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The information shown for each cemetery was copied from "The Cemeteries of Austin County, Texas." That information from the cemetery markers has been edited, typed and added on-line.  This index compiles and alphabetizes the information from the separately named cemetery  files from that book which was printed about 1991-1992.  it also contains  other information obtained from reliable sources, such as obituaries.  Therefore, the information shown is not presented as exact replication of the information shown on tombstones.   New information has been  and may be added to the individual cemetery listings, but probably will only be reflected in this index annually or even less frequently.

Austin County Index of Names of people who either was born, died, buried, married or lived in Austin County.

Please choose first letter(s) of surname.

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To look for obits go to Bellville Public Library site and click on Newspaper as there is a wealth of information for obituaries and other records.

Thanks to Carolyn Zaskoda

for updates to these files January 2022 for military records.


Surname Given Name Birth Death Comment Cemetery Location
Spacek Anna 15 May 1860 30-May-1921  Pani Anna Spackova St.Mary's, Frydek  
Spacek Annie 3-Jul-1903 29-Apr-1937   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Spacek Anton I. 28-Feb-1905 20-May-1905   Oak Knoll 52 U6
Spacek Barbara Sue Cole 1-Feb-1943 26-Mar-2017 Scmidt Funeral Home Oak Knoll 52 U2
Spacek Egnac John 24 Sep 1897 30-Oct-1971 WWI St.Mary's, Frydek  
Spacek Franz 1-Feb-1905 22-Mar-1905   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Spacek Jerry J. 14-Aug-1927 10-Jan-1994   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Spacek Joe L. 18-Mar-1935 9-Jul-1992 Korea Oak Knoll 52 U2
Spacek John J. 20-May-1911 24-Mar-1979   Oak Knoll 52 U6
Spacek Joseph L. 24 Dec 1893 28-Oct-1970 WWI St.Mary's, Frydek  
Spacek Mary L. 10-Dec-1900 12-Jan-1990   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Spacek Mary Louise Krenek 1-Jul-1911 23-May-1997   Oak Knoll 52 U6
Spacek Mary T. Zapalac       Oak Knoll 52 U6
Spahn Margaret Ruth Loescher 20-Jul-1911 1-Jun-1999   Sealy  
Spain Ora Lee       Jefferson  
Spalding Andrew Michael 9-May-2012 9-May-2012   Sealy Catholic  
Span John V. 8 Dec 1868 30-Jun-1933   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Span Rosa 16 Sep 1878 30-Jul-1952   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Spangler Henry 28 Apr 1845 29-Nov-1938 CSA 
h/o Texanna B
Spangler Texanna B. Dawson 14 Nov 1851 27-Sep-1915 w/o Henry Sealy  
Sparks Chesley 2 Nov 1878 7 Jul 1881   OK(C)  
Sparks Dorothy Lee 16-Mar-1952     Mt. Zion  
Sparks Willie 22-Oct-1930 7-Jul-1987   Hillside  
Spates Charley 28-Sep-1904 15-Feb-1907 Son of Walter & Rebecca Kenney  
Spates Clara       Hillside  
