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Sealy Catholic Cemetery 

 AKA Immaculate Conception Catholic Sealy

From Sealy, go west on Main Street to 800 Block and Sealy Catholic Church is on your right.    The cemetery is on your left.  

Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.





Sealy Catholic


NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.


PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.

Thanks to Carolyn Zascoda for updates to these files May 2020

Surname Given Name Birth Death Comment
Alcantar Salud V. 1894 1960  
Abell John Emanuel 15-Apr-1920 9-Jul-2000 WWII   h/o Elsie K
Abell Elsie K. 10-Apr-12 6-Nov-03 w/o John Emanuel
Aguinaga Jessie Torres 31-Dec-82 18-Jan-83  
Alcantar Jesus 1918 1936  
Alexander Brian Keith 10-Jun-74 13-May-08  
Allen Michael Glynn 29-Nov-78 29-May-01  
Alvarado Ruperto G. 21-Jun-1933 14-Apr-2018 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Anderlla Antonia Martha Pawlak 27-Apr-08 16-Jan-95 w/o Robert E
Anderlla Cheryl Lynn 17 Dec  1961 25-May-15 d/o Florian & Gloria
Anderlla Gloria Elaine Hintz 23-Jan-29 20-Jan-13 w/o Florian F
Anderlla Robert E. 29-Jan-06 4-Mar-82 h/o Antonia M.
Anderlla  Florian Faustin 15-Feb-28 3-Jan-15 Army; h/o Gloria E
Andrake Richard L. 6-Mar-24 3-Apr-26  
Anzaldua Benito G. 21-Mar-34 10-Feb-80  
Anzaldua Benito g. 31-Mar-34 Feb 2 2009 h/o Mary
Anzaldua Mary Wilson 19-Jul-47 2-Feb-09 w/o Benito G.
Arriaga Antonio 10-Feb-1944 5-Apr-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Arriaga Josefina 19-Mar-67 24-Apr-06  
Baranowski Leonard Lee 16-Feb-31 27-May-99 Korean War h/o Joan L.
Baranowski Joan Leona Chmiel 12-Apr-29 13-Dec-98 w/o Leonard L
Bartos Jerry Jim 21-May-48 22-Dec-96  
Bartos  Janice Ann 24-Jul-53 25-Sep-00 w/o Jerry Jim
Bartos Jerry Jim 21-May-48 22-Dec-96 Viet Nam, h/o Janice A
Bear Joslephine M. (Jo) Vesely 6-May-1929 31-Jan-2018 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Bear Kenneth 1-Jan-1942 19-Apr-2018 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Beckman Milldred 15-Jul-30 9-May-53  
Bednar Vinc 18 Aug 1852 29-Sep-28 h/o Rosalie
Bednar Rozalie 8 Sep 1866 11-Mar-27 w/o Vinc
Bidales Tomas 7 Mar 1898 19-Nov-73 h/o Herminia
Bidales Herminia Longoria 18-May-14 21-Jan-99 w/o Tomas
Bidales Margarita 14-Sep-45 12-Aug-05  
Birchfield  John Lee 8-Jul-59 24-Jun-10  
Blazek Mary A. 2 Feb 1884 7-Sep-74 w/o Anton E
Blazek Anton E. 7 Oct 1888 23-Feb-64 h/o Mary A
Blazek Baby Born & Died 7-Dec-44  
Bobo  Sylvia Marie Zaruba 23-Sep-45 17-Mar-13  
Bolten Dora Mersmann 23 Sep 1891 11-Mar-33 w/o Herman G Bolten
Bonaccorso Mario 5-Dec-38 13-Jun-84  
Bond Hazel Mary Kregel 17-Dec-02 9-Dec-96  
Bordelon  Christopher Mark 5-Dec-69 16-Jul-10  
Borowski Mary M. Olbrych 25-Sep-02 1-Feb-33  
Brandt Willie J. 16-Mar-23 8-Jun-44 WWII 
Brandt Marie 1 Sep 1890 4-May-77 w/o Jan
Brandt Jan 5 Oct 1883 9-May-54 h/o Marie
Brandt Anna 1-Jun-08 27-Jul-75 w/o John V
Brandt John V. 12-Mar-10 24-Nov-77 h/o Mary Kutra
Brandt Mary Kutra Machala 25-Dec-18 20-Sep-86 w/o Joe W., Sr.
Brandt Joe W., Sr. 27-Aug-16 8-Dec-99 h/o Mary Kutra
Brandt Mary A. 23-Mar-19 23-Oct-02  
Brandt Jerry I. 21-Mar-11925 20-Oct-2006 WWII
