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Veterans of  World War II

Listed by veteran's surname.


Most of the Information provided here was collected and supplied by Joy Neely and Carolyn Zascoda.

Our sincere appreciation for their ongoing efforts to supply genealogical data to us all! 

Note: In the Source column, BT indicates Bellville Times, and SN , Sealy News. 

Other abbreviations are:  DC = Death Certificate

                                                       DF = V.A. Death File                

                                             DR = Discharge Record

                                                VM = Veteran's memorial

Austin County Cemeteries








To look for obits go to Bellville Public Library site and click on Newspaper as there is a wealth of information for obituaries and other records.

Thanks to Carolyn Zascoda for updates to these files November 2020


Abel Alfred E., Jr. U. S. Army
Oak Knoll
Abel Henry Ford  BM 3C U. S. Navy - Pacific Houston National Cemetery personal, VA d. file.
Abel James Otto Pvt. US Navy Oak Knoll Navy Must. Rolls; Death Cert,
Abell John E (Emanuel) PVT USMC Sealy Catholic military marker
Ables Elmer Vernon TED5 US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest mil. tombstone
Abke Earl  (SSgt US Army) U. S. Air Force Salem, Welcome BT-9/17/98 mil. tombstone
Acebo, JR Antonio US Navy
Golden Gate Natl Cem-San Bruno CA
VA deaths; US Vet Gravesites
Acebo Charlie, Sr. Sgt. U S Army Oak Knoll mil. tombstone
Acebo John PFC US Army Oak Knoll tombstone; Serial #6958805
Acock Louin PVT U. S. Army Buckhorn BT-6/25/45; VA death file
Adair Paul  Neal "Red" USA SSgt 139th Bomb Disp Find A Grave 

Forest Park Cem. Houston, Tx.

VM, obit.
Adair Robert L. MM1C US Navy So Pacific 4 yrs  Woodland Cem.  Houston TX HC-3/29/2009
Adamek Amos Daniel U S Army Wesley Enlistment; BCS Eagle-4/24/2001
Adams Edward A US Army Air Force Pacific   VM
Adams Glenn Ellis U S Navy Pattison Cemetery, Waller County TX DC: VA death file
Adams James E. W2 Enl   W2 Enl Records
Adams John US Army Japan   VM
Adams Pansy US Navy   VM
Adams Thomas E US Army 1950-1952 Oak Knoll VA death file
Addkison Richard Bennett Cpl US Marine Corps Industry Methodist


V. A.; mil tombstone
Agnell Peter Wagnell USAF Colonel WWII, K, V Mount Olive Cemetery, Howard County TX   VM
Ahlhorn Clarence W.  Cpl.   U.S. Army Florida Chapel Cem.  Round Top, Fayette Co. TX S #38073721, tombstone, VA death file
Aitken John PHM3 US Navy 1861Pilgrim's Rest VA
Alcantar Richard US Army CPL Houston National Cemetery DC; VA enlistment/death file
Albert Dalton Paul "Dutch"  Sgt. U. S. Army Oak Knoll Serial Number 18073230
Aldrich Lester F. Jr 1st Lt. 382nd Fighter Squadron, 363rd Fighter Group   Purple Heart Cambridge Eng Tex. WWII Casualties World War II Honor Roll
Aldridge Vivian  TX Cpl Engineers Gilbert tombstone
Alexander George Gambrell  Col US Army Medical Corps. Pacific Oak Knoll personal, VM; VA death file
Alexander Warren Amos   Alexander Cem.  Stratton, TX VA
Alexander Wayne Benson US Navy 2 yrs Oak Knoll VM; BT Knesek obit
Alford Ernest J. US Armed forces.   Inducted March 5, 1951    BT-2/1/1951p.1
Alford, SR John Henry US Army Hillside VA death file
Allen Dorothy Jane Cpl. WAC   Serial Number A-216255
Allen John Bert US Army Air Forces Forest Park East Cem.  Webster, Harris Cty TX  FindAGrave Discharge Record, VA death file
Allen Miles Johnston CM2 USNR Hartsville tombstone
Allen, Jr. Arthur William U. S. Army Sealy BT-9/19/91 p. 11
Allphin Charles Lee Enl.19Jun 1941; Tec5, US Army High Prairie Cem; Madisonville, Tx.  tombstone, W2 Enl Rec., US Vet. gravesites
Altman Lester Arthur Sgt. U S Army Air Force New Ulm Serial # 18199146 & BT-4/27/95 p. 16; Enlist.rec.
Alvarado Eulalio Cpl. MC KIA Wallace BT-5/26/55 &
Ames Robert Charles US Army Houston National Cemetery

Find A Grave

VA death; US Vets gravesite
Amthor August Lee TX M/Sgt. 2 Engr. BN U S Army Sealy BT-5-26/55; SN-6/28/79; tombstone
Anders Carl B., Jr. Enl.8 Dec 1945  S/Sgt AirCorps   VA enlistment, Death File; Discharge
Anderson Everett US Navy PB106 Asia-Pacific   VM
Anderson Lawrence  Pvt. U S Army Dotson tombstone &Serial # 18027915
Anderson Leslie  Cpl. U. S. Army Dotson Serial Number 18027971

M-J obit 9/2011; SN 11/8/2012

Anderson Norman M. US Air Force Wimauma Cem, FL VA enlistment/death file
Anderson Ray Pearl US Army Glendale Cem, Bloomfield, NJ VA enlistment/death file
Anderson Robert Everett   Galveston Mem Park, Hitchcock, Galveston Co TX VA death file
Anderson Robert Hicks US Army Wesley tombstone
Anderson Warren O US Air Force 1944-1965   VA death file;discharge record
Andreas Ben Charles M3c US Navy CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny USN Muster Rolls; discharge record
Andrews Glenn Alford  Cpl. US Marine Corps Sealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 3
Andrews Robert Lee  Pvt. U S Army San Felipe Black tombstone
Andrus Roy Raymond  US Army Oak Knoll mil. tombstone
Antkowiak Stanley A Enl.27 Nov. 1942, Tyler; Pvt US Army St. Mary's Cath. Cem. Brenham, TX W2 Enl Records, VA death file. tombstone
Archy JR Tom US Army   VA enlistment; death file
Armalavage Clement G. U. S. Air Corps.  died in FL VM
Armstead Robert L. PVT 349 AVN SQ USAAF Jefferson tombstone; DC
Armstrong Ruby McMannama Women's Army Corps Forest Park Westheimer Cem   Houston, Harris County TX enlistment record
Arndt Calvin Arno US Army Memorial Oaks Cemetery   Houston, Harris Co TX DC; VA enlistment/death file
Arndt Charles Otto  Pvt. U S Army Houston National Cemetery Serial # 38203535 & BT-11/28/85
Arndt Delbert F. Cpl 1521 AAF USA & Hawaii Industry Methodist DC; VM
Arning, SR Bernhard C. "Ben" 1st Sgt.U. S. Army M. P.  Welcome2 VM; VA death file
Arning John H. E. , Jr Cpl Army Infantry S. Pacific Oak Knoll VM, VA death file
Arnn JR Thomas Sterling F2; US Navy PC-1263 Europe D-Day Resthaven Memorial Park      Lubbock, Lubbock Co. TX VM
Arnold James C. PVT US Army Oak Knoll mil. tombstone
Arriens Frank Jonah MSGT Sgt US Army Rest Ever Memorial Park, Bryan, Brazos Co. TX VM; tombstone, BCS Eagle 5/26/1996
Arriens Otto M CPL US Armay Susen mil tombstone
Asaf David  US Army Normandy Invasion South Park Cem.  Pearland, Brazoria Co. TX VM; death cert; VA death file
Aschenbeck Albert William PFC U. S. Army Oak Knoll tombstone, VM, BT-4/9/92
Ashorn Edmund H, Jr. US Navy Ensign Pacific New Ulm BT-7/18/46 p.1 BT-5/26/55, VM
Ashorn Hilbert O. PFC US Army Woodlawn Cemetery, Houston, Harris Co. TX S.No.38412230; death certificate; VA death files
Ashorn Leroy Willie U S Army Sealy mil. tombstone,  S. No. 38058739 & BT-10/12/95
Ashorn Riley D US Air Force Odd Fellow Rests Cemetery, Columbus, Colorado Co TX dis.record; Henneke      obit Oct. 2012
Ashorn JR Walter Adolph US Army 101st Airborn Div Battle of the Bulge Loan Oak Cem, Geronimo, Tx VM; VA death file
Atkisson  Edward E AMMC1c; U. S. Navy USS Bunker Hill Oak Knoll VM; BT Obit
Aurich Kermit Lee US Army Sparkman Hillcrest Cemetery Dallas, Dallas Co TX VA; VA enlistment; DC
Ausanka Martha Ruth Miksovsky Cpt US Army Nurse Corps Santa Barbara Cem. Santa Barbara Co CA STimes Obit
Austin Dee Arthur PFC US Army Houston National Cemetery VA; Tombstone
Austin Ruby Pvt. U S Army Paradise North Cem.  Houston, Harris Co. TX Serial Number 38031930
Baack Alfred Albert US Army 25th INF Pacific Theater K Shelby MemOaks Obit
Baack Ernest Emil Us Army PFC 39th INF Europe Purple Heart   VM; enlistment record;SSDI
Baade Clarence Hayden PhM1c US Navy Sealy mil. DC; USN Muster Rolls
Babik Joe James  S/Sgt U. S. Army Frydek St. Mary's Serial Number 38303116; tombstone
Babin Herman Francis US Army Greenlawn Memorial Park  Groves, Jefferson Co TX. Enl. rec. BT obit.
Bader Edmund, Jr. PFC US Army France Earthman Resthaven Cem. Houston, Harris Co TX BT-10/31/96 p. 13, VM
Bader Jack M/Sgt U. S. Army Bronze Star Oak Knoll BT-3/14/85, VM; VA death file
Bader Kathleen Zela Woolgar Royal Army ATS  Oak Knoll VM; Knensek Obituary
Baggerly Neal S US Navy Cat Spring VA death file
Bailey Arthur M TEC5; Enlisted   25 Feb. 1941 Houston National Cemetery

