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Sealy Cemetery

  There is only one Sealy Cemetery. The address for this cemetery is 768 4th Street; Sealy, Texas.   The Haven of Rest Mausoleum is a building on the cemetery property.    

Thanks to Carolyn Zaskoda

for past updates to these files.

NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots or rules and regulations of the cemetery, contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.







Sealy Catholic

Names R-Z  PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.

Thanks to Carolyn Zaskoda

for updates to these files January 2022
More information on Veterans:


Last First/Maiden DOB DOD NOTES
Ralph Harriett Sarah Paull 07 Jul 1855 17 Jul 1899  
Ramm Adele Louise Brast 29 Jul 1891 20-Jun-1972 w/o Emil
Ramm Emil 20 Sep 1891 3-Feb-1952 h/o Adele L.
Ramm Joseph   15 Sep 1877 28-Jul-1956  
Ramsey Charles Edward 23-Feb-1983 23-Feb-1983  
Rasche Erna Louise Klopsteck 29-Aug-1906 24-Aug-1979 w/o Henry F., Sr.
Rasche Henry Fred (Fritz), Sr. 03 Jan 1895 15-Feb-1961 WWI   h/o Erna L.
Raskey  Douglas Basil, Jr. 15-Dec-1959 13-May-2003 USMC Veteran
Ray Clifford G. 12-Jul-1914 28-Dec-1969 WWII h/o Etheleder E.
Ray Etheleder E. Ekarius 30-Dec-1918 1-Apr-1975 w/o Clifford G.; NO MARKER
Reagan Patricia Claudine 29-May-1942 13-Mar-1996  
Reagan Russell Eugene 16-May-1980 1-Jul-2004  
Reardon M. H.   03 Sep 1888  
Reaser D. E. (Delos Elmer) 04 Nov 1851 1-Nov-1907 h/o Mary W.
Reaser Eleanor Hackbarth (Friml) 13 Feb 1887 3-Feb-1981 w/o Floyd N. & Fred Friml
Reaser Floyd Neal 25 Apr 1885 18-Nov-1928 1st h/o Eleanor H.
Reaser Imogene Clara Weeks 12-Sep-1905 22-Aug-1989 w/o Vernon N.
Reaser Lloyd Neal 26 Feb 1884 18-Nov-1928  
Reaser  Mary Wood 14 Mar 1861 8-Oct-1948 w/o D. E.
Reaser  Vernon Neal 14-Oct-1906 8-Feb-1994 h/o Imogene C.
Redden Michael Scott 10-Aug-1968 21-Aug-2021  US Army    Find-A-Grave  
Reed Pauline L. Nowak 29-Aug-1922 20-Sep-2008  
Reeder Marguerite Katurah Bowden 25-Aug-1910 5-Nov-2005  
Reger  Adolph Ernst John 08 Oct 1897 9-Jan-1919  
Reger  Bertha Maria Margretha Weishuhn 06 Jan 1858 13-Sep-1938 w/o John N.
Reger  John N. 20 Feb 1867 26-May-1919 h/o Bertha W.
Reibenstein Adolph Ernst 03 Jul 1873 14-Jan-1954 h/o Ida M.
Reibenstein Arno  19-Dec-1904 22-Oct-1993 h/o V. Zadie
Reibenstein Bernice Theresa Krause 8-Oct-1926 14-Feb-2020 w/o Leslie
Reibenstein Eddie Adolph 27-Jul-1906 6-Dec-1995 h/o Mary M.
Reibenstein Edmund 16 Oct 1895 3-Aug-1961 WWI   h/o Lodima B.
Reibenstein Edwin   17 Mar 1899 13-Oct-1981 h/o Lillie M.
Reibenstein Ida Meier 20 Feb 1875 1-Dec-1929 w/o Adolph E.
Reibenstein Leslie 10-Oct-1924 27-Nov-1971 WWII   h/o Bernice T.
Reibenstein Lillie Menking 1-Nov-1907 23-Jun-1971 w/o Edwin  
Reibenstein Lodima Bertha Wittenburg 13 Sep 1897 15-Apr-1989 w/o Edmund
Reibenstein Mary Maude Worsham 29 Dec 1894 6-Jun-1985 w/o Eddie A.
Reibenstein Venita Zadie Zachas 16-Feb-1909 3-Mar-2006 w/o Arno
Reichardt  Kermit William 22-Dec-1910 23-Sep-2004 WWII;   h/o Maydell K.
Reichardt  Maydell Kulow 15-Jul-1925 5-Apr-2012 w/o Kermit W.
Reichelt Frieda Annie Clara 27-Sep-1900 23-Aug-1995  
Reid Carolyn Hillebrand 21-Feb-1929 26-Apr-1984  
Reinbeck Dorothy Lee Moulton 16-Jan-1918 9-Apr-2009 w/o Jesse B.
Reinbeck Jesse Berne 8-Jul-1918 15-Jul-1986 WWII   h/o Dorothy L.
Reinke Anna Nustedt Stoerner 12 Sep 1884 22-Jul-1972 w/o Martin (Welcome) & Walter F.
Reinke Walter Fritz 15 Jul 1888 9-Apr-1958 h/o Anna H.
Remmert Adolph Fritz 27 Mar 1887 27-May-1962 h/o Edna W.
Remmert Alan Neal 25-Jan-1948 12-Apr-1978  
Remmert Alphonse Henry 3-Aug-1911 29-Dec-1986 WWII;   h/o Alta L.
Remmert Alta Lee Williams 25-Jan-1901 14-Feb-1983 w/o Alphonse H.
Remmert Alvin Otto 15-Sep-1911 6-Sep-1989 h/o Leona L.
