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Sealy Catholic Cemetery 

From Sealy, go west on Main Street to 800 Block and Sealy Catholic Church is on your right.    The cemetery is on your left.  

Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.






Sealy Catholic

NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.



PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.

Surname Given Name Birth Death Comment
Sachnik Mary Constance 9-Jan-23 21-Mar-24  
Saldana  Josephina 25-Feb-10 28-Apr-10  
Salinas Jerry 13-Feb-64 10-Jun-91  
Sanchez Rogelio 9-Oct-56 3-Dec-00  
Sanchez  Mauricio 13-May-11 13-May-11  
Sanchez Rogelio 9-Oct-56 3-Dec-00  
Sanchez  Rogelio 9-May-05 22-Jun-05  
Schindler Harold Glenn 7-Jan-28 15-Jan-95 WW II
Schindler Timothy Glenn Born & Died 20-Apr-67  
Schindler Fred Paul 24 Aug 1892 26-Apr-56 WW I
Schlinger Mary 16-Dec-07 26-Sep-76 w/o Joe
Schlinger Joe 14 Nov 1897 31-Jul-77 h/o Mary
Schneider Charlie R. 26-Apr-41 30-Oct-75 Vet
Schneider Ronald R 7-Aug-53 12-Feb-85  
Schneider Charlene Josephine 2-Mar-49 19-Feb-05  
Schneider  Adele Kovasovic 26-May-22 30-Jul-06 w/o Johnnie A.
Schneider  Charlie C. 15-Jun-14 2-Aug-00 h/o Martha A.
Schneider  Johnnie A. 30-Apr-16 16-Jul-10 WWII; h/o Adele Kovasovic 
Schneider  Martha A. 24-Apr-20 8-Jul-08 w/o Charlie C.
Schoppe Edward 21-Oct-09 18-Nov-02 WW II
Schroeder Charles L. 19-Aug-43 14-Apr-66  
Schroeder Charles Willie 5-Oct-12 15-Jun-04 h/o Mary M
Schroeder Mary Martha Sliva 4-Feb-13 10-Sep-04 w/o Charles w.
Serrato Josefina (Mama Pina) 12-May-1922 25-Apr-2017 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Shafer  Tommy Lee 25-Mar-48 5-Dec-07 Vietnam
Sheppard Reuben D. 31-Oct-09 24-Sep-03 WW II; h/o Martha E
Sheppard  Martha E. 29-May-18 23-Apr-03 w/o Reuben D.
Sivek Rosalie Ann Surovcak 27 Aug 1888 20-Aug-37  
Skaggs Dustin Beau 30-Aug-83 30-May-89  
Sklar Antonia 6 Jan 1858 29-Jun-36 w/o Frank
Sklar Frank 8 Dec 1853 2-Jun-38 h/o Antonia
Sklars Victorie 15 Jul 1886 12 Oct 1899  
Sledge  Steven 23-Sep-58 17-Feb-08  
Sliva Ludwik/ (Ludwig) Jr. 3-Apr-06 9-Jun-58 WW II
Sliva Annie A. Hauerland 19-Nov-01 27-Apr-74 w/o Jerry J.
Sliva Jerry J. 26-Sep-00 21-Jul-85 h/o Annie A
Sliva Albert, Sr. 1-Apr-08 6-Nov-86 h/o Lucille F.
Sliva Elizabeth Marie Jalowy 22-Aug-05 14-Sep-91 w/o John W.
Sliva  Lucille Frances Lepok 3-Dec-19 18-Mar-06 w/o Albert, Sr.
Sliva Karel 1899 1902  
Sliva Dominik Born & Died 1898  
Sliva Annie Claudia 29-Sep-10 3-Apr-66  
Sliva Anna Frances Drozd 01 May 1877 5-Aug-58 w/o Ludvik R.
