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NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.





PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.

Surname Given Name Birth Death Comment
Jackson  Delia 30-May-36 15-Feb-11  
Jaime Jose A. 23-Jun-52 12-Oct-80  
Jaloway Heath Benjamin 24-Jan-91 30-Apr-91  
Jaloway Daniel 8-Jul-54 17-Apr-15  
Jaloway James John 29-Aug-56 20-Nov-98  
Jaloway  Donna Kay Filip 11 Nov  1960 15-Nov-12  
Jalowy Joseph P. 3 Mar 1893 27-Dec-66 h/o Hermina A
Jalowy Leroy Jimmy 19-Feb-55 28-Aug-01 Veteran
Jalowy Bessie Anna Svec 7-Jun-13 7-May-90 w/o John Jacob
Jalowy Hermina Anna Orsak 12 Dec 1896 26-Aug-98 w/o Joseph P.
Jalowy John Jacob 17 Aug 1895 3-Dec-71 WW I; h/o Bessie A.
Jalowy Kim Mary 2-Feb-54 27-Dec-04  
Jalowy  Deborah Jennings 1-Apr-53 28-Sep-12  
Jalowy  Johnny William 12-Apr-33 27-Mar-96  
Janca  William Lawrence “Bill” 19-Apr-36 23-Aug-13 VW h/o Frances 
Janczak  Jo Marie Hradil 25-Jul-44 30-Sep-11  
Janda Diane Kay Hluchan 24-Jul-1943 19-Mar-2018 Cremated.  Knesek Funeral Chapels
Janda  Helen Ann Drymalla 7-Mar-20 28-Jul-09 w/o Edwin J.
Janda Arnold Joe 18-Apr-20 9-Apr-51 WW II
Janda Ignatz 20 Aug 1883 13-Oct-50  
Janda Sophie 5 Apr 1895 18-Aug-72  
Janda Edwin Jerry 11-Mar-19 26-Aug-02  
Janecek  Wilbert W. Sr. 4-Sep-29 8-Mar-11 h/o Frances
Janecek  Frances Lamer 18-Aug-32 28-Aug-13 w/o Wilbert, Sr.
Janecek  Wilbert J., Jr. 30-Aug-52 20-Sep-13  
Janicek Alphonse V. 14-Feb-26 17-Apr-72 KW
Jankowski Julius Emil 27-May-30 17-Jan-00  
Jasek  Joseph 19 Mar 1854 29-Jan-42 h/o Anna
Jasek Anna Nov 1863 8-Dec-13 w/o Joseph
Jass  Agustina 5-May-13 9-Nov-05 w/o Petronilo
Jass Monica Ann Born & Died 20-Oct-66  
Jass Petronilo T. 31-May-07 8-Jun-81  
Jemela Frank J., Sr. 28-Jan-04 16-Apr-78 h/o Lillian
Jemela Lillian 22-Oct-10 5-Oct-96  
Jemela  John 1-Jan-31 6-Jun-09  
Jensen Kevin Eugene 21-Jan-90 21-Jan-90  
Jez Josef 17 Mar 1890 27-Feb-34 w/o Anhony J.
Jez Pauline Pyka 13-Jan-28 25-Jul-14 w/o Norbert J.
Jez Norbert J. 19-Nov-22 14-Feb-79 WW II; h/o Pauline P.
Jez Josef 24-Mar-19 13-May-33  
Jez Frances H. 31 Mar 1895 13-Jan-78  
Jez Fridolin A. 6 Mar 1896 4-Feb-68  
Jez Veronika 7 Jan 1889 14-Aug-77  
Johnson  Elizabeth Marie 29-Jan-31 21-Mar-94  
Jones Vandy F. 23-Jan-22 29-Aug-76  
Juarez Laisha 20-Jul-04 12-Aug-04  
Jurecek Henry Clement 12-Aug-27 13-Sep-04 WW II
Jurecek Joe 15-Feb-02 13-Aug-51  
Jurecek Josephine 17-Aug-03 26-Jul-80  
Jurica Eddie Joe 3-Dec-17 15-Apr-05 WW II
Jurica Willie Mae Drymalla 31-Jul-21 8-Mar-04  
Kahanek Joseph J Jr. 12-Sep-27 2-Sep-08 WW II
Kainer Lawrence Alfred 21-Jul-41 2-Nov-98 Vietnam
Kalinec  Mary Dymphna Anne     21 Apr 1978 1-Jul-08  
Kallus Charles J. 19 Dec 1897 4-May-81 h/o Addie M
Kallus Addie M 5 Aug 1898 8-Jun-84 w/o Charles J.
Kallus  Frances M. 25-Jul-12 3-Jan-96  
Kaminski Frank Ben 3 Oct 1895 23-Dec-48 h/o Auga
Kaminski Joseph L. 15 Mar 1862 21-Apr-23 h/o Mary M.
Kaminski Peter L. 31 Jan 1890 5-Dec-80 h/o Theresa C.
