Oct 1891 5-Apr-40   26 P2
Koerth Edward William 17 Aug 1891 17-Dec-79 WWI 26 P2
Koerth Lenora Louise Hellmuth 10 Aug 1897 15-Nov-85 w/o Edward W. 26 P2
Koester Marie M. Huber 12-Oct-02 11-Aug-91 w/o Emil C 42 I-16
Koester Emil Christopher 27-Feb-02 14-Oct-71 WWII 42 I-16
Koester Joyce Ellen Hold 15-Jul-27 not given w/o Edwin 52 S16
Koester Edwin 10-Oct-23 9-Mar-88 WWII 52 S16
Kohanowski Josephine Bienski 19 Mar 1884 26-Dec-73  w/o Felix 42 G5
Kohanowski Felix 12 May 1882 19-Aug-48   42 G5
Kohlenberg Karen 5-Apr-49 24-Jul-77    
Kollatschny Annie Zanek 23-Feb-06 14-Aug-89 w/o George 42 D11
Kollatschny George 15-Dec-00 17-Mar-82   42 D11
Kollman W. D.     Civil War   
Koonce Edgar B. 8-May-15 17-Nov-81   31 H1
Koonce Tommie Louise McMillin 22-Jun-15 20-Jan-95 w/o Edgar B 31 H1
Kopech Shanna Belinda 27-Apr-80 27-Apr-80 d/o Richard  
Kopisch Arthur S. 8 Feb 1892 11 Jan 1897 s/o Gustav A 26 C6
Kopisch Jennie Bethany 16 Nov 1869 16-Dec-33 w/o Gustav A. 26 C6
Kopisch Clara Antonie Von Rosenberg 26 Jun 1866 11-Jan-03   26 C8
Kopisch Robert C. 19 Jul 1871 22-Oct-39   31 E13
Kopisch Gustav Arthur 19 Apr 1868 13-Dec-44   89 C,  26 C6
Kopisch unk 27 Jan 1896 1 Sep 1896 s/o Adolph  
Kopisch unknown 27 Jan 1896 1 Sep 1896    
Korenek John J. 28 Aug 1894 25-Jun-53   42 E10
Korenek Emilie M. Schiller 30 Mar 1896 1-Feb-79 2d w/o JOhn J 42 E10
Kotzulla Erick 21 Jul 1881 30-Sep-58    
Koy Jane Moore Cameron 15-Dec-11 30-Jan-14   99 45
Koy Ermest Anyz 17-Sep-09 1-Jan-07 WWII 99 45
Kramer Fritz 3 Jan 1894 18-Aug-70   52 S7
Kramer Emma Berger 20 Feb 1894 18-Jul-64 w/o Fritz 52 S7
Krause Mary Anna Albrecht 1 Aug 1897 30-Nov-61 w/o Fritz A. 52 R7
Krause Fritz Andreas 31 Dec 1893 4-Sep-63 WWI 52 R7
Krause Raymond Fritz 14-Dec-22 20-Sep-91   52 R7
Krause Otto Karl, Sr. 2 Jul 1896 2-Jul-91   52 R7
Krause Otillie Alma Albrecht 8 May 1895 3-Mar-69 w/o Otto K. Sr. 52 R7
Krause Leslie 18-Dec-10 27-Oct-71   MAU
Kretzschmar Hilda Strauss 22 Feb 1892 20-Jul-38 1st w/oCharles 31 B8
Kretzschmar Charles 25 Dec 1892 14-Jan-83   31 B8
Kretzschmar Charles       31 B8
Kretzschmar Guardie 23-Oct-15 21-Apr-02   52 M16
Kretzschmar Lois Martin 1-Mar-18 6-Feb-95 w/o Guardie 52 M16
Kristen Elwood Glenn A. "Boots" 28-Aug-13 17-May-81 h/o Ethel L. Skaggs 42 G1
Kristen Glenda Kay 21-Aug-42 5-Mar-65   42 G1
Kristen Ambrose 22 Feb 1866 2-Jan-48   42 G1
Kristen Laura Hetzel 2 Apr 1877 21-Dec-70 w/o Ambrose 42 G1
Kristen Kate S. 9 Nov 1896 10-Nov-68   42 G1
Kristen Ethel Louise "Deedie" Skaggs 30-Aug-20 14-Jul-14 w/o Elwood  
Kroesche Bennie Charles 2-Jan-16 20-Aug-01   52 W12
Kroesche Bettie Jane Stafford 2-Feb-24 31-Aug-02 w/o Bennie C 52 W12
Krueger Amanda Louise 23 Dec 1883 5-Jun-77   13 C4
Krueger Auga Grabow 31 Jul 1880 20-Apr-40 w/o Otto  
Krueger Agnes 14 Dec 1870 27 Jul 1892   26 D8
Krueger Bertha Grabow 4 Oct 1888 10-Feb-47 w/o John Christian  
Krueger Charles Lewis 5-Feb-14 16-Nov-91 WWII 26 B1
Krueger Dallas Fritz 18-Feb-04 17-Sep-52    
Krueger Douglas Wayne 4-Dec-44 11-Jan-91 Vietnam  h/o Janet A  
Krueger Ervin "Bubba" 10-Feb-1938 17-Apr-2016 Knesek Funeral Chapels  