Sliva Ludvik Rudolph 05 Sep 1874 3-Dec-55 h/o Annie
Sliva Marie 26 Feb 1839 4-Feb-20 w/o Vaclav
Sliva Vaclav 11 Nov 1839 24-Jul-30 h/o Marie
Sliva John William 9-Jan-02 9-Sep-45 h/o Elizabeth M.
Sloan Willie Mae 24-Apr-18 5-Jun-65  
Smesny Aloisie Dudik 6 Dec 1860 25-Mar-14  
Smesny Frank 18 Sep 1888 14-Jul-65 h/o Pauline Z
Smesny Pauline Zapalac 18 Oct 1889 5-Nov-64 w/o Frank
Smesny Charles Anton 2-Mar-19 6-Mar-69  
Smesny Ludvik 16-Mar-02 14-Jan-89 h/o Annie R.
Smesny Annie Rosa Hajdik 3-Sep-07 30-Oct-00 w/o Ludvik
Smesny  Loretta 27-Oct-42 22-Jan-13  
Smesny Louise Sodolak 1-Sep-00 14-Jul-21  
Snitkin Ernest W., Sr. 14-Mar-02 10-Sep-69 h/o Mary L.
Snitkin Mary Lorine Bannon 22-Jan-06 31-Dec-92 w/o Ernest w., Sr.
Snitkin Walter Wiley, Jr. 9-Nov-61 9-Jun-89  
Sodolak Antonie 4-Oct-02 30-Oct-69  
Sodolak Frances 17-Nov-11 12-Dec-77  
Sodolak Frankie L. 20-Feb-26 13-Dec-85 WWII
Sodolak Alois F. 26-Feb-16 15-Jun-94  
Sodolak Agnes Dorothy 30-Dec-13 3-Nov-94  
Sodolak Jerry Emil 23-Jun-27 1-Jun-05 WW II; h/o Mary A
Sodolak  Mary Ann 12-Jun-26 7-Apr-07 w/o Jerry E.
Sodolak Marketka M. 7-Jan-39 6-Sep-39  
Sodolak Marie 8 Sep 1876 19-May-53 w/o Stepan
Sodolak Stepan 20 Oct 1875 31-Dec-17 h/o Marie
Solis Angela Villarreal 20 Aug 1894 14-Nov-87  
Solis Jesse Espinoza 5-Oct-49 30-Jun-97 Vietnam
Solis Lupe Garza 21-Nov-15 17-Nov-02  
Solis Guadalupe  Espinosa 26-Sep-21 20-Apr-16 w/o Lupe G.
Spalding  Andrew Michael 9-May-12 9-May-12  
Stancik Rubye Mae 9-Oct-44 7-Jan-93  
Starustka  Agnes 1-Jan-16 6-Oct-00 w/o Emil
Starustka  Emil 1-Sep-11 19-Aug-89 h/o Agnes
Stasny  Keith Alan 16-Dec-52 9-Nov-09  
Stastny Terezie 21-Feb-17 30-Jul-17  
Stastny Josef 2-Mar-16 19-Mar-16  
Stastny John Peter 7 May 1892 14-Jun-72 h/o Teresa
Stastny Teresa Brhel 2 Feb 1894 12-Feb-66 w/o John
Stastny Ludvik A. 7-Aug-24 10-Mar-79 h/o Clara G
Stastny Arnold Anthony, Sr. 1-Mar-27 10-Aug-01 WWII
Stastny Cyril Methodius, Sr. 10-Jun-20 25-Oct-95 WW II
Stastny Clara Gajewski 16-Jan-25 13-Nov-15 w/o Ludvik
Stastny Ladislav 4-Jul-22 29-Jun-23  
Stastny John F., Jr. 6-Feb-18 29-Nov-47  
Stavinoha Anton Raymond, Jr. 2-Jan-10 7-Sep-92 h/o Emma M
Stavinoha Emma 14-Oct-12 10-Jun-86  
Stavinoha Joe Louis, Sr. 8-Feb-20 1-Feb-98  
Stavinoha  Josephine Machala  29-Nov-21 6-Aug-12 w/o Joe, Sr.