Find A Grave

W2 Enl Records; Tombstone; US VA gravesite
Bailey Jessie L.  Pvt. U S Army Buckhorn tombstone &Serial # 383239727
Bailey Walter   T/5 U. S. Army Randle Hill Cemetery,  Washington Co TX Serial Number 38162175; tombstone
Baker Johnnie Otto CPL USMC Prairie Lea Cemetery,  Brenham,  Washington Co TX tombstone; VA deaths, MC muster rolls; DC
Baker Scott Charles Air Corps

SSgt 676 AAF Bomb SQ

Pattison Cemetery,   Waller County TX W2 Enl Records; tombstone
Baker JR John "TJ" PFC 63 INF US Army Pattison Cemetery,   Waller County TX Tombstone; DC
Balke Tim J.(Jack)   Sealy BT-5/26/55 & SN-6/28/79; DC
Ball Eddie A. (Allen)  "Dick" PFC US Army GuarGulf Wartates Sealy mil. tombstone BT-4/21/88 p.7, VM
Bankett Elisah L US Army   discharge record: VAdeath
Baranowski Charles 21 Inf 24 Div Japan OC Philippine Lib  Oak Knoll                   Find A Grave & obit VM; HC obit 11/10/2005
Baranowski Edward Italian Campaign US Army  Woodlawn Cemetery, Houston, Harris Co TX and obit VM; obit HC 11/05/2009
Baranowski Ignac J. "Ike"  Cpl. U. S. Army Guardian Angel Serial Number 38410659; tombstone, US Vet website
Barbee Hurst "Doc" Staff Sgt.,  Co. I, 414th Reg. 104th Inf U.S. Army, Germany Millheim BT-7/18/96 p. 13; VM; tombstone
Barbur Elburtis W. US Army  Felts Mills Cem. Felt Mills, Jefferson Co. NYa VM; tombstone
Barclay Randall Chester Enl. Houston 5 Dec.1941 Memorial Oaks Cemetery   Houston, Harris Co TX VA death file
Barkley Elizabeth R. McKown  Lt. JG U.S. Navy Nurse Industry Pilgrims_Rest BT-4/16/98
Barkley Dr. Jim Bob Y1c US Navy Industry Pilgrims_Rest VA death file; USN muster rolls
Barnes Jessie J.  U. S. Army ?Hillside BT-6/25/92; VA death file
Barnett Doyle E Maj US Army Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio, Bexar Co TX VA enlistment, tombstone
Barr Bryant Charles US Army So Pacific Oak Knoll VM; VA death file; Tombstone; BT-2/28/1985
Barr Leslie T.  U. S. Army  SSGT HQS Co 71 QMC Prairie Lea Cem. Brenham, Washington Co TX BT-12/15/88 p. 8; tombstone;VA death file
Barr Bryant Charles  U S Army K, W2 Oak Knoll tombstone & BT-2/28/85
Barrett Arthur Pvt., US Army Air Force Oak Knoll VM; S#38752310; tombstone
Barrett, SR Kirby W. PFC US Army 63 Inf. France, Germany Hardin Chapel Cemetery, Hardin Liberty County TX VM; US Vet websites
Barrett Madison Leroy Staff Sgt.Army Air Force North Belt Cemetery, Bell County TX VM; tombstone
Barrett Rubin Cpl.Army 3rd Inf. Germany   VM; VA death file
Barry Claude Kenneth  T/5 U. S. Army Inf. Asiatic Pac. 1941-1944 Oak Knoll Serial # 38050406 & BT-8/26/93 p. 11, VM
Barry Eugene  Winston  Pfc. U. S. Army Hq Co. 1st Bat. 164 Inf. So. Pac. Asiatic Pac Oak Knoll Serial Number 38413291, VM; tombstone
Barry James Steck.  1st Sgt. U. S. Army Inf. Asiatic Pac. Oak Knoll Serial # 38551507 VM, US Vet. Gravesites
Barta John E US Army Guardian Angel Enlistment record
Bartay Delmar Melvin US Air Force A1C Oak Knoll  Kresnik obit 8/5/2015  obit
Bartay JR Edward G US Navy MOMM1 Wallis US Vet Gravesites
Bartay Vernon R. U. S. Navy Oak Knoll V. A.
Bartels Idie Carrell TEC5 US Army Prairie Lea Cem. Brenham, Washington Co TX Tombstone, VA death file
Bartlett Fred B TSgt. U. S. Army Europe cremated, Ashes Houston National Cemetery VM; BT obit;
Barton Daniel PFC US Army Air Forces KIA Leyte Mem   Granger Brethren Church Cemetery, Williamson County TX tombstone   Bellville Newspaper 1944
Barton Theodore "Ted" 2ndLT US Army Air Forces KIA brother of Daniel Lost at Sea Mem.   Granger Brethren Church Cemetery, Williamson County TX tombstone  Bellville Newspaper 1944
Bartos Jim Adolph PFC Army Enl. Wharton, 4 Febr. 1942 Guardian Angel U. S.  Veterans Gravesites; tombstone
Bas Jorge Luis Sgt. Army Houston National Cemetery U. S.  Veterans Gravesites
Bass Wylie Judson CPL USMC Hayes Grace Memorial Park, Hitchock Galveston Co TX US Vet gravesite; tombsto
Basey Henry Lee PFC US Army San Felipe  Find A Grave Serial Number 38416096; VA death file
Bassett JR Johnnie Samuel PFC US Army Houston National Cemetery tombstone; death certificate
Bassett John Smith   Downey death cert WW2 F: Henry
Beach JR Roy Oliver  U. S. Army officer Forest Park Cem, Houston Harris Co TX BT-12/24/87; VA death file, tombstone
Bean Clarence E. (Elmer) US Army 1942-1945