Kaminski Auga 5 Nov 1897 25-Dec-68 w/o Frank B.
Kaminski Stella H Kaliczewski 31 May 1899 8-Dec-84 w/o John M.
Kaminski Mary M. 7 Mar 1868 9-Jun-49 w/o Joseph L
Kaminski Theresa C. Stolarski 15 Sep 1891 18-Nov-70 w/o Peter L.
Kaminski Joseph J. 12-Sep-23 2-Jan-86 WW II
Kaminski John M. 19 Oct 1891 5-Apr-52 WWI  h/o Stella H
Kaminski Thomas B. 12-Apr-16 27-Feb-66 WWII
Kaminski Gary Glenn 9-Jun-55 20-Jan-14  
Kaminski Charles B. 9-Jul-34 26-May-76  
Kaminski Victoria Marie 28-Jan-15 3-May-92  
Kaminsky  Peter Thomas Jr. 31-May-31 1-Dec-12 h/o Wanda Johnson.
Kaminsky Helen Brzymlalkiewicz 29 Mar 1895 8-May-73 w/o Albert
Kaminsky Wanda  Jacque Johnson 30-Nov-42 12-Aug-86 w/o Pete, Jr.
Kaminsky Albert 2 Apr 1892 20-Apr-73 WW I   h/o Helen
Kantz  Jamie Lee 28-Jul-79 6-Jun-95  
Karas  Edith Marie Nentwig 29-Jan-27 26-Mar-13  
Katribe Elizabeth 28-Mar-04 27-Dec-02  
Kiker Karl Martin 19-Jan-39 4-Feb-90 VW
Kircin Alois 21 Jun 1876 13-Mar-56  
Klatt Floyd Dean 15-Mar-43 24-May-14 h/o Veronica M
Klatt Veronica Marie Kallus 18-Jun-30 14-Mar-84 w/o Floyd D.
Kleypas Nettie Marie 7 Dec 1899 13-Aug-92  
Klimicek Lad 14-Sep-27 5-Apr-73  
Kmiec Phillip David, Sr. 23-Jun-30 7-May-77 KW
Knauth Cecilia M. 26-Aug-23 23-Dec-84  
Knigge Brandie L. 9-Sep-74 12-Oct-83  
Kocurek Emil J. 28-Apr-14 30-Apr-86 h/o Mary
Kocurek  Mary Matocha 21-Aug-12 3-Jan-03 w/o Emil J.
Konarik Pavel 2 Aug 1857 12-Apr-26 h/o Anna
Konarik Pete P. 22 Oct 1895 26-Jan-68 h/o Rosa F.
Konarik Georgia Antonia Kutra 22-Feb-28 24-Apr-94 w/o Johnnie W.
Konarik Anna 11 Jun 1864 7-May-23 w/o Pavel
Konarik Rosa F. 19 Jul 1893 25-Sep-67 w/o Pete P.
Konarik Pete S. 13-Oct-16 5-Aug-66 WWII
Konarik Johnnie Willie 23-Feb-23 27-Sep-15 WWII h/o Georgia A
Konesheck Alvin H. 29-Dec-00 12-Mar-86 h/o Estella H.
Konesheck William Fred 24-Jun-32 13-Oct-98 KW
Konesheck Estella Henrietta Fricke 14-May-00 29-May-88 w/o Alvin H
Konesheck  Tyce Neal 28-May-58 7-Nov-02  
Konvicka Jaro G. 20-Oct-05 28-Jan-84 h/o Emma R
Konvicka Agnes 15-Jan-24 8-Feb-14 w/o Alvin C. Sr.
Konvicka Emma R. 25-Nov-08 9-Dec-99 w/o Jaro G.
Konvicka Alvin Charles, Sr. 1-Jan-14 12-Oct-95 WW II h/o Agnes D
Kovar Peter Louis, Sr. 25-Jan-22 24-Apr-10 WW II h/o Judith S.
Kovar  Judith S. Buzek 3-Aug-23 24-Mar-06 WWII w/o Peter L.  Sr.
Kovar Brian Scott 1-Mar-75 9-Jan-94  
Kovar  Joyce Marie Janda 6-Aug-48 9-Aug-10  
Kovasovic Adolph E., Sr. 29-Oct-13 5-Feb-02 h/o Hilda E.
Kovasovic Hilda Edna Garling 30-May-19 10-Apr-01 w/o Adolph E., Sr.
Kovasovic Eddie Robert 26-May-16 22-Jun-97 WW II
Kovasovic Kelly Rochelle 3-Aug-64 27-Dec-94  
Koy Mary Barbara Welfl 3-Dec-04 5-Jul-85 w/o Charlie A.
Koy Charlie A. 11-Jul-10 22-Jul-81 WWII; h/o Mary B.
Krampitz DonEll W. 28-Mar-28 20-Sep-73 KW
Krchnak Adolph F. 11 Nov 1898 27-Jan-87 h/o Caroline F.
Krchnak Cyril M. 27-Oct-17 1-Jan-78 h/o Emilie L.