Krueger Ervin Stephen,  Sr. 13-Jan-11 27-Feb-81   42 E7
Krueger Gene Ray 31-Jul-39 23-Feb-98   MAU
Krueger infant 18-Jun-38 18-Jun-38    
Krueger Jeanette 11-Jul-22 6-Mar-28 d/o Otto  
Krueger John Christian 17 Apr 1884 1-Jul-64    
Krueger Josephine D. Waak 13-Oct-05 20-Jun-82 w/o Leroy John 42 E7
Krueger Judge Charles G. 2 Dec 1871 17-Jan-58   26 B1
Krueger LaVenia Dean Simmons 27-Jul-09 30-Mar-77 w/o Ervin S. 42 E7
Krueger LeRoy John 28-Nov-08 7-May-72   42 E7
Krueger Lucile McCoy 5-Jan-14 14-May-07 w/o Charles L. 26 B1
Krueger Mathilde Louise Lahrmann 6 Dec 1877 4-Dec-58 w/o William, Jr. 42 I-13
Krueger Nora Lewis 14 Mar 1880 7-Apr-76 w/o Judge Charles G. 26 B1
Krueger Oscar 15 Jun 1880 7-Dec-21   13 C5
Krueger Otto 25 Nov 1877 26-Mar-36    
Krueger Sophie Louise Goebel 9-Feb-01 13-Sep-92 w/o Werner W. 52 N14
Krueger William, Jr. 5 Jun 1875 18-Jan-62   42 I-13
Krueger Werner W. 8-Aug-02 22-Aug-76   52 N14
Krumrey Edward 5-Jan-04 17-Jul-42 hy/o Clara Kaechele 31 D6
Krumrey Lester 18-Feb-09 4-Jan-88   31 E10
Krumrey Hazel Brast 12-May-14 3-Mar-96 w/o Lester 31 E10
Krumrey Joe Dean 2-Mar-32 1-Apr-40 s/o Lester 31 E10
Krumrey Hildagarde 17-Mar-08 10-Feb-73   42 B12
Krumrey Minna Frances Schroeder 28 Oct 1876 17-Jun-60 w/o Emil Krueger 42 B12
Krumrey Emil 13 Apr 1876 6-Jan-45   42 B12
Krumrey Gardner Macadoo 19-Sep-17 15-Dec-03   42 B4
Krumrey Floy Ruth Kendrick 4-May-19 18-Feb-2017 w/o Garden M. 42 B4
Krumrey Herbert Milton "Mike" 16-Jul-14 19-Sep-80 WWII 42 G14
Krumrey Norma Martha Stamnitz 16-Jan-21 17-Mar-2017 w/o Herbert M 42 G14
Krumrey John C. 24-Jun-03 11-Aug-95   42 G17
Krumrey Callie Inez Draehn 12-Nov-08 22-Oct-89 w/o John C 42 G17
Krumrey Della Irene Draehn 13-Apr-13 3-Jun-86 w/o Emil B. MAU
Krumrey Emil B. 15-Mar-06 16-Dec-91   MAU
Krumrey Margaret Minnie Mueller Iselt 28-May-04 12-Apr-67 w/o Walter MAU
Krumrey Walter 24 Mar 1899 26-May-80   MAU
Krumrey Della Irene Draehn 13-Apr-13 3-Jun-86 w/o Emil B MAU
Krumrey Emil B. 15-Mar-06 16-Dec-91   MAU
Krumrey John 2 Feb 1881 12-Aug-49    
Krumrey Annie Scholz 11 Sep 1876 7-Feb-63 w/o John  
Krumrey Lloyd Allen 14-Feb-29 25-Jun-07 Korea  
Krumrey Melton Arlen 8-Jun-40 13-Aug-05 Vietnam  
Krumrey Ronald Edward 1-Feb-43 19-Oct-09 Vietnam  
Krumrey Lula Dell 21-Jul-25 10-Oct-25 d/o John C  
Krumrey Gardner Macadoo 19-Sep-17 15-Dec-03    
Kuehn Fay 14-Aug-14 15-Jul-38   31 B10
Kuehn Emma Ella Rachui 8 Nov 1889 11-Mar-84   31 B10
Kuehn Fred Adolph 8 Oct 1887 6-Apr-60   31 B10
Kuehn Fay Ozella 14-Aug-14 15-Jul-38    
Kuehn Fred Adolph 8 Oct 1887 6-Apr-60    
Kuehn Emma Ella Rachui 8 Nov 1889 11-Mar-84 w/o Fred  
Kujawa Joseph 14 Feb 1883 18-Apr-66   42 H19
Kujawa Mary Nona 30 Apr 1894 12-Sep-91 w/o Joseph 42 H19
Kujawa Rufus Joseph 13-Feb-14 21-Jan-93   42 H19
Kujawa Victoria M. Stolarski 4-Nov-09 16-Oct-96 w/o Frank 42 H8
Kujawa Kallie Clara Kopycinski 24-Oct-12 19-Jul-99 w/o Stanley W. MAU
Kujawa Stanley W. 8-Sep-12 4-Feb-87   MAU
Kujawa Frank 15-Nov-05 28-May-82    
Kujawa Hazel Louise Frank 4-Nov-16 10-Nov-07 w/o Rufus J.  