Industry United Methodist

Find A Grave

Mem.Oaks (BR.) obit; tombstone
Bean Harold RM3/C U. S. Navy   VM
Bear Harvey Elton  T/5 U. S. Army Rosewood Memorial Park, Humble Harris Co TX Serial Number 38675689
Bear Nolan R.  Cpl. Sq. D. 345th AAFBU U. S. Army Wallis Serial Number 38458925; tombstone
Beathard Lloyd Thomas US Navy 1945-46 Oakwood Cem., Huntsville Walker Co, Tx BT obit VA d. file
Beckman August W TEC4 US Army Houston National Cemetery VA enlistment; death file
Beckman Edwin Herman "Bill" US Army Greenlawn Garden, Port Lavaca Calhoun Co TX tombstone, VA enlistment; deaths
Beckman Otto Lee  T/4  US Army 1945-1947 Houston National Cemetery Dierking's list, VA death file
Beckman (n) Norman Us Army Cpl Europe Purple Heart Sealy mil. tombstone VM
Beckman Robert P.(Paul)  Qm 3/c U. S. NavyUS Navy S. W. Pacific Pilot Prairie Cem. Waldron, Ark. S.No. 5767914US Vet. Gravestites VM
Beckman(n) Wilbert G. (Gus)  S/Sgt. U. S. Army 146 Combat Engs 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM , tombstone, S.No  38413297
Bedford Raphel PFC US Army Hillside tombstone
Bednar Lad (Ladislav J)  1st Sgt  666FA BN US Army LaGrange City Cemetery, LaGrange Fayette County TX with obit Dierking's list, tombstone
Bednar Richard Paul S2 USNavy Sacred Heart Cath. Cem. Latium, Tx VA death file
Beeler Francis Earl  U. S. Army Air Corp 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-1/19/84; VA death file
Bell Alfred Wesley (Al) Navy USS Denver Pacific Fleet FCO3  Oak Knoll VM,BT-11/19/2009 p6; VA Tombstone
Bell Roy Chester "Beau" US Army Rest-Ever Mem Park, Bryan Brazos County TX DC; VA death file; tombstone
Bellinoski Aldolph A EM1c US Navy El Mina Cem. New Waverly, Walker County TX US Navy Muster rolls, Knesek obit 7/2016
Belunek Joseph A  1941-1945 - Frydek Grotto    US Army  St.Mary's, Frydek  VA deaths, tombstone
Bellville Sam  Pvt. U S Army Carlisle Cem-Sauney Stand, Washington County TX Serial Number 38205947; tombstone; VA death
Belnoske John Frank US Navy St.Mary's, Frydek VA death file, BT Obit
Bender Edmond F. (Forest)  T/4 U. S. Army 1942-1945 Bold Springs Cem.  Livingston, Angelina Co TX Cochran Fun. Home Obit. Serial Number 38303125; tombstone
Benkowski Steve, Jr. Pfc Infantry US ARMY St. Stanislaus Catholic Cem.  Chappell Hill, Washington Co TX VM; tombstone
Bennett Marvin F. S Sgt Army Germany New Ulm VM, mil tombstone
Bennett, Sr. Thomas J.  T/4 U. S. Army Jefferson Serial Number 38547540; VA death file
Benson Rozella (Rosella V. Richter) 2nd Lt  U. S. Army Nurse Corp India Oak Knoll tombstone VM
Benson Wiliam Bryant US Army Sealy VA death file
Benson William Franklin "Bill" Pvt 36 Inf Div 143 RCT Oak Knoll  VM
Benton Orville Russell Sgt 3705th Air Force Dental Lab Tech. Sealy Dierking's list, VM.; tombstone; VA death file
Berndt Edgar   TEC5 3170 Sig SVS BN. US Army Oak Knoll tombstone
Bernshausen Arthur Robert USAF 1945-1958 Sealy mil. tombstone Dierking's list - correct dates? VA death file
Bernshausen Richard Sgt 3 RGT ASF US Army Earthman Memory Gardens, Baytown, Harris County TX Dierking's list; death certificate; tombstone


Berry William M 1st LT USMC Phillipsburg Kerrville FH; obit 4/2014
Bertling Douglas Amos     (D. A.)  S/Sgt Paratrooper U. S. Army 517th parachute infantry regiment Houston National Cemetery BT-6/28/45 p. 1. VM

Huntsville Item 6/17/2017

Bertling Francis Lee US Navy Oak Knoll VM; Knesek obit 8/2017
Bertrand Jessie James MSGT US Army  Air Corps Wallis tombstone
Bertsch JR Henry Fred US Army Industry Pilgrims Rest KSZ FH obit 8/2014
Beseda JR Rev Henry E Y1c US Navy see obit HC obit 9/20/2013
Besson Amos James  Y/1 U. S. Navy Hartsville tombstone
Beyer Herman Otto  Medical Corps, US Army Oak Knoll BT-10/3/91 p. 6; VA
Beyer Werner Lee US Army Forest Park Memorial Cem, Beaumont, TX Beaumont Enterprise 3/15/2015
Bielec Enos Henry S 1/C US Navy   1stGT  died in Metairie, LA Serial Number 8420971 VM; tombstone
Bielec Frank Enos "Poncho" US Army Europe    1st GT  Guardian Angel VM; tombstone; VA deaths
Bielec William J.  T/5 U. S. Army  Guardian Angel Serial Number 38239581 VM; tombstone; VA deaths
Bilbrey William C. Sgt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 18034145
Billig Erwin Gustav US AAF MAJ AF Reserves Giddings City Cem,   Lee County TX SN Obit 2/11/2013; Serial Number 18060914
Billig Harold Louis  1st Lt. DOI at sea; US Army

died over Atlantic

East Coast Memorial    Manhattan, New York County TX


Courthouse Card; BT-7/18/46 p. 1
Billig Herbert Willie S1 US Navy Oaklawn Cemetery, Somerville, Burleson County TX discharge record; tombstone
Bilski Mike S.  Pvt. U S Army Guardian Angel tombstone; death certificate
Birkelbach Elwood John Capt USAF Chaplain Pacific Theater Texas Methodist Conference Center Cemetery   Elkhart, Anderson County, Texas VM; tombstone
Bishop James "Jim" 99 Inf. Div USArmy Europe Industry Pilgrims Rest VM; Knesek obit 11/9/2018
Bishop Joe US 8th Air Force, Europe   VM
Bishop SR Robert Morris  Pvt. U S Army Atkinson Serial Number 18008764; VA death file
Black William C. Jr. Enl Army 2 Jul 1945, New Jersey  (Res.Tx)   W2 Enl Records
Blackman James Allen US Army Prairie Lea Cem. Brenham, Washington Co TX and obit enlistment record
Blackman Neely PFC US Army Samuel tombstone
Blackmon Clarence SSGT U S Army Macedonia tombstone
Blackmon Henderson  5 Bn 1 TN G REGT US Army Macedonia tombstone
Blackmon SR Preston PVT US Army   Knesek obit 1/12/2014
Blackmon Robert US Army Pilgrim's Rest_Black VA enlistment; death file
Blacknell Cecil Pfc. U S Army National Memorial Cemetery of Arizonia Serial Number 38544028
Blacknell John L US Army Culpeper National Cemetery, VA VA enlistment; death file
Blackwell Thomas Wiley T-5 U. S. Army Ebenezer Cemetery, Huntsville Walker County TX Serial Number 18007501; VA death file
Blaikie Roger E. EM2 US Navy Forest Park Cemetery    Houston, Harris County, TX BT-3/10/94; USN Muster Rolls; VA death file
Blanchette Richard L US Merchant Marines Buckhorn death certificate
Blankenship J. C. F1 U. S. Navy Houston National Cemetery US Gravesites
Blanks William J U. S. Air Corps U. S, China  Industry Methodist VM; BT obit; VA death file