Remmert Bruno Otto Wilhelm 24-Jan-1902 24-Dec-1904  
Remmert Charlotte Henriette Thielmann 10 Jun 1854 29-May-1918 w/o F. Wilhelm
Remmert Clara Billig 26 Mar 1881 11-Jun-1967 w/o William C.
Remmert Edna Wilhelmine Albert 13 Dec 1888 16-Apr-1977 w/o Adolph F.
Remmert Edwin Louis "Buster" 30-Apr-1918 4-Mar-2019 WWII h/o Estelle J.
Remmert Emma Hulda Hartmann 23 Jan 1890 19-Dec-1987 w/o Louis H.
Remmert Estelle Jeanette Abel 7-Oct-1926 4-Jan-2019 w/o Edwin L. 
Remmert Evelyn Joy Gerhart 11-Mar-1921 4-May-1990 1st w/o Werner F.
Remmert Friedrich Wilhelm 10 Nov 1845 09 Mar 1899 h/o C. Henriette
Remmert Gerhardt Adolph (Jelly) 19-Apr-1913 17-Jun-2010 WWII; h/o Lillie M.
Remmert Henry August 27 May 1880 8-Aug-1956  
Remmert Kenneth Lee 5-Sep-1930 18-May-1998 Korea h/o Sidney D.
Remmert Leona Lucia Meinecke 21-Mar-1911 1-Apr-1996 w/o Alvin O.
Remmert Lillie Mae Gerhart  26-Feb-1919 9-Aug-2016 w/o Gerhardt A.
Remmert Lou Vena "Girlie" 28-Jul-1915 21-Dec-1998  
Remmert Louis Henry 31 Dec 1884 6-Apr-1960 h/o Emma H.
Remmert Mattie Kurtz 27 Jun 1894 27-Oct-1987 w/o Otto A.
Remmert Mildred Louise Davis 31-May-1910 20-Dec-1987 w/o Otto A.
Remmert Otto Adolph 2-Oct-1906 14-Aug-1991 h/o Mildred L.
Remmert  Otto August 28 Aug 1888 12-Jun-1973 WWI 
Remmert Sidney Dell Johnston 9-May-1939 31-Mar-2017 w/o Kenneth L.
Remmert  William Christopher 22 May 1877 21-Oct-1955 h/o Clara B.
Rench Edwin Aaron 7-Apr-1902 5-Jan-1973 h/o Estelle E.
Rench Estelle Emeroy Roach 22-Nov-1912 7-Jun-2011 w/o Edwin A.
Reneau Annie R.   01 Nov 1869 03 Nov 1870 d/o Thomas & Annie
Reneau Annie R. Munger 12 Mar 1845 6-Apr-1914 w/o Thomas S.
Reneau James Cleveland 02 Aug 1881 20-Aug-1938  
Reneau Thomas S. 02 May 1829 02 May 1882 CSA  h/o Annie R.
Reneau Walter William 06 Aug 1877 14-Jan-1932 NO MARKER
Renfroe Mary Ellen Gomez 27-Nov-1950 17-Oct-2013  
Renken Catherine Spoede 14 Feb 1890 1-Jul-1953 w/o Eddie C.
Renken Eddie Carl 03 Nov 1889 3-Dec-1975 h/o Catherine S.
Rentzch (Anna) Marie Wienecke 18 Feb 1840 29-Dec-1933 w/o Herman (1861 PR)
Resendez Manuel, Sr. 27-Jul-1927 25-Aug-2019 h/o Frances S.
Reynolds Elmina D. 30 Jan 1892 28-Jul-1984 w/o Marvin P.
Reynolds Marvin Pinckney 10-Feb-1907 23-Dec-1990 h/o Elmina D.
Rice  James H. 04 Feb 1843 03 Dec 1894  
Richards Helen Harriett 7-Dec-1900 27-Nov-1986  
Richardson Kenneth Wayne, Jr. 9-Mar-1957 9-Dec-2007  
Richter Betty Lou Kelm 27-Nov-1942 7-Jul-2018 w/o Robert M.
Richter Jody Ann Bolten 6-Sep-1975 12-Mar-2005  
Richter Robert Max 18-Jul-1939 22-May-2019   Vietnam h/o Betty L.
Ricker Lenore Lester 20 Nov 1894 28-Oct-1979  
Riley  Heather Renee 28-Sep-1989 7-Jan-1991 d/o Ollie & Judy
Rios Laura Avine Wolcik Krampitz 15-Oct-1925 2-Dec-1984  
Ripper May Ruth Wolcik 15-Sep-1934 8-Jun-2015  
Ripple Elsie Janis 22-Feb-1906 19-Apr-2005  
Ripple Evelyn 7-Aug-1909 8-Nov-1913  
Ripple Harold John 7-Oct-1903 2-Nov-1950  
Ripple John William 18 Nov 1877 19-Jul-1943 h/o Vera A.
Ripple  Vera Agnes Schlapota 05 Jul 1884 12-Jun-1973 w/o John W.
Risinger Gary Wayne, Jr. "Bubba" 20-Apr-1989 4-Jul-1997  
Rivers Robert Ryan 5-Jan-1953 23-Dec-1995  
Roberts El Mina Barnard 05 Apr 1844 12-Sep-1906 w/o John D.
Roberts John D. 06 May 1846 09 Sep 1891 h/o El Mina B.
Robertson Catherine Gray 07 Dec 1867 19-Nov-1923  
Robertson Helen 12-Jan-1909 26-Dec-1910  
Robertson Joshua 14 Jul 1881 30-Mar-1940 h/o Maude S.
Robertson Mary Margaret Bolin 4-Nov-1914 16-Mar-1991 w/o Sumner D.
Robertson Maude Sessions 12 Jul 1888 28-May-1981 w/o Joshua
Robertson  Sumner Daniel, Sr. 29-Mar-1911 4-Jan-1984 h/o Mary M.
