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Other Veterans



Sources are provided when known.  SN indicates Sealy News; BT indicates Bellville Times.   If other abbreviations  are confusing, let us know.   And, as always:

If you are aware of other available records or can provide us with such records, please contact Jane Keppler .





Surname Given Name Rank, etc Cemetery Source
Eastman Raymond Guy     V. A.
Eckels Robert Young, Jr. Yes US armed forces MemorialOaksCrematory Houston, TX V. A.  death cert    Sealy
Eckhart Emmeth W.      
Eckhart George Willard     V. A.
Eddins Wade Ray BM3 US Navy 1957-1961 New Ulm mil tombstone
Eddleman Mike US Army Sergeant 1991-98   SN-11/11/2008 p 5
Eder John M.      
Ekarius J. D.      
Elkins J. D.      
Elshick Robert Carl     V. A.
Emshoff Wilfred E. Navy E7 Chief Crypto Tech 1953-1995 NewWedhem Dierking
Enax Herbert William     V. A.
Erlandsen Earl Richard     V. A.
Esar Mike PTS San Felipe Cem BT-5/26/55
Ethridge Clayton Bernard Yes US armed forces Mt Olivet, Wash DC V. A.   death cert
Evans Emmett Vincent   Oak Hill Cem Smithville, TX BT-Aug 2005  V. A..
Evans Johnny Moses, Jr.     V. A.
Evans Marcus Eugene     V. A.
Evans Phillip Lowell U. S. Air Force veteran BuckhornCeme BT-12/24/87 p.3 V. A. death cert
Evetts Elmer D.      
Faldyn Joseph Jimmie     NUEnterprise 11/10/2005 p. 5     V. A..  New Ulm
Faltisek John J.      
Farek Wilbet Walter     V. A.
Fenoglis Homer M.      
Fiem Nowell      
Fife James Everly  31 U.S. Navy 1922-26 OKa VA, tombstone
Filip Johnnie J.      
Finke James      
Flores Francisco Trinidad, II     V. A.
Fluitt Curtis L.      
Foist Clemons      
Fojtik John P.      
Fojtik Johnnie see Foytik below    
Foote Edward Richard, Jr. US Air Force National Ceme BT-9/6/2001 p 4 V. A..  Bellville
Ford Oscar      
Forse H. E.      
Frank C. E.      
Frazer W. B.      
Frazier Rex Lee     V. A.
Freeland Jackson Miller     V. A.
Frizzell Hayden Crawford Yes US armed forces OKC V. A.  death cert
Fulford Alton Murrell Yes US Armed Forces Restland Ceme Dallas, TX V. A.  death cert wife 
Fuller George      
Fuller George M.      
Gaedecke Steven Clyde      
Gajdosek Delphine V.      
Gajdosik Ben      
Gallas Frank Donald Yes US armed forces Phillipsburg Luth Church Ceme V. A.  death cert
Gallia James      
Galyean William Thomas     V. A.
Gammage James E., Jr.      
Gebhard Quintes      
Gee Eddie     V. A.
Geisendorff Ernest Goodwin US Army 1919-23 OKb VA, DC
Geistmann Herbert James U S Army IndImmacConc V. A. death cert  tombstone
Genzer Jimmie A.      
Gerren Henry C. military Yes armed forces Center Yard Ceme Thorndyke V. A.  death cert
Gerstenberger, Jr. W. C.      
Gibson Jerry L.      
Gilliam Clyde L.      
Gilpin Louis Clayton      
Ginn, Jr. Noland J.     Dierking's list
Glasscock H. J. (Hillary?) Wallis  
Glueck Lois Margaret     V. A.
Glueck Woodrow      
Godwin James Roger, III   Industry United Methodist Ceme NU Enterprise 9/30/1999
Goebel Vernon B.      
Goebel Vernon Dean US Marine Corps Sergeant 1954-57    
Golden Billy J.      
Goldwin Thomas L.      
Gomez Dianicio Manuel PFC US Army Cath. Sealy military marker
Gonzales Jose Raul US Air Force National Ceme BT-3/13/2003  V. A.. Bleiblerville
Goodnight James A. U. S. Airforce, Peacetime, Alaska   Bt-4/21/55 p 5 son of J. A., self
Goodwin Charles D.      
Gore Floyd     V. A.
Goss Hayden Candler US Army 1922-25 Hoppe VA death file
Gostecnik Joe Staff Sgt    
Gould Harold      
Grattic Bruce     V. A.
Gratzek Henry      
Grawunder James C.      
Gray William      
Greak Edwin      
Griffin Cecil      
Griffin Edward L.      
Grigar Louis E.      
Grigar Richard A.      
Grigar, Jr. Charles Frank Member Am. Legion Post #442 PubSealy BT-7/5/90 p. 14
Grimet Howard Clyde     V. A.
Gross Dwayne Lyndon AMSAN US Navy New Ulm mil. tombstone
Grover Thomas Claude, Sr. Yes US Armed Forces Ebenzer Ceme Richards, TX V. A..  Death cert
Grunke Jerry US Air Force A/2C Rank 1956-60    
Gulley Luther Manverse     V. A.
Gunn Dwight Everett     V. A.
Haak Robert A.      
Hackemack Harlie      
Haines Alfred Brad US Navy OKC V. A.
Haley John C.      
Hall Alvin John     V. A.
Hammond Dale H.      
Hand Roy Theodore     V. A.
Hankins Alfred Franklin, Jr.     V. A.
Hanselka Raymond J.      
Hansen Franklin Vance US Army  White Sands Missile Range   V. A..  Bellville  BT Apr 2009
Hanzelka Frank      
Harden James Thomas   PR V. A.
Harder Hereschel Danny     V. A.
Harker Robert S.      
Harper Lawrence Edward Yes US armed forces Houston Natl V. A.   death cert
Harris Lonnie Carter     V. A.
Harris Lonnie   Pvt 165 Dep Brig U. S. Army    
Harris Melvin Lee SP5 US Army SF_Black military tombstone
Hart James William, Jr. U S Coast Guard PubSealy V. A.
Hartwig Sutman PTS San Felipe Cem BT-5/26/55
Harwell Paul Winnon Yes US armed forces Forest Park C Shreveport, La V. A.  death cert     New Ulm
Hatton John Wayne     V. A.
Hatton Raymond Leon death cert Yes in armed forces Hatton Ceme Wallis, Ft Bend V. A. death cert
Hatton Elmer Roland "Bo", Jr. US Army OKa BT obit.
Haverlah Alton B SSgt US Army Air Force Haverlah  
Haverlah Harold Gus PFC US Army Welcome 2 military tombstone
Havran Charles Henry SGT US Army 1957-1963 during Cuban Conflict  Cath. Sealy BT-1/30/97