Brandt Willie J. 16 Mar 1923 8 Jun 1944 WWII
Brasher Charles Clifton 7-Jun-11 7-Dec-99 h/o Louise v.
Brasher Fred Lee 12-Sep-46 4-Jun-15 h/o Betty
Brasher Louise Veronika Marek 11-Jul-12 26-May-95 w/o Charles C
Brast Margaret Louise Somer 23-Jul-15 3-Dec-97  
Brast  Leon 20-Aug-1936 6-Aug-2013 US Army  
Bravenec  Doris Rose “Granny” Machala 8-May-41 1-Apr-12  
Brennan John, Sr. 17-Mar-02 25-Nov-74  
Brennan Victoria B. 6-Aug-05 14-May-94 w/o John, Sr.
Brhel Josef No dates grave    
Brhel Frank J 28 Oct 1866 30-Nov-35  
Brhel Anna Manna 1866 31-Dec-19 w/o Frank J.
Brhel Frank F. 24-Dec-1913 3-Feb-1958 WWII
Briseno  Agapita 24-Mar-40 22-Aug-13  
Britten Mary A. 1 Dec 1886 9-Sep-61  
Brown Patricia E. Esterak 30-Mar-54 15-Aug-97  
Brown  Ruby A. 14-Sep-34 27-Oct-09  
Brune Alice Marie Washam 29-Apr-1920 19-Jan-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Bubak Laquita Jo Hartnett 12-Jan-52 12-Feb-99 w/o Everett J., Jr.
Bubak  Everett J. Jr. 7-Dec-54 6-Jul-01 h/o Laquita J.
Buchala Lillie A 26-Jan-18 11-Nov-15 w/o Louis J
Buchala Louis Joe 2-Jun-1912 1-Feb-1992 WWII  h/o Lillie A.
Budnick  Edmund 15-Sep-33 5-Jan-02  
Bures Marie Sless 8 Dec 1865 16-Dec-35  
Burns Letha Virginia Fitch 31-Jan-34 1-Feb-15  w/o Rome D.
Burns Rome DeMent 8-Jun-28 29-Dec-97 Korean h/o Letha M.
Butler Adrian J. 1-Feb-05 29-Mar-82 h/o Helen M.
Butler Helen May Heisserer 5-May-06 6-Jun-92 w/o Adriean J.
Buzek Cecilia A. 11 Sep 1899 7-Jun-84 w/o Joseph
Buzek (Joe) Joseph 12 Oct 1899 4-Nov-81 h/o Cecillia A.
Cadena Juana C. 24 Jun 1896 7-Jul-71  
Campos Alejo A. 17 Jul 1886 29-Dec-77  
Campos Hepolita Mendoza 14 Aug 1899 12-Dec-85  
Campos Blas 3-Feb-28 7-Jan-54 Korean War
Campos Gilbert, Jr. 29-Mar-35 13-Jun-65  
Campos Leonor 14-May-10 5-Jul-79  
Campos Alex M. 27-Feb-42 21-Oct-67  
Campos Jaime Stephen 15-Dec-60 16-Oct-02  
Campos  David Michael 30-Oct-65 28-Jul-93  
Campos  Gilbert Lopez. Sr. 29-Aug-08 18-May-06 h/o Leonor
Campos  Maria R. 6-Feb-29 2-Dec-08  
Cardin  Lloyd A.  10-Jul-57 22-Mar-02  
Cardin  Lloyd R. 15-Jul-36 12-Mar-95  
Castaneda  Benita 28-Sep-71 7-Aug-05  
Cervenka Frank  1869 12-Oct-51 h/o Veronika B
Cervenka Vaclav 4 Oct 1850 19-Apr-16 h/o Veronika
Cervenka Veronika 9 Aug 1856 19-Apr-37 w/o Vaclav
Cervenka  Veronica Belunek 1874 7-Apr-48 w/o Frank 
Cevallos Andres 10-Feb-22 12-Apr-88 WWII
Chaloupka Milton Emil 20-Feb-1929 5-Feb-2018 Schmidt Funeral Home
Chavez Eric A. 1-Feb-89 5-Jul-89  
Childers Ellis Buffington "Buck" 15-Aug-1921 25-Aug-1989 WWII  h/o Mary E
Childers Mary Elizabeth Hluchan 8-Jul-22 23-May-03 w/o Ellis B
Cieslewicz Victor J. 4-Jan-21 27-Aug-60 WWII
Cieslewicz Ignac M. 7 Jul 1896 19-Aug-63 WW I h/o Albina M
Cieslewicz Charles Frank 15 Feb 1894 7-Jan-69 WW I
Cieslewicz John Frank 31 Jul 1898 11-Nov-75  
Cieslewicz  Albina M. 15 Mar 1898 11-Jun-90 w/o Ignac M.
Cieslewicz  Dolores M. 13-Dec-39 27-Jul-03  
Cisneros Guadalupe Montova 11-Aug-27 12-Jul-90  
Clark Brianna Nicole 22-May-98 9-Jul-98 bur 11 Jul, 1998
Clay Michaelene T. Katribe 23-Sep-42 20-Mar-95  
Cobb Terry Wayne "TJ" Jr. 8-Dec-82 23-Apr-00  
Coggins Ophelia "Othie" 23-Apr-29 12-Jun-14  
Compton Catherine Cecilia 5-Mar-88 26-May-88  
Cook  Martin Low “Mel” 19-Jan-25 22-Jul-07 h/o Wilma L