Blansett Charles CPO US Navy Houston National Cemetery SN-11/2015
Blaschke Botho  T-5 U. S. Army 16th armored division Calvery Cemetery, Fort Smith, Sebastian County, Ark Serial Number 38244503; VA death file
Blazek John J. Enl. 13 Nov. 1942, Tyler   W2 Enl. Rec. BT11/12/2009p3
Blazek Willie O. 39ENG Pfc. U S Army Saint Marys Catholic Cemetery   Ellinger, Fayette County, TX  Serial Number 38161722; tombstone; death certificate
Bleike Dale Caldwell Enl. Air Corps 5 Nov.1942, Houston   V. A.. W2 Enl.
Blezinger Eldie A. S/Sgt. U. S. Army 1st Inf Div N Africa Sicily Normandy Industry Methodist S.No 6958804, VM; VA Death file
Blezinger Herbert A.  Pvt. U S Army Oak Knoll Serial Number 38205176 VM
Blezinger Monfred Albert US Army Shelby Cemetery, Shelby, Austin County, Texas, BT-5/26/55; death certificate VM
Blinka Alanade J.  Pvt. U S Army St.Mary's, Frydek Serial Number 38099926 military tombstone
Blow John Freeman US Army 1940-1953 Forest Park Westheimer Cemetery, Houston, Harris County TX discharge record; VA deaths
Blum SR Harvey Rudolph CW04 Chief Warrant Off. U. S. Army Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio Bexar County TX BT-11/5/87 p. 12; VA veterans gravesites
Blum Louis Charles Sgt  US Army.Air Corps  Enl. 29 Oct. 1942 HoustonYes US armed forces Phillipsburg V. A.  death cert. Enl Rec. V. A. Marker
Bock Frank Glenn  T/3 U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Sealy enlist. record. Serial Number 38413299
Boecker Leon Henry US Army Air Corps Welcome2 MemOaks obit 5/20/2014
Boecker Leroy Charles CPL US Army St. James tombstone
Boehm Edgar J.  Navy AM-2 San Felipe tombstone
Boeker Grady Charles  S 1/c U. S. Navy Prairie Lea Cem. Brenham, Washington Co TX Serial Number 5779903
Boelsche Joa Willie  Sgt. U. S. Army Air Force 1943-1946 U. S., Eur. Wesley  Serial Number 38542060 VM; tombstone
Boerger Arthur A AET M2 US Navy New_Ulm mil tombstone
Boesling John E. Cpl US Army Air Force 1942-1945 Brazoria Cemetery, Brazoria County TX VA death file,  mil. tombstone
Boethel Harvey Adolph PVT US Army Memorial Oaks Cemetery, Houston Harris County TX tombstone; US Vet Gravesites
Bogar William T.  Cpl T/5 HQ Btry 987 Fld Arty BN 1st US Army Artillery Europe Oak Knoll S# 38541350 VM, BT obit.
Bohne Edwin C. PFC US Army Armored Infanty Ft. Knox, Europe 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM; mil. tombstone
Boldt Leon Louis CPO US Navy Guardian Angel VA death file; VicAdvo obit 1/1986
Bollom William E US Navy USS Harris/Pacific Forest Park Cemetery, Houston Harris County TX SN-11/2019; Navy Muster
Bolten, Sr. Deroy  SN U. S. Navy Millheim BT-2/2/95 p. 10; tombstone
Bolten James W US Army Air Corps Odd Fellows Rest ,Columbus, Colorado, TX enlistment record; BT obit 2/2008
Bolten Otto Edward US Army Shady Grove Cemetery, Haynesville, Claiborne Parish LA discharge record; VA deaths
Bond Alfred Dixon 2nd Lt. KIA

97 AAF Bomb Gp US Army

 Centuries Memorial Park, Shreveport, Caddo Parish, LA,  tombstone
Bonner JR Booker Thomas PFC US Army Houston National Cemetery VA enlistment; tombstone
Bonner Chester A Inducted Nov20, 1942 PLC US Army Houston National Cemetery BT11/12/2009p3; tombstone; VA enlistments
Bonner Edgar US Army Houston Colored Cemetery DC; enlistment record
Bonner James W US Army   enlistment record
Bonner SR Louis US Army San_Felipe_Black enlistment record; MJ obit 10/2012
Bookout John Charles ENCS US Navy 1941-61  Sub  So. Pacific Houston National Cemetery VM; BT obit; US Vet gravesites
Borman Glenn Otto MAJ US Air Force Cook-Walden Memorial Hill Cemetery, Austin, Travis County TX Tombstone; VA enlist/deaths
Borman Robert Bruno PFC US Army Mission Burial Park, San Antonio, Bexar County TX US Veterans Gravesites
Bormann Roger Alfred  T/5 U. S. Army Welcome Salem Luth Serial Number 38241382 mil tombstone
Bouquet Leonard Edward US Navy Memory Gardens of Edna Cemetery, Edna, Jackson County, TX VA death file
Boyd Freddie Lee Sr TEC5 US Army San Felipe

Find a Grave

military tombstone
Bozarth Maurice WT3, U. S. CoastGd Bateman Cemetery, Bastrop, Bastrop County TX U. S. Gravesites
Bradley Carl B Sgt. Hq Tr 12 Cav, 1 Cav Div.; US Army   VM ; VA death file
Bradley Luman L Merchant Marines Wallis VA death file
Braesecke Herbert  T/4 U. S. Army  CAT SPRING CEMETERY aka Kollatschny Serial Number 38078622; VA enlistment record DC
Brandiberg L C US Army San_Felipe_Black VA enlistment record DC
Brandt Charlie F  T-Sgt. U. S. Army Forest Park Cemetery, Houston, Harris County TX  BT 6/14/45 p. 3; Findagrave obit
Brandt Delmus John Pvt  Army Air Force ASN 18189081 1942-1943 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM, wife Evelyn Brandt; mil tombstone
Brandt Frederick Otto "Freddie" CPL US Army 20th Air Corps CBI/Pacific Wallis  VM; tombstone; US Vet Gravesites


Brandt Herbert CPL US Air Force San Jacinto Memorial Park, Houston, Harris County TX BT-10/1/98; US Veterans Gravesites


Brandt Jerry I TSGT U S Army Sealy Catholic military marker
Brandt Leonard  T/5 U. S. Army Gonzales Memorial Park Cemetery, Gonzales County, TX Serial Number 38075339; tombstone
Brandt Willie J.  Tec 5 Engineers US Army  KIA Sealy Catholic BT-7/18/46 & 5/26/55 & tombstone
Branham Charles Douglas  Yeoman 3/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 5828037
Brast Albert M enlisted US Army SSGT 1861Pilgrim's Rest enlistment record; Knesek obit 4/2017
Brast Bernhard F MSGT US Army 1935-1966 Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery Tombstone; VA; US Vet Gravesites
Brast Fritz G. enlisted  Pvt. AA Repl Tng kBn CAC  U S Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest tombstone, VM
Brast George B.  T/4 U. S. Army   Serial Number 38054382; VA death file
Brast Hugo Fritz PFC US Army 91st Infantry Division Sealy Serial # 38419174 & BT-11/26/98 military marker
Brast Melvin M.  S/Sgt US Army 84th Infantry Division  Provost Marshal ETO McDade Cemetery, Bastrop County TX BT-5/18/95 p. 14 &6/21/45 p. 1, VM tombstone
Braunig Wm A Lt Col U. S. Air Force Memorial Oaks Cemetery, Houston Harris County TX VM; US Veterans Gravesites
Bravenec John I  SSGT QMC US Army Oak Knoll Enl. Rec., VA, BT-5/10/84
Brechin John Bryce F2 US Navy 1943-1947 Forest Park Cemetery, Houston, Harris County, Texas US Navy Muster Rolls; US Vet. Gravesites. 
Breddin Edwin Rudolph US Army Phillipsburg VA; enlistment record 
Bremby Levine US Army Downey VA enlistment/death file; DC
Bremby Robert L.  T/4 U. S. Army Downey Serial Number 38092308; death certificate; VA deaths
Brending Bob PFC US Army Wesley Tombstone
Brending Theodore PFC US Army Wesley tombstone; DC
Brenner William G. "Willie" Army Military Police Washington D.C. Am. Leg Post 115 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-6/18/98, VM, tombstone
Brewer David PFC US Army Hillside  tombstone
Brezina Albert Charlie PFC US Army Sealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 6
Brezina Frank William PFC US Army Sealy mil. tombstone
Brhel Frank F.  Sgt. US AAF T-47 MBL RCLM & REP SQ Sealy Catholic tombstone; military marker Serial # 38204181
Britton J. W.  U S Army TSGT Wesley tombstone
Broeker Gilbert (R)  Pvt. 8th Armored Div.U S Army Europe Prairie Lea Cemetery, Brenham, Washington County TX mil. tombstone Serial Number 38162968 VM
Broeker Walton E Inducted Nov21, 1942 Memorial Oaks Cemetery, Houston Harris County TX BTNov12,2009p3
Brokmeyer Isedore Antone  S/Sgt U. S. Army 1942-46 New Ulm Serial # 38205183; BT-9/21/95 p. 3, mil tombstone
Brooks James Howard Sgt. D Tr 12 Cav. 1 Cav Div Asiatic Pacific Oak Knoll S# 38241370
Brosig Roy Roland  1826th MP Pfc US Army Purple Heart Sealy  tombstone, BT obit.
Brown Alfred Curtis PFC US Army