Stolarski Carl, Sr. 17-Dec-15 25-Jul-74  
Stolarski Edwina K. 24-Jun-16 26-Jan-01  
Stolarski  Carl Andrew John Jr. 6-Nov-35 22-Apr-13 h/o Florianna Bonkowski
Stolarski Pauline Margie 16 Nov 1895 1-May-76  
Stolarsky Mary 3-Jun-16 24-Sep-16  
Stolarsky Rose Kaminski 1893 1981  
Stolarsky Joe 1888 1947  
Stolarsky Marie 5 Apr 1864 1-Aug-52  
Stolarsky Frank 15 Aug 1864 27-Jan-44  
Strieder Frank G. 28-Dec-1923 13-Aug-2017 Veteran WWII Marines
Stuchly Mary Sarah Born & Died 13-Feb-83  
Stuchly Rudy E., Sr. 18-Jul-21 11-May-07 WW II
Stuessel Doris Ellen Hauerland 15-Oct-37 28-Feb-15 h/o Kenneth
Sula Betty F. 2-Oct-05 13-Aug-83 w/o Joe S.
Sula Joe S. 26 Dec 1898 25-Oct-96 h/o Betty F
Surovcak Andy Jon Born & Died 27 Jun 1978    
Surovcak Martin Alois 26-Jun-03 11-Jun-75 h/o Frances M.
Surovcak Frank Richard 10-Oct-06 10-Nov-85 h/o Pauline H.
Surovcak Florence Bonnie Nichols 3-Jun-39 19-Feb-05 w/o Frank A
Surovcak Tiffany Lynn 27-Oct-81 8-Apr-87  
Surovcak Annie Rosie Kutra 22 Nov 1896 24-Apr-93 w/o Josef, Jr.
Surovcak Catherine Marie Robertson 6-Feb-06 15-Jun-93 w/o John J.
Surovcak Frances Machala 28-Jul-05 21-Nov-97 w/o Martin A
Surovcak Frank Alois, Sr. 24-Jul-30 21-Mar-98 KW h/o Florence B
Surovcak Pauline Helen Dzierzanowski 15-Feb-10 12-Sep-03 w/o Frank R.
Surovcak James Allen 18-Oct-66 21-Jul-99  
Surovcak Willie Martin 12-Dec-32 16-Aug-12 KW
Surovcak  Andy Jon 27-Jun-78 27-Jun-78  
Surovcak Teresia Tomanec 3 Apr 1862 1-Jun-23 w/o Josef, Sr.
Surovcak Josef, Sr. 14 Jul 1861 15-Mar-42 h/o Teresia
Surovcak Frank Fred 26-Feb-38 16-Jun-61 US Navy
Surovcak Mary Hermina 7 Jun 1890 18-Jan-74  
Surovcak Josef, Jr. 6 Jan 1892 29-Jun-69 WW I; h/o Annie R.
Surovcak John Joseph 28 Jul 1895 12-Nov-65 WW I; h/o Catherine M.
Susen Delmer John, Sr. 24-Aug-20 3-Jan-70 WW II; h/o Louise T.
Susen  Louise Theresa Reznicek 10-Mar-24 20-Sep-11 w/o Delmer, Sr.
Svach Joe John, Sr. 4-Mar-04 16-Feb-84 h/o Mary K.
Svach Mary Katherine Trojanowsky 23-Mar-09 2-May-89 w/o Joe J., Sr.
Svach Joe John, Jr. 17-Jan-48 29-May-86 VN; h/o Lee K.
Svach Lee K. 11-Mar-44 29-May-86 w/o Joe J. Jr.
Svajda Vladimir William 23-May-00 12-Apr-66 h/o Mary A.
Svajda Mary Ann Pechacek 21-Jul-02 7-Aug-81 w/o Vladimir W.
Svajda Vladimir Frank  15-Jul-28 21-May-85 US Army
Svajda Wilver Jean Bean 27-Jun-1930 21-Oct-2017  
Svec Adolph Walter 8-Jun-19 7-Jun-55 WW II; h/o Annie A.
