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Sealy Cemetery

  There is only one Sealy Cemetery. The address for this cemetery is 768 4th Street; SealyA, Texas.   The Haven of Rest Mausoleum is a building on the cemetery property.    

NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.







Sealy Catholic

Thanks to Carolyn Zaskoda

for updates to these files January 2022 for military records.

Last First/Maiden DOB DOD NOTES
Labaj Frank Joseph 15-Jun-1925 6-Apr-1931 s/o James & Sophie
Labaj Infant 1924 1924 s/o James & Sophie
Labaj James 19 Jun 1891 9-Apr-1931 h/o Sophie Kveton
Labaj Walter Jim 9-Jan-1927 6-Apr-1931 s/o James & Sophie
LaGarde (Mary) Louise Stringer 3-Feb-1915 12-May-2015  
Lambert  Betty Adele Moebes 1-Nov-1928 28-Nov-2002 w/o Charles A.
Lambert  Charles Amos 5-Dec-1924 1-Apr-1988 WWII h/o Betty A.
Landers Marvin Dean 5-Oct-1951 24-Dec-2007  
Lane  Lilly V. Hintz 12 Sep 1888 25-Aug-1972  
Lapcik Joe 13 Mar 1895 11-Oct-1950 WWII  1st h/o Stella H.
Laredo Francisca Amalia Pena 17-Sep-1953 6-Nov-2012  
Larsen  Ben John 25-Nov-1959 23-Aug-2012  
Lawhon Eugene Clayton, Jr. 19-Aug-1911 4-Jul-1985 h/o Rosalie
Lawhon Eugene Clayton, Sr. 07 Aug 1886 2-Jul-1964 h/o Sarah A.
Lawhon Rosalie Ognoskie 24-Feb-1914 14-Apr-1989 w/o Eugene C., Jr.
Lawhon Sarah Ann Middleton 22 Aug 1891 24-Jun-1981 w/o Eugene C., Sr.
Lay Albert Arlington 21 Oct 1869 11-Apr-1959 h/o Grace E.
Lay Claude Alexander 16 Dec 1898 7-May-1989 h/o Lillie L.
Lay Frank George 27-Sep-1901 27-Mar-1985 h/o Matilda F.
Lay Georgie Boyd Habermacher 31-Jan-1921 6-May-2009 2nd w/o Claude A.
Lay Grace Ethel Love 16 Sep 1879 21-Jan-1963 w/o Albert A.
Lay Infant Son 19-Jan-1931 19-Jan-1931 s/o Tillie & Frank
Lay Lillie Leona Dorris 23-Aug-1900 26-Oct-1925 w/o Claude A.
Lay  Matilda "Tillie" Feik 07 Nov 1896 5-Dec-1985 w/o Frank G.
LeBlanc Richard James 16-Nov-1907 14-Apr-1973 h/o Irene J.
LeBlanc Irene Joy Hill 5-Jan-1921 21-Jan-2013 w/o Richard J.
Leenen Arnold Pete 26 Dec 1866 13-Apr-1917 h/o Bertha S.
Leenen Bertha Schubert 24 Dec 1877 13-Dec-1968 w/o Arnold P.
Legere Brandon Michael 1-Jul-1988 4-Nov-1988  
Legere Clifford Alfred, Jr. 30-Jul-1967 19-May-1990 Army Veteran
Lemon George Britton 07 Sep 1856 06 Nov 1892  
Lemonudas Anastasois 3-Oct-1954 18-Feb-2021 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Lepp Albert Frederick 7-Sep-1905 8-Aug-1987 h/o Lillie S.
Lepp Alice Idell 18-Aug-1932 7-Dec-2004  
Lepp Blanche Lucena Snyder 13-Jul-1904 13-Aug-1999 w/o Elmore G.
Lepp Daniel   26 Jun 1870 2-Aug-1944 h/o Karoline H.
Lepp Elmore George 23-Sep-1900 21-Mar-1970 WWI h/o Blanche L.
Lepp Karoline Haag 05 Mar 1873 14-Jan-1952 w/o Daniel  
Lepp Lillie Sophie Alma Venghaus 3-Sep-1908 19-Nov-2004 w/o Albert F.
Leschper Adolph 19 Aug 1874 4-Apr-1954 h/o Helen A.
Leschper Arthur B. 5-Jul-1908 25-Dec-1941 1st h/o Nonie W. Ilse
Leschper Helen   18-Jan-1903 8-Jun-1981  
Leschper Helen Augusta Hibbeler 03 May 1874 3-Aug-1940 w/o Adolph
Leschper Judith Faye Wendt 23-Nov-1937 3-Apr-2019 w/o Walter J., Jr.
Leschper Mary Annie Ludwig 19-Jan-1909 14-Nov-2008 w/o Walter J., Sr.
Leschper Walter Edward, Jr. 7-Aug-1935 17-Nov-2014 h/o Judith F.
Leschper Walter John, Sr. 01 Sep 1896 16-Jun-1974 WWI   h/o Mary A.
Leschper Wilbert Gene 5-Aug-1931 22-Jan-2019 Korea
Lesikar Amalie Broz Novak 28 Nov 1895 16-May-1982 w/o John A.
Lesikar John August 31 Mar 1887 14-Apr-1971 WWI h/o Amalie B.
Lewis Albert 6-Oct-1914 5-May-1961 WWII
Lewis Carrie Anna Lewis 24 May 1884 12-Mar-1964 w/o Sylvester B.
Lewis Mamie Emma 6-Feb-1912 1-Feb-1986  
Lewis Sylvester Baxter 23 Dec 1878 11-Mar-1965 h/o Carrie A.