Spates Emaline Garnett 24-Oct-1900 21-May-1990 w/o Walter Garnett  
Spates Henry 16-Dec-1851 7-Dec-1919   Wallis2  
Spates Henry Lee 24-Jul-1925 25-Nov-1988   Hillside  
Spates Lee Earl 5-Mar-1958 12-Nov-1981   Hillside  
Spates Mrs. Emaline       Garnett  
Spates Rebecca 1 Jan 1872     Kenney  
Spates Robbie Jene 21-Oct-1938 21 Aug 1845   Hillside  
Spates Theodore 8-Apr-1935 11-Jan-1985   Hillside  
Spates Walter 18 Feb 1866 11-Jan-1923   Kenney  
Spates Walter, Jr.   6-Jun-1975   Kenney  
Spates Warner 30 Sep 1894 9-Oct-1918   Kenney  
Speaker Beatrice       ElPleasant  
Spears Judy       San Felipe  
Specht Henrietta 18 Nov 1831 22 Decmeber 1925   Phillipsburg  
Specht John 1 Jun 1829 16-Oct-1918   Phillipsburg  
Specht Juliana 25 May, 1837 8 Nov 1880   Industry United Methodist  
Speckel Birdola 5-Mar-1924 22-Mar-1945   Pilgrims Rest Black  
Speckmaier Calvin Stewart 15-Oct-1924 12-Mar-1997   Hartsville  
Speckmaier Lydia I. 29-Dec-1927 9-Dec-1996   Hartsville  
Spence Alexander R. 21 Jul 1866 31-Mar-1946   Atkinson  
Spence E J       Oak Knoll 42 G2
Spence Edward James 15 Oct 1869 4-May-1949   Oak Knoll 42 G2
Spence John 28 Dec 1867 2-Aug-1954   Oak Knoll 42 H17
Spence Joyce N. 13-Nov-1925 16-Aug-1975   Oak Knoll 52 P8
Spence Mary Agnes Morris 17 Nov 1875 31-Dec-1936   Atkinson  
Spence Mary Collier 13-Feb-1905 7-May-1905   Atkinson  
Spence Mary E. Wright Oct 1877 27-Apr-1905   Oak Knoll  
Spence Mertie Atkinson 14 Nov 1881 11-Sep-1961   Oak Knoll 42 G2
Spence Morris Doc 25-Jun-1903 12-Feb-1976   Atkinson  
Spence Nora E. Morris 27 Mar 1878 3-Jun-1964   Oak Knoll 42 H17
Spence Preston Eugene Dec 1871 19-Feb-1929   Oak Knoll  
Spence Tommie Bell 10-Nov-1920 4-Apr-1998 WWII Oak Knoll 52 P8
Spence Virgie Blair 25-Aug-1908 23-Nov-1996   Oak Knoll 42 G2
Spencer Mary Ann 27 Mar 1898 16-Feb-1984   Oak Knoll 26 M1
Spencer Mozell Clark 3-Sep-1936 28-Jan-1990   Jefferson  
Spicak Vaislav 14 Dec 1824 31-Aug-1909   Industry Brethren  
Spicer Hayes 7 Nov 1876 1-May-1966 h/o Narcissus Pendelton & Mattie Norsworthy Jefferson  
Spicer Louis Belt 26-Mar-1908 16-Jul-1982   Jefferson  
Spicer Mattie O. Norsworthy 17-Jul-1899 9-Mar-1955 w/o Hays Jefferson  
Spicer Theodore R. 6-Feb-1903 23-Aug-1967   Jefferson  
Spiegelhauer R. G 17 Mar 1852 5 Aug 1878   New Ulm  
Spies Johann 27 Mar 1827 12-Dec-1903  CSA Shelby  
Spies Louise 27 Oct 1854 19 Nov 1871   Shelby  
Spies Louise 24 Oct 1827 11-Jan-1905   Shelby  
Spies Rosa 14 Jan 1864 4 Nov 1876   Shelby  
Spiess Adeline C. 12 Nov 1860 31-Aug-1947   Welcome3  
Spiess Albert E. 12-Feb-1954 16-Mar-1956   New Ulm  
Spiess Alvina 13 Feb 1859 25-Nov-1932   Welcome2  
Spiess Bennie (Ben) Gerhardt 5 Oct 1894 7-Apr-1982 WWI Welcome2  
Spiess Bertha A. 30 Dec 1861 28-May-1945   Welcome3  
Spiess Caroline 8 Oct 1834 5-Apr-1917   Welcome3  
Spiess Ed H. 20 Dec 1882 30-Jul-1961   Oak Knoll 31 A3
Spiess Edward     CSA    
Spiess Edwin 27-Jul-1909 14-Jun-1972   Welcome2  
Spiess Ella Rudloff 21 Apr 1896 24-Feb-1957   Welcome2  