Svec Annie Auga 23-Jul-17 28-Mar-62 w/o Adolph W.
Svec Patricia Kay Pasteka 14-Mar-51 27 Apr, 2016  
Svoboda Charlie Aug 6-Sep-13 26-May-02 h/o Mary A.
Svoboda Marie Albina Mazac 9-Aug-15 22-Jun-05  w/o Charlie a.
Svoboda Robert Charles Sr. 1-Dec-37 27-Mar-14  
Swonke James D. 3-May-23 20-Aug-05 WW II
Symanski Anna Woszitzky 05 Feb 1892 28-Feb-20  
Syzdek Edward 22-Sep-22 1-Oct-22  
Szymanski Veronika 2-Feb-19 4-Feb-19  
Talas Frank 1850 1934 h/o Tekla
Talas Tekla 1852 1934 w/o Frank
Tauber Jerry Stanley 24-Aug-05 24-Dec-89 h/o Annie L.
Tauber Annie Laura Vicenik 25-Apr-08 4-Oct-99 w/o Jerry S.
Tejeda Edward 15-Sep-14 5-Nov-00 h/o Mary T
Tejeda Mary Thelma Busby 20-Feb-17 13-Apr-88 w/o Edward
Tenney Lynne M. 28-Mar-43 12-Jul-95  
Thorpe Evelyn Frances Merian 4-Nov-29 28-May-99  
Thorpe Robert Ivan 18-Oct-1929 10-Apr-2017 wed Evelyn Merian    Knesek Funeral Chapels
Tolbirt Samuel Elton, Jr. 22-Apr-27 21-Aug-09 WW II
Toman Steve Robert 15-Dec-03 4-Apr-91  
Toman Norma Christine Smith 18-May-15 12-Sep-05  
Toman Joyce Elaine Dallmeyer 5-Dec-45 25-Nov-05  
Tomanec Pavel 20 Apr 1862 26-Jan-47  
Torres  Emanuel 13-Oct-05 15-Oct-05  
Tovar Jose Garcia 29-May-81 10-Aug-04  
Trejo Nathalie Victoria 9-Jan-96 29-Mar-97  
Trojanowski Anthony Joseph 14 Jun 1851 24-Nov-34 h/o Victoria M
Trojanowski Victoria Mary Lutomski 14 Dec 1859 16-Aug-31  
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave   27-Aug-18 16-Feb-26  
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Valdez Juanita Campos 6-Oct-35 4-Sep-99  
Vancik Veronika 23 Apr 1857 12-Mar-43  
Vancik Frank 1-Sep-00 17-Feb-71 h/o Albina
Vancik Albina 20-Jan-01 11-Mar-80 w/o Frank
Vasquez Jose Luis 15-Feb-94 15-Feb-94  
Vasquez  Jose Alonso "Pepe" 19-Mar-36 5-Jan-14  
Vavrecka James Woodrow 16-May-29 25-Dec-11 KW
Vazquez  Natile G. 3-Feb-01 10-Apr-01  
Vega  Maria 6-Nov-54 8-Jul-00  
Velgara Eustolia Ponce 12-May-59 6-Oct-14  
Vesely Frank MIke 19 Dec 1891 21-Dec-67 h/o Rosie E.
Vesely Rosie Emilie Zapalac 2-Oct-00 2-Jan-94 w/o Frank M.
Vesely Daniel Sylvester  9-Jan-42 31-Jul-14 V W.
Vesely Alvin Delphine 14-Sep-26 24-Jun-97 WW II; h/o Dorothy L.
Vesely  Dorothy Lee Howard 2-Oct-34 29-Apr-02 w/o Alvin D.
Vicenik Infant Son Born & Died 30-Oct-46  
Vicenik Vincent Frank 25-Feb-01 12-Sep-87 h/o Frances M.
Vicenik Frances Mary Urbanec 23-May-07 2-Mar-99 w/o  Vincent F.