Cook  Wilma Louise Pavlicek 9-Jul-37 4-Sep-11 w/o Martin L
Corder Cynthia Kay "Cindy" Schnieder 7-Jun-1953 20-May-2018 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Corrigan John C. 13-Feb-23 13-Nov-93 WWII 
Crann Father A. J. 9-Jul-06 22-Feb-53  
Cryan  Jacqueline A. 11-Aug-42 15-May-07  
Danek Joe Ludewk 26 Jan 1898 30-May-24 Veteran
David  Fred Frank Jr. 24-Jan-15 22-Jan-08 h/o Tillie M.
David  Tillie M. Hauerland 20-Feb-13 6-Jun-96 w/o Fred Frank, Jr.
Davila  Elena 22-Jul-23 7-Feb-06  
Dean Richard Lafayette 8-Sep-37 21-Dec-06 USAF
DeFratus Frank     WWII
DeLosSantos Maria Carmen  16-Jul-23 11-Dec-88  
DeLosSantos Enrique "Henry" 15-Jul-1920 6-Nov-2010 WWII  h/o Carmen
DeLosSantos Carmen Saenez 16-Jul-23 11-Dec-88 w/o Enrique
Deschaines Lillian Krchnak 9-Oct-34 13-Jan-59  
Deschaines Lillian Krchnak 9-Oct-34 13-Jan-59  
Dieringer  Wanda Mae 7-Aug-43 4-Jan-09  
Dierschke Walter Joseph 19-Dec-01 28-Mar-85 h/o Mollye C
Dierschke Mollye Cecelia Skrehet 27-Jun-05 14-Jan-85 w/o Walter J.
Dierschke Walter Doyle 18-Dec-31 11-Dec-96 Korean War
Diestel Arthur Lee 27-Oct-27 4-Dec-66 WWII 
Diestel Derek Lee 8-Oct-61 22-Sep-94  
Diestel Patricia Diersborn 18-Jun-53 21-Apr-95  
Dirba John, Sr. 10-Jun-16 12-Nov-86 h/o Mary R.
Dirba Mary Rose Skerik 30-Sep-17 5-Feb-05 w/o John, Sr.
Dirba Frank Joseph, Jr. 6-Dec-65 9-Jan-87 Age 21
Dominguez  Ariel A. 26-Feb-26 7-Aug-06  
Domorad Julia Zapalac 16-Feb-10 8-Nov-86  
Doucet  Virginia Ann Kahanek 6-Jan-56 8-Dec-01  
Drozd Marianna Kunc 2 Aug 1849 2-Sep-11 w/o Joseph F
Drozd Joseph F. 1841 25-May-20 h/o Marianna
Drozd Frank A. 27 Dec 1884 28-Sep-34 h/o Mary S
Drozd Mary S. 28 Mar 1885 5-Oct-69 w/o Frank A
Drymala Annie 25 Nov 1890 24-Apr-78 w/o Michael
Drymala Michael 29 Sep 1886 30-May-72 h/o Annie
Drymala  Anna M. 30-Sep-13 8-Feb-92 w/o Felix J.
Drymala  Felix J. 24-Apr-17 19-Dec-01 h/o Anna M.    WWII
Drymalla Willie A. 6 Jan 1894 26-Mar-73 h/o Francis M.
Drymalla Francis M. 8 Jan 1898 5-Jun-78 w/o Willie A
Drymalla Victor F. 13-Mar-24 25-May-62 WWII 
Drymalla Margaret 13 Jul 1846 3-Aug-29 w/o Sebestian
Drymalla Sebestian 29 Jan 1846 28-May-27 h/o Margaret
Drymalla Willie Paul 24-Jun-35 13-Jan-75  
Drymalla Bertha M. Jones 19-Aug-11 29-Jul-99 w/o Sylvester A
Drymalla  Sylvester Albert 2-Jun-12 21-Jan-89 h/o Bertha M.
Dubec Frances M. 28 Dec 1899 21-Feb-84 w/o Joe F.
Dubec Joe F. 27-Jan-00 9-May-88 h/o Frances M.
Duran Bryan A. 30 Oct 1896 6-May-58 WW I h/o Ruth C
Dycus Charley J. 5-Jun-14 28-Sep-82 h/o Agnes T
Dycus Agnes T. 11-Oct-12 11-Jan-03 w/o Charley J
Dycus Dale Charles 6-Sep-42 3-Jun-04  
Dzierzanowski Anton Raymond 17-May-20 1-Aug-03 WWII 
Elias-Perez  Roslyn Sayra 24-Jun-10 24-Jun-10  
Ellington Melba Jean 24-Mar-25 22-Mar-92  
Ellington  Melba Jean 24-Mar-25 22-Mar-92  
Ermis  Ladik Joe Jr. 21-Aug-52 24-Mar-07  
Ernstes  John Andrew 19-Feb-53 24-Sep-10  
Ernstes  Lloyd Edward 9-Jan-20 29-Apr-08 h/o Mary T.
Ernstes  Mary T. Jez 23-Mar-28 24-Nov-12 w/o Lloyd E.
Escalera Justice Danielle 19-Oct-94 24-Feb-95  
Escobedo Gerald 29-Sep-63 3-Feb-98  
Esterak William John 19-Jul-12 21-Nov-94 h/o Hattie K
Esterak Hattie Katie Cis 23-Oct-13 20-Dec-02 w/o William J
Evyak John Born & Died 1935  