Spiess Eunice E. Peschel 2-Nov-1930 21-Dec-1963   New Ulm  
Spiess Frieda Herbrig 24 Sep 1892 1-Feb-1986   Industry Methodist D 8
Spiess John 10-Feb-1916 25-Sep-1980   Welcome2  
Spiess Marlene 3-Oct-1956 2-Apr-1959   New Ulm  
Spiess Mary 17 Sep 1889 27-May-1916   Wesley  
Spiess Melvin Richard 28-Oct-1916 22-Jan-2003   Industry Methodist D 3
Spiess Minnie 30 Dec 1876 24-Jul-1963   Oak Knoll 31 A3
Spiess Myrle Young 23 Apr 1894 10-Nov-1976   Industry Methodist D 9
Spiess Robert 15 Mar 1890 13-May-1968   Industry Methodist D 8
Spiess Robert Lee 23-Dec-1913 18-Oct-1993   New Ulm  
Spiess Viola Raeke 12-Jan-1915 10-Jan-2009   Industry Methodist D 3
Spillars Joe, Sr. 15-Jan-1912 1-Jun-1984   GuardianAngel  
Spinks Sophie  Kollatschny 5-Dec-1903 14-Apr-1998   CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny  
Spoede Elise Pfeiffer 9 Dec 1890 4-Jan-1912   Wallis  
Spoede Elizabeth 1-Dec-1926 21-Dec-1926   GuardianAngel  
Spoede Emma W. 27 Mar 1894 18-Jun-1964   Wallis  
Spoede Gerhard Heinrich William 28 Feb 1866 1-Jul-1939   Wallis  
Spoede Henry H       Wallis  
Spoede Herman H. Jr. 3-Sep-1921 3-Jul-2005   Wallis  
Spoede Hiram 21-Sep-1961 7-Dec-1980   Wallis  
Spoede J. G. H. George 11 Apr 1879 20-Jul-1968   Wallis  
Spoede John Gerhardt F. 14 Apr 1857 14-Feb-1933   Wallis  
Spoede John H. 12 Dec 1894 8-Jun-1983   GuardianAngel  
Spoede John, Jr. 24-Dec-1920 20-Jun-1974   GuardianAngel  
Spoede Margaret Minna G. Witte 28 Oct 1865 21-Jul-1946   Wallis  
Spoede Marvin 9-Jul-1923 10-Jul-1923   GuardianAngel  
Spoede Mathilda M.       Wallis  
Spoede Paulina Koehler 18 Feb 1868 2-Nov-1949   Wallis  
Spoede Roy Herman 12-May-1910 10-Jun-1910   Wallis  
Spoede Vivian Dew 9-Oct-1922 26-Jun-2005   GuardianAngel  
Spooler Mrs. No dates given     Janssen-Harms  
Sporles Thomas A. 4 Oct 1876 19-Mar-1923   Wallis  
Sprain Caroline       Wallis  
Spreen Anna Mathilda 7 Oct 1882 17 Apr 1884   St James  
Spreen Bertha H. W. 21 Dec 1883 27 Feb 1885   Welcome  
Spreen Bertha Krampitz 1 Oct 1889 25-Jun-1975 w/o Fritz Sealy_R_Z  
Spreen Charlotte H. 28 Jan 1838 17-Aug-1909   Welcome  
Spreen Ella Lahrmann 31 Dec 1886 31-Jan-1933   Industry Pilgrims Rest II 4#11
Spreen Fritz 14 May 1843 25-Feb-1928   Wallis  
Spreen Fritz 21 Jul 1881 22-Aug-1946 h/o Bertha K Sealy_R_Z  
Spreen H. Fritz 28 Sep 1858 5-Jan-1931   St. James  
Spreen Heinrich 20 Feb 1843 15-Feb-1912   Welcome  
Spreen Karolina 9 Oct 1844 16-Nov-1919   Wallis  
Spreen Louise H. 31 Aug 1858 22-May-1922   St. James  
Spreen Norma B Larhmann 1 Oct 1892 6-Feb-2013   Industry Pilgrims Rest II 1#9
Spreen William C "Willie" 13 Aug 1882 3-Jul-1952   Industry Pilgrims Rest II 1#8
Springborn Johanna Rogge 16 Apr 1849 31 Jul 1891   Hoppe  
Springborn Martha 13 Jan 1879 9-Sep-1911   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Springfield Henry 17 Dec 1871 3 May 1872   Oak Knoll  
Springfield Hugh M. 25 Jun 1876 14 Nov 1876   Oak Knoll  