Robison Alberta Lillian Lepp 23-Mar-1935 18-Mar-2009 w/o Milburn G.
Robison Milburn Gerald 2-Jun-1925 6-Dec-2014 WWII   h/o Alberta L.
Rodriguez Guillermina 2-May-1907 19-Oct-1986  
Rodriguez Ramiro, Jr. 20-Sep-1954 30-Nov-2005  
Rogers Bonnie Lee Spinks 25 Jan 1883 23-Jan-1968 w/o James M.
Rogers Clyde "Mutt" 25-Dec-1913 22-Feb-1983 h/o Gracie K.
Rogers Don Centex 30-Sep-1936 9-Apr-2003  
Rogers Emily Louise 3-Apr-1913 21-Mar-1985  
Rogers Gladys Lillie Schroeder 27-Dec-1915 15-Jan-1994 w/o Thurmond J.
Rogers  Gracie Kizybelle Nelson 6-Dec-1915 1-Jul-2000 w/o Clyde
Rogers  James Madison 08 Oct 1884 4-Feb-1967 h/o Bonnie L.
Rogers  Mabel McClain 29-Sep-1913 18-May-2000  
Rogers Martha Ann Cowling 5-Nov-1935 25-Mar-2011 w/o Raymond W.
Rogers  Raymond William 14 May 1885 12-Jan-1958 WWII  h/o Martha A.
Rogers  T. J. (Thurmond James) 25-Mar-1909 26-May-1985 h/o Gladys L.
Rosales Benjamin Salgado 26-Aug-1986 4-Oct-2006 Iraq 
Rose (Emma) Laura Farrington 22-Feb-1915 26-Apr-2004 w/o William B.
Rose  William Barry 3-Sep-1912 25-Jun-1998 h/o E. Laura
Rosenauer Charles 19 Apr 1886 20-Aug-1958 h/o Elise N.
Rosenauer Elise Nollkemper 24 Oct 1888 2-Jun-1961 w/o Charles
Ross Dora Lee Corkill 18-Sep-1917 2-Sep-2001 w/o William L.
Ross Joyce Elaine Loescher 16-Aug-1926 9-Aug-2006  
Ross  Kelli Sue 17-Oct-1967 18-Oct-1967  
Ross  William Lewis "Shorty" 11-Nov-1913 16-Sep-1990 h/o Dora L.
Rosselli Florene Hill  18-Feb-1927 13-Jun-2016  
Rosser Mamie Gazelle Winningham 01 Mar 1896 29-Apr-1987 w/o M. Frank
Rosser Moses Frank 23-Oct-1904 5-Sep-1983 h/o Mamie G.
Rossler Alfred Leo 14-Nov-1900 12-Oct-1940  
Rossler Florence Lee Esar 23-Oct-1917 20-Feb-2011 w/o Louis G., Sr. 
Rossler John Hans 20 Apr 1876 30-Nov-1948 h/o Sophie C.
Rossler Louis George, Sr. 10-Dec-1901 5-May-1976 h/o Florence L.
Rossler Sophie Christina Schneider 09 Jan 1874 10-Feb-1971 w/o John H.
Rother Helen Marie Cypher 13-Oct-1961 26-Sep-2019  
Rowe Jordan Scott 25-Sep-1986 9-Dec-2003  
Rudloff Archer Lee 21-Oct-1921 18-Apr-1994 WWII;   h/o I. Eloise
Rudloff Cheryl Lynn 21-Oct-1951 23-Oct-2016  
Rudloff Edmund George 07 Feb 1893 18-Jul-1978 h/o Regina J.
Rudloff Edmund Reginald 27-Aug-1924 19-Feb-1994 WWII  h/o M. Frances
Rudloff Emil Gustav 09 Jan 1864 2-May-1914 h/o Wilhelmina F.
Rudloff (Ida) Eloise East 27-Feb-1929 26-Jun-2017 w/o Archer L.
Rudloff Lee Louis 02 Jun 1893 12-Mar-1968 WWI;   h/o Ruby M.
Rudloff (Mary) Frances Fewell 25-Jan-1926 24-Jun-2014 w/o Edmund R.
Rudloff Regina Johanna Rath 09 Jan 1898 27-Dec-1989 w/o Edmund G.
Rudloff Ruby Maranda Hudson  24-Aug-1902 15-Aug-1991 w/o Lee L.
Rudloff Wilhelmina Find 03 Apr 1871 6-Oct-1950 w/o Emil G.
Ruff Charles Hilmar 31 Aug 1833 25 Apr 1892 h/o Irene A.
Ruff Charles Otto 08 Mar 1869 25-Feb-1942  
Ruff George Roesabrandt 10 Dec 1876 28-Jun-1945  
Ruff Hellen Annieliza 18-Aug-1903 11-Jun-1904  
Ruff Irene A. Delacroix Apr 1836 1903 w/o Charles H.
Ruff  Irene Delacroix 18 Jul 1873 10-Jul-1933  
Ruff  William Robert 14 Mar 1861 26-Apr-1909  
Ruffner Elizabeth Mahala Brune 15-Sep-1923 17-May-1968 w/o James R.
Ruffner James Ray 15-Jan-1926 29-Feb-2004 WWII   h/o Elizabeth M.
Rushing Ruth Gonyer 20-Aug-1922 15-Aug-2012  
Russ Frank, Jr. 4-Jul-1912 12-Sep-1982 WWII  
Russ Vera Kuzell 15 Nov 1881 16-Mar-1956  
Rychlik Henrietta Wetz 15-Jul-1940 23-Mar-2021 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Ryder Mary E. 14 Sep 1836 29 Jan 1895  
Rye  John Cecil 12-Sep-1903 23-Jul-1983 h/o Wilma E.