Evyak Henry 11-Jan-36 14-Jan-36  
Evyak Marie 8 Mar 1870 18-Jul-40  
Evyak John 2-Jul-00 30-Nov-53 h/o Vera
Evyak Vera 30-Nov-09 3-Dec-72 w/o John
Fajkus Harry M. 11-Feb-57 13-Feb-57  
Fajkus Georgie Lynn 6-Feb-62 21-Mar-62  
Falcone  Italo 9-Jul-39 13-Jun-05  
Feduk Anton 8-May-15 10-Sep-15  
Feik  Joan Katherine Brast 11-May-47 29-Dec-07  
Felcman Adolph 25 Aug 1889 25-Mar-70 h/o Alvina
Felcman Alvina 14-Jun-00 24-Oct-69 w/o Adolph
Fernandez  Roberto 19-Jan-18 24-Apr-12  
Fiedler Raymond Charles 23-Jun-21 10-Feb-05 WWII 
Filipp Joe F. 8-Nov-15 2-Sep-83 WWII  h/o Mary A
Filipp George J. 21-Jul-22 5-Apr-70 WWII  h/o Agnes B.
Filipp Mary Agnes Mikusek 24-Oct-17 21-Dec-99 w/o Joe F.
Filipp  Agnes B. 22-Sep-27 7-Sep-06 w/o George J.
Fiore  Roberta Patricia “Bobbie” Nentwig ) 4-Jun-23 18-Jan-09  
Flores Juan Aldaco 12-Jun-08 8-Feb-72  
Flores Florencia M. 1903 1949  
Flores  Ipfanio      
Fojtasek Rudolf J. 16 Apr 1898 11-Jun-82  
Forster Albert "Pete" 7-Jul-16 11-Jul-85 h/o Frances
Forster Frances Delaney 21-Nov-21 4-Aug-01 w/o Albert
Forster  Richard Michael 18-Aug-45 2-Feb-07  
Foytik Frank J. 24-Oct-18 9-Dec-22  
Foytik William C. 14 Aug 1888 23-Oct-77  
Foytik Winnie Alma Hotmann 11-Sep-00 7-Jul-87 w/o William C
Frank Dan Owen 6-Feb-28 18-Sep-95 WWII 
Frank  Evelyn 25-Jun-20 4-Jun-02 w/o Ralph J.
Frank  Ralph J.  31-May-18 28-Dec-01 h/o Evelyn
Frazier Dallas F. W. 18-Oct-20 6-Jan-82 WWII  h/o Elenora
Frazier Elenora Dittmar 21-Jun-24 24-Jan-15 w/o Dallas
Fritsch, JR Lyttleton Henry 20-Mar-1940 18-May-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Gajewskey Albina 8-Feb-18 10-Dec-21  
Gajewskey Alois 23-Mar-20 29-Mar-20  
Gajewskey Frank 9 Mar 1893 29-Sep-77 h/o Albina
Gajewskey Albina 13 Apr 1893 9-Oct-71 w/o Frank
Gajewski Valenta 9-Feb-13 20-Jan-29  
Gajewski Johnny Jun-27 Jun-27 1 wk old
Gajewski Henrietta 11-Sep-34 18-Apr-36  
Gajewski Martin No date given 28-Sep-02  
Gajewski Mary Novosad 16-Mar-1926 31-Jul-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Gajewski Victoria Pyka 12 Oct 1892 7-May-76 w/o Stash
Gajewski Stash 26 Apr 1889 30-Oct-71 h/o Victoria
Gajewski Pete Paul 28-Jun-23 30-Nov-86 WWII 
Gajewski Frank Peter 28 Nov 1898 31-May-93 h/o Louise
Gajewski Louise Orsak 10-Nov-02 16-Jun-91 w/o Frank P.
Gajewski  Joe Charlie 18-Mar-27 15-May-13 WWII 
Gajewsky Agnes 14 Jan 1885 15-Feb-58  
Gajewsky Marie 1858 1942  
Garamillo Dominga 20-Mar-27 7-Jan-72  
Garcia Ramona 15-Aug-15 14-May-90  
Garcia Cresencia Alarcon 19 Apr 1877 19-Jun-60  
Garcia Joe 11-Jul-52 15-May-98  
Garcia Antonia 2-Sep-24 14-Aug-88 w/o Pedro, Sr.
Garcia Joe 11-Jul-52 15-May-98  
Garcia Pedro, Sr. 1-Feb-18 5-Nov-00 h/o Antonia
Garcia  Esther 25-Apr-29 17-Jul-08  
Garling Alvin 28-Nov-07 4-Apr-73 h/o Lucille
Garling Lucille 14-Mar-11 24-Sep-77 w/o Alvin
Garza, SR Ramiro 9-Nov-1943 4-Jun-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Garza Rodolfo G., Sr. 23-Sep-19 18-Aug-00  
Garza  Esther 12-Apr-48 26-Feb-07  
Gavranovic Thomas J. 7-Mar-03 25-Apr-48 h/o Lillie S.
Gavranovic Lillie S. 13-Nov-05 26-Aug-90  
Gavranovic Albert J Jr. 7-Dec-28 15-Apr-12 WWII 
Gavranovic  Beverly Jean 7-Nov-51 15-Oct-55  
Gavranovic  Paul A. 27-Oct-26 21-Sep-06  