Houston National Cemetery, Houston, Harris County TX

VA death file; US Vet gravesites
Brown Charles James PFC US Army

Williamette National Cemetery, Portland OR

enlist record; US Vet gravesites

Brown Edgar Lee

T5 US Army

Williamette National Cemetery, Portland OR

VA death file; US Vet gravesites

Brown Gauvin


Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio Bexar County TX

tombstone; US Vet gravesties

Brown Harold Sylvester PFC US Army

Forest Park Cemetery, Houston Harris County TX

tombstone; VA death file

Brown Howel C PFC US Army Enl. 7 Mar 1944 Ft. Sam Houston Houston National Cemetery, Houston Harris County TX SECTION G2 SITE 166 W2 Enl Records ; tombstone; US Vet gravesites
Brown John   SealyOther BT-5/26/55
Brown Oliver L. PFC US Army San_Felipe_Black Serial Number 38416101 VA death file


Randell US Army

Pilgrims Rest-Black

DC; VA enlistment/death file

Brown Richard Lewis US Army New Ulm;; VA enlistment death file
Brown Russell L.  Tec 4 U S Army Dotson tombstone



US Navy

St. Peter AME Cemetery, Blair SC  death certificate

VA death file; DC

Brown SR Searcy Lee  Pvt. U S Army San_Felipe_Black Serial Number 38411246; tombstone
Brown JR Willie A PFC Army Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside, CA SEC 20A SITE 2537 VA death file; US Vet gravesites
Brownschadel Theo Otto Enl. Army Houston 10 Jul 1942 Woodlawn Garden of Houston, Tx DC; VA deaths
Broz Eddie A. PFC US Army, France Oak Knoll Serial # 38550067 & BT-5/3/45 VM;Knesek obit 5/2019
Broz Frank Joe PFC US Army 88 Inf Div, Italy.  Inducted Nov21, 1942 Immaculate Conception S. No. 38303112 VM; BTNov12,2009p3
Broz, JR John Frank PFC US Army Hayes Grace Memorial Park, Hitchcock, Galveston County TX Serial Number 38056601; VA enlistment/death file


Broz Vencil Edwin  Sgt. U. S. Army Medical Corps Immaculate Conception S. No 38078291 mil tombstone
Brugger Clifford S.  US Army Brookside Cemetery Windfall, Tipton County, Indiana  Enl. Records.
Brugger Joe Alton  Cpl. U. S. Marines Oak Knoll tombstone,  S# 334933
Brune Adolph Andrew Enl. 11 Jun 1942 US Army Crossroads Methodist Cemetery. Crossroads, Harrison County, Texas W2 Enl Records; VA death file
Brune Alton W US Navy Sealy tombstone: DC
Brune Clarence W.  T-5 U. S. Army Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery.  Frelsburg, Colorado County, TX Serial Number 38075353; DC; VA deaths
Brune Edwin H US Army Saint Rochs Catholic Cemetery.  Mentz, Colorado County, TX VA enlistment; death file
Brune Herbert James Cpl. U. S. Army Air Corp So. Pacific 3 yrs 2 m 19 d Sealy Serial Number 18188809, VM; Knesek obit 7//2016
Brune Leslie Leo  US Army Salty Cemetery.  Salty, Milam County, TX BT-4/5/84; VA enlistment; death file
Brune Lloyd E Enlisted 22 Nov. 1940 Houston; 1 LT US Army  Sealy  W2 Enl records
Bruton JR Jesse 2LT US Army Gresser Family Cemetery.  Fayetteville, Fayette County, TX VA deaths; Austin A-S obit 7/26/2006
Bryant Allen Elvin  U. S. Army Sealy BT-5/27/99 p. 4
Bryant John Edward US Army  CPL BTRY D 90 Downey Serial Number 38092304; DC; tombstone
Bryant Lee Franklin US Navy, S. Pacific, USS Wisconsin 64  FC2 Oak Knoll US Vet. Gravesites; VM
Bryant Leslie Boyce      
Buchala Louis Joe CPL U. S. Army  S/Sgt. POW 1941-1945 Sealy Catholic  military marker
Buchanan William B PFC US Army, 20th Bomber Squadron, 2nd Bomber Group, Heavy 
World War II Honor Roll 
Air Medal, Purple Heart
Ardennes American Cemetery, Plot C Row 34 Grave 17, Neupre, Belguim Tex. WWII Casualties
Buchannan Grafton Lorel Enl. 4 Dec. 1943, Houston US Army San Felipe Enlistment record; VA death file
Buchtien Ernest W.  U. S. Army Corp of Engineers Europe 1st SGT Waco Memorial Park.  Waco, McLennan County, TX BT 7/7/88 p. 8 VM; US Veterans Gravesites
Buchtien Lee Roy Us Army Tech 4 Central Europe Oak Knoll Serial Number 38075352 VM; Veterans Gravesites
Buchtien Leslie E.  T/5 U. S. Army Sealy mil tombstone; BT-5/14/98 & Serial # 38207218
Buchtien Norman Walter  1st Sgt. U. S. Army 1943-1946 Philippines Memorial Oaks Cemetery Houston, Harris County TX tombstone, S# 38538731, VM, VA death file, US Vet Gravesites
Buckley Harold R. F 1st Class U. S. Navy LST 835 1944-1946 Oak Knoll VM
Buddenberg William D. "Jake" Sgt US Air Force St James tombstone
Budschick Herman W. SSGTArmy Oak Knoll tombstone
Buechmann Eldie P US Army New Ulm VA enlistment/death file
Buechmann Walter Albert TSgt US Army 1942-46 New Ulm VA death file
Bueckner SR John Earnest EM3c US Navy Woodlawn Cemetery, Houston Harris County TX Navy Muster Rolls; SSDI
Buenger Jay C.  Cpl. U. S. Army 515 FA Div Welcome2 Serial Number 38417912 Knesek obit 12/2015
Bugaj Max M.  PFC U S Army Cat Spring  BT-6/19/97; tombstone
Bunjes Reinhardt H. US Army Florida Chapel Cemetery, Round Top, Fayette County, TX  Enlistment Record
Buntzel Dallas Ind. U. S. Army 11/21/42 1861Pilgrim's Rest

Find A Grave

BT11/12/2009p3; tombstone
Buntzel Waco  T/4 U. S. Army, Peters Texas 1861Pilgrim's Rest

Find A Grave

Serial Number 38541580 VM
Burditt Austin Jr. Pvt US Army Dotson military tombstone
Burditt Willie M MSgt US Army Houston National Cemetery VA death; US Vet Gravesites
Burger SR

Fred W

US Army


enlistment record

Burger William Herman US Army unknown

enlistment record; SSDI 1998

Burk Carl Kenneth CPLArmy Oak Knoll wife's obit; US Vet. Gravesites

John Joseph

T4 US Army

Houston National Cemetery

US Veterns Gravesites

Burkhardt Ernst T/5 US Army  Round TopFayette CountyTX Serial Number 38246863; death certificate; VA deaths
Burleson Cuba L U. S. Army Oak Knoll VM
Burleson Marvin James  U S Army Concord BT-8/20/98
Burnett JR Hal A Lt. Col. U. S. Army Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio, Bexar County, TX VM; VA deaths; US Vet Gravesites
Burnley Cary Lamar Lt. US Navy N Africa, Pacific, K. W2 Oak Knoll VA; VM; US Vet. Gravesites
Burns Donald B SGT US Army Air Forces Rosewood Memorial Park and Cemetery, Humble Harris County TX tombstone
Burns Norwood W US Navy Rosewood Memorial Park and Cemetery, Humble Harris County TX VA death file; tombstone
Burns Robert W US Army Rosewood Memorial Park and Cemetery, Humble Harris County TX enlistment record; DC
Burns Wallace Rogers US Army   SSDI
Bush Johnny Lee US Army Samuel tombstone
Butler Clifton Murray "Jack" S1 US Navy So. Pacific Oak Knoll VM; Serial Number 9687364; US Gravesites
Butler James B. Army Air Force England POW German   VM
Butler Victor M Enlisted SGT US Army  Evergreen Memorial Park, Wharton, Wharton County, TX tombstone
Buzek Judith Sophia U.S. Army Air Force  Sealy Catholic