Lilley Anna Maurine Gentry 13-Nov-1952 4-Mar-1989  
Lilley Minnie Ebendorf 01 Jun 1893 9-Feb-1972 w/o William R.
Lilley William Robert 26 Sep 1894 25-Feb-1976 h/o Minnie E.
Lindeman Mathilda Pauline "Tillie"  Hirsch 11 Sep 1897 17-Jan-1936  
Liner Martha Clara Ellington 29-Oct-1930 22-Oct-2016 w/o William R. Sr.
Liner William Russell, Sr. 8-Feb-1905 9-Mar-1985 h/o Martha C.
Linkey Robert Leroy 19-Jun-1929 20-Jan-1969 WWII  
Litzmann Erna Hulda Hollien 17 Sep 1889 20-Jan-1977 w/o Gus D.
Litzmann Gus D. 15 Jul 1888 21-Mar-1936 h/o Erna H.
Lockler Betty Ann Turner 30-May-1928 11-Feb-1975  
Lockwood  Fred Mobley 05 Jan 1849 8-Apr-1905 h/o Ida H.
Lockwood  Ida Hackbarth 29 Dec 1857 06 Jan 1892 w/o Fred M.
Loehr George Bernard 19-Feb-1901 30-Mar-1989 h/o Nathalie
Loehr Gertrude Johanna Lux 18-Oct-1904 28-Dec-1993 w/o Herman
Loehr Herman 25 Jul 1861 6-Jul-1937 h/o Karolina G.
Loehr Herman 30 Nov 1892 20-Jun-1976 h/o Gertrude J.
Loehr Johnnie Christopher 22 Mar 1899 29-Nov-1976 h/o Leona M.
Loehr Karolina Garling 28 Aug 1865 15-May-1930 w/o Herman
Loehr Leona Marie Hintz 31-Jan-1903 10-Aug-1968 w/o Johnnie C.
Loehr Louise M. Luhn 10 Apr 1878 16-Jul-1973 w/o William J.
Loehr Mary Ognoskie 11-Jan-1908 26-May-1987 w/o William H.
Loehr Max Henry 31 Jan 1887 16-Jan-1961 h/o Tillie B.
Loehr Nathalie Hintz 31-Jan-1903 3-Nov-1963 w/o George B.
Loehr Otto Joe 25 Jul 1898 3-Jan-1919  
Loehr Tillie Brosig 08 Feb 1884 17-Jan-1968 w/o Max H.
Loehr William Herman 26-Jun-1904 27-Jan-1974 h/o Mary O.
Loehr William Joe 18 Apr 1876 30-Apr-1961 h/o Louise M.
Loescher Adolph Lawrence 20 Sep 1887 25-Apr-1973 WWI  h/o Hallie C.
Loescher Bessie Lee Ross 03 Mar 1887 12-Oct-1975  
Loescher Charles Anton, Sr. 23 Dec 1847 25-Mar-1929 h/o Mary F.
Loescher Charlie Anton 20 Feb 1891 1-Aug-1964 h/o Rosa H.
Loescher Doris Pearl 17-Apr-1928 3-Dec-1945  
Loescher Frank Blondeau 28 Nov 1895 5-Oct-1989 WWI  h/o Minnie A.
Loescher Hallie Corrine Cole 26 Dec 1895 3-Mar-1984 w/o Adolph L.
Loescher Infant   16-Jul-1922 16-Jul-1922  
Loescher Louis Theodore 21 Jun 1872 13-Nov-1940 h/o Sophie A.
Loescher Major 21-Dec-1907 11-Dec-1983  
Loescher Mary Philomena Blondeau 28 Oct 1851 13-Jun-1935 w/o Charles A., Sr.
Loescher Minnie Agnes Diestel 31 Sep 1894 8-Apr-1961 w/o Frank B.
Loescher Rosa M. Diestel 16 Mar 1891 3-Mar-1986 w/o Charlie A.
Loescher Sophie Ann Urbanscheck 16 May 1888 6-Sep-1978 w/o Louis T.
Loescher Vernon Roy 21-Mar-1927 12-Feb-1951 WWII
Looper Nata Elizabeth Phillips 22 Sep 1886 23-Jan-1953  
Lopez Francisco 28-Jul-2017 7-Sep-2017  
Lopez Maria Guadalupe Malagon 6-May-1975 20-Aug-2011  
Love George Sherman, M.D. 27 Apr 1849   Uncle of Grace Love Lay
Lowe Eleanor 1902 1906  
Lowe W. J. 1859 1918  
Lowe Willard Hearon 26 Jan 1894 13-Sep-1940 NO MARKER
Luca Hajdin 9-May-1934 10-Aug-2012 h/o Zoje
Luca Zoje Limani 6-May-1938 28-Jun-2017 w/o Hajdin
Lucas Hazel Dell Byrd 26-Oct-1927 19-Dec-2020 Schmidt Funeral Home
Ludwig Anton 03 Dec 1850 29-Jun-1918 h/o Carolina R.
Ludwig Carolina Roloff 17 Jun 1850 14-Sep-1936 w/o Anton
Ludwig Charles Joseph 12 Dec 1890 29-Aug-1975 WWI   h/o Gertrude W.
Ludwig Emil 16 Nov 1892 7-Nov-1973 h/o Lydia J.
Ludwig Frank 26 Mar 1875 29-Nov-1935  
Ludwig Gertrude Wilhelmina Hoff 22 Aug 1898 17-Jan-1975 w/o Charles J.
Ludwig Lillie Marie Schubert 4-Jul-1908 28-Sep-1999 w/o Paul K.