Gaytan Domingo Hernandez 12-May-40 24-Mar-99  
Gaytan  Cenobia L. 30-Oct-64 8-Mar-10  
George  Thomas Hayes Jr. 21-Nov-28 18-Apr-13 WWII 
Gnolasco Onoria 30-Dec-00 27-Jul-35  
Goebel Wilbert Frank 16-May-21 15-Jan-00 WWII  h/o Bernice
Goebel Bernice Susen 2-May-22 30-Mar-00 w/o Wilbert F.
Gomez, JR Francisco Javier 19-Apr-1995 15-May-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Gomez Guadalupe 29-Oct-11 23-Jan-70  
Gomez Dianicio M. 13-Sep-33 7-Feb-79 Veteran
Gomez  Jesus Emanuel 6-Mar-08 6-Mar-08  
Gomez Juanita Tejeda 28-Jun-45 2-Jun-15  
Gomez Juanita Guillen 28-Jun-45 2-Jun-15 w/o Johnnie
Gomez  Pete 1-Aug-31 13-Dec-11 h/o Rita Guzman
Gonzales Pete Puebla 2-Dec-33 18-Nov-91 h/o Susie J.
Gonzales Susie J. Trevino 21-May-35 25-Aug-89 w/o Pete P.
Gonzales Alexandro 18-Feb-90 14-Oct-04  
Gorecki Piotr 1847 2-Dec-11  
Gottselig Albert 5-Oct-21 3-May-96 WWII  h/o Doris W.
Gottselig Doris Wolcik 5-May-28 17-Jan-16 w/o Albert
Grady Ruth Cecilia Prycer Duran 27-Jan-04 8-Apr-87 w/o Bryan Duran
Graham Mark John 17-Apr-15 24-Aug-88 WWII h/o Sylvia I.
Graham Sylvia Imogene Girton 21-Sep-17 14-May-95 w/o Mark J.
Graham  Jeffrey Thomas 29-Jan-43 14-Nov-06  
Gregurek J. Frank 29 Nov 1897 6-Aug-91 h/o Annie M
Gregurek Annie Mae Mahnke 22-Feb-21 31-May-90 w/o J. Frank
Grim Darris C 23-Feb-17 26-Jun-77 WWII
Guerrero Cruz M. 12-Aug-1987 15-Dec-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Guerrero  Edelyn 28-Aug-13 28-Aug-13  
Guidry Rowland Walton 27-Sep-21 13-Oct-15 WWII 
Haczynski Jan 28-Jan-15 21-Apr-18  
Haczynski Theresa 27 Sep 1899 8-Sep-00  
Haczynski Stanislaw 6 Oct 1897 16-Jan-19  
Haczynski Steve J., Sr. 18 Nov 1895 27-Nov-76 WW I
Haczynski  Sophie A. Gajewsky 04 May 1895 26-Oct-75 w/o Steve J., Sr.
Hadac  Paul 6-Oct-80 18-Oct-05  
Hajdik Frantiska 29 Jan 1870 30-Apr-40 w/o Martin
Hajdik Martin 31 Dec 1865 12-Mar-66 h/o Frantiska
Hajdik Willie C. 11-Jul-09 23-Jan-70 h/o Frances A.
Hajdik Frances Ann Orsak 24-Feb-11 31-Oct-86  
Hajdik Emilie A. 28-Oct-04 29-Jun-88  
Hajdik Louis Frank, Sr. 14-Sep-03 9-Oct-97  
Hajovsky Marie Hluchanek 06 Dec 1889 14-Nov-63 w/o Rudolph
Hajovsky Rudolph 23 Jan 1889 11-May-52 h/o Marie
Hamala Frances 7 Jun 1884 10-Feb-46 w/o Frank
Hamala Frank 1 Sep 1885 22-Jul-50 h/o Frances
Hamala Fred Joseph 18-Jan-29 27-Mar-67 Korean War
Hamala Ludwig V. 16-Aug-07 29-May-77 h/o Emilie
Hamala Emilie Orsak 30-Dec-10 7-Mar-97 w/o Ludwig V.
Hamala Joseph Vaclav, Rev. 20-Jan-19 21-Aug-92  
Hamala  Frank George 30-Sep-08 27-Aug-86 h/o Rosie
Hamala  Rosie Saha 21-Nov-11 3-Jan-03 w/o Frank G.
Hamermiller Frank 20-Mar-17 22-Sep-35  
Hardy  Mildred 8-Oct-18 20-Feb-12  
Hauerland Josephine Tallas 16 May 1873 24-Dec-43 w/o Anton
Hauerland Anton 7 Jun 1870 2-Nov-47 h/o Josephine
Hauerland Anton W. 1-Oct-10 31-Jan-83 h/o Winnie A ... Henrietta B
Hauerland John E. 1-Sep-07 12-Jan-93 h/o Frances
Hauerland Henrietta Beatrice Sivek 2-Dec-10 20-Apr-97 w/o Anton W.
Hauerland Frances Hamala 13-Jun-11 4-Sep-02 w/o  John E
Havran Anton Martin 20 Apr 1894 4-Jan-85 WW I   h/o Annie M
Havran Annie Marie Kaderka 26-Sep-01 31-Dec-93 h/o Anton M
Havran Charles Henry 19-Oct-34 24-Jan-97 Cuban crisis
Head  Marilyn Butler 12-Aug-39 12-Aug-06  
