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Veterans of  World War II

Listed by veteran's surname.


Most of the Information provided here was collected and supplied by Joy Neely and Carolyn Zascoda. 

Our sincere appreciation for their ongoing efforts to supply genealogical data to us all!

 Note: In the Source column, BT indicates Bellville Times, and SN , Sealy News. 

Other abbreviations are:  DC = Death Certificate

                                                       DF = V.A. Death File                

                                             DR = Discharge Record

                                                VM = Veteran's memorial



PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.

Thanks to Carolyn Zascoda for updates to these files. January 2021


Eads Wayne D M.Sgt USMC   VM
Ebert Charles Edwin Cpl. U. S. Army Oak Knoll VM
Eckelberg Dennis A.  AirForce Randolph Field.  Tex.  KIA before war declared.died in San Antonio plane crash  of injuries Oak Knoll VM; BT-7/18/46; 5/9/55;7/18/46 p. 1
Eckelberg Waco  U. S. Navy Sealy tombstone sec 2 & BT-12/15/94
Eckermann Elroy Clarence  Pfc US Army  Industry Methodist mil tombstone
Eckerman Robert C.  Tec4 U S Army Wallis tombstone
Eckermann Alwood Ben Pvt. U S Army New Ulm tombstone
Eckermann Harvey   Shelby BT-5/26/55
Eckermann Miles (B)  Pfc U. S. Army   S. No. 38303141 mil tombstone
Eder August S. US Army Europe   VM
Eder Edward I.  T/5 U. S. Army  Asiatic--Pacific   Serial Number 38073723 VM
Eder John W. US Army Europe   VM
Eder Lidge M. US Army Asiatic--Pacific   VM
Eder Marion F. US Army Asiatic--Pacific   VM
Eder Victor Frank  Tec 5 U S Army 413th Signal Co. Guardian Angel VM, tombstone & Serial # 38303124
Edwards Bluney US Army Oak Knoll BT-5/26/55
Edwards Jack E.  Army Sfc Atkinson. tombstone
Edwards John Navy 1861Pilgrim's Rest VA
Edwards Simon  S 1/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 9688507
Einkauf Herman  Corp. U.S. Army died in WW II Sealy BT-5/26/55,  7/18/46  & SN-6/28/79; tombstone
Eitzmann Ira US Marine Corps   VM
Ekarius Elmore Otto  T/5 U. S. Army Sealy Serial Number 38162983VA death file
Elledge Lemon Ernest Jr. Gunner, Officer in US Navy Oakdale Cem; Oakdale,La SN--1945
Elliott David Gray   Sealy  
Ellis Marvin Lester US Army Oak Knoll DC, V.A.
Elolf Lawrence E.   T/4 U. S. Army   Serial Number 38412