Ludwig Lydia Johanna Dorothea Hinze 26 Mar 1894 31-Mar-1979 w/o Emil 
Ludwig Paul Karl 22-Aug-1906 18-Apr-1994 h/o Lillie M.
Luedecke Alfred Roman 23-Feb-1909 9-Mar-1993 h/o Lizzie G. & Elsie H.
Luedecke Betty Lucille Frank 20-Aug-1931 26-May-2015 w/o Earl C.
Luedecke Carla Ann Thompson 9-Sep-1951 17-Jun-2000 w/o William H.
Luedecke Christian August 09 Mar 1877 4-Aug-1969 h/o Emelea 
Luedecke Earl Charles 25-Mar-1929 26-Jan-2001 Korea h/o Betty L.
Luedecke Edgar Ellison 18-Oct-1901 27-Sep-1966 h/o Myrtle D.
Luedecke Elsie Hermine Dittmar Hinze 7-Aug-1908 25-Oct-1994 w/o W. Hinze & Alfred Luedecke
Luedecke Emelea Bischoff 01 Sep 1885 15-Jan-1968 w/o Christian A.
Luedecke Esther Reibenstein 21-Dec-1927 20-Oct-2019 w/o Hilton H. 
Luedecke Fredrich 28 Feb 1872 15-Jun-1943 h/o Mollie V.
Luedecke Henry Ferdinand 13 Aug 1879 7-Sep-1973 h/o Julia W.
Luedecke Hilton Henry 25-Jun-1914 18-Nov-1984 WWII  h/o Esther R.
Luedecke Julia Weber 19 Jun 1875 28-Apr-1958 w/o Henry F.
Luedecke Lizzie Garling 18-May-1910 22-Jun-1982 1st w/o Alfred R.
Luedecke Mollie (Amalia) Vick 10 Jun 1872 7-Oct-1914 w/o Fredrich
Luedecke Myrtle D. Kveton 15-Apr-1909 10-Jun-1993 w/o Edgar E.
Luedecke Verne Lee 26-Jan-1933 2-Dec-1952  
Luedecke William Henry 27-Jul-1944 24-Jun-1990 Vietnam h/o Carla A.
Luedke Marie Wienke Brune 09 Feb 1867 10-Jun-1967 w/o Fritz (New Ulm) & Otto O.
Luedke Otto O. 04 Sep 1860 9-Jan-1951 2nd h/o Marie B.
Luhn Benjamin Roland 4-Dec-1901 19-Jan-1972 h/o B. Pearl
Luhn (Blanchie) Pearl L. 21-Dec-1909 8-Jun-1987 w/o Benjamin R.
Luhn Charles Otto 31 Jan 1844 25-Jan-1920 CSA
Luhn Clara Helene Engelking 04 Oct 1874 29-Oct-1940 w/o Conrad C.
Luhn Conrad Charles 12 Jun 1878 16-Nov-1955 h/o Clara H.
Luhn Frederick Phillip 28 Jun 1880 26-Jul-1963 h/o Netty L.
Luhn Netty Lou Mabry 07 Sep 1880 23-Feb-1963 w/o Frederick P.
Lukas Anna Nov 1856  Apr 1924 w/o Paul
Lukas John 18 Nov 1888 16-Oct-1959 WWI
Lukas Paul 18 Oct 1855 17-Feb-1937 h/o Anna
Lukas Teresie 01 Sep 1886 23-Sep-1957  
Lummus Bob William 22-Aug-1930 8-Jun-2009 Korea
Lummus Dorothy Lee Krampitz 10-Oct-1925 31-Oct-1988 w/o Joseph G., Jr.
Lummus Janie Marie Lively 28-Jul-1927 31-May-1954  
Lummus Joseph Goree, Jr. 23-Mar-1923 10-Jul-1983 WWII   h/o Dorothy L.
Lummus Joseph Goree, Sr. 08 Sep 1894 10-Nov-1955 WWI  h/o Myrtle I.
Lummus Myrtle Inez Haley  05 Oct 1898 7-Nov-1983 w/o Joseph G.
Luther Clara Lockwood 1878 1914  
Lux Bertha Ludwina Frohner 27 Aug 1831 30-Mar-1913 w/o Joseph, Sr.
Lux Eddie Ray 28-Jul-1933 11-Nov-2012 h/o Eva Nell
Lux Edwin 15-Jan-1908 28-Aug-1997 h/o Elsie G.
Lux Elsie Goebel 4-Jun-1909 10-Aug-1994 w/o Edwin
Lux Eva Nell Garling 17-Aug-1940 2-Aug-2006 w/o Eddie Ray
Lux Leo Ferdinand 24 Dec 1855 9-Feb-1917 h/o Josephine K.
Lux Joseph, Jr. 05 Nov 1861 4-Jan-1942 h/o May H.
Lux Joseph, Sr. 07 Sep 1819 04 Jun 1897 h/o Bertha
Lux Josephine Kveton 28 May 1880 31-Oct-1972 w/o L. Ferdinand
Lux  Leo Ferdinand 2-Jun-1909 15-Apr-2001 h/o Rosa L.
Lux  May Howard 04 Apr 1865 2-Jan-1916 w/o Joseph, Jr.
Lux  Rosa Lee Wienecke 10-Dec-1915 27-Jun-1983 w/o Leo F.
Mabry Nadine Sophie Nentwig 21-Mar-1923 12-Mar-2018 w/o Wilson D., Sr.
Mabry Wilson David, Sr. 7-Feb-1918 2-Jun-1975 WWII  h/o Nadine S.
Mach Leon Emanuel 8-Oct-1906 30-Jun-2002 h/o Leona K. & Adele Zahradnick
Mach Leona Keyser 22-Oct-1922 26-Aug-1975 1st w/o Leon E.