Springfield Lancaster 14 Jan 1817 8 May 1880   Oak Knoll  
Springfield William L. 1844 1931 Civil War  Oak Knoll  
Sproles Charles H. 27 May 1881 14-Jun-1944   Wallis  
Sproles Emily J. 7 Feb 1859 24-Sep-1944   Wallis  
Sproles Thomas J. 13 Feb 1849 25-Mar-1913   Wallis  
Sproles Tilda 17 Mar 1879 21-Dec-1928   Wallis  
Spross Jacob F. 25 Dec 1868 23-Dec-1923   St. James  
Spross Johannes Friedrich 6 Jan 1895 13-Apr-1901   St. James  
Spross Louise 21 Aug 1869 27-Jun-1933   St. James  
Spuhler Shirley Ann (Thompson) 21-Oct-1934 5-Sep-1999   San Felipe  
Spurlock Richard Lafayette 5 Nov 1880 26-Apr-1957   Sealy_R_Z  
Squires Fannie E. (Gentry) Thompson 19 Dec 1886 1-Sep-1964   San Felipe  
Sramek Eddie Charles Jr.. 8-Jul-1915 4-May-1980   Sealy_R_Z  
Sramek Edward Charles, Sr. 4 Mar 1885 13-Feb-1938 h/o Frances N. Sealy_R_Z  
Sramek Frances Nedbalek 24 Dec 1886 24-Dec-1982 w/o Edward C., Sr. Sealy_R_Z  
Sramek Otto Frank 5-Mar-1918 25-Jul-1964   Sealy_R_Z  
St.Julien Grace Hilburn 7-Jan-1918 18-May-1976   Oak Knoll 26 D4
Stacey Bell 15-Jul-1900 1-Nov-1979   Jefferson  
Staehle Charles Wm. 18 Oct 1887 6-Dec-1946   Oak Knoll 31 E13
Staehle Edgar L. 31-Aug-1900 27-Nov-1982   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Staehle Edna 21-Jul-1906 6-Dec-1946   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Staehle Edna Bell 31-Mar-1905 10-May-1905   Oak Knoll 31 E13
Staehle Herman W. 13 Nov 1897 1-Feb-1974   Oak Knoll 31 E13
Staehle Johnie 23 Aug 1893 14 Oct 1894   Staehle  
Staehle Mary L. 12 Sep 1896 20 Nov 1897   Staehle  
Staehle Melissa Josephine Hoffman 12 Mar 1865 26-Mar-1941   Oak Knoll 31 E13
Staehle William C. 16 Jun 1858 17-Mar-1932   Staehle  
Staehle Willie 9 Oct 1890 11-Oct-1984   Staehle  
Staehle Wilma D. 31-Jul-1933 30-Dec-1957   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Staffa Anna 25 Feb 1898 12-Jun-1918   GuardianAngel  
Staffa Bessie May 3-Jul-1917 2-Oct-1920   GuardianAngel  
Staffa Herman 13-Jan-1924 3-Feb-1924   GuardianAngel  
Stafford Beulah Chatham 21 Sep 1896 22-May-1985   Oak Knoll 26 K4
Stafford Chas. 24 Aug 1852 3-Apr-1918   Oak Knoll 26 K4
Stafford Edmund 12 Aug 1892 9-Feb-1918 WWI Oak Knoll 26 K4
Stafford Elizabeth 4 May 1866 18-May-1954   Oak Knoll 26 K4
Stafford Louisia Terry 11-Feb-1884 9-May-1941   Jefferson  
Stafford Robert Ernest, Sr. 6 Feb 1893 13-Jan-1977 WWI Oak Knoll 26 K4
Stafford Robert Ernest, Jr 5-Sep-1929 7-Apr-2013 Korea Oak Knoll 26 K4
Stafford William E. 17-Oct-1900 18-Apr-1952   Oak Knoll 26 K4
Staha Anton No date given 14-Jul-1940   Wallis  
Stahl Alma 22-Sep-1908 25-Feb-2006   Sealy_R_Z  
Stahl Alvin William 15 Aug 1872 21-Jan-1965 h/o Emilie S Sealy_R_Z  
Stahl Emilie Sens 17 Jan 1882 5-Feb-1970 w/o Alvin W Sealy_R_Z  
Stahl Ervin 19-Nov-1912 23-May-1998 WWII Sealy_R_Z  
Stahlbaum Christina 16 Mar 1837 22 Apr 1872   Shelby  
Stahlbaum Dora 2-Jan-1905 18-Mar-1905   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Stahlbaum         Shelby  