Vicenik Louis James, Sr. 21-Sep-15 11-Sep-96 WW II
Vicenik Frances Anne 11 Mar 1874 4-Jan-57 w/o Frank J.
Vicenik Frank Joseph 15 Aug 1875 16-May-65 h/o Frances A.
Vicenik Anthony E. 15-Dec-02 27-Apr-71 h/o Agnes K
Vicenik Agnes Krchnak 25-Jun-14 19-Feb-98 w/o Anthony E.
Villagomez  Martin 16-Sep-74 5-Feb-11  
Vrablec Alois Jerry 22-Sep-17 27-Nov-94 WW II; h/o Dorothy J.
Vrablec Dorothy Johanna Schreck 9-May-22 29-May-95 w/o Alois J.
Vrablec John Floyd 16 Nov 1870 7-Nov-60 WWI; h/o Frances J.
Vrablec Frances J. 1892 1979 w/o John F
Vykoukal Julius Louis 9-Jul-18 27-Jul-59 h/o Viola L.
Vykoukal Frank Albert 27 Dec 1876 8-Apr-61 h/o Agnes P.
Vykoukal Agnes P Sablatura 20 Jun 1881 22-Oct-64 w/o Frank A.
Vykoukal Baby Born & Died 17-Feb-25  
Vykoukal Frank Emil 1-Feb-15 11-Mar-91 WW II h/o Charles Mary
Vykoukal Raymond Fred 25-Nov-21 31-Dec-98 WW II; h/o Margaret E.
Vykoukal Charles Mary Davidson 25-Apr-17 28-Jan-01 w/o Frank E..
Vykoukal  Margaret Elizabeth Cottrill 17-Sep-25 28-Dec-99 w/o Raymond F.
Vykoukal  Viola Lorraine Kenter 8-Oct-21 17-Mar-01 w/o Julius L.
Waddell  Daniel Wayne D. W. 21-May-55 20-Sep-11  
Waddell  John Jack III 21-Jul-24 6-Jun-86 Korea
Wagner Marianna 1845 1922  
Wagner  Marianna 18-Jan-05 5-Apr-05  
Watson Elizabeth Zapalac Schoppe 5-Apr-40 17 Auguast 2014 w/o Edward A
Weathers Sharyn Marie Stasny 29-Dec-46 23-Feb-94  
Wendel Alvin Joseph 27-Sep-11 27-Apr-99 WW II; h/o Mary F.
Wendel  Mary Frances Hrdlicka 7-Jan-22 15-Sep-00 w/o Alvin J.
Wentrcha Frank J. 26 Jun 1877 2-Oct-58 h/o Josephine
Wentrcha Josephine Smahel 12 Sep 1891 5-Jan-93 w/o Frank J.
Wilson Shelly Marie Born & Died  24-Nov-75  
Wilson  Shelly Marie  24-Nov-75 24-Nov-75  
Wohleb Monica Rene Born & Died 13-Nov-78  
Wosnitzky Thekla Konetzke 23 Sep 1859 19-Dec-18 w/o Jacob V.
Wosnitzky Jacob V. 1855 1936 h/o Thekla
Wosnitzky Theodore 1884  1921  
Wright Carl Francis 11-Feb-22 16-Dec-66 WW II
Zachas Lee David 6-May-11 10-Jun-88 h/o Angeline
Zachas Angeline Zapalac 26-May-12 9-Nov-89 w/o Lee D.
Zahradnick Ludmila Zapalac 15-Sep-00 4-Apr-59  
Zajicek John No date given 1929  
Zapalac Apolonvie Targac 1844 28-Oct-13 w/o Anton
Zapalac John F. 10-Jun-06 19-Aug-71 WW II
Zapalac Willie R. 3-Mar-03 13 Mar 1966/ 1996 WW II
Zapalac John Adam 23 Dec 1896 28-Jan-81 WW I; h/o Rosie 
Zapalac Joe W. 26 Nov 1898 4-Jun-81 h/o Mary A.