Machala Frank Charles 11-Jan-1911 27-Feb-1989 h/o Mollye M.
Machala Kevin Wayne 26-Dec-1975 24-Sep-2002  
Machala Mollye Marie Vancik 18-Sep-1919 16-Aug-2009 w/o Frank C.
Macias Francisco Lopez 9-Jul-2017 28-Jul-2017  
Madden Vernon Marshall 26-Dec-1907 29-Oct-1979  
Maddox Eleanor "Ellie" Steger 3-Sep-1935 24-Jun-2014 2nd w/of Truman A.
Maddox Truman Albert 30-Sep-1917 19-Mar-2000 WWII  
Maddox Ruby Lois Zahradnick Schavrda 23-Sep-1920 29-Jun-1968 w/o Albert Schavrda, T.A. Maddox
Magill Aaron Winston, Jr. 6-Mar-1917 3-Nov-1999 WWII  h/o Margaret G.
Magill Aaron Winston III 8-Jul-1950 3-Nov-1980  
Magill Jo Ann 8-Aug-1945 8-Aug-1945  
Magill Margaret Gloria Lummus 8-Nov-1925 18-Jan-2008 w/o Aaron W., Jr.
Magjarevich Daniel 30-Jan-1937 2-Apr-2013 h/o Gladys M.
Magjarevich Gladys Marie Herzik 16-Aug-1942 10-Jan-2008 w/o Daniel
Magruder Evelinah Louisa Dulaney 17 Feb 1817 24 May 1889 w/o Patrick H.
Magruder P. H. (Patrick Henry) 14 Jul 1803 17 Nov 1883 h/o Evelinah L.
Mahaffey Darrion Anthony 8-May-1999 3-Feb-2015  
Mahnke Edwin Charles 11-Jan-1904 27-Dec-1973  
Mahnke Ella Mersmann 23 Oct 1888 15-Mar-1959  
Mahnke Paul Charles 13-Aug-1916 5-Apr-1978 WWII  
Maler Annie 29 Jun 1887 28-Oct-1964  
Maler Barbara Cernoch 10 Aug 1855 28-Jul-1929 w/o Frank, Sr.
Maler Bernice Dorothy Trettin 16-Jul-1920 27-Sep-1980 w/o Theodore A.
Maler Della Marie Duke 18-Jan-1946 5-Jul-2016 w/o James R.
Maler Edward Lee 27-Sep-1928 30-Mar-1988 Korea
Maler Frances Anna Gaydosik 30 Dec 1898 22-Jan-1971 w/o Joseph J.
Maler Frances Marie Krupala 12-Jun-1907 19-Jul-1998 w/o George Edwin
Maler Frank, Jr. 22 Jan 1891 25-Apr-1977  
Maler Frank, Sr. 14 Oct 1848 14-Dec-1907 h/o Barbara C.
Maler George Edwin 2-May-1900 7-Aug-1993 h/o Frances M.
Maler George Eugene 9-Jan-1932 14-Jan-1997 Korea
Maler James Rogers  2-Apr-1934 22-Feb-2008 Korea h/o Della M.
Maler John 01 Apr 1896 23-Dec-1980 h/o Marie S.
Maler  Joseph Joe 23 Jun 1894 16-Feb-1971 WWI   h/o Frances A. 
Maler  Marie Surovik 20-Jan-1902 18-Aug-1962 w/o John
Maler  Theodore Al 9-Nov-1913 19-Apr-1997 WWII   h/o Bernice D.
Malich Freada Hinze 26 Feb 1893 3-Feb-1984 w/o Fritz
Malich Fritz 05 Mar 1889 12-May-1959 h/o Freada H.
Malich Ida  1886 1895  
Malich Paul Harry 12 Oct 1890 21-Mar-1961 WWI    
Mamerow H. C. (Henry C.) 15 Sep 1875 10-Dec-1903  
Mangum Billie Ruth Fisher 21-Sep-1928 23-Aug-2012 w/o Samuel A.
Mangum Samuel Albert 24-Dec-1925 25-Feb-2003 WWII  h/o Billie R.
Mansel Edward Earl 2-Mar-1921 25-Nov-1984 WWII  
Mantzel Carl Julius 9-Jul-1915 29-Sep-1978  
Mantzel Charles 19 Apr 1878 8-Feb-1947 h/o Ernestine L.
Mantzel Ernestine Louise Engelking 11 May 1884 28-Mar-1959 w/o Charles
Marburger Elo Alfred 21 Oct 1892 17-Dec-1979 h/o Emily H.
Marburger Emily Hartmann 29-Jul-1900 10-Dec-1990 w/o Elo A.
Marburger Leroy   20-Nov-1926 6-Jul-1995 WWII  
Marburger Viola Selma Clara 13-Jan-1924 14-Jan-1980  
Marcak Marie 27 Jan 1827 29 Apr 1889  
Marcum John 3-May-1911 25-Apr-1974 WWII   1st h/o Mary Ware
Mares  Frantiska Schiller 20 Jun 1869 15-Jun-1911 1st w/o Frank F. Maresh
Mares  Mark F.      
Maresh Frank F. 08 Feb 1868 19-Jul-1942 h/o Frantiska & Mary J. Schiller
Maresh James William 14-Jan-1935 27-Dec-2014  
Maresh John Frank 28 Oct 1896 21-Mar-1983 WWI h/o Sophie Z.
Maresh Mary Julia Seda Schiller 14 May 1879 15-Jan-1965 w/o Jan Schiller, Frank Maresh
Maresh Sophie Tonie Hluchan 20-Dec-1905 17-Aug-1984 w/o John F.