Krchnak Frank 31 Oct 1875 18-Mar-49 h/o Frances D
Krchnak John J., Sr. 27-Jun-06 15-Jun-82 h/o Frances v.
Krchnak Joseph Pete 13-May-10 25-Dec-91 h/o Louise
Krchnak Dennis James 16-Dec-34 4-May-89 US Army
Krchnak Caroline Frances Surovcak 22-Feb-00 15-Jun-57 w/o Adolph F. Sr.
Krchnak  Emilie L. Polasek 8-Apr-21 19-Nov-08 w/o Cyril M.
Krchnak Frances Doubrava 27 Dec 1876 31-Mar-48 w/o Frank
Krchnak Frances Vecera 21-Feb-03 24-Nov-86 w/o John J., Sr.
Krchnak Louise Machala 25-Nov-11 3-Jan-67 w/o Joseph P
Krchnak Bertha 18-Jun-37 26-Jun-37  
Krchnak Eugene 31-Jan-39 21-Apr-96  
Krchnak Edward Joseph. 16-Feb-37 30-Mar-98  
Kubena  Henrietta M. Uhyrek 28-Feb-21 21-Nov-11 w/o Raymond A.
Kubena Raymond A. 4-Jun-21 8-Dec-93 WW II h/o Henrietta M
Kubiak William Lawrence 3-Oct-12 30-Aug-94 h/o Ann M.
Kubiak Ann Mary Drymala 22-Jul-21 12-Feb-95 w/o William
Kulenda Frantisek  26 Jun 1866 30-Mar-36 h/o Frantiska
Kulenda Frantiska Vesely 11 Jan 1868 27-Jul-42 w/o Frantisek
Kulenda Louis Alois 15 Aug 1892 12-Sep-59 WW I
Kulenda Joseph John 26-Mar-05 25-Aug-65 WW II
Kulenda Albina 18-Apr-03 4-Feb-78  
Kulenda Julia 1-Jan-00 27-May-75  
Kulenda Mary 8 Apr 1895 3-Feb-84  
Kunze Berneitta Jo Duran 5-Sep-25 27-Mar-01 w/o Dean F
Kunze Dean Franklin 14-Sep-21 21-Oct-93 WW II; h/o Berneitta  Jo
Kurtz Charles 20 May 1857 29-Jan-51 h/o Doris
Kurtz Otto W. 1867 1937 h/o Emma
Kurtz Emma 1876 1936 w/o Otto
Kurtz  Mildred Florence Schindler  24-Feb-24 25-Apr-12 w/o Wilbert R.
Kurtz Wilbert Richard 11-Mar-19 18-Sep-94 WW II h/o Mildred F
Kurtz Richard 10 Aug 1863 16-Jul-29  
Kurtz Joseph 22 Mar 1826 14-Jun-10  
Kurtz Doris 6 Jul 1860 19-May-54  
Kutra Bennie 11-Sep-40 15-Oct-07 Army Reserves
Kutra Frank J. 24 Nov 1890 6-Feb-71 h/o Antonia
Kutra Wilbert Joe 3-Aug-42 20-Feb-14 h/o Dottie Pavlovsky
Kutra Alois F. 20-Jul-13 12-Jan-75 h/o Gabriella
Kutra Joe 13-Sep-02 7-Sep-74 h/o Mary
Kutra Gabriella Dominica Sliva 16-Sep-15 30-Mar-97 w/o Alois F
Kutra Antonia 6 Feb 1897 21-Jun-64 w/o Frank J.
Kutra  Mary Machala 18-Nov-10 20-Feb-08 w/o Joe
Kutra Richard Alois 23-Nov-88 23-Nov-88  
Lamer Frank George 28-Sep-04 12-Oct-95 h/o Agnes D.
Lamer John 24 Jun 1860 6-Jun-47 h/o Marie
Lamer Agnes Dorothy 12-Jan-13 10-Mar-02 w/o Frank G.
Lamer  Marie -1860 -1928 w/o John
Lamer Mary A. 8 Sep 1899 3-Apr-73 w/o John L.
Lamer John L. 30 May 1892 2-Dec-70 WW I h/o Mary A
Lamer Joe Frank 13-Jan-23 6-Jun-44 WW II
Lamer Marie 1860 1928  
Lamer Infant Daughter Born & Died 19-Jan-46  
Lamp  Bernice Ellen Stastny 13-Jul-33 18-Dec-11 w/o Lloyd A
Lamp Lloyd Allen 10-Jun-27 2-Mar-02 WW II; h/o Bernice E.
Lamp John Ben 8-Apr-62 24-Aug-83  
Lamp  Alyssa Lea 10-Sep-87 8-May-08  
Lamza Frank Alois 6-Mar-06 4-Jun-89 h/o Mary
Lamza Marie R.  (Mary) 27-Feb-10 12-Mar-00 w/o Frank A
Lamza  James 25-Sep-36 16-Jul-13  
Lapcik Joe 3-Jul-33 12-Jul-33  
Laredo Dolores Sanchez 11-Sep-36 1-Nov-90  
Laskoskie Anton G. 30-Apr-14 10-Dec-60 h/o Janie C
Laskoskie Janie Cecilia Gurka 27-Jul-06 14-Oct-92 w/o Anton G.