Hearn Jesse Ray 11-Jul-1946 16-Feb-2017 US Navy    Wed Carmen Olmos   Knesek Funeral Chapels
Hedac Paul 6-Oct-80 18-Oct-05  
Heinz Linda Lou Pomikal 7-Oct-43 4-Sep-04  
Henneke Hedwig Hattie 31 Aug 1878 6-Jan-76  
Henneke Emma 27 Jan 1882 26-Dec-72  
Hereford Veronica Frances Jez 7-Apr-17 14-Nov-89  
Hering Auga Rose Zapalac 3-Jun-29 12-Apr-14 w/o Earl 
Hernandez Maria del Carmen 13-Jul-74 16-Apr-04  
Herzog Brian Scott 1-Jul-69 3-Oct-77  
Herzog Clayton Howard 28-Aug-70 3-Oct-77  
Herzog Steven W. 3-Feb-66 11-Aug-01  
Herzog Charles H., Jr. 16-Mar-40 28-Jul-89  
Hillegeist John Edward 1-Apr-42 3-Apr-11 Army Reserves
Hintz Eugene Gary, Jr. 23-Nov-47 9-Sep-71  
Hintz Eugene Gary, Sr. 21-Dec-25 20-Apr-05 WWII  h/o Hattie T.
Hintz  Henrietta (Hattie) Tillie Kovasovic 21-Jul-18 8-Nov-09 w/o Eugene G., Sr.
Hinze Max Edwin 6-Sep-31 20-Jun-89 h/o Carmel M.
Hinze Carmel Marie Pawlak 18-May-38 22-Sep-15 w/o Max E
Hinze Georgia Lynn Konarik  31-Aug-56 19-Nov-15 w/o Randy
Hinze  Joe Edward 22-Aug-38 28-Dec-06  
Hinze Randy Wayne 3-Mar-1956 15-Nov-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Hluchan Frances C. Zaruba 9 Jul 1895 18-Feb-58 w/o Henry L.
Hluchan Frances M. 10-May-20 28-Dec-21  
Hluchan Henry S. 19-Jan-24 16-Aug-24  
Hluchan William F. 3-May-19 18-Jun-20  
Hluchan Frank W., Jr. 15-Aug-54 30-Mar-98  
Hluchan  Frank W. Sr. 14-Feb-34 3-Dec-07 h/o Margaret H.
Hluchan  Margaret Helen Troutman 22-Jan-23 6-Oct-00 w/o Frank W. Sr.
Howard  Vera Mae 19-Mar-41 29-Oct-10  
Hradil Raymond Richard 24-Sep-14 22-Dec-83 h/o Georgie E
Hradil Georgia Elenora Hajovsky 23-Feb-16 14-Oct-91 w/o Raymond R.
Hradil Aloisie Smesny 4 Feb 1884 15-Feb-84 w/o Josef
Hradil Josef 9 Apr 1882 4-Jun-43 h/o Aloisie
Hradil Joseph Louis, Jr. 2-Aug-09 31-May-89 h/o Ellie C.
Hradil Ellie Clara Malich 25-Nov-13 24-Jan-91 w/o Jesef L., Jr.
Hradil Herbert Frank 1-Jan-13 8-Jan-94  
Hradil Raymond J., Jr. 7-Nov-35 13-Jan-96  
Hradil  Mary Ann Hajovsky 16-May-19 6-Nov-11 w/o Herbert E.
Hruby Sophie L. 21-Apr-06 4-Jan-76 w/o Henry L.
Hruby  Henry J. 14-May-01 19-Jan-90 h/o Sophie L.
Hruzek Raymond Robert 9-Aug-28 27-Jan-79 Korean War
Hubenak infant Born & Died 21-Apr-63  
Hundl John D. 25-Feb-15 24-Dec-77 h/o Molly
Hundl  Molly 4-Feb-19 25-Oct-84 w/o John D.
Kahanek Margaret Reznicke 29-Feb-1936 18-May-2018 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Kainer Lawrence Alfred 21-Jul-41 2-Nov-98 Vietnam 
Kaliczewski Stella H 31 May 1899 8-Dec-84  
Kalinec Mary Dymphna Anne 21-Apr-78 1-Jul-08  
Kallus Addie M 5 Aug 1898 8-Jun-84 w/o Charles J.
Kallus Charles J. 19 Dec 1897 4-May-81 h/o Addie M.
Kallus Frances M 25-Jul-12 3-Jan-96  
Kaminski Auga 5 Nov 1897 25-Dec-68 w/o Frank B
Kaminski Charles B. 9-Jul-34 26-May-76  
Kaminski Frank 9-Mar-05 1948  
Kaminski Frank Ben 3 Oct 1895 23 Dec 1895 h/o Auga
Kaminski Gary Glenn 9-Jun-55 20-Jan-14  
Kaminski John M. 19 Oct 1891 5-Apr-52 WWI   h/o Stella H
Kaminski Joseph J. 12-Sep-23 2-Jan-86
Kaminski Joseph L. 15 Mar 1862 21-Apr-23 h/o Mary M
Kaminski Mary M. 7 Mar 1868 9-Jun-49 w/o Joseph L.
Kaminski Peter L. 31 Jan 1890 5-Dec-80 h/o Theresa C
Kaminski Stella H Kaliczewski 31 May 1899 8-Dec-84 w/o John M
Kaminski Theresa C. Stolarski 15 Sep 1891 18-Nov-70 w/o Peter L