Maresh Wilmer John 27-Aug-1925 16-Jan-1999 Korea
Martin Dorothy Bernice Robertson 23-Mar-1913 4-Aug-1939  
Martin Dorothy Jeanne Lepp 24-Dec-1926 28-May-1998 w/o H. E.
Martin Graciela Rodriguez 9-Nov-1911 30-Dec-2008 w/o Lorenzo F.
Martin H. E. (Herman Eugene) 30-Oct-1924 9-Mar-1998 WWII   h/o Dorothy J.
Martin Hubard Harrison 06 Oct 1890 01 Jun 1891  
Martin (Frances) Evelyn Witt 19-Jul-1905 16-Feb-1993 w/o Scott E.
Martin Lorenzo Froilan, M.D. 10-Oct-1910 23-Dec-1998  
Martin Mary Emma Chancellor 09 Jun 1869 17 Jul 1894  
Martin  Scott Eugene 7-Nov-1904 29-Dec-1986 h/o F. Evelyn  
Martinez Anacleto Hernandez 13-Jul-1936 9-Sep-2016  
Martinez Delfino, Sr. 12-Feb-1927 14-May-2002 h/o Guadalupe D.
Martinez Georgina Samantha 24-Oct-1992 6-Mar-2011  
Martinez Guadalupe DeLosSantos 7-Jan-1931 31-Mar-2010 w/o Delfino, Sr.
Martinez Johnny Joe 4-May-1965 28-Dec-2002  
Massey Charles Monroe 13 Nov 1892 3-Nov-1946 h/o Lena B.
Massey Lena Baade 16 Aug 1887 27-Sep-1965 w/o Charles M.
Mata Luis Alberto, Jr. 2-Oct-1993 1-Aug-2016  
Matejka Ellen Katherine Phenicie 24-Jan-1920 23-Apr-1998 w/o John I.
Matejka John Irvin, Sr.  28-Jun-1920 2-Sep-1980 WWII h/o Ellen K.
Matthews Claude Preston 31 Aug 1892 9-Jan-1982 WWI     h/o Ruth E.
Matthews Ruth Elizabeth Lloyd 10 Oct 1898 20-Feb-1991 w/o Claude P.
Matula Infant 12-Mar-1914 12-Mar-1914  
Matyas Frank Ignac 05 Jun 1881 12-Mar-1958 h/o Mathilda S.
Matyas Mathilda Schiller 27 Sep 1882 26-May-1972 w/o Frank I.
Maust  Randy Kieth 27-Jan-1953 26-Nov-2006  
Maxwell Annie Hugh Meadows 27-Jul-1938 13-Oct-2006  
Maxwell Joseph William 19-Aug-1969 22-Nov-2007  
Mayeaux Elsie Leah Felcman 31-May-1915 22-Jan-2005  
McCaghren Marty Don 10-Jul-1953 16-Oct-2012  
McCarthy John Francis 01 Nov 1858 11-May-1904  
McClary Agnes Annie Veselka 28-Oct-1929 3-Oct-1997 w/o Leonard R.
McClary Leonard Ray 27-Sep-1916 26-Feb-1996 WWII   h/o Agnes A.
McClellan Grace Viona Fewell 29 Oct 1895 17-Nov-1970  
McClendon Milton Doyle 13-Apr-1920 25-Feb-2001 WWII     h/o P. Louise
McClendon Prebyl Louise Tennison 6-Feb-1926 8-Sep-2006 w/o Milton
McCoslin Ernest Way 5-Mar-1952 18-Oct-2020 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
McDonald Bordman Compton 06 Sep 1879 6-Nov-1917 1st h/o Mary Vick Portis
McDonald Helen Faye Simmons Noska 11-Apr-1931 14-Apr-1996  
McDonald Jerry Mae Crisp 1-Mar-1914 29-Jan-2007  
McElwee Frederick   31-Oct-1903 26-Mar-1986 WWII   h/o Opal A.
McElwee Opal Agnes McJimsey 27-Jan-1905 21-Jul-1987 w/o Frederick  
McGrath Ruby Karolina Loehr 12-Mar-1918 8-Nov-1996  
McLean Eugene Cecil 11-Oct-1918 7-Oct-2002 WWII  
McLeod Acie Leonard 31-Oct-1904 9-Dec-1973 WWII
McMichael Bennie Jean Smith 5-Jan-1932 31-Jul-2002  
McMichael Ricky Wayne 8-Aug-1952 3-Aug-1953  
McRae Melissa Ann Solis 6-Feb-1968 18-Jul-1996  
Mecham Alma Ruth Crosby 23-Sep-1951 13-Jan-1994  
Mecklenburg Amelia 1887 1888  
Mecklenburg Arthur Frederick 19 Jul 1889 11-Oct-1948  
Mecklenburg Frederick Maria Theodor  26 Feb 1856 2-Jan-1909 h/o Louise J.
Mecklenburg John 1888 1888  
Mecklenburg Louise John 01 Jul 1862 29-Jun-1941 w/o Frederick M.
Mecklenburg Theodore John 27 Aug 1885 5-Dec-1930  
Mehillka Llazar "Gjyshi" 25-Apr-1956 22-Jan-2019  
Meier Adele Brune 08 Nov 1884 13-Jun-1967 w/o Hellmuth W.
Meier Adolph Alvin 28 Jan 1892 17-Jul-1976 WWI     h/o Alma E.
Meier Alma Ewald 19 Jan 1898 28-Jan-1976 w/o Adolph A.
Meier Annie Marie Nentwig 13 Sep 1882 15-Sep-1974 w/o Charlie, Jr.
