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Austin County Military 


Other Veterans


Sources are provided when known.  SN indicates Sealy News; BT indicates Bellville Times.   If other abbreviations  are confusing, let us know.   And, as always:

If you are aware of other available records or can provide us with such records, please contact Jane Keppler.



Surname Given Name Rank, Etc Cemetery Source
Tacker John Thomas     V. A.
Tapley Adnell Thomas     V. A.
Taylor Chester Maurice     V. A..
Taylor M. J. Merchant Marine    
Temple Mark TSgt    
Terry Jones L.      
Thompson Bobby Joe     V. A..   Sealy
Thompson Carl Ray     V. A..
Thompson Dan M., Jr. US Army   BT-2/7/2002 p 5  V. A.. 
Thompson Gene M/Sgt.    
Thompson Marvin F.      
Thompson Obe Charles Sgt    
Thompson George E. Jr. SSgt - Kenny    
Thorn William H. SSgt Corp 532 Bombardment Squad Hawley TX Cem.  
Thorn William L. SSgt    
Tiemann Edward Louis U. S. National Guard NewWehdem BT-11/14/96 p. 11
Till Leon Raymond death cert Yes armed forces Confederate Cem Alvin, Brazoria Co V. A. death cert
Tipton Joseph B.      
Toal Joe E. Pvt    
Toellner Lawrence       
Toellner Lawrence A.      
Toman Kenneth E. T-5    
Toman William W. Pfc    
Tramell Robert R. Yes US Armed Forces Odd Fellows Rest Cem Columbus V. A.  death cert
Trautwein Wayne Leroy US Air Force S Park Cem Pearland BT-Mar 2004  V. A..
Trojanowski Julian Pvt    
Turlington James E. U. S. Air Force PRC BT-10/19/89 p. 20
Turner Johnnie Lee, Jr.     V. A.. 
Tuttle, Jr. Arthur Pfc    
Twardowski William A. Pfc    
Tyrone Patricia Ann     V. A. Cat Spring
Ueckert Jesse, Jr. Sgt. U. S. Air Force OKC BT-11/16/95 p. 14
Ueckert John E. Yes US armed forces Monaville Ceme V. A.  death cert
Uhlig Leander Richard Herman     V. A..
Uhyrek B. J. Pfc    
Uhyrek Peter Sgt    
Uhyrek Theodore T-4    
Ullrich Harry G. Pvt    
Ullrich Herb T. Cpl    
Vail Bobby Lee     V. A..
Valden Robert Harvey, Sr.     V. A..
Valerian Henry J. Cpl   V. A..
Valesquez Asencian Pfc    
Vanek Anthony SSgt    
Vanek Francis      
Vasicek Richard Pvt    
Vaught Joseph Bell     V. A..
Vavricka, Jr. John Emil Pfc. Army GAngelWallis Tombstone
Vincent Curtis A. Yes US armed forces Bryan City Cem V. A.  death cert
Virnau Dan R. Capt. U. S. Air Force   Dierking's list
Virnau, Jr. Walter A. EN 3rd Class U. S. Navy   Dierking's list
Waddell David US Navy Machinist Mate Petty Officer 2nd Class 1980-84   SN-11/11/2008 USS Waddell DDG-24 in Pacific
Waikart Louis J., Jr.     Dierking's list
Walden Charles Ray U. S. Army veteran PRC BT-11/30/89 p. 7
Walker Anthony Sttephen US Marine Corps   SN-11/11/2008 p 14
Walker Bobby US Army   SN-11/11/2008 p 14
Walker Ernest     V. A..
Walker James Wayne Yes US armed Forces Baylor C of Med Houston V. A.  death cert
Wallace Wilfred "Bubba" U. S. Army IndustryMeth. BT-11/5/98 p. 4  V. A..   Industry
Walp Elmer Dalton     V. A..
Ward John Oscar Am Legion Fairview Ceme Richards, TX BT-3/27/2003 V. A..
Watkins Wylie Roy U. S. Navy Masonic Ceme V. A.  death cert
Watson George Lee Yes US armed forces Rock Church Hood Co., TX V. A.  death cert
Weaster Marvin E., Sr. death cert Yes armed forces Patterson Meth Patterson, Tx V. A. death cert     Wallis
Wehring George W., III     V. A..
Wells John Michael     V. A..
Wells Raymond Marine Corps   Dierking's list
Wernecke Raymond Hubert   Pflugerville BT-Feb 2004 V. A..
Wernecke Vernon Eugene   New Ulm Ceme V. A..  New Ulm
Westbrook Carl Leonard     V. A..
Wheeless Stanley Clay Yes US armed forces National Ceme Houston V. A.  death cert
White Jerry Allen US Navy discharged in 1977 Huron, Ohio V. A..  Bellville BT-Nov 2004
Whiting Levester     V. A..  Sealy
Whitzel Robert Wade   Sealy Cemetery BT-3/8/2001 V. A.. 948 Hardeman  Sealy
Wieprecht Oland G.     V. A..
Wigfall George Douglas, Sr.     V. A..
Wilkinson Billy McFarland     V. A..
Willberg John Henry, Sr.     V. A..
Williams Clarence US Marine Corps Chief Warrant Officer 1956-57   SN-11/11/2008 p 14
Wilson Gary Lee US Air Force PR Tombstone
Wisnoski Steve Andrew     V. A..
Witt James Knox Polk, III   Restland Memorial Park V. A.  death cert
Witt Marvin Rolland     V. A..
Wittbecker Royce August     V. A..
Wolch Gerald Lewis Yes US armed forces Memorial Oaks Houston, TX V. A.  death cert
Wollgast Ross Richard     V. A..
Woltman William J.     V. A..
Woodrick Harry Navy E7 - Chief Crypto Tech. - New Wehdem    
Wotipka Anton Army Battery D. 52nd AART B     
Wright Homer Bryan     V. A..
Wunderlich Henry SF 2/C Navy    
Wynne Leslie E. Yes US armed forces OKC V. A.  death cert  Bellville
Yanoushek Albert     V. A.
Zahradnik Albert S., Sr.     V. A.
Zapalac Jerry E. 2nd Marine Div. Co. B SSgt    
Zavala Antonio     V. A..
Zbranek James Harley US Army I_ICChurch K& S Funrl Home Obit
Zientek John Bosco US Air Force Holy Cross East Bernard BT-Mar 2004  V. A..
Zilliox Ronald Gene US Air Force joined 1960 discharged 1966   V. A..
Zurek August G.      


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