Kaminski Thomas B. 12-Apr-16 28-Feb-66 WWII  
Kaminski Victoria Marie 28-Jan-15 3-May-92  
Kaminsky Albert 2 Apr 1892 20-Apr-73 WWI   h/o Helen
Kaminsky Helen Brzymlalkiewiz 29 Mar 1895 8-May-73 w/o Albert
Kaminsky Peter Thomas, Jr 31-May-31 1-Dec-12 h/o Wanda Johnson.
Kaminsky Wanda Jacque Johnson 30-Nov-42 12-Aug-86 w/o Pete Jr.
Kantz Jamie Lee 28-Jul-79 6-Jun-95  
Karas Edith Marie Nentwig 27-Jan-27 26-Mar-13  
Kiker Karl Martin 19-Jan-39 4-Feb-90 Vietnam  
Kircin Alois 21 Jun 1876 13-Mar-56  
Klatt Floyd Dean 15-Mar-43 24-May-14 h/o Veronica K
Klatt Veronica Marie Kallus 18-Jun-30 14-Mar-84 w/o Floyd D.
Kleypas Nettie Marie 7 Dec 1899 13-Aug-92  
Klimicek Lad 14-Sep-27 4-Apr-73  
Kmiec Phillip David, Sr. 23-Jun-30 7-May-77 Korean
Kmiec Mary Agnes Svach 30-Jul-1941 8-Apr-2018 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Knigge Brandie L. 9-Sep-74 12-Oct-83  
Kocurek Emil J. 28 Apr 1914 30 Apr 1986  
Kocurek Mary Matocha 21 Aug 1912 03 Jan 2003 w/o Emil J.
Konesheck Alvin H. 29 Dec 1900 12 Mar 1986 h/o Estella H.
Konesheck Estella Henrietta Fricke 14 May 1900 29 May 1988 w/o Alvin H.
Konesheck Tyce Neal 27 May 1958 07 Nov 2002  
Konesheck William Fred 24 Jun 1932 13 Oct 1998 KW  
Konvicka Agnes 15 Jan 1924 9 Feb 2014 w/o Alvin C. Jr.
Konvicka Alvin Charles, Sr. 01 Jan 1914 12 Oct 1995 WWII h/o Agnes
Konvicka Emma R. 25 Nov 1908 9 Dec 1999 w/o  Jaro G.
Konvicka Jaro G. 20 Oct 1905 28 Jan 1984 h/o Emma R.
Kovar Brian Scott 01 Mar 1975 9 Jan 1994  
Kovar Joyce Marie Janda 06 Aug 1948 09 Aug 2010  
Kovar Judith S Buzek 03 Aug 1923 24 Mar 2006 WWII w/o Peter, Sr.
Kovar Peter Louis, Sr. 25 Jan 1922 24 Apr 2010 WWII h/o Judith S.
Kovasovic Adolph E., Sr. 29 Oct 1913 5 Feb 2002 h/o Hilda E
Kovasovic Eddie Robert 26 May 1916 22 Jun 1997 WWII
Kovasovic Hilda Edna Garling 30 May 1919 10 Apr 2001 w/o Adolph E., Sr.
Kovasovic Kelly Rochelle 03 Aug 1964 27 Dec 1994  
Koy Charlie A. 11 Jul 1910 22 Jul 1981 WWII h/o Mary B.
Koy Mary Barbara Welfl 02 Nov 1904 5 Jul 1985 w/o Charlie A.
Krampitz DonEll W. 28 Mar 1928 20 Sep 1973 Korean War 
Krchnak Adolph F. 11 Nov 1898 27 Jan 1987 h/o Caroline F.
Krchnak Bertha 18 Jun 1937 26 Jun 1937  
Krchnak Caroline Frances Surovcak 22 Feb 1900 15 Jun 1957 w/o Adolph E., Sr.
Krchnak Cyril M. 27 Oct 1917 1 Jan 1978 h/o Emilie L.
Krchnak Dennis James 16 Dec 1934 4 May 1989 US Army
Krchnak Edward Joseph. 16 Feb 1937 30 Mar 1998  
Krchnak Emilie L Polasek 08 Apr 1921 19 Nov 2008 w/o Cyril M.
Krchnak Eugene 31 Jan 1939 21 Apr 1996  
Krchnak Frances Doubrava 27 Dec 1876 31 Mar 1948 w/o Frank
Krchnak Frances Vecera 21 Feb 1903 24 Nov 1986 w/o John J., Sr.
Krchnak Heneritta B. 29-Jul-1928 20-Jul-2018 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Krchnak Frank 31 Oct 1875 18 Mar 1949 h/o Frances D
Krchnak Heneritta B. 29-Jul-1928 20-Jul-2018 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Krchnak John J., Sr. 27 Jun 1906 15 Jun 1982 h/o Frances V.
Krchnak Joseph Pete 13 May 1910 25 Dec 1991 h/o Louise
Krchnak Louise Machala 25 Nov 1911 3 Jan 1967 w/o Joseph P.
Kubena Henrietta M. Uhyrek 28 Feb 1922 21 Nov 2010 w/o Raymond A
Kubena Raymond A 04 Jun 1921 08 Dec 1983 WWII  h/o Henrietta M.