Laskoskie  Raymond 24-Nov-39 24-Jun-02  
Lastovica Anna 18 Jul 1861 5-Apr-44  
Lastovica Marie 26-Dec-15 8-Feb-16  
Leitko Robert Edward 6-Jan-28 22-Dec-96 WW II
Leitko Helen Cieslewicz Pampell 27-Oct-23 6-Sep-11  
Lewandowski Pete 11-May-10 29-May-91 h/o Theresa
Lewandowski  Theresa 25-Jun-12 11-Jan-00 w/o Pete
Lewandowski Kristi Ann 26-Dec-77 6-Jan-89  
Lezak Adella Dorothy Machala 22-Feb-18 21-Mar-04 w/o Peter J.
Lezak Peter John 14-Feb-14 16-May-93 WW IIh/o Adella D
Lindemann Clara Bilski 26-Oct-1937 10-Oct-2017  
Lindemann  Marvin 14-Feb-44 19-Jun-11  
Lindermann Marvin Ray 14-Feb-94 19-Jun-11  
Lizotte Michael A. 15-May-42 22-Feb-85  
Lizotte Yolanda 12-Jul-04 17-Jun-89  
Loescher Raymond C. 22-Dec-25 9-Apr-85 h/o Virginia
Loescher  Albina Mary Novosad 20-Mar-20 7-Feb-10 w/o Clarence G.
Loescher Virginia M. 25-Jul-26 12-Aug-80 w/o Raymond C.
Loescher Clarence  Glenn"Tucker" 16-May-15 3-Aug-98 WW II h/o Albina M.
Longoria Esmeralda Born & Died 25-Dec-73  
Lozano Dionicio 9 Oct 1887 9-Oct-58  
Lozano Margaret 1901 1951  
Luchak  Marie R. Marek 8-Sep-30 12-Jun-10  
Ludwig William Karl 16-May-11 26-Mar-85 h/o Irene H.
Ludwig Irene Hattie Vazansky 15-Jan-25 16-Jun-14 w/o Wm. K
Ludwig Emma Schubert 18 Aug 1880 8-Jan-71  
Ludwig Karl Bert 28-Aug-72 13-Oct-89  
Ludwig  Rachel Ann 17-Oct-98 17-Oct-98  
Lueck  Evelyn M. Klecka (Sodolak) 13-Sep-26 17-May-10 w/o CurtisD.
Lueck Curtis Daniel. 7-Jan-26 21-Feb-85 WW II; h/o Evelyn M
Luedecke Wilfred Christ 1-Oct-32 11-May-08 KW
Luedecke Harry Louis 14-Jan-34 28-Jul-06 Veteran
Luedecke Mark Raymond 8-Apr-61 3-Dec-77  
Luedecke Raymond Alfred 28-Jun-37 17-Mar-89  
Lyons Philip J. 17-Apr-03 10-Apr-72 h/o Mary H.
Lyons Mary Hermina 2-Aug-10 12-Dec-64 w/o Philip J.
Machala Willie L. 8-Nov-15 1-Mar-52 1st h/o Mary Brandt
Machala Ludmila Saha 28-May-09 8-Oct-34 1st w/o Vince
Machala Sophie Jasek 10-Apr-15 10-May-48 2d w/o Vince
Machala Frank 4 Oct 1854 2-Oct-42 h/o Anna
Machala Alois 20 Jun 1878 19-Nov-46 h/o Anna P
Machala Louis P. 26-Feb-03 21-Feb-86 h/o Annie J.
Machala Joe 13 Apr  1881 17-Feb-75 h/o Emilie
Machala John, Sr. 7 May 1884 18-Jul-72 h/o Frances
Machala Benjamin Louis 25-Mar-51 26-Dec-02 h/o Frances M.
Machala Vince Frank 1-Nov-05 28-Jul-92 h/o Ludmila & Sophie
Machala Frank A. 11-Aug-08 7-Sep-93 h/o Rosie O
Machala Larry Charles 10-Aug-50 6-Dec-02 Viet Nom
Machala Anna Pavlicek 3 Apr 1881 12-Mar-56 w/o Alois
Machala  Frances M. Barton 23-Nov-51 11-Sep-90 w/o Benjamin L.
Machala Josephine Marie 20-Mar-15 22-Jan-03 w/o Charles P.
Machala Anna 6 Dec 1853 12-Feb-39 w/o Frank
Machala Rosie O. 12-Sep-10 13-Mar-89 w/o Frank A.
Machala Emma Judith 13-Jun-20 9-Jun-04 w/o Henry J
Machala Emilie 5 Dec 1882 29-Nov-77 w/o Joe
Machala Frances 28 Oct 1883 4-Jul-75 w/o John Sr.