Rye  Wilma Eunice Woody 28-Jan-1903 25-Jun-1982 w/o John C.
Sailer (Elenora) Fay Kennedy 26 May 1876 17-Nov-1961 w/o Joe C.
Sailer Emil 27 Nov 1896 10 Jun 1899  
Sailer Emma 10 Jun 1895 17-Nov-1903  
Sailer Ernestine 25 Oct 1891 18-Nov-1903  
Sailer Ernestine Emilia Hartman 11 Jan 1865 31-Jan-1945 w/o William
Sailer Harold Arthur "Jack" 14 Sep 1895 21-Jan-1936 WWI  
Sailer Iola Sophie Kveton 03 Dec 1881 22-Apr-1953 w/o Max H.
Sailer Jake Walter  28-Jul-1913 9-Jun-1965 WWII 
Sailer Joe Charles 10 Feb 1872 19-Jun-1959 h/o Elenora F.
Sailer Max Herman 27 Oct 1870 25-Jan-1944 h/o Iola S.
Sailer  William 18 Aug 1865 18-Feb-1918 h/o Ernestine E.
Salomon Charles Henry 21 Apr 1857 12-Mar-1911 h/o Minnie B.
Salomon Leona Hackbarth 19 Apr 1899 4-Apr-1996 w/o S. J.
Salomon Minnie Brosig 13 Apr 1858 10-Jun-1934 w/o Charles H.
Salomon Seymour Julius "King" 13 Aug 1896 1-Mar-1983 WWI  h/o Leona H.
Sanders Alma Kluever 10 Aug 1894 13-Aug-1978 w/o Charles H.
Sanders Bertha Lazetta Menke 27 Mar 1860 6-Aug-1950 w/o Christie T.
Sanders Charles Henry 03 Oct 1889 14-Jun-1954 h/o Alma K.
Sanders Chrisopher Thompson "Christie" 30 Jan 1852 18-May-1921 h/o Bertha L.
Sanders Edward Wiley 29 Jan 1885 10 Nov 1885  
Sanders Harry Oliver 1879 1898  
Sanders Laneta Grace 1898 1899  
Sanders Lucy Ann Magruder 06 Sep 1854 16-Apr-1933 w/o Wiley A.
Sanders  Theo 1884 1888  
Sanders  Wiley A. Oct 1853   h/o Lucy A.
Sandlin Blake Anthony 30-Jul-2004 15-Jul-2016  
Sandlin Collin Ray 3-Sep-2002 15-Jul-2016  
Sartwelle SR James Dinsmor 26-Mar-1921 15-Mar-2002 WWII h/o Mary P.
Sartwelle JR James Dinsmore 28-Sep-1940 6-Nov-2021 Vietnam    
Sartwelle Mary Parker Belk 17-Sep-1919 4-Nov-1992 w/o James D., Sr.
Saxton John Murray 6-Oct-1905 28-Aug-1957 h/o Mary F.
Saxton Mary Frances "Dolly" Foytik 20-Jan-1921 22-Jan-2015 w/o John M.
Scearce Judy 10-Dec-1950 8-Apr-2021 Schmidt Funeral Home
Scearce Richard Lee (Ricky), Jr. 7-Jul-1951 4-May-2012  
Schaare Bernetha Augusta Beckman 16-Dec-1918 12-May-2002 w/o Leroy H., Sr.
Schaare Doris Ann Krupala 24-Oct-1940 12-Apr-2007 w/o Leroy H., Jr.
Schaare Ella Helene Emma Pfeffer 21 Jan 1896 26-Aug-1990 w/o Theodor, Jr.
Schaare Florine   16-Feb-1934 28-Mar-1934 d/o Theodor & Ella
Schaare Ida Meyer 01 Jun 1865 17-Sep-1933 w/o Theodore C., Sr.
Schaare Karen Sue 26-Jun-1943 3-Mar-2016  
Schaare Leroy Henry, Jr. 11-Sep-1940 2-Aug-2008 h/o Doris A.
Schaare Leroy Henry, Sr. 27-Sep-1918 27-Jan-1997 h/o Bernetha A.
Schaare Mathilda Henrietta "Tillie" Remmert 19 Feb 1891 8-Jan-1950 w/o Willie
Schaare Theodor, Jr. 01 Nov 1895 12-Jan-1966 WWI  h/o Ella H.
Schaare Theodore C., Sr. 23 May 1860 19-Feb-1943 h/o Ida M.
Schaare Willie 09 Jul 1889 22-Apr-1975 h/o Tillie H.
Schaefer Daniel Rudolph 4-Aug-1926 19-Sep-1990 WWII  h/o Hattie M.
Schaefer Gary John 9-May-1952 18-May-1990  
Schaefer Hattie Marie Schneider 22-May-1918 1-Oct-2009 w/o Daniel R.
Schaer Carl Ernst 03 Sep 1883 21-Apr-1952 h/o Leonora H.
Schaer Cynthia Gail 3-Dec-1952 30-May-2013  
Schaer Henry Carl 27-Oct-1924 30-Dec-2009 WWII  h/o Sue M.
Schaer Leonora Henrietta Klopsteck 19 Apr 1892 21-Oct-1988 w/o Carl E.
Schaer Sue Mallicote 6-Jan-1931 27-Aug-1972 w/o Henry
Schaffner Ernest Charles 25-Oct-1903 23-Feb-1944  
Schaffner Fred Charles 03 Sep 1873 5-Sep-1922 h/o Sophie L.
Schaffner (Gladys) Inez Fagan 26-Jul-1928 2-Feb-2000 w/o Robert H.