Meier Carl 27 Sep 1849 10-Feb-1933 h/o Wilhermine K.
Meier Charles John, Jr. 15 Nov 1872 12-Jul-1940 h/o Annie M.
Meier Hedwig Kersten Konesheck 25 Dec 1888 21-Sep-1968 w/o Willie Konesheck
Meier Hellmuth Wilhelm 14 Jul 1882 1-May-1931 h/o Adele B.
Meier Henry Carl, Sr.  13 May 1883 21-Dec-1952 h/o Violet K. & Hilda W.
Meier Hilda Wilhelmine Rudloff 05 Aug 1898 1-Jan-1982 2nd w/o Henry C.
Meier Melvin Adolph 23-Nov-1930 28-Jul-1993 Korea
Meier Violet Krancher 01 Oct 1882 17-Oct-1928 1st w/o Henry C.
Meier  Wilhermine Kulow 18 Mar 1853 20-Jan-1936 w/o Carl
Meloneck Emil   15 Apr 1890 14-Jun-1977 WWI     h/o Norma A.
Meloneck Herman William, Sr. 15 Sep 1898 1-Jan-1967 h/o Lillie M.
Meloneck Lillie Mathilda Leschper 28 Apr 1898 19-Apr-1993 w/o Herman W., Sr.
Meloneck Norma Augusta Beckmann 05 Jul 1895 9-Jun-1969 w/o Emil
Melton Lucy Cochran Bracey 1859 6-Aug-1913 w/o William H. 
Melton William Henry 1852 18-Dec-1915 h/o Lucy C.
Melville Fredonia 23 Sep 1887 24 Sep 1887  
Menke Ernest 1905 1905  
Menke Ethel Lynn 19 Jul 1896 26-Nov-1972  
Menke Henry Bernard 16 Oct 1856 10-Sep-1930 h/o Nettie H.
Menke Lillian Carroll 10 Jan 1898 31-Dec-1982  
Menke Nettie Howard 09 Mar 1871 28-Nov-1949 w/o Henry B.
Menke Thomas Henry 16-Jan-1903 6-Aug-1976 Veteran
Menke Vivian  May 1900 17-Jul-1909  
Merkel Charlotte Winterfeldt 12 Feb 1838 26 Aug 1896 w/o John
Merkel John H. 14 Jul 1875 7-Oct-1957 NO MARKER
Merkel John W. Nov 1836 26-Dec-1911 h/o Charlotte
Merritt Clarence Arnold 18-Oct-1934 2-Apr-2005 Korea
Mersmann Charles David, Sr. 08 Nov 1897 9-Jan-1995 h/o Mildred M.
Mersmann Clarence Edward 31-Oct-1931 10-Jul-1993 Korea 
Mersmann Flora Engelking 1-Mar-1902 25-Feb-1995 w/o Max F.
Mersmann Max Frank 1-Aug-1900 14-Mar-1966 h/o Flora E.
Mersmann Mildred Mae Mueller 23-Dec-1908 12-Jun-1993 w/o Charles D.
Merten Herbert A. 5-Jun-1903 17-Mar-1918  
Meyer Alexander Herman 20 Jan 1846 29-May-1904  
Meyer Debra Annette Harvey 22-Nov-1956 10-Jun-2004  
Meyer Edwin Joseph 23 Oct 1889 22-May-1967 WWI h/o Lillie G.
Meyer Fannie O. Weekley 12 Aug 1886 22-Jul-1958 w/o Herman A.
Meyer Frank Joseph 28 Feb 1892 3-Jan-1978 h/o Lillie F.
Meyer Heinrich F. 05 Sep 1851 30-Jul-1924  
Meyer Herman Alexander 12 Dec 1883 16-Mar-1949 h/o Fannie O.
Meyer Infant Son 2-Sep-1946 2-Sep-1946  
Meyer Kinch Edward, Sr. 30-Mar-1924 2-Jul-1996 WWII
Meyer Lillie Fredericka Faist 07 Dec 1898 23-May-1992 w/o Frank J.
Meyer Lillie Georgianna Krause 18 Aug 1898 22-Aug-1980 w/o Edwin J.
Michaelis Edmund Louis 22 May 1890 29-Jan-1973 h/o Nora E.
Michaelis Evelyn Olga Kulow 30-Nov-1922 4-Feb-2014 w/o Luke W.
Michaelis Leroy Walter 31-Aug-1920 14-Aug-2002 WWII  
Michaelis  Luke Werner 25-Jul-1915 26-Sep-1990 h/o Evelyn O.
Michaelis  Nora Emma Hollien 27 Sep 1891 28-Aug-1980 w/o Edmund L.
Michaels Marvin Merrell 17-Jan-1933 6-Aug-2005 Korea/Vietnam
Mieth Curtis   20-May-1952 20-May-1952  
Mieth Emil 2-Mar-1907 25-Jan-1988 h/o Leona L.
Mieth Leona Louise Garling 8-Dec-1912 6-Oct-1986 w/o Emil
Mieth Minnie Doernbraack 07 Oct 1883 17-Oct-1949  
Mikeska Frank Ted 2-Apr-1901 2-May-1982 h/o Minnie P.
Mikeska Minnie Pauline Bravenec 19-Mar-1902 1-Dec-1977 w/o Frank T.
Miles William Robert, Sr. "Bill" 1-Nov-1952 23-Dec-2019 Schmidt Funeral Home
Miller Ella 04 Mar 1884 22 Jun 1886  
Miller Henry 14 Apr 1856 21-Nov-1941 2nd h/o Sophie M.