Zapalac Joe C. 17-Feb-29 18-Apr-81 KW; h/o Doris M.
Zapalac Marion Dale 20-Aug-52 15-Sep-73  
Zapalac Stella Valicek 31-Aug-28 26-Jan-82  
Zapalac Martin Joseph, Sr. 12-Nov-18 25-Sep-67 h/o Tekla M.
Zapalac Robert Willie 12-Sep-23 28-May-96 WWII; h/o Mildred L.
Zapalac Mildred Lewis 22-Oct-26 15-Jan-85 w/o Robert W.
Zapalac Rosie Brhel 26 Feb 1896 2-Jul-87 w/o John A
Zapalac Henry Bert, Sr. 10-Dec-14 8-Apr-88 WWII; h/o Rosalie
Zapalac Rosalie F. Konarik 4-Feb-28 23-Mar-16 w/o Henry B
Zapalac Mary Agnes 5-Sep-00 11-Sep-90 w/o Joe w.
Zapalac Molly Rosalie 30-Aug-12 2-Jan-93  
Zapalac Irene Amalia Sklenarik 27-Jan-26 18-Mar-99 w/o Max
Zapalac Mollie Vykoukal 4-Aug-12 23-Aug-99 w/o John L.
Zapalac Max J., Sr. 12-Sep-21 2-Jan-02 WW II; h/o Irene A.
Zapalac  Doris Marie Holub 19-May-33 3-Jul-10 w/o Joe C.
Zapalac  Julia Vera Vykoukal 10-Jun-06 26-Feb-06 w/o Louis, Sr.
Zapalac Tekla Margaret Haczynski 18-Aug-22 16-Mar-08 w/o Martin, Sr.
Zapalac Anton 1834 1911 h/o Apolonvie
Zapalac Adolf 11-Feb-21 4-Dec-36  
Zapalac Marie 14 Jun 1871 8-Feb-41 w/o Rehor
Zapalac Rehor 9 May 1869 20-Jan-44 h/o Marie
Zapalac Amalie Bohac 15 Nov 1878 3-Mar-61  
Zapalac Louis Joseph, Sr. 30-Jul-08 13-Sep-61 h/o Julia V.
Zapalac John L. 26-Jun-10 16-Oct-64 h/o Mollie V.
Zapalac Sedonia 7 Aug 1871 18-Feb-64 w/o Joe F.
Zapalac Joe F. 14 Jan 1881 21-Jan-49 h/o Sedonia
Zaruba Louis S. 12-Sep-12 23-Oct-68  
Zaruba Charles Louis 22-Aug-04 9-Aug-68 h/o Hermina M.
Zaruba Hermina Mae Hradil 13-Feb-08 30-Jul-93 w/o Charles L
Zaruba Frances Hamala 17 Jun 1895 26-Nov-85 w/o Richard C.
Zaruba Martha Gabriella 31-Dec-17 11-Apr-97  
Zaruba Willie 2-Sep-08 30-Apr-09  
Zaruba Richard Charles 25 Mar 1888 23-Nov-74 h/o Frances
Zaruba Steve R. 17 Feb 1896 11-Apr-61 WW I
Zaruba Karl M. 13 Nov 1851 19-Jun-37 h/o Antonia
Zaruba Antonina 15 Sep 1853 14-Nov-16 w/o Karl M.
Zaruba Karel 5 Sep 1878 8-May-26  
Zaskoda Harvel Frank. 14-Feb-18 8-Nov-98 WW II; h/o Dessie May
Zaskoda Dessie May CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny 3-Jul-21 6-Jan-88 w/o Harvel F.
Zaskoda Frantiska Victoria Wostarek 9 Aug 1893 1-Apr-41  
Zboril Frank 1910 1921  
Zboril Frantiska 6 Dec 1842 28-Jan-23  
Zlinsky Rudolf A. 14 Apr 1887 19-Aug-69  
Zlinsky Marie 17 Nov 1896 11-Dec-33  


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