Schaffner Robert Henry 11-Jan-1926 1-Oct-1994 WWII   h/o G. Inez
Schaffner Robert Lee 18-Sep-1900 5-Sep-1922  
Schaffner Sophie L. Kloss 21 Nov 1874 29-Sep-1968 w/o Fred C.
Schavrda Albert E. 18-Mar-1915 17-Nov-1944 1st h/o Ruby Z. Maddox
Scherbig Marguerite Edwina Jeschke 29-Oct-1913 16-Jul-1985 w/o Otto W.
Scherbig Otto William 29-Oct-1910 29-Mar-1971 h/o Marguerite E.
Schier Anna 11 Feb 1884 15 Jul 1884  
Schier Annie May 12-Jan-1906 1-Apr-1906  
Schier Clarence John 19-Jan-1917 30-Aug-2001 WWII; h/o Marian C.
Schier Elizabeth Thanheiser 07 Dec 1884 6-Feb-1978 w/o Joe F.
Schier Elmore Willie Edwin 19-Dec-1900 25-Aug-1986 h/o Ruth J.
Schier Hulda Doris Kersten 05 Jan 1882 27-May-1964 w/o John C.
Schier Ida Anna 15 Sep 1882 26-Feb-1900  
Schier Joe Frank  10 May 1880 14-Dec-1966 h/o Elizabeth T.
Schier John Christian  15 Aug 1877 2-Jun-1913 h/o Hulda D.
Schier John Christian III 30-Oct-1965 13-Aug-1992  
Schier LaVonn Evelyn Jousan 15-Nov-1916 30-May-2016 w/o Oscar E.
Schier Maria Ann Hilmer 04 Sep 1846 09 Nov  1896  
Schier Marian Claire Koy 15-Dec-1917 4-Dec-1992 WWII w/o Clarence J.
Schier Olga Caroline Klopsteck 19 Aug 1882 11-Jun-1973 w/o Willie E.
Schier Oscar Edward 18-Nov-1913 27-May-2009 WWII; h/o LaVonn E.
Schier Ruby Edwina 1907 1913  
Schier Ruth Jane Hood 15-Jun-1913 22-Dec-2000 w/o Elmore W.
Schier Willie E 20-Nov-1903 20-Nov-1903  
Schier  Willie Edward 25 Dec 1876 18-Dec-1960 h/o Olga C.
Schill Fred 20 Dec 1886 24-Dec-1954 h/o Lola H.
Schill Lola Herman 29 Jan 1892 19-Jan-1939 w/o Fred
Schiller Aldon Edward 27-Mar-1929 14-Nov-1996 Veteran; h/o Bernice S.
Schiller Anna Marek 21 Jan 1845 1910 w/o John A.
Schiller Bernice Stetenpohl 31-Aug-1934 14-Nov-1996 w/o Aldon E.
Schiller Emily Marie 06 Jan 1872 31-Mar-1954 Burial in George West, Texas
Schiller Frank Ed 02 Apr 1889 1-Jul-1956 h/o Louise K.
Schiller Jan 19 Dec 1875 20-Nov-1912 1st h/o Mary J. Maresh
Schiller John A. 20 Apr 1845 26-Feb-37 h/o Anna  
Schiller Joseph H. 18 Aug 1885 23-Jan-1959 h/o Vlasta I.
Schiller Louise Rose Janecek 12 Aug 1894 25-Jun-1985 w/o Frank E.
Schiller Oldriska Luciyye 15 Nov 1897 4-Nov-1900  
Schiller Rev. John 13 Dec 1867 9-Jun-1953 Burial in George West, Texas
Schiller Ruth Olga 6-Sep-1907 14-Feb-1942 Burial in George West, Texas
Schiller Sidoniye Amalyje 02 Aug 1899 5-Nov-1900  
Schiller Theresie 26-Mar-1905 11-Jul-1924  
Schiller Vlasta Isadore Janecek 13 Sep 1898 17-Dec-1978 w/o Joseph H.
Schilling Lawrence "Doc" 3-Feb-1906 31-Dec-1973 WWII
Schindler Annie Jane Willy 05 Mar 1872 12-Jul-1961 w/o Joseph J.
Schindler Irene Willie Bartay 9-Dec-1911 24-Apr-1939 w/o Marvin W., Sr.
Schindler Joseph James 11 Apr 1872 4-Aug-1930 h/o Annie J.
Schindler Marvin Willy, Jr. 24-Sep-1932 31-Mar-1980 Korea
Schindler Marvin Willy, Sr. 22-Nov-1904 18-Nov-1978 h/o Irene W.
Schindler Sidney Joseph 28 Nov 1896 15-Apr-1930 WWI  
Schley Mary Elizabeth Oldag 17 Sep 1894 21-Jun-1991 w/o William A.
Schley William Albert 10 Oct 1881 2-Apr-1959 h/o Mary E.
Schlittler Herbert Richard 18-Oct-1907 25-May-1991 h/o Mildred J.
Schlittler Mildred Jessie Brannan 19-Dec-1910 14-Sep-1994 w/o Herbert R.
Schluens Katie May Babel 18 Nov 1875 5-Dec-1929 w/o W. J.
Schluens W. J. (William J.) 28 Sep 1868 13-Jun-1934 h/o Katie M.
Schmidt Josephine Pauline Wasicek Pavelka 19-Mar-1900 29-Apr-1980 w/o Benjamin V. Pavelka
Schmiz Anna Solansky Nentwig 20 Oct 1875 14-Mar-1930 w/o Louis A.
Schmiz Louis Adolph, Sr. "Smitty" 03 Sep 1873 18-Apr-1947 2nd h/o Anna S.
Schmoeller Dr. William S. 02 Jan 1856 6-Jul-1917  
Schneider Aldine Annie Schiller 27-Mar-1929 11-Mar-2005 w/o Walter W.