Miller Sharon Lawrence 25-Jul-1946 1-Feb-2000  
Miller Sophie Meyer Jegust 05 Sep 1857 20-Nov-1927 w/o Franz Jegust; Henry Miller
Mills Thomas Jack, Jr. "Coach" 19-Apr-1954 7-Apr-2015  
Minar Alice Mae Henneke 25-May-1922 2-Jan-2011  
Mitchell Virginia "Jennie" Hintz DeNeefe 18 Oct 1883 11-May-1939 w/o Thomas J.; NO MARKER
Moebes Adele Independence Mecklenberg 04 Jul 1895 10-May-1977 w/o Arthur H.
Moebes Arthur III 1941 1941  
Moebes Arthur Henry 20 Sep 1889 24-Oct-1950 h/o Adele I.
Moebes Arthur William  20-Apr-1922 18-Apr-2006 WWII   h/o Bernice M.
Moebes  Bernice Mary Amsler 29-Apr-1918 20-Nov-2011 w/o Arthur W.
Moebes  Lambert Frederick 2-Nov-1915 11-Aug-1960 h/o Lillie E.
Moebes  Lillie Ellen Wildy 11-May-1914 26-Feb-1996 w/o Lambert F.
Moeckel August F. 23 Apr 1870 16 May 1899  
Moeckel Ernst (Ernest) 05 Jan 1898 09 Jan 1898  
Monson John Alfred 10 Nov 1855 20-Sep-1925  
Monson S. A. 08 Aug 1857 25-Apr-1930  
Montgomery Myrtle McKinley 12-Sep-1909 2-Oct-2001 w/o William E.
Montgomery William Earl 17-Jun-1904 28-Jul-1987 h/o Myrtle M.
Moody Debbie Irene Price 3-Mar-1956 19-Jul-2018  
Mooney Ivadell F. Williams Towson 4-Apr-1917 24-Jan-1985 w/o Ernest L. & Sam Mooney
Moore Antonia Kaufhold 03 Jan 1854 18-Jan-1912 w/o Fritz R.
Moore Fritz R. 20 Jun 1846 27-Feb-1928 CSA  h/o Antonia K.
Moore Jesse Henry 05 Aug 1895 6-Feb-1960 WWI
Morgan Mary Elizabeth Browning 7-Mar-1913 5-Mar-2004 w/o Ralph F. 
Morgan Ralph Frederick 26-Nov-1909 25-Oct-1994 WWII  h/o Mary E.
Morris Henry Madison 1824 06 Aug 1890 h/o Katherine A.
Morris Katherine Ann Slate 24 Sep 1836 4-Nov-1918 w/o Henry M.
Morris Samuel Guy 15 Sep 1877 4-Feb-1921  
Morton Ronald Ray 21-Aug-1954 15-Sep-1954  
Mosley William 16 Jul 1871 21-Mar-1946  
Mosley  Pascal Ray 2-Jul-1921 3-Jan-2012 WWII
Mouton Steven Lynn 1-Sep-1952 16-Mar-2015  
Muehr Ruby B. Small 1-Oct-1909 10-Jul-1998  
Mueller Bruno T. 28 May 1874 02 Jun 1895  
Mueller Helene Himly 08 May1877 31-Aug-1923 w/o John A.
Mueller Innes Paul 17-Aug-1911 20-Dec-1981 WWII   h/o Norma N.
Mueller John August 15 May 1866 20-Jul-1958 h/o Helene H.
Mueller  Nettie Nancy Lockwood 18 Aug 1879 30-Aug-1958  
Mueller  Norma Nathaleen"Mouci" Balke 5-Jun-1916 20-Feb-2014 w/o Innes P.
Muench Bessie Anna Hall Willis 12 Feb 1885 15-Dec-1972 w/o Edward B.
Muench Edward Benjamin 15 Oct 1881 31-Jul-1968 h/o Bessie A.
Munoz Janet Lee 2-Sep-1972 18-Jul-1978  
Murphy George May 1876 27-Feb-1927  
Murphy Susan M. Dawson Jul 1842 21-Dec-1940  
Murray Audrey Opal Schoonover Valentine 6-Nov-1906 29-Jun-1984  
Murray Harvey Marcellus 25 May 1898 29-Jan-1900  
Murray James Henry 05 Jul 1841 06 Jun 1898 h/o Mary L.
Murray Jerrold (Jerry) E. 7-Nov-1939 25-Sep-2021 Obit
Murray Mary Louise Carson 06 Oct 1846 24-Mar-1924 w/o James H.
Necker Arthur Carl 5-Feb-1903 24-Mar-1981 h/o Lorene K.
Necker Arthur James 28-Jan-1939 7-Sep-2002 USMC
Necker Ida Schulz 06 Jan 1881 4-Jul-1975 w/o Louis H. C.
Necker John Mark 4-Jun-1955 17-Oct-2018  
Necker Lorene Auguste Clara Konesheck 3-Jan-1911 8-Dec-1985 w/o Arthur C.
Necker Louis Henry Charles 10 Jul 1879 9-Dec-1942 h/o Ida S.
Necker Walter Charles 31-Dec-1901 21-Dec-1963  
Nelius Ella Hoff  29 Jan 1887 22-Sep-1910  
Nelson Joseph Clarence 6-Jul-1900 1-Sep-1981 h/o Lucille F.
Nelson Kersti 1835 1919 w/o Mans
Nelson Lucille Fewell 14-Apr-1906 10-May-1977 w/o Joseph C.
Nelson Mans 1840 1900 h/o Kersti
Nentwig Bruno Franklin 6-Apr-1918 10-Jan-1989 WWII  
Nentwig Elfrieda Sophie Brosig 24 Sep 1896 1-Aug-1973 w/o Emil J.