Judith Sophia Buzek married Peter Kovar after war

Byars John Andrew Enl. 31 Dec. 1946, Houston Samuel enlistment record
Byars John W. Enl. 4 Apr.1946 US Army   VA enlistment; death file
Byars Walter US Army San Felipe discharge record
Byers Harold Dean  U. S. Army Prairie Lea Brenham, Brenham, Washington County, TX BT-4/14/96 p. 12
Byers SR K J CPL US Army Air Forces Houston National Cemetery VA enlistment; tombstone
Bynum Eddie   Jefferson  
Caletka Lester Enl. Army 18 May 1942 Houston Forest Park Cemetery, Houston Harris County TX W2 Enl Records
Callahan John Clifford Pvt. U. S. Army Wallis US Gravesites; tombstone
Callaway Kenneth R TEC4 US Army Pearl Harbor Wallis Knesek Obit 5/2020
Calligan George R US Army 1943-1946 Sealy VA death file
Calton Samuel TEC5 US Army Goodwill tombstone
Cameron Alexander H.  Lt. U. S. Navy cremated Brookside Crematory, Houston Harris County TX BT-6/28/45 p. 1; USN Muster Rolls; DC
Campbell Andrew C. Pvt. U. S. Army Pilgrim's Rest_Black Vet Marker, tombstone
Campbell Earl Leo T/Sgt U. S. Army Air Corps SealyM Sealy BT-9/23/99 p. 4 VM
Campbell James Walter Jr. (Rev) US Navy USS Kane Industry Methodist Grimes FH obit, Kerrville
Campbell Lawrence C US Army Jefferson VA enlistment; M-J obit 5/2018
Campbell Leroy Pvt. Army Air Corp. 9223 Tech Spc. Unit Pilgrim's Rest_Black Vet. Marker tombstone
Campbell Stamps SGT COE 143 INF US Army AGF KIA Italy Oaklawn Cemetery, Somerville, Burleson County TX enlistment record, headstone app
Campbell Willie Cleo  PHM1 /c US Navy So. Pacific Prairie Lea Cemetery, Brenham Washington County TX Serial Number 5763566 VM; tombstone; US Vet Gravesites
Cannon James Henry AERM2 US Navy Washam VA deaths; US Vet Gravesites
Canty Jay D.  T/5 U. S. Army Houston Nation Cemetery, Houston Harris County TX Serial Number 38163715; tombstone
Carbery JR Charles William 1st lt USAAF Leavenworth National Cemetery,  Leavenworth, KS tombstone
Carbery Worth Harrison US Army Signal Corps - VA enlistment/death file
Cardwell Jesse C. Enl 17 Jan 1942, Dallas US Army Sealy 
*lived in Sealy at death -burial place unknown
VA enlistment file
Carey Charles Washington SP3 US Navy Mountain Home National Cemetery, Johnson City, TN VM; tombstone
Carlson Eric R.   Sealy tombstone
Carlson Raymond A MAJ US Army Mission Burial Park South, San Antonio Bexar CountyTX Find A Grave obit
Carnes John Henry RM3 US Navy 1861Pilgrim's Rest US Vet. Gravesites
Carpenter Albert Lewis POW-Japan  S/Sgt. U. S. Army Oak Knoll tombstone & Serial # 38050412
Carpenter Malcolm Luther Enl. Cpl. U. S. Army; Oak Knoll Serial Number 38538733; Enl. Rec.
Carr R. L. S1 U. S. Navy, Pacific Houston Nation Cemetery, Houston Harris County TX VM; DC; US Vet Gravesites

Jordan Paul

US Navy Forest Park Westheimer Cemetery, Houston Harris County TX

SSDI; VA; Tombstone


Jessie J


Houston Nation Cemetery, Houston Harris County TX

discharge record; VA death file; US Vet Gravesite

Carter JR Julius C

US Army Air Force

Laurel Land Memorial Park, Ft Worth Tarrant County TX

VA; FWS-T obit 9/5/2018


Peter Joseph

FC US Army

Guardian Angel

Find A Grave pic Knesek obit 3/2012

Cass Russell (E) Msgt US Army Ft. Bliss National Cemetery, El Paso, TX 77906 US Vet Gravesites
Cass Samuel Harvey S2c US Navy Sealy Navy Muster Rolls
Cassling Donald Eugene Co E 341 US Army Infantry Europe,Pacific  - VM; Iowa WWII files

Frank A

US Army -

VA enlistment; death file

Cerny Jarda Anton U. S. Marines  Guam Woodlawn Garden of Memories in Houston TX BT-4/8/93; VM

Simon Frank

RM3C US Navy

Guardian Angel

Knesek obit 8/2017 USN Muster Rolls

Cervenka Cyril Sidney Enl. Houston 8 Mar 1943 PFC 175th Inf. 29th Div. KIA Germany Netherlands BT-7/18/46 p. 1 & 5/26/55W2 & K Conflict Vets Interred Overseas.
Cessna John Harley US Air Force 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT obit 3/2008; VA death file
Cevallos Andres  U. S. Army under Gen. Patton Sealy Catholic BT-4/21/88 p. 13; military marker
Chaloupka Alvin William  T/5 U. S. Army, Germany Industry Brethren Serial Number 38078660 VM; US Veterans Gravesites; tombstone
Chaloupka Rudolf Ernest  T/5 U. S. Army  Davis-Greenlawn Cemetery, Rosenberg, Fort Bend County TX Serial Number 38418546; VA enlistment; death file
Chaloupka Vince B.  Pvt. Inf. U. S. Army National S.No 18009305, tombstone
Chance Oscar Dellinger CPL US Marines Hobson's Choice VA death file; USMC Muster Rolls
Chance SR Thomas D PVT US Army  Omaha Beach Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery San Antonio, Bexar County, TX SN-11/2015; VA; tombstone
Chandler Austin E. 2LT US Army Air Force   Enl 13 Aug 1940, Ft. Worth, Med. Dept. Pattison Cemetery, Pattison Waller County TX  W2 Enl; tombstone; VA death file
Chaney JR Johnny Adams  PFC US Army Hillside BT-5/26/55 & tombstone
Chapple Ed US Army Jefferson enlistment record; DC
Charpiot Robert Batiste  1st Lt. US Air Force 8th Air Force Oak Knoll BT-6/25/45 & BT-5/18/95 p. 15; obit;  VM;
Cherry Louis PFC US Army Hillside enlistment record; tombstone
Chatham Roy Jackson MAJ US Air Force Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio Bexar County TX tombstone: BT obit 5/2008
Chatham Walter Edward US Army Air Corps; Oak Knoll BT-7/18/46 p. 1; died non battle; Enl. Rec.
Cheely Joel Frank Sgt. U. S. Army Infantry  Europe,Pacific 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM, mil. tombstone
Chernosky Dennis E. S/Sgt US Army Asian Pacific,Manila Prairie Lea Cemetery, Brenham Washington County TX BT-7/2/99  VM
Chernosky Randolph  Pfc. U. S. Army Oak Knoll S# 38204184 & BT-8/19/93 p. 11; VA
Cherry Julius J. Enl 26 Sep 1942 Houston; Pvt. U S Army Hillside tombstone Wallis
Cherwak Ludy  Lt. Col. U. S. Army Sealy BT-5/26/55 tombstone sec 6
Chessher Wilburn US Navy 1861Pilgrim's Rest VA death file; VM
Childers Ellis Buck PFC US Army Sealy Catholic BT-8/31/89 p. 1 military marker
Chudej Julius J.  Tec4 U S Army Wallis tombstone
Cieslewicz Conrad Edmund  COX US Navy Holy Cross  Death Cert.; military tombstone
Cieslewicz JR Joseph John  1941-1945 S1 US Navy Holy Cross   Frydek Grotto; military tombstone
Cieslewicz Victor J US Army Air Corps Sealy Catholic tombstone
Cieslewitz Charlie (Charles)  1941-1945 AD3 US Navy Holy Cross  BT-5/26/55,  Frydek Grotto; tombstone
Clair David H Msgt U. S. Army Mossy_Oaks VM; VA death file
Clapp Norval F. Jr. HQ Co 2nd BN 303rd Inf 97th Div US Army Sealy Obit ; findagrave
Clare Burns Lee Sgt US Marine Corps Oak Knoll BT obit; USMC Muster
Clark JR George  Pfc U. S. Marines   Serial Number 86707f2; VA death file
Clark Lamar S US Army Morton Cemetery, Richmond Ft Bend County TX BT 12/21/1944 pg 15; VA death file
Clark Raleigh T SSGT US Army 1945-1969 Masonic Cemetery, Las Cruces, Doņa Ana County, NM VA enlistment/death file
Clark Walter US Army Lockhart, Caldwell County, possibly Dale TX cemetery VA enlistment/death file
Claxton Buford Everett Air Force Oak Knoll V.A.
Clayton A. B., Sr. Army Sig Corp w/ Patton all the way - VM
Clegg, Jr. Millard F.(Fillmore Jr.) 1st Lt. U S. Army Air Corps 1942-1946 1861Pilgrim's Rest mil. tombstone
Cleveland SR Charles CPl US Army wounded, Purple Heart Woodlawn Cemetery,  Houston Harris County TX HC Obit 10/17/2010
Cleveland James L CPL US Army Houston National Cemetery, Houston, Harris County, TX dc; tombstone; VA death file
Cleveland SR Tilofus PVT US Army Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio, Bexar County, TX VA enlistment/death file
Clingan Ralph O PFC USMC Walker Cemetery, Welch, Craig County, OK tombstone; VA death file; VM
Clore John Lane U. S.  Army Air Force 1861Pilgrim's Rest V. A.
Cloud Alfred US Army Paradise North Cemetery, Houston, Harris County, TX VA enlistment
Cloud Lee US Army Paradise South Cemetery, Pearland, Brazoria County, TX VA enlistment/death file
Clover Carl Estes Lt Col USAFR  Europe  Greenwood Memorial Park,  Pineville, Rapides Parish, LA. Enl. record, tombstone; VM
Cloyd Cecil Dennis  TSgt U S Army Sealy VM, tombstone & Serial # 18061202
Cloyd Cecil Thomas USMM Merchant Marines Lost at Sea 1942 Rosters of WWII Dead; Find A Grave
Cloyd Raymond E. US Army Cpl Buckhorn Serial Number 38547643; VM obit
Coats JR Calvin Lamar  MS, Pfc. U.S. Marine Corp Sealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 6
Coats Clyde Kelton CPL USMC - USMC Muster Rolls; SSDI
Coats Will Sgt. US Army Paradise North Cemetery, Houston, Harris County, TX Serial Number 38540543, VA Deaths; US Vet Gravesites
Cocke JR William A 1st Lt. KIA Manila American Cemetery and Memorial, Manila, Capital District, National Capital Region, Philippines Tex. WWII Casualties
Coker Leonard Thompson US Army Europe Oak Knoll VM; DC
Coleman A. C. PFC US Army Hillside BT-5/26/55 & tombstone
Coleman Ernest TEC5 US Army Chappell Hill Community Cemetery, Chappell Hill Washington County TX enlistment record; headstone app
Coleman Jess W SFC US Army Hillside US Vet Gravesites
Coleman Perry L   Hillside tombstone
Collins Ernest US Army El Pleasant VA death file
Compton Carson Allen US Army Sealy enl. record
Cone Claude Steffens US Navy Wallis VA death file
Coody Barney, Jr.  T-5 U S Army San Felipe BT-7/16/98 & Serial # 38749653 military tombstone
Coody Mance  GM 3/c USN PACIFIC & ATLANTIC  Sealy BT Obit, mil. tombstone; Serial Number 5762980 VM
Cook Theodore Marion "Ted  U. S. Navy  Houston National Cemetery, Houston, Harris County, TX BT-2/2/95 p. 13
Coombs Robert W. 1st Marine Div Guadal Canal Tenaru River   VM
Cooper Raymunn Edward US Navy