Schneider Anna M. Thomsen 16 Dec 1886 6-Feb-1954 w/o Paul A.
Schneider Carl B. 12 Aug 1877 8-Oct-1924  
Schneider Leo 7-Sep-1928 10-Jan-1929 s/o Paul & Anna; NO MARKER
Schneider Paul Adam 25 Jan 1882 1-Mar-1969 h/o Anna M.
Schneider Roy Owen 8-Jan-1948 18-Nov-1994  
Schneider Walter William 3-Oct-1924 30-Nov-2011 WWII; h/o Aldine A.
Schroeder Adelle Pinson 27-Nov-1906 19-Aug-1990 w/o Herbert W.
Schroeder Birdie Henrietta Schubert 5-Sep-1912 18-Oct-2000 w/o Ernest
Schroeder Birdie Schluens 24-Jul-1915 24-Feb-1999 w/o Ralph
Schroeder  C. A. 24 Jul 1878 18-Dec-1902  
Schroeder Charles Henry 17 Sep 1866 26-Feb-1949 h/o Melanie B.
Schroeder Charles Wilhelm 26 May 1877 4-Jul-1948 h/o Ella W.
Schroeder Dora 04 Oct 1861 15-Feb-1907 w/o Karl
Schroeder Edmond Louis 20 Sep 1899 24-May-1947 WWII  
Schroeder Edna Bertha Elise Braesicke 25-Jul-1907 23-Nov-1994 w/o Leonard F.
Schroeder Edna Emma Rogers 27-Apr-1907 16-Feb-1965 w/o Reno W.
Schroeder Ella Winnie Stein 12 Jul 1884 30-Mar-1972 w/o Charles W.
Schroeder Ellbertha 27-Dec-1908 4-Apr-1924  
Schroeder Elvier M. 11-Nov-1911 10-Aug-1994  
Schroeder  Ernest 25-Dec-1908 22-Apr-1996 h/o Birdie H.
Schroeder  Eula Mae Norman 2-Feb-1914 30-May-1989 w/o Milam
Schroeder  Frederick "Fritz" C.  09 Oct 1897 12-Jul-1968 WWII  
Schroeder  Frieda Hintz 25-Jun-1908 26-Jun-1983 w/o Lee F.
Schroeder  Herbert William 4-Jun-1904 3-Dec-1985 h/o Adelle P.
Schroeder  Irene Lydia Amsler 3-Apr-1913 4-May-1999 w/o Raymond M.
Schroeder  Jimmie Lee "Blue" 19-Nov-1938 22-Oct-1999  
Schroeder  Karl 08 Aug 1841 12-Aug-1900 h/o Dora
Schroeder  Lee Frank 2-Dec-1902 10-Dec-1987 h/o Frieda H.
Schroeder  Leonard Fred 28-Aug-1901 28-Apr-1969 h/o Edna B.
Schroeder  Louis Carl 16 Dec 1877 15-Dec-1956  
Schroeder  Melanie Balke 20 Nov 1875 8-Jul-1959 w/o Charles H.
Schroeder  Milam 23-Jan-1907 28-Aug-1965 h/o Eula M.
Schroeder  Minnie Pless 04 Nov 1879 17-Aug-1945 w/o Paul J.
Schroeder  Otto Leopold  07 Sep 1840 16-Jan-1910 1st h/o Mathilde Nerger
Schroeder  Paul John 22 Jul 1876 27-Jun-1945 h/o Minnie P.
Schroeder  Ralph 12-Mar-1911 10-Nov-1985 h/o Birdie S.
Schroeder  Raymond Morris 11-Oct-1909 25-Jun-2003 h/o Irene L.
Schroeder  Reno Walter 13-Apr-1905 3-Dec-1953 h/o Edna E.
Schroeder  Terry Walter 19-Jan-1991 23-May-2005  
Schroeder  Walter Fred 28 Sep 1889 12-Dec-1950 WWI  
Schubert August, Jr. 28 Mar 1875 17-Jan-1965  
Schubert Bella 03 Sep 1894 2-Sep-1961  
Schubert Dora Hoff 10 Apr 1893 11-Nov-1970 w/o Max T.
Schubert Henry 04 Jan 1883 9-Feb-1959  
Schubert Max Theodore 10 Aug 1885 20-Apr-1971 h/o Dora H.
Schubert Roy Charles 21-Jun-1919 28-Dec-1947  
Schulke Alice Annie Adele Meloneck 27-Oct-1923 16-Sep-2004 w/o Herman
Schulke Edward Herman, Jr. 7-Dec-1948 7-Jul-1949  
Schulke Edward Herman, Sr. 8-Jun-1905 12-Feb-1968 h/o Hilda F.
Schulke Elaine Joyce 23-Oct-1940 28-Feb-1941  
Schulke Herman 11-Mar-1915 1-Aug-2002 WWII  h/o Alice A.
Schulke Hilda Frances Manna 13-Jan-1911 17-Mar-2001 w/o Edward H., Sr.
Schulke Jeanette Lorine 11-Apr-1937 7-Jun-1937  
Schulke Margaret Louise 17-Feb-1945 22-Aug-1945  
Schulte Hazel Routh Lay 28-Jun-1915 29-Mar-1982  
Schultz Albert 01 Nov 1879 26-Apr-1937 h/o Bertha S.
Schultz Bertha Keding 24 Dec 1879 9-Nov-1961 w/o Albert 
Schultz Bertha Kollhoff 04 Sep 1898 26-Jan-1919 1st w/o Charles G.
Schultz Charles Gottfried 04 Jun 1887 10-Jan-1971 h/o Bertha K.
Schultz Christian 11 Jun 1851 22-Jan-1917 h/o Maria S.
Schultz Edwin William 6-Nov-1902 16-Jul-1984 h/o Elsie K.