Stahmann Johann 28 Aug 1832 No date given   Wesley  
Stalbaum Adelheid 12 Nov 1869 31-May-1954   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Stalbaum Annie K. 9 Apr 1869 14-Nov-1947   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Stalbaum Edward Henry 21 Nov 1891 19-Mar-1976 WWI Oak Knoll 52 U14
Stalbaum Elsie 28 Sep 1890 28-Jan-1958   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Stalbaum Gus Alois 3 Jan 1893 30-Dec-1969 WWI Oak Knoll 52 T15
Stalbaum Gustaf 1 Feb 1858 2-Jul-1935   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Stahlbaum Jacob     Civil War
1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Stalbaum Johanna Sophie Brandt 9-Sep-1904 27-Jun-1997   Oak Knoll 52 T15
Stalbaum Lonnie No dates given   Son Mewis  
Stalbaum Maria Mewis No dates given   Mother Mewis  
Stalbaum Mary 19 Aug 1877 4-Apr-1962   National  
Stalbaum Norma Brandt 10-Mar-1908 2-Apr-1996   Oak Knoll 52 U14
Stalbaum Theodore W. 4 Feb 1860 9-Dec-1945   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Stalbaum William 4 Jan 1873 5-Aug-1952   National  
Stalcup Karen Graham 25-Apr-1960 15-Mar-2001   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Staley Betty Jo Viereck 11-Jan-1932 11-Jul-1975   SealyB  
Stallings Howard Biggs 15 Mar 1893 2-Apr-1945   SealyB  
Stallknecht Doris Maxine Strauss 19-Apr-1918 15-Mar-2017 Navarre Funeral Home Oak Knoll  
Stallknecht Edward Gordon       Oak Knoll 31 E15
Stallknecht F. H., Rev. 17-Feb-1905 28-Apr-1905   Oak Knoll 31 E7
Stallknecht Maxine Strauss       Oak Knoll 31 E15
Stallknecht Nettie B. 18-Feb-1905 12-May-1905   Oak Knoll 31 E7
Stallknecht Phyllis J. No date given 11-Dec-1942   Oak Knoll 31 E15
Stalmach Edmund F (Frank) 6 Dec 1896 15-May-1946 WWI National  
Stalmach Edwin L. (Lidumil) 6 Dec 1896 11-Jul-1984 WWI National  
Stalmach John 23 Mar 1861 1-Feb-1940   National  
Stalmach Lydia A. Mikeska 20-Sep-1909 18-Mar-1983   National  
Stalmach Theresia Leshikar 7 Apr 1864 30-Sep-1937   National  
Stammann Alma 10 Mar 1882 25-Feb-1977   Shelby  
Stammann Auga 8 Sep 1886 13-Feb-1958   Shelby  
Stammann Bertha Christana 13 Nov 1891 4-Jul-1969   Shelby  
Stammann John 8 Nov 1856 8-Jan-1938   Shelby  
Stammann Lena Marie 14 Mar 1896 22-Jun-1988   Shelby  
Stammann Sophie Baade 8 Oct 1857 31-Mar-1931   Shelby  
Stammann Wilhelm 3 Mar 1883 23-Jul-1946   Shelby  
Stamnitz Adolph "Buck" 7-Sep-1917 21-Jan-2004 WWII 1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Stamnitz Charlie (Charles Herman) 12-Mar-1904 8-May-1968 WWII 1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Stamnitz Elisabeth 22 Jan 1874 28-Nov-1958   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Stamnitz Emil 27-Feb-1910 13-Jun-1965 WWII 1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Stamnitz Gus  Jr. 8-Aug-1905 24-Jul-1964   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Stamnitz Gustav 27 May 1875 26-Jun-1963   