Ann Mary Drymala

22 Jul 1921

12 Feb 1995

w/o William L.


William Lawrence

3 Oct 1912

30 Aug 1994

h/o Ann M.
Kulenda Albina 18 Apr 1903 4 Feb 1978  



26 Jun 1866

30 Mar 1936

h/o Frantiska


Frantiska Vesely

11 Jan 1868

27 Jul 1942

w/o Frantisek
Kulenda Joseph John 26 Mar 1905 25 Aug 1965 WWII  
Kulenda Julia 1 Jan 1900 27 May 1975  
Kulenda Louis Alois 15 Aug 1892 12 Sep 1959 WWI  
Kulenda Mary 8 Apr 1895 3 Feb 1984  


Berneitta Jo Duran

5 Sep 1925

27 Mar 2001

w/o Dean F.
Kunze Dean F 14 Sep 1921 21 Oct 1993 WWII    h/o Berneitta J.



20 May 1857

29 Jan 1951

h/o Doris



5 Jul 1860

19 May 1954

w/o Charles





w/o Otto W.



22 Mar 1826

14 Jun 1910

Kurtz Mildred Florence Shindler 24 Feb 1924 25 Apr 2012 w/o Wilbert R


Otto W.



h/o Emma



10 Aug 1863

16 Jul 1929

Kurtz Wilbert Richard 18 Jan 1923 13 Sep 1994 WWII  

 h/o Mildred F.

Kutra Alois F. 20 Jul 1913 12 Jan 1975 h/o Gabriella
Kutra Antonia 6 Feb 1897 21 Jun 1964 w/o Frank J.
Kutra Bennie 11 Sep 1940 15 Oct 2007 AF Reserves 
Kutra Frank J. 24 Nov 1890 6 Feb 1971 h/o Antonia
Kutra Gabriella Dominica Sliva 16 Sep 1915 30 Mar 1997 w/o Alois  F.
Kutra Joe 13 Sep 1902 7 Sep 1974 h/o Mary
Kutra Mary Machala 18 Nov 1910 20 Feb 2008 w/o Joe
Kutra Richard Alois 23 Nov 1988 23 Nov 1988  
Kutra Wilbert Joe 3 Aug 1942 20 Feb2014 h/o Dottie P
Machala Anna 6 Dec 1853 12-Feb-39 w/o Frank
Machala Anna Pavlicek 3 Apr 1881 12-Mar-56 w/o Alois
Machala Annie J. 17-Mar-04 26-Mar-64 w/o Louis P.
Machala Benjamin Louis 25-Mar-51 26-Dec-02 h/o Frances M.
Machala Charles Paul 3-Apr-17 15-Oct-96 WWII  

 h/o Josephine M.

Machala Debra Lynn 31-Oct-75 23-Oct-09  
Machala Emilie 5 Dec 1882 29-Nov-77 w/o Joe