Kunz Franz R. 7 Jul 1880 21-Feb-26   26 P2
Kurt Charles 15 Feb 1860 11-Jan-38 h/o Nelda 31 C7
Kurt Henry Alvin 5-Sep-03 27-Nov-75 h/o Lucy Kohanowski 31 C7
Kurt Hazel Bernhardine Hagemann 7-Feb-10 10-Dec-80   MAU
Kurt Charlie E. 16-Aug-05 9-Mar-69   MAU
Laas Deborah Brune 8 Jan 1852 9-Jul-39 w/o Ernst L 26 J10
Laas Waldemar E. 13 May 1889 7-Aug-11   26 J10
Laas Victor Emanuel Sr. 16 Mar 1887 12-Mar-63   42 F8
Laas Laura Grusendorf 27 Nov 1887 25-Sep-65 w/o Victor Emanuel Sr. 42 F8
Laas Lewis Bryan, Sr. 23-Jul-22 8-Feb-82 WWII  h/o Fucia Berry Eason 42 F8
Laas Victor E., III 21-May-47 10-Dec-48   42 F8
Laas Victor Emanuel, Jr. 20-Aug-14 25-May-63 WWII h/o Jean D. Rious 42 F8
Laas Moylan Ernest. 19-Oct-13 30-Sep-73 WWII   42 H15
Laas Alice Vivian Niederjohn 29-Jan-20 17-Oct-88 w/o Moylan E. 42 H15
Laas Arnold John 10 Sep 1883 17-Sep-39   42 H15
Laas Arnold John, Jr. 22-Jul-19 25-Jul-03 WWII 42 H15
Laas Ellison "Elsie" Howe 27 Oct 1890 16-Mar-52 w/o Arnold John 42 H15
Laas George Herman 19 May 1896 26-Feb-79 WWI 52 V14
Laas Pauline Muery 27 Jan 1898 4-Feb-77 w/o George Herman L. 52 V14
Laas Ernst 20 Sep 1852 12-Jan-29   89 J10 26 J10
Laas Erna  EmmaWesterman 25 Nov 1896 23-Oct-87 w/o Ernest Grover L.  
Laas Ernest Grover 6 Jul 1892 24-Dec-58    
Laas William Ernest 14-Nov-19 19-Sep-85    
Laas Cecil Clara Hare 12-May-24 25-Jul-03 w/o Wm. Ernest L.  
Laas Robert Francis 3-Jun-23 12-Nov-06 WWII h/o Gladys Pierce L.  
Lacy Clarence A 9-May-39 5-Oct-14    
Ladig Leland  "Lee" 16-Sep-13 5-Dec-93   42 D20
Ladig Grace Lucille Berndt 19-Jul-19 17-Aug-02 w/o Leland 42 D20
Ladig Grace Lucille Berndt 19-Jul-19 17-Aug-02    
Lahrmann Erwin William 24-May-21 27-Mar-94 WWII 42 F12
Lahrmann Edward W. 7 Sep 1897 4-Apr-73   42 F15
Lahrmann Phoebia Einkauf 9-Mar-03 19-Mar-88 w/o Edward w. 42 F15
Lahrmann Elgin Herman 19-Jul-25 13-Nov-64   42 F15
Lahrmann Woodrow Larry 4-May-47 15-Aug-78 Vietnam 42 F15
Lahrmann Woodrow Lee 15-Nov-22 21-Jan-93 WWII 42 F15
Lahrmann Elnora Laird 2-Sep-24 6-Aug-49 1st w/o Woodrow Lee 42 F15
Lahrmann Alma Lillie Klara Schroeder 2-Oct-19 17-Dec-03 w/o Erwin Wm.  