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Stamnitz Josie 29-Dec-1919 19-Nov-1962   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Stamnitz Myralane 22-Oct-1924 26-Dec-1981   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Stamnitz Ruth Elaine 9-Dec-1961 No date given   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Stamnitz Willie 14-Sep-1908 11-May-1953 WWII tombstone 1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Stancik Rubye Mae 9-Oct-1944 7-Jan-1993   Sealy Catholic  
Standard Oneil Hoffman 24-Nov-1905 6-Oct-1928   Oak Knoll 42 E1
Standke Johann Gottlieb 23 Dec 1889 5 Nov 1892   Germania  
Standlee Martha Lee Schwartz 1-Jun-1929 5-Jan-2015 w/o Allen Oak Knoll  
Stanford Clifton Lloyd 22-Jan-1912 6-Jul-1968 1st h/o Irma Stewart Sealy_R_Z  
Stanford John Thomas, Sr. 22-Sep-1947 25-Mar-2005   Sealy_R_Z  
Stanko Anton 1 Dec 1898 18-Jan-1996   Holy Cross  
Stanko Frantisek 24 Dec 1886 6-May-1900   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Stanko Karel 29-Jan-1905 2-Apr-1905   Holy Cross  
Stanko Ludwika 13 Jun 1858 21-Aug-1934   Holy Cross  
Stanko Michal 11 Sep1895 15 May 1899   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Stanko Peter ndg 14-Mar-1905   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Stanley James "Wayne" 13-Feb-1934 5-Jul-2013 Korea Oak Knoll  
Stanley Larry Wayne 15-Aug-1962 5-Aug-2004   Oak Knoll)  
Stantke Johann Gottlieb 6 Jun 1849 12 Aug 1890   Germania  
Staples Josephine J. 28-Mar-1909 7-Jul-1975   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Staples Ralph A. 29-Apr-1901 3-Nov-1969   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Stapleton Patsy Roberta Scott 14-Apr-1935 18-Mar-2007   Sealy_R_Z  
Stark Albert Preston 31 Mar 1862 10-Mar-1956 h/o Nannie A Sealy_R_Z  
Stark Alexander John 17-Dec-1911 9-Apr-1995 WWII Sealy_R_Z  
Stark Charles Earl 18-Mar-1940 16-Mar-2019 Schmidt Funeral Home 1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Stark Hazel Louise K. 13-Sep-1916 15-May-1995   1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Stark Nannie A. Carrington 19 Dec 1862 2-Nov-1947 w/o Albert P Sealy_R_Z  
Stark Robert C. No dates given     Sealy_R_Z  
Stark Virginia Ann Luetge 6-Nov-1931 19-May-2017 Schmidt Funeral Home National  
Stark William Frank 4-Aug-1923 5-Feb-2000 WWII National  
Starks Hattie 21-Mar-1905 31-May-1905   Pilgrims Rest Black  
Starks Isaac "Ike" 14-Feb-1898 19-Sep-1970 WWII Jefferson  
Starks Wanda Mae   9-Oct-10   Pleasant  
Starustka Agnes 1-Jan-1916 6-Oct-2000 w/o Emil Sealy Catholic  
Starustka Emil 1-Sep-1911 19-Aug-1989 h/o Agnes Sealy Catholic  
Stasney Anastazie 6-Feb-1931 29-Jun-2004   GuardianAngel  
Stasney Eva Auga Fisher 21-Jun-1905 26-Aug-2004   Oak Knoll  
Stasney John 10 Mar 1831 14-Jan-1906   CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny  
Stasney Joseph 10 Mar 1809 18 Jun 1895   CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny  