Machala Annie J. 17-Mar-04 26-Mar-64 w/o Louis P
Machala Louis Frank 21-Jun-21 12-Nov-11 WW II
Machala Charles Paul 3-Apr-17 15-Oct-96 WW II h/o Josephine M
Machala Henry Joe 17-Jan-19 6-Apr-15 WWII; h/o Emma J
Machala Frantiska 25-Feb-12 27-Jun-14  
Machala Wayne, Jr. Born & Died 8-Sep-74  
Machala John, Jr. 26-Nov-09 9-Jul-69  
Machala Gary James 2-Jan-50 15-Aug-72  
Machala Louise 30-Aug-09 17-Jul-02  
Machala  Debra Lynn 31-Oct-75 23-Oct-09  
Machala  Eugene John 31-May-38 28-Feb-00  
Macias Antonio V 9-Jun-45 18-Jun-04 h/o Eva
Macias  Eva 22-Dec-52 15-Sep-06 w/o Antonio V.
Magjarevich Anton 21-Jan-49 13-May-15  
Maler Louis L. 28 Jan 1884 4-Oct-67 h/o Louise L.
Maler Louise L 17 Jan 1887 29-Oct-84 w/o Louis L.
Manak  Louise Mary Evyak 8-Sep-37 21-Mar-09 w/o Frank C.
Manak Amalie B. 22-Dec-26 7-Jun-03 w/o Joe J.
Manak Joe Jerry  25 Jun 1916 13-Feb-01 WW II; h/o Amalie B.
Manak Frank Cyrill 29-Jan-13 20-Jul-79 WWII h/o Louise M
Manak Kathryn Marie 9-Mar-61 11-Mar-61  
Manna Martin 24 Apr 1879 9-Jun-32 h/o Anna
Manna Anna Liska 2 Dec 1879 26-May-38 w/o Martin
Manna Frank John 16-Aug-06 24-May-56 WW II
Maresh Frank J. 8 Aug 1896 24-Nov-18 WW I
Maresh Mary 15-May-17 31-Jan-18  
Marion Julia Helen Pyka 13-Apr-24 19-Dec-59  
Martinez Daniel G. 11-Dec-45 15-Apr-78  
Martinez Petra 22 Oct 1887 3 Sep 1891  
Martinez Heberto 30-Apr-49 4-Aug-94  
Martinez Anselmo 23-May-59 7-May-97  
Martinez  Destiny Desiree 2-Jan-07 2-Jan-07  
Marusik Joe Nicholas 12-Dec-11 12-Oct-72 h/o Annie O.
Marusik Joan C 20-Aug-48 25-Apr-14 w/o Joe
Marusik Joan Stastny 20-Aug-48 25-Apr-14 w/o Joe J
Marusik Annie Ottilia  (Zaskoda) Rice 2-Jan-17 24-Aug-88 w/o Joe N.
Marusik Jerald Wayne 8-Apr-71 18-Jun-01  
Mazac Jan 2 Feb 1876 27-Dec-45 h/o Marie
Mazac Marie 1 Jun 1873 26-Jul-62 w/o Jan
Mazac Albina Born & Died 1936  
Mazac Joseph Raymond 23-Jan-58 4-Oct-88  
Mazac Louis John 2-Aug-11 18-Jul-91  
Mazac  Jeffrey Scott 22-Mar-62 16-Sep-07  
McCallum Grace B. 24 Aug 1895 28-Sep-80  
McDonnel Francis A., Jr. Born & Died 27-Mar-61  
Mendoza Giovanni 30-Jul-95 16-Nov-04  
Mendoza  Angel Ramirez 17-Jan-08 17-Jan-08  
Mersmann Carl D. 20 Aug 1855 6-Aug-36 h/o Anna
Mersmann Anna Ludwig 27 Aug 1862 17-Mar-42 w/o Charles D.
Mesa  Veronica 1-Dec-69 16-May-12  
Mewis Tiffany Rochelle 5-Sep-80 10-Aug-00  
Michalke Mike "Popsy" 14-Feb-1960 2-Jun-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Mieth William L. 26 Feb 1884 21-Mar-70 h/o Frances H.
Mieth Edwin A. 11-Sep-20 11-Jun-93 h/o Mary
Mieth  Mary Wysocki 23-May-24 6-May-12 w/o Edwin A.
Mieth Frances H. 9 Nov 1898 29-May-72 w/o William L
Mikel Charlie Frank 7-Dec-12 1-Aug-95  
Miranda Domingo 20-Dec-24 13-May-01  
Mitchell Harvell Lee 4-Sep-31 17-Mar-01  
Mlcak John P. 13-Nov-03 17-Jan-78 h/o Lillie P
Mlcak Louis 01 Nov 1897 3-Feb-64 h/o Mary K
Mlcak Lillie Philomina Machala 16-Jan-06 16-Nov-99 w/o John P
Mlcak Mary Kutra 01 Jul 1899 6-Nov-76 w/o Louis
Mlcak Annie Born & Died 27-Jan-30  
Mlcak Mary 30 Nov 1893 6-Nov-77  
Moeller Donna Gail Ray 7-May-52 20-Sep-00  
Mooney Sam Dudley 9-Sep-13 26-Apr-91 h/o Bess
Mooney Bess J. Koneschik Russ 26-Nov-13 21-Mar-93 w/o Sam D.