Fairmount Cemetery, San Angelo, Tom Green County, TX

VA death file
Cooper Vance SSGT 747 Tk Bn US Army Wallis tombstone; US Vet Gravesites
Cope Donald W. US Army T/5 ETO  - VM
Corbin Rogers  Tec 5 U S Army Hillside tombstone
Corrigan John C RM2 US Navy Pearl Harbor Survivor Sealy Catholic military marker
Cossman Frank Paul US Marine Corps National mil tombstone; US Veterans Gravesites
Coufal Benjamin Joseph US Army Air Corps Instructor Oak Knoll VM
Coufal Edwin Joseph COX US Navy Earthman Resthaven Cemetery, Houston, Harris County, TX USN Muster Rolls; HC-6/8/2006
Coufal Joseph Jaroslav MCPO US Navy 1944-68 Chamberlain Cemetery, Kingsville, Kleberg County, TX USN Muster Rolls; CCCaller-7/27/2016
Coward Russell Allen, Jr. Major Army A.C. Pacific 4 yrs Oak Knoll VM, BT Obit.
Cox Hershel T5 United States Army Houston National Cemetery US,. Vet. Gravesites; death cert.
Cox Louis N. U. S. Merchant Marines  - VM
Cozzens Jerold E. "Jerry"  U. S. Army 393 Eng. Reg. cremated BT-8/18/88 p. 9
Craddock SR John William US Army Brookside Memorial Park, Houston, Harris County, TX VA death file
Craig JR Johnny James US Army - enlistment record
Crawford Charles J.  U. S. Army Oak Knoll  
Crawford Hubert Marsene  S/Sgt. U. S. Army Air Corps Oak Knoll S#18060623; VA; BT obit.
Crawford James E. Pfc 511 Training GP AAF Buckhorn Tombstone
Crawford John Enlistee US Army Memorial Oaks Cemetery, Houston, Harris County, TX  death certificate; VA deaths
Crick William Richard Sgt. U. S. Army Ordance 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM; mil. tombstone
 Criswell Charley Calvin US Army - HennekeFH-3/8/2020
Cronin Lee Roscoe  U. S. Navy Millheim BT-6/18/92 tombstone; VA death file
Crosby Billy Bishop SC2 US Navy Davis-Greenlawn Cemetery, Rosenberg, Fort Bend County, TX tombstone; VA death file
Crow JR Richard Jackson US Army 838 AAA Europe Hempstead Cemetery, Hempstead, Waller County, TX VM; enlistment record
Crowder, III H. B. Capt. USMC Hartsville tombstone
Crumpton L. C.  TX Pfc Co. C 1310 Eng. G S Regt. Samuel tombstone & Serial  # 38162198
Crutchfield John David, Sr. Sgt. U. S. Army Oak Knoll tombstone, VM
Cufr Joe D SSGT US Army Air Forces Calvary Hill Cemetery and Mausoleum, Fayetteville, Fayette County, TX


US Veterans Gravesites
Cufr John J.  TSGT US Air Force  Fayetteville Catholic Cemetery, Fayetteville, Fayette County, TX Tombstone
Cummings Hollie M 1LT US Army Lt. Died Non Battle  Alto City Cemetery, Alto, Cherokee County, TX Tex. WWII Casualties
Cumings Kenneth US Army Cumings VA death file
Curd Thomas L