Stasny Annie 27-Jan-1905 1 May 1898   Wesley  
Stasny Auge J. 25 Dec 1895 3-Sep-1981   CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny  
Stasny Edmund A. 2 Aug 1891 19-Jun-1975 WWI National  
Stasny Emilie C. 12 Jun 1894 22 Jul 1894   CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny  
Stasny Katy 10 Apr 1835 24-Oct-1922   CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny  
Stasny Keith Alan 16-Dec-1952 9-Nov-2009   Sealy Catholic  
Stasny Marie 23 Dec 1893 22-Feb-1972   National  
Stasny Mathilda Glueck 14 Aug 1863 26-Nov-1946   CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny  
Stasny Otto J. 5 Oct 1887 8-Dec-1973   CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny  
Stasny Thomas 29 Aug 1859 26-Jan-1931   CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny  
Stasta Frantisek 1 Nov 1887 1-Feb-1915   Immaculate Conception  
Stastney John A. 14-Mar-1905 21-Apr-1905   Oak Knoll  
Stastny Arnold Anthony, Sr. 1-Mar-1927 10-Aug-2001 WWII Korea, Vietnam Sealy Catholic  
Stastny Clara Gajewski 16-Jan-1925 13-Nov-2015 w/o Ludvik Sealy Catholic  
Stastny Cyril Methodius, Sr. 10-Jun-1920 25-Oct-1995 WWII Sealy Catholic  
Stastny Frances J. 3-Dec-1929 ndg   St.Mary's, Frydek  
Stastny Frank James 3-Feb-1928 14-Nov-1988 WWII St.Mary's, Frydek  
Stastny John Peter 7 May 1892 14-Jun-1972 h/o Teresa Sealy Catholic  
Stastny John F., Jr. 6-Feb-1918 29-Nov-1947   Sealy Catholic  
Stastny Josef 2-Mar-1916 19-Mar-1916   Sealy Catholic  
Stastny Ladislav 4-Jul-1922 29-Jun-1923   Sealy Catholic  
Stastny Ludvik A. 7-Aug-1924 9-Mar-1979 h/o Clara G Sealy Catholic  
Stastny Teresa Brhel 2 Feb 1894 12-Feb-1966 w/o John Sealy Catholic  
Stastny Terezie 21-Feb-1917 30-Jul-1917   Sealy Catholic  
Statema Wallace Scott 14-Oct-1962 9-May-2012   Sealy_R_Z  
Stavely Charles (Charlie Elonza) 30-Mar-1926 25-Apr-1988 WWII                h/o Madeen J Sealy_R_Z  
Stavely Madeen Joy Braesicke 19-May-1931 9-Dec-1992 w/o Charlie E Sealy_R_Z  
Stavena Jerry 1-Jan-1958 1-Mar-1981   GuardianAngel  
Stavinoha Adela 24 Dec 1879 13-May-1956   GuardianAngel  
Stavinoha Anton Raymond, Jr. 2-Jan-1910 7-Sep-1992 h/o Emma M. Sealy Catholic  
Stavinoha Emma M 14-Oct-1912 10-Jun-1986 w/o Anton R., Jr. Sealy Catholic  
Stavinoha Evelyn 16-Feb-1945 15-May-2017 Knesek Funeral Home GuardianAngel Mausoleum  
Stavinoha Frank 7 Aug 1875 28-Nov-1929   GuardianAngel  
Stavinoha Frank 12-Dec-1910 13-May-1956   GuardianAngel  
Stavinoha James Henry 22-Oct-1942 24-Mar-2016 h/o Evelyn K GuardianAngel  
Stavinoha Joe Louis, Sr. 8-Feb-1920 1-Feb-1998 h/o Josephine Machala Sealy Catholic  
Stavinoha John 6-Feb-1909 24-Jun-1977   GuardianAngel  
Stavinoha John 2 Dec 1880 13-Jan-1909   Krasna  
Stavinoha Josephine Marie Machala 29-Nov-1921 6-Aug-2012 w/o Joe Sr. Sealy Catholic  
Steadman Annie 27 Aug 1876 6-Mar-1945   Oak Knoll 42 A6
Steck Adolph Rudolph Wilhelm 26 Mar 1866 27-Apr-1946 h/o Johanna G Sealy_R_Z