Moore Fred Robert 17 Jul 1884 3-Jun-58 h/o Metha M.
Moore Metha May 2 Jun 1886 11-Oct-65 w/o Fred R.
Morales Hilario Doria 21-May-33 15-Jun-90  
Moreno Antonio 17-Mar-1928 19-Nov-2017 Knesek Funeral Home
Morgensen Arne C., Sr. 5-Apr-21 18-Oct-03  WW II
Morris  Barbara Fourcade 14-Oct-42 21-May-10  
Moya Roberto Esteban 26-Dec-22 12-Nov-04 h/o Elda M
Moya  Elda M. Cedeno 16-Oct-29 13-Oct-10 w/o Roberto E.
Muirhead  Ashley Nicole 15-Jan-07 15-Jan-07  
Murray  Kristina Marie 8-Nov-93 28-May-12  
Murray Chad Colbert 17-Aug-63 10-Jan-16  
Muskiet John F. 3 May 1895 4-Oct-74 h/o Frances A
Muskiet Frances A. 17 Dec 1895 9-Nov-77 w/o John F
Muskiet  Eleanor Frances 20-Jun-25 28-Oct-12  
Nastoupil Mary A. 21 Jun 1893 10-Jun-78 w/o Carl J. Sr.
Nastoupil  Doris Marie Felcman 4-Oct-21 24-Mar-00 w/o Carl J., Jr.
Nastoupil Carl J., Sr. 3 Jul 1889 23-Apr-69 WW I h/o Mary A.
Nastoupil Raymond 28-Oct-27 22-Jun-11 WW II
Nastoupil Carl J., Jr. 25-Jul-20 20-Jun-14 WWII, Korea, Viet Nam; h/o Doris Felcman
Navarro  Maria Elena 14-Apr-84 21-Aug-07  
Navarro  Victor 19-May-72 15-Oct-07  
Nentwig Robert J. 3 Sep 1899 1-Dec-50 h/o Edith R
Nentwig Edith Rexford 5-Sep-00 2-Nov-84 w/o Robert J.
Nicklas  Thomas (Todd) Jr. 4-Aug-64 22-Nov-12 h/o Rebecca Bossley
Novak Frankie 12-Mar-45 1-Jan-71 h/o Cynthia
Novak Cynthia Kopecky 23-Mar-48 1-Jan-71 w/o Frankie
Novak Mark J. 25-Feb-69 4-Feb-97  
Novicke Edmund Joe "PoPo" 6-Dec-1929 15-Nov-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Novicke Willie Louis 27-Jun-24 6-Feb-02 h/o Sophie R.
Novicke Zefir 19 Aug 1891 4-Feb-69 h/o Susanna
Novicke Sophie R. 9-Apr-26 24-Jul-80 w/o Willie L.
Novicke Susanna Gutowsky 4 Aug 1895 13-Nov-80 w/o Zefir
Novicke Anton Henry 16-Dec-15 28-Jul-98 WW II
Novicke  Franklin 22-Apr-51 26-May-06  
Novicke  Mary Bogar 1-Feb-26 1-Sep-08  
Novosad John J. 12 Aug 1877 7-Jan-52 h/o Rosie
Novosad John F. 26 Aug 1893 6-Nov-77 h/o Rosie A.
Novosad Alois Charles "Louie" 26-Feb-39 31-Jan-01 VW
Novosad Lillian B. 12-Aug-17 25-May-02 w/o Joe W
Novosad Rosie A. 5 Mar 1897 26-May-73 w/o John F
Novosad Rosie 7 Aug 1888 22-Nov-77 w/o John J
Novosad Louise 22-Jul-04 19-Jun-83 w/o Josef
Novosad Josef 9 May 1897 7-Jul-28 WW I h/o Louise
Novosad Albin A. 21-Feb-15 7-Nov-61 WW II
Novosad Joe W. 18-Jun-18 9-Jul-06 WW II h/o Lillian B
Novosad Susie Benavides 1 Feb  1965 26 Apr, 2016  
Novosad Frank 26 Jun 1886 22-Jul-59  
O’Connor Eileen Marie D. 5-Mar-38 17-Mar-93  
O'Connor Eileen Marie D. 5-Mar-38 17-Mar-93  
Ognoskie Anna Bronikowski 4 Jan 1887 4-Jun-26 1st w/o Martin F.
Ognoskie Eva Julia Wozniak 6-Dec-06 15-Oct-95 3d w/o Martin F
Ognoskie Martin Frank 18 Mar 1879 5-Jan-61 h/o Anna & Eva J.