Schultz Elisa 26 Jan 1890 22-Jun-1943  
Schultz Elsie Kveton 15-Jan-1906 13-Aug-2004 w/o Edwin W.
Schultz Emil   18 Jul 1880 27-Feb-1967  
Schultz Infant Son 22-Jan-1919 22-Jan-1919 s/o Charles & Bertha
Schultz Maria Salomon 27 Mar 1854 16-Aug-1930 w/o Christian
Schultz Willie 04 May 1885 22-Apr-1962  
Schulz Minnie Lena Wienecke 14 Sep 1899 24-Aug-2000 w/o Willie H.
Schulz Willie Herman 23 Feb 1891 19-Mar-1962 WWI; h/o Minnie L.
Scott Helen Naomi Willard 20-Aug-1906 4-Aug-1982  
Scott JR James D 5-Oct.-1961 15-Nov.-2021  P.: James & Julie Scott
Scott Oranelle Haynes 19-Dec-1900 3-Jan-1980  
Scranton Joe, Jr. 22-Aug-1926 27-Apr-2018 WWII h/o Norris M.
Scranton Norris Mae Anderson 3-Jan-1926 10-Sep-2016 w/o Joe, Jr.
Seals Elizabeth Sloane 16-Jul-1918 4-Aug-2010 w/o James H.
Seals James Harley 10-Sep-1917 19-May-1999 WWII  h/o Elizabeth S.
Sealy Anthony Lynn 25-Jul-1945 13-Sep-2007  
Sears Sammie Charlene O'Bannon 5-Nov-1928 7-Feb-2020  
See Eva Nell 21-May-1920 26-Dec-1921  
See Mildred Beschoner 20 Mar 1870 29-Nov-1962 w/o Adolph
Self Jasper McDonald, Jr. 5-Dec-1919 11-Feb-1961 WWII NO MARKER
Selman John Robert 24-Jul-1924 6-Jan-2001 WWII   h/o Maggie B.
Selman Maggie Brune 18-Apr-1918 26-May-2013 w/o John R.
Senf Oswald Gus 02 Oct 1892 19-Oct-1929  
Sens Alice Hassler 6-Sep-1902 20-Sep-1999 w/o Edwin
Sens Arnold 6-Nov-1903 21-Aug-1935 h/o Minnie L.
Sens Arthur 24-Sep-1900 14-Feb-1963 h/o Ivy M.
Sens Bertha Strauss 28 Jan 1880 24-Jul-1963 w/o Willie
Sens Calvin Lee "Sonny" 2-Aug-1930 15-Dec-2019  
Sens Edgar 16-Jun-1905 11-Jun-1961  
Sens Edwin 06 Feb 1899 3-Oct-1963 h/o Alice H.
Sens Eliese 03 Jul 1886 3-Aug-1977  
Sens Erwin Lee 14-Feb-1907 5-May-1973  
Sens Francis Glueck 29 Jan 1878 26-Mar-1960 w/o Herman, Jr.
Sens Fritz 21 Sep 1869 30-May-1951 h/o Mary K.
Sens Herman, Jr. 13 Jan 1873 17-Feb-1960 h/o Francis G.
Sens Herman, Sr. 22 May 1839 11-Mar-1920 h/o Therese L.
Sens Ivy Mary Huebner 26-Jun-1904 25-Jan-1975 w/o Arthur
Sens Louise Meissner 19 Jan 1883 4-Nov-1971 w/o Otto
Sens Marvie LaRoy 29-Jan-1933 29-Mar-1985  
Sens Mary Kveton 10 Mar 1873 18-Jul-1948 w/o Fritz
Sens Minnie Lee Liermann 17-May-1907 19-Aug-1938 w/o Arnold
Sens Otto   16 Apr 1882 30-Mar-1956 h/o Louise M.
Sens  Therese Leschikar 18 Feb 1843 15-Mar-1925 w/o Herman, Sr.
Sens  Willie 21 Mar 1873 16-Jan-1953 h/o Bertha S.
Sessions Homer Oscar 16 Jan 1894 15 Nov 1895  
Sessions William Moultry 20 Jun 1862 10-Feb-1936 h/o Willie W.
Sessions Willie Mae Coleman 27 Oct 1867 15-Apr-1938 w/o William M.
Severin Arthor 08 Dec 1891 16 Dec 1899  
Severin August 15 Sep 1898 28-May-1980 h/o Frieda M.
Severin  Ervin Julius 31-Oct-1925 4-Sep-1993 WWII  
Severin  Frieda Marie Wilhemine Wittenburg 15-Dec-1905 18-Feb-1993 w/o August
Severin  Fritz 28 Jan 1890 5-Jun-1981 h/o Martha H.
Severin  Joachim Johann Carl 08 Apr 1850 25-Nov-1912 h/o Wilhelminne H.
Severin John August 1-Oct-1926 3-Dec-1945  
Severin  Lena 15 Sep 1886 13-Jan-1904  
Severin  Martha Hacker 26 Jan 1891 4-Jul-1973 w/o Fritz
Severin  Mary Zahradnick 14 Jan 1891 4-Mar-1961 2nd w/o Max J.
Severin  Max Johann Carl 05 Jan 1881 20-Mar-1967 h/o Minna J., Mary Z.
Severin  Minna Jegust 15 Apr 1882 18-Sep-1913 1st w/o Max J.
Severin  Monroe 13 Oct 1893 14-Mar-1948 1st h/o Magnolia Klopp
Severin  Wilhelminne Henrica Maria Severin 07 Dec 1852 25-Nov-1922 w/o Joachim J.
Seyer (Annie) Pauline Touchstone 12-Jun-1914 5-Sep-1985 w/o Harry R.