MSGT US Air Force

WWII & Korea


Curfman Percy Alvin PFC USMC Katy Magnolia Cemetery, Katy, Waller County, TX USMC Muster Rolls; tombstone
Currens Kenneth Loyd  U. S. Navy 3rd Class Radio Gunner  - *
Curry Enoch  Pvt. U. S. Marines  - Serial Number 223282; VA death file
Curtis Henry L. PFC US Army Bohemia Cemetery, New Orleans, LA Serial Number 38381930; headstone application
Dabney SR Earnest PFC US Army San_Felipe_Black Serial Number 38092313; tombstone
Dabney Fred Hover US Army Kenney enlistment record; DC
Dabney Forest PVT US Army San_Felipe_Black VA enlistment; discharge records; DC
Dabney James 1942-1943 Kenney DC; VA
Dabney Johnnie Dee SGT US Army Hillside tombstone
Dabney Samuel US Army Houston Memorial Gardens, Pearland, Brazoria County, TX VA enlistment; deaths; DC
Dabney SR Thelmus PFC US Army Houston National Cemetery tombstone; VA death file
Dahse Milton Fritz William  WT-3/c U. S. Navy Forest Park East Cem. League City, TX BT-6/14/45 & S# 9685338
Dahse Norbert T Cpl. U.S. Army Batry B 2nd INF DIV FABN Oak Knoll S#38412284 & BT-8/23/45; VM
Dahse Walter Joe US Army Oak Knoll Enl. Rec. D. cert.
Dalziel Edward James US Army - enlistment records; Schmidt FH 8/2016
Daniels Lee Abner  U. S. Navy 1942-1947 Houston BT-7/20/95 p. 15; VA death file
Dannhaus Reinhardt SSGT Co H 357 Inf 90th Div US Army KIA St James BT-5/26/55  tombstone
Davis Berry Bevil  Cpl. U. S. Army 8th Photo Recon Sq 1861Pilgrim's Rest Serial # 18061189&      BT-10/17/91p.10, tombstone
Davis Boyce Dalton  SM 3/c US Navy AP Area8 Photo Recon Sqd Oak Knoll S# 9685332 VM
Davis Dan Akers Lt US Army Air Corps 1861Pilgrim's Rest VA, mil. tombstone
Davis Ed M.  T-4 U. S. Army Palacios Cemetery, Matagorda County TX Serial Number 38092307; enlistment record; VA death file
Davis Emroy PFC US Army Mt Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery, Fort Bend County TX Serial Number 38411245; tombstone
Davis J. W. Nelson  TX Pvt. Ordinance Dept. US Army Sealy BT-5/26/55 SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 2
Davis Oren C. Cpl Army Air Force 1861Pilgrim's Rest Vet. Marker tombstone
Davis Rex Laverne   Premont Cemetery, Jim Wells County, TX VA
Davis Weldon Bailey  Sgt. U. S. Army Oak Knoll S # 38054617 & BT-8/23/45; DC
Davis Willie L.  Sgt. U. S. Army Davis-Greenlawn Cemetery, Rosenberg, Fort Bend County TX Serial Number 38248804
Day Alvis Franklin TSgt US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest VA, mil. tombstone
Day Eugene W US Army Coshatte enlistment record
Deere Carlos Howard  US Army Air Corps Oak Knoll  Enl. Rec. BT obit.
Deere Charles William  Seaman 2/c U. S. Navy Oak Knoll S# 8418331 VM; DC; VA
Deffenbaugh Robert Joseph US Navy 1943-1946 Sealy BT Obit; Navy Muster Rolls
DeFratus Frank  US Army  - enlistment record
Dehnel Fred William Coxswain U. S. Navy Pac. & Atl Oak Knoll S# 6259273  VM; tombstone
Dehnel Richard PFC US Army Wallis tombstone
Dehnel, Jr. John H.  Cpl. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38091345; VA death file
DeLoach Pruit Ray US Navy 1944-1946 Industry Methodist VA death file; death certificate
DeLosSantos Enrique "Henry" US Army Sealy Catholic Knesek Obit.

David E


Forest Park Cemetery, Houston Harris County TX

USMC Muster Rolls; KuFH obit


Florian Christopher

US Air Force -

enlist record; Grand View FH obit 6/2014


John Theodore


Guardian Angel

tombstone; VA death file

Dernehl Waco Albert US Army Oak Knoll Enl Rec. tombstone, VA; DC
Dernehl Werner L. 44 ARM INF BN US Army Oak Knoll BT obit
Dernehl Wilbert O. US Army Pfc Europe  Guardian Angel VM; VA death file
Derr Audrie Ann Voskamp 2LT US Army Nurse, China, Burma, India New Ulm CCC obit 1/06/2004
Derr Francis E. (Edward)"Frank" Cox US Navy Pacific New Ulm VM; mil tombstone
Dethlefsen William Christian US Army Air Corps Hollywood Cemetery, Houston Harris County TX VA enlistment; death file; tombstone; US Vet Gravesites
Dethloff Willie  Pvt. U S Army Dethloff tombstone & Serial  # 38239735
Dethlefsen William Christian US Army Air Corps Hollywood Cemetery, Houston Harris County TX VA enlistment; death file; tombstone; US Vet Gravesites
Dewey Howard G.  U. S. Army ForestPk Hous BT-10/12/89 p. 13
Dickehut Lawrence Weldon INF US Army Philippines 3 yrs Oak Knoll VM; Enl. Rec.
Dickson Hobby Infantry   VM
Dierking, Jr. William   Cpl. 386th Armored Eng. 49th Div.   Dierking's list
Diestel Arthur Lee US Army 1946-47 Cath.Sealy VA death file
Dietz Howard R., Sr. PVT US Army  Oak Knoll tombstone
Diggs SR Ennis Earl   Jefferson  
Diggs Floyd Louis Inducted Nov20, 1942   DC
Dilworth Henry PFC US Army Hillside  tombstone
Dinkins James William  TEC5 US Army Oak Knoll BT-11/20/86 p. 10, tombstone
Dittert Edgar Edward  Lt. U. S. Army Oak Knoll  Enl. rec.
Dittert Henry M US Army Sealy Enl. rec., VA
Dittert Robert Lee      
Dittmar Finley U. S. Coast Guard AMM IC   VM
Dittmar Herbert A., Sr. T/4 U. S. Army Air Force South Pacific   Serial Number 38238013 VM
Dittmar Lee Allen  TX State Guard Cat Spring BT-Jan. 1998
Dittmar Max C.  Cpl. Ft.SamHouston, San Antonio  
Dittmar Olin E.  T-4 U. S. Army30th Cavalry Ft. Riley, Ks 2 yrs   Serial Number 38241328 VM
Dixon Richard Vincent US Army Air Corps Oak Knoll SN 11/12/2011
Doggett William N.  Sgt. 2 REGT Armed Repl. Tng Cen. Sealy BT-5/26/5;SN-6/28/79;tombstone
Doleshal Armond, Emil T/4 US Army AFRT CA - Europe 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM; mil tombstone, VA
Donnelly James R.(Ray)  U S Army Air Force  Sealy BT-11/27/97 p. 4  (Knesek)mil. tombstone
Dorbritz William Carl Maj M G Co 107 Inf U. S. Army, 1918-19 Prairie Lea Cemetery Washington County TX  
Dorsey Thomas J. Infantry  Europe,Pacific   VM
Dotson Shelton W US Army 1941-43 Dotson VA death file
Dowdy Arthur Gene PFC US Marine Corps Sealy mil. tombstone
Drabek Johnnie Henry CO C 1 Bn 311 Inf. 78  Div. US Army; medals, citations incl. Purple Heart; Wallis A.L. Davis-Greenlawn Cem. Rosenburg VA death file; HC 7/6/10 obit.
Drake Albert T.  Pvt U S Army Oak Knoll tombstone
Drattlo Albert PFC US Army   Serial Number 38057411
Drattlo Andrew J. PFC US Army   Serial Number 38246368
Drattlo Reese  Cpl. U. S. Army   Serial Numbeer 38059869
Drozd Albert P.  Pvt. U S Army GAngelWallis tombstone
Drummond Lloyd A Army Med. Det Europe   VM
Drymalla Anton A. Tec 4 Army 3rd Armored Div EAME   Serial Number 38027649 VM
Drymalla Bernard May  S 1/c U. S. Navy  South Pacific   Serial Number 9688981 VM
Drymalla Felix J. U S. Army S. Catholic V. A. death file
Drymalla Victor A. Army Air Force Pacific  S_Catholic VM, BT11/12/2009p3
Drymalla Victor F.  U S Army Btty O S1 ST ART Bttn 1945-46 S_Catholic tombstone
Duebbe Louis F.  Pvt. U S Army Air Corps Oak Knoll S# 38207921 & BT-10/31/91; VA
Duke Leon Bedford  U. S. Army Regenbrecht BT-1/3/85
Duke Partin US Army 1942-45 Frnka Cemetery NUEnterprise 8/16/2001 V. A.. death file
Dunaway Frank C.  Cpl Wthr Sq US Army Air Corps..d.of injuries Yukon Terr. Canada 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-7/18/46 p. 1 & 5/26/55, tombstone
Dunaway J. K.  Lt. Navigation instructor   BT-6/21/45 p. 1
Duncan Roland Ray S1 US Navy Sealy mil. tombstone
Dungen Henry   U. S. Army Brune  BT-9/1/94
Dunn George Hayes, Jr. US Air Force  KIA Germany, 9/27/43 Oak Knoll BT-5/26/55 & 7/18/46 p. 1, VM
Dunn Jack Gardner. Capt. 730 ENGR DEP CO US Army Philipines Oak Knoll VM, BT Obit.
Dupre Carlton Joseph  TX Pvt. Inf. U S Army Sealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 6
Dvorak Charles PFC US Army   Serial Number 38058625
Dyer Kenneth J. 1st Lt MAC Africa Europe   VM
Dziadek William John "Bill"  T/5 U. S. Army San Felipe Serial Number 38059634 military tombstone
Dzierzanowski Anton PFC US Army 81st Wildcat Div INF Sealy Catholic VM










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