Ognoskie Ben William 3-Oct-14 24-Jan-89 WW II
Olbrych Pete 6 Jun 1863 11-Jun-59 h/o Frances
Olbrych Mike Jacob 25 Sep 1898 21-Aug-91 h/o Willie Mae
Olbrych Frances 28 Jul 1872 15-Aug-55 w/o Pete
Olbrych Willie Mae 20 Dec 1899 17-May-85 w/o Pete
Olbrych Stash J. 5-Jun 29-May  
Olbrych Ignac J. 11-Jul-24 29-Jan-82  
Oldag  Hattie Reznicek 08 Oct 1895 23-Aug-78 w/o Ernest
Oldag Ernest 3 Apr 1896 18-Jun-68 WW I; h/o Hattie
Orsak John Stephen 12-Nov-04 30-Sep-68 h/o Annie P
Orsak Stepan 24 Dec 1853 15-Apr-21 h/o Rosie
Orsak Louis 28 Mar 1895 3-Jul-68 h/o Tekla
Orsak Annie Pauline Stolarski 31-Jan-04 3-Nov-87 w/o John S
Orsak Tekla 23-Sep-01 22-Jul-73 w/o Louis
Orsak Rosie 4 Sep 1873 25-Apr-40 w/o Stepan
Orsak Andelina 1-Oct-08 1-Sep-16  
Orsak Marta 22-Nov-13 1-Jul-16  
Orsak Edward 9-Oct-08 23-Aug-59  
Owczarzak Frank 8 Oct 1888 21-Mar-65 h/o Stella
Owczarzak Stella 24 Jan 1889 31-Aug-47 w/o Frank
Ozimek Pearl 18 Mar 1892 14-Jul-67 w/o John C
Ozimek John Christian 18 Oct 1894 22-Jun-67 WW I; h/o Pearl
Ozuna  Pedro 17-Nov-09 17-Apr-91 h/o Elisa
Ozuna  Elisa Martinez 20-Nov-10 2-Apr-11 w/o Pedro
Pacher Georgie Lee 2-Feb-29 8-Apr-05 KW
Pampell  Helen Marie Cieslewicz 27-Oct-23 6-Sep-11 w/o Ervin E. 
Pampell  Ervin E. 28-Sep-22 5-Sep-64 WW II 1st h/ o Helen Leitko
Pampell Ervin E. 28-Sep-22 5-Sep-64 WW II 1st h/o Helen Leitko
Pampell  Richard C. 26-Aug-55 20-Feb-75  
Parr  Aubrey Lee 21-Jul-32 18-Sep-11 h/o Annie Mae
Parr  Annie Mae Gavranovic 14-Mar-36 14-Jul-11 w/o Aubrey L.
Patek Carolyn Marie 26-Nov-60 14-May-97  
Pavlicek William P. 11 Nov 1897 24-Jun-64 h/o Albina
Pavlicek George Joe 13-Nov-30 28-Apr-97 KW; h/o Carolyn E
Pavlicek Carolyn Elaine 20-Oct-36 10-Jul-04 w/o George J
Pavlicek Albina C. 19 Oct 1892 24-Sep-78 w/o William P
Pavlicek Mark Allen 13-Jan-59 14-Jan-59  
Pavlicek Louis 3 Feb 1882 4-Jan-27  
Pavlicek Gabriela Louise Zaruba 27 Oct 1885 9-May-58  
Pavlicek Frank 2-Jun-10 8-May-71  
Pavlicek Louise Antonia 4-Aug-08 12-Jul-71  
Pavlin Joseph 21 Sep 1866 18-Nov-52 h/o Josefa
Pavlin Josefa 27 Apr 1866 29-Dec-52 w/o Joseph
Paw Joseph 11 Feb 1883 23 Mar 1899  
Pawlak Stanley L. 11-Apr-07 29-Sep-88 h/o Annie P
Pawlak William M. 28 Jan 1882 25-Jun-60 h/o Mary M
Pawlak Annie Pavlicek 9-Jul-09 16-Mar-92 w/o Stanley L
Pawlak Mary M. Novicke 24 Jun 1886 18-May-63 w/o William M
Pawlak Steve Martin 12-Nov-12 29-Apr-92 WW II
Pearson Mary Ragutskas 27-Oct-23 13-May-05 w/o David W.
Pearson David W. 23-Feb-19 20-May-86 WW II h/o Mary R.