Seyer Alvine Annie Hacker 25 Dec 1894 30-May-1990 w/o Felix  
Seyer Clinton Waldo 2-Jun-1913 4-Jun-1995 WWII    h/o Lynne L.
Seyer Felix 10 Oct 1894 1-Oct-1956 h/o Alvine A.
Seyer Harry Richard 20-Sep-1911 10-Jul-2006 h/o A. Pauline 
Seyer Joseph Richard 28-Nov-1946 5-Feb-2009  
Seyer Lynne Lulu Baker 23-May-1916 20-Apr-1988 w/o Clinton W.
Seyer Meta Sophia Mueller 10 Nov 1892 31-Mar-1954 w/o Richard E.
Seyer Richard Edward 11 Oct 1889 3-Sep-1960 h/o Meta S.
Seyer Roy Henry 17-Jul-1914 13-Jul-1973 h/o Vivian A.
Seyer  Vivian Alberta Turner 15-May-1913 9-Feb-2006 w/o Roy H.
Shafer Clara Bernarda Walters Einkauf 20-Aug-1918 22-Jul-1998 w/o W.L. Einkauf & Thomas R.
Shafer Thomas Raymond 21-Nov-1922 5-Jul-1996 WWII   2nd h/o Clara B.
Shelburne Ben Lester 14 Dec 1895 28-Dec-1987 WWI; h/o Carrie E.
Shelburne Carrie Elizabeth Kleb 27 Nov 1894 3-Feb-1984 w/o Ben L.
Shelburne Clarence Templeton 27 Nov 1880 24-Nov-1951 h/o Frances T.
Shelburne Emma Sailer 26 May 1860 10-Jan-1934  
Shelburne Ernestine (Erna) Marie Kulow 30-Jan-1901 5-Jul-1990 w/o Micager T., Sr.
Shelburne Frances Theresa Elshick 06 Apr 1884 8-Nov-1969 w/o Clarence T.
Shelburne Hattie Kulow 24 Feb 1898 29-Dec-1928 w/o John P.
Shelburne John Pamplin 29 Mar 1885 9-May-1955 h/o Hattie K.
Shelburne Micager Terry, Jr. 15-May-1918 6-Feb-2004 WWII    h/o Mildred A. 
Shelburne Micager Terry, Sr. 21 Oct 1894 6-Dec-1961 WWI    h/o Ernestine M.
Shelburne Mildred Anna Clara Konesheck 11-Sep-1915 24-Sep-2008 w/o Micager T., Jr.
Shelburne Roy 17-Mar-1908 4-May-1967  
Shepherd Anna Lena Gens 20 Jan 1889 16-Nov-1974 w/o Jacob H.
Shepherd Jacob Husted 27 Dec 1881 15-Aug-1943 h/o Anna L.
Sherbig Gary Dean 2-Jan-1935 20-Jan-2021 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Shields James Albert 20-Sep-1929 15-Feb-2010 Korea
Shivers Josette Florence Snyder 13 Sep 1890 17-Jun-1966  
Shivers William Morgan, Jr. 19-Dec-1917 1-Apr-1963  
Siegert Anna Garling 16 Apr 1877 24-Apr-1968  
Siegert Minnie C. Schultz 12 Feb 1894 12-Nov-1965 w/o Theodore H.
Siegert Theodore Henry 18 Jul 1889 10-Jun-1962 h/o Minnie C.
Sims Carole Evelyn Jewett 12-Dec-1919 12-Jan-1979  
Sims Elsie D. Schluenz 28 Aug 1887 15-Apr-1970 w/o Robert T.
Sims Robert Tilden 17 Aug 1875 17-Aug-1928 h/o Elsie D.
Sims Virginia (Jennie) May Coon 01 Apr 1878 11-Aug-1948  
Sims Wilbur Godfrey 15-Apr-1903 28-Oct-1969  
Skaggs Erna Louise Iselt 20 Jun 1892 23-Oct-1972 w/o Eugene
Skaggs Eugene 18 Jun 1888 10-Feb-1957 WWI; h/o Erna L.
Skaggs Hattie Bertha Iselt 15 Oct 1890 12-Feb-1969 w/o Olmir R.
Skaggs Olmir Ray 23 Oct 1886 31-Oct-1958 h/o Hattie B.
Skeen Mary Sophie Ladig 05 Apr 1878 23-Aug-1975 w/o Milton W.
Skeen Milton Wilbur 30 Sep 1873 7-Nov-1910 h/o Mary S.
Skeete Charlotte M. Schroeder 01 May 1874 29-Apr-1959 w/o Henry L.
Skeete Edna Dora Eber 06 Oct 1899 5-Nov-1974 w/o Leon H.
Skeete  Henry Leon 02 Aug 1857 18-Jun-1938 h/o Charlotte M.
Skeete  Infant Son 06 Nov 1890 16 Nov 1890 s/o H. L. & Irene
Skeete  Leon Hines 10-Sep-1900 31-Jul-1976 Army Veteran; h/o Edna D.
Skeete  Sarah Christian Wyeth 11 Feb 1827 16-Dec-1911  
Skiles  Elsie Addie Iselt 17-Feb-1903 27-Jul-1984  
Skinner F. E.  30 Apr 1869 7-Feb-1907  
Skrivanek Albina Elsik 24 Oct 1897 28-May-1989 w/o John V.
Skrivanek Emil William 2-Aug-1902 6-Nov-1981 h/o Pauline L.
Skrivanek John Vladislav 22 Nov 1898 5-Dec-1972 h/o Albina E.
Skrivanek Pauline Lena Gajdosik 1-Jun-1909 27-Jan-2008 w/o Emil W.
Sliva Ralph James "Buddy" 13-Jun-1938 13-Jun-2011  
Sliva Robert 24-Sep-1904 4-Jul-1975