Nentwig Elsie Elizabeth Stolterfoht 31 Aug 1890 5-Sep-1973 w/o Gus L.
Nentwig Emil John, Sr. 31 Mar 1893 4-Dec-1967 h/o Elfrieda S.
Nentwig Ennis Clifton 14-Aug-1918 24-Mar-2005 WWII   h/o E. Ann
Nentwig (Ethel) Ann Duran 21-Nov-1922 15-Nov-1989 w/o Ennis C.
Nentwig Gus Ludwig 04 Apr 1884 7-Apr-1974 h/o Elsie E. 
Nentwig Jay Franklin 18-May-1949 5-Nov-2014  
Nentwig Michael Allen 30-Nov-1946 30-Nov-1946  
Nentwig Mollie Dee Schanick 2-Aug-1921 16-Apr-2013  
Nentwig Norma Ernestine 13-Nov-1909 7-Feb-2003  
Nerger Mathilde Querling Schroeder 30 Nov 1859 10-Jan-1940 w/o Otto L. Schroeder
Netzel Antonia Marie Meier 01 Oct 1887 25-Oct-1984 w/o Edward
Netzel Edward 20 Aug 1879 25-Nov-1949 h/o Antonia M.
Neves Earl 15-Nov-1934 8-Nov-2021 Army Natl. Guard
Newcom Ora Dell Koy 08 Feb 1899 28-Jun-1986 2nd w/o William J., Jr.
Newcom Pearl Bostick 09 Aug 1869 6-Nov-1931 1st w/o William J., Jr.
Newcom William James, Jr.  08 Oct 1881 21-Jul-1939 h/o Pearl & Ora Dell
Nichols Nettie Marie Schier 23-Feb-1911 2-Apr-1989 w/o Raymond C.
Nichols Raymond Carroll 20-Nov-1909 19-Dec-1998 Navy Veteran; h/o N. Marie
Nixon Bettie Annie Malich 26 Sep 1885 21-Jul-1972 w/o Henry E.
Nixon Henry Everett 07 May 1883 12-Jun-1948 h/o Bettie A.
Norcross Herbert Allen 5-Sep-1904 5-Jul-1991 h/o Isabel K.
Norcross Isabel Katherine Amthor 22-Sep-1903 27-Jul-1995 w/o Herbert A.
Norman Monte Lee Spinks 22 Oct 1890 9-Jul-1972  
Norman Sammy Collins 19-Jun-1929 1-Sep-1961 WWII  
Northrup Mary Elizabeth Herpin 31 Jul 1897 8-Apr-1995  
Nowak Alice   4-Feb-1911 16-Nov-2007  
Nowak Alvin J. 2-Nov-1914 1-May-1990 WWII
Nowak Augusta Baade 24 Jan 1860 6-Apr-1932 w/o John H.
Nowak (Frances) Alvina Braden 05 Aug 1877 15-Feb-1945 w/o William J.
Nowak Harry Henry 29 Aug 1899 19-Dec-1967 h/o Mona L.
Nowak Henry 16-Jun-1913 14-Mar-2004  
Nowak Infant No Dates    
Nowak John Anton 29 Aug 1891 17-Feb-1952 WWI
Nowak John H. 12 Jun 1858 16-Oct-1929 h/o Augusta B.
Nowak Mona Louise Kennedy 21-Nov-1902 22-Nov-1986 w/o Harry H.
Nowak William John 02 May 1867 5-Jun-1956 h/o F. Alvina
Null Elizabeth Dorine 7-Aug-1969 26-Jan-2006  
Oakley Roger Wayne 5-Mar-1957 1-Aug-1981  
O'Connor Florine Walker 30 Jun 1855 19-Jan-1921 w/o William R., Sr.
O'Connor Gayle Jenette 27-Nov-1936 29-Nov-1936 d/o Henry and Almeda
O'Connor Henry Frost 29 Feb 1888 30-Oct-1942 h/o Naomi M.
O'Connor John Trenton 30 Nov 1872 30-Jul-1939 h/o May B.
O'Connor May Belle Woodall 18-Nov-1974 13-Jan-1944 w/o John T.
O'Connor Naomi McKee 19 Sep 1893 22-Feb-1946 w/o Henry F.
O'Connor Ruth Ivanona McKee 08 Jun 1892 9-Dec-1960 w/o William R., Jr.
O'Connor William Roderick, Jr. 26 Nov 1886 5-May-1957 h/o Ruth I.
O'Connor William Roderick, Sr. 18 Sep 1852 2-Jan-1937 h/o Florine W.
Odom Archie William 04 Aug 1899 27-Oct-1983 h/o Beulah M. & Hattie K.
Odom Beulah Mae Tadlock 8-Feb-1900 26-Sep-1954 1st w/o Archie W.
Odom Hattie Kveton Hillboldt 8-Sep-1905 24-Jul-1968 w/o Waco Hillbolt & Archie Odom
Oke Babatunde Folorunsho 26-Feb-1970 14-May-2005  
Olbrych Edmond Jerry 2-Jan-1910 27-Sep-1994 h/o Emily S.
Olbrych Emily Sofia Manna 10-Jan-1915 17-Nov-2002 w/o Edmond J.
Oldag Aaron Scott 7-Jan-1985 13-May-1997  
Oldag Agnes Drozd 26 Dec 1877 29-Jan-1969 w/o Henry
Oldag Al Smith 30-Sep-1928 1-Apr-1995 Korea h/o Helen S.
Oldag Antonia Buechmann 9-Feb-1906 5-Sep-1980 w/o Joe C.
Oldag Charles 28-Jul-1901 11-Nov-1904