Pearson  Louise Jalowy 24-Nov-51 24-Dec-08  
Pechacek William Frank 10-Oct-12 16-Apr-82 h/o Clara L
Pechacek Frank J. 30 Nov 1879 28-Apr-62 h/o Wilma
Pechacek Wilma 30 Mar 1882 20-Jun-66 w/o Frank J
Pechacek Clara Ludmilla Sulak 22-Mar-21 5-Jul-93 w/o William Frank
Pechanec Joe Jerry 28-Feb-13 4-May-97 h/o Alvina
Pechanec  Alvina 13-May-01 7-Nov-85 w/o Joseph J
Pefko Else Anna 25-Dec-04 21-Jun-14  
Pekar Louis Leon 26-Apr-38 2-Feb-82 VW; h/o Lillie Mae
Pekar Lillie Mae 1-May-26 10-May-86 w/o Louis L
Perez Cruz H 3-May-36 6-Feb-15  
Perlitz Linda Kay McDonald 18-Oct-52 24-Jul-13  
Peter John E. 1-Jun-08 7-Sep-75 h/o Mary P
Peter Mary Pechanec 11-May-11 8-Feb-90 w/o John E
Peters Joe H. 19-Feb-05 14-Jan-99 h/o Mathilda Johanna
Peters Mathilda (Mathalda)Johanna Vasut 6-Mar-05 26-May-03 w/o Joe H
Petterson  Joann 18-Jan-60 27-Feb-09  
Pfeffer Daniel Charles 14 Jun 1897 26-Sep-52 h/o Agnes
Pfeffer  Agnes H. Laskoskie 1910 1997 w/o Daniel C.
Piosek Pauline 22 Mar 1862 6-Aug-62  
Polansky Little Joe 13-Dec-11 20-Dec-11  
Pomikal Linda Lou Heinz 7-Oct-43 4-Sep-04  
Powers George C. 24 Feb 1899 3-Aug-65 h/o Helen L
Powers Helen L. 10-Feb-03 7-Jun-76 w/o George C
Prause  Minnie Martha Thun 31-Mar-18 24-May-13 w/o Johnnie W.
Prause Johnnie Willie 9-Nov-17 1-Nov-97 WW II h/o Minnie M
Prichard  Mary Theresa 8-Aug-28 9-Dec-09  
Prokop Joe 22-Jan-04 26-Dec-76 h/o Emilie M
Prokop Emilie Machala 6-Jan-03 11-Apr-99 w/o Joe
Prokop Henry Frank 16-Jun-27 2-Mar-91 WW II
Pyka Paul Ed 26 Jun, 1905 19-Oct-49 h/o Annie A
Pyka Frank Carl 3-Oct-09 14-Mar-92 h/o Frances
Pyka Anazius 1853 25-Nov-44 h/o Josefa
Pyka Andrew Louis 7 Dec 1880 29-Oct-62 h/o Mary A
Pyka Joe L., Jr. 28-Dec-07 20-Feb-69 h/o Minnie B
Pyka Josefa 1851 5-Oct-28 w/o Anazius
Pyka Mary Ann Trojanowski 20 Aug 1879 25-Apr-67 w/o Andrew L
Pyka Elaine Novak 6-Dec-28 10-Jul-90 w/o Eddie G
Pyka Frances Hattie Vachala 2-Feb-03 2-Jan-96 w/o Frank C
Pyka Minnie Bettie Vykoukal 29-Sep-08 24-Jul-98 w/o Joe L. Jr
Pyka  Louise A. 24-Mar-11 13-Oct-85 w/o Joseph A.
Pyka Helen Josephine Gajewski 18 May 1887 21-Sep-49 w/o Joseph P.
Pyka Annie A Zaruba 10-Mar-06 4-Mar-30 w/o Paul E
Pyka Joseph A. 6-Jan-13 20-Feb-89 WW II h/o Louise A
Pyka Eddie G. 29-Mar-20 31-Aug-81 WWII h/o Elain N.
Pyka Joseph Paul 4 Jan 1884 18-Jun-62  
Pyka Leon 14-Jul-28 20-Jul-28  
Pyka Steve 28-Aug-22 4-Sep-22  
Pyka William 26-May-10 18-Nov-16  
Pyka Frances 29 Sep 1865 11-Jan-44  
Pyka Katarzyna 1850 24-Jan-12  
Pyka  Gertrude T. 19-Nov-14 29-May-06  
Ramirez John E. 15-Feb-09 16-Jan-79  
Ramirez Guadalupe No date given 25-May-92  
Ratcliffe DeAva 5-Mar-1927 12-Jan-2018 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Ratcliffe  Frank L. 27-Apr-20 30-Jul-13 WW II
Reitz Frances Ann Nentwig 28-Sep-29 11-Mar-97  
Resendez  Nicholas Tye 5-Mar-85 22-Sep-07  
Resendez  Veronica 12-Aug-72 27-Jul-08  
Revear John Rangel 12-May-15 2-Jun-93 h/o Rita S
Revear  Rita Sandoval 22-May-22 7-Sep-11 w/o John R
Reznicek Geneive. Viola Hruzek 5-Jan-33 16-Feb-85 1st w/o Henry F. Sr.
Reznicek Joe W. 8 May 1898 9-Apr-47 h/o mary F
Reznicek Emil Alvin, Sr. 28-Jan-32 13-Sep-14 KW
Reznicek Henry Frank, Jr. 1-Jul-60 7-Jul-78 KW h/o G. Viola
Reznicek Mary Frances Urbanscheck 19 May 1895 29-Oct-72 w/o Joe W.
Reznicek Henry Frank, Sr. 17-Jul-28 17-Dec-01