Laidolf William 20-Nov-09 20-Sep-58 WWII 1st h/o Lenora "Nola" Mewis 52 Q5
Laidolf William 20-Nov-09 20-Sep-58 WWII 52 Q5
Lamb Brad Lynn 24-May-77 24-Jul-77   13 W8
Lamb Vernon Edward, Jr. 13-Oct-56 8-Feb-75   13 W8
Lamb  Vernon J. 20 Jun 1893 15-Nov-76 WWI 52 U9
Lamb  Mary Walch 24-Apr-03 28-Jul-88 w/o Vernon J. 52 U9
Lamb Helen Campbell 23-Oct-27 7-Jan-10 1st w/o Virgil G.  2nd w/o Donald  
Lambeth Gertrude Burns 7 Jul 1892 27-Apr-91 w/o R. H. Lambeth & Howard Welch  
Lamp  Herman 16 Mar 1894 24-Sep-71 WWI 52 V17
Lamp  Lillie Brosig 21-Mar-00 30-Aug-79 w/o Herman 52 V17
Lamp Laverne Michaelis 2-Sep-28 27-Jun-16 w/o Dr. James  
Landes James E. 28 Apr 1841 6-Jan-14   26 O9
Landes Mollie E. 7 Mar 1840 2 May 1893 w/o James E. 26 O9
Landes infant No date given 8 Jan 1897 infant of J.E & K 26 O9
Landes Adaline H. Thompson 24 Feb 1812 11 Mar 1897 w/o Daniel 26 O9
Landes Daniel 4 Jul 1804 11 Jun 1892   26 O9
Lange Edward Allen "Sonny" 25-Feb-04 16-Feb-73   42 C3
Lange Anna Barbara Schmidt 28 Apr 1875 9-Dec-47 w/o William Carl 42 C3
Lange William Carl 7 Jan1874 2-Dec-45   42 C3
Lange William Clarence "Newty" 20-Oct-06 10-Jun-52   42 D13
Lange Gladys Sherrod 22-Jul-10 7-Nov-89 w/o Wm. C "Newty" 42 D13
Lange Betty Jean 29-Dec-30 16-Jul-31 d/o Wm. C. "Newty" 42 D13
Lange Clarence Robert A. "Bob" 2-Jan-09 13-Dec-87   42 H11
Lange Alonzo Aubert 12-Jul-11 24-Feb-96   42 H14
Lange Jennie Alice Biggs 18-Apr-14 1-Jul-95 w/o Alonzo Aubert 42 H14
Lange Ora Reed Fortran 14-Apr-05 7-Sep-03 w/o Edward A "Sonny"  
Lange Edna Ruth Wallingford 12-Jan-16 6-Jan-08 w/o Clarence Robert A  
Langford Chester Foy 3-May-20 26-Sep-87 WWII 
h/o Juanita Brown
Lanier Arthur Willis (Bill) 28-Dec-10 2-Apr-57   31 A5
Laskowski Sophia Kujawa 27-Jul-18 9-Mar-68 w/o Tony Lawrence 42 H19
Laskowski Tony Lawrence 16-Feb-10 14-Jul-89   42 H19
Latimer Zollie Emma Bush 25 Dec 1882 20-Jan-50   26 M5
Latimer Hazel 9-Dec-00 10-Jan-18   26 M5
Latimer Susan Abigail Dorris 14 Jul 1836 11-Apr-18 w/o Chas. Alexander 26 M5
Latimer Charles Alexander 15 Mar 1837 8-Aug-08   26 M5
Latimer Chancelor F. 4 Jan 1867 26-Nov-05 h/o Annie 26 M5
Latimer Ralph Mitchmore 14-Nov-18 27-Jan-85   42 H12
Latimer Edith Elaine Pfeffer 25-Mar-26 4-Dec-86 w/o Ralph M. 42 H12
Latimer Charles A. 11 Jul 1878 14-Dec-53   89 M5, 26 M5
Laws Katherine W. Brent Barber 26 Aug 1845 19-Sep-29 w/o Robert W. 26 C10
Laws Robert Wilson 1 Jan 1845 27-Jun-22 Civil War 
89 C? 13/C10
Lee  Winona  Mae Ruby 4-Dec-31 27-Mar-00   52 T2
Lee  Mary L. 9-Sep-01 No date given   52 V1
Lee  Haney 26 Nov 1896 No date given   52 V1
Leenen Arnold Henry 3-Sep-05 5-Jan-91   26 D8
Leenan Kenneth Arnold 3-Mar-1937 9-Feb-2018 spouse: June Gentry.   Schmidt Funeral Home  
Leenen Ryllis Ruth Rudloff 4-Jun-11 14-Jun-94 w/o Arnold H. 26 D8
Leenen infant 26-Jul-70 26-Jul-70    
Leewood Jack 7 Apr 1895