military marker

Havran Jerry      
Headley Harry Howard, Sr.     V. A.
Heater Jeffrey Eric     V. A.. Sealy
Hedden Charles Raymond     V. A..   New Ulm
Hedlicka Alois      
Hegemeyer Newton Pvt US Army New Ulm mil. tombstone
Heiman Roy      
Heinrichsen Charles Erwin, Jr. US Navy OKa BT obit, VA
Heins Louis Fritz US Army PubSealy BT-3/14/2002 p 4 V. A.. Sealy
Heinsohn Kermit B.      
Heitmann Cecil     BT-6/25/45
Hellmann Louis F.      
Henake Otto C.      
Henry Gene      
Herring Roy Alvis     V. A.
Hewitt Earl J.     V. A.
Hickman Arthur Carlos     V. A.
Hickox James     V. A.
Hicks F. B.      
Hicks J. D.      
Hicks T. W.      
Hicks, Sr. Zack M.      
Hill Leon M.      
Hill William Gardner   OKC  
Hill William Innis   OKA  
Hill William Innis   Sealy  
Hillegeist John E US Army Reserves Cath. Sealy Houston Chr. obit: 4-5-2011
Hinds Pamela Joyce     V. A.
Hines Jeffrey E.      
Hinze Charles F, Jr.   Sealy  
Hinze Waylon US Navy 1993-99    
Hlavinka Henry      
Hluchan Barry Army; 350th Inf Divn    
Hluchan Freddie      
Hobbs Brack Weaver Yes US armed forces San Felipe Cem V. A.  death cert
Hodde Bennie B.      
Hoff Beno Charles     BT-8/23/45
Hohlt Raymond T.      
Hold James Nathan SP5 US Army 1956-58 OKc V. A..    Bellville BT Jun 2009, tombstone
Holleman Dean      
Holub Albert J.      
Holub John P.      
Honerkamp Fred O.     V. A.
Hood M.      
Hope John Kelley, Sr.     V. A.
Hornig R. A.      
Hromadka Edward James Pvt Co C 1st BG 22d Inf U. S. Army 1957-1963 CathIndustry V. A. Bleiblerville BT-12/28/95 p. 12
Hruzek Gabriel A.      
Hruzek Sylvester L.      
Hruzek William      
Hubbard Henry Clarke     V. A.
Hudson Clarke Yes US armed forces Historic Masonic Cem Chappell Hill V. A.  death cert
Hudson Olen O.      
Hudspath Jack Leroy Yes US armed forces Memorial Oaks Crematory V. A.  death cert
Huffman Phillip W. US Army Retired Major 1967-1990   SN-11/11/2008 p 7
Hughes George      
Hughes John Frederick US Navy   NU Enterprise 5/19/2005 p 5      V. A..   
Hulin Raleigh      
Humphrey Sam Lee     V. A.
Hundl Charles      
Hundl Charles J. ???    
Hundl Edwin      
Hundl Emil James     V. A.
Hundl Henry      
Hundl Raymond R.Sr.      
Hunt Robert H.      
Hunt William Nolan     V. A.
Hupe Eldon Louis retired from the US Army after 21 yrs   Obit,New Ulm Enterprise Sept. 8, 1994
Hurley Wylie James US Army   BT-5/30/2002  V. A..
Husk Bob      
Huth Harold R.     VFW
Hychew Elgin Jack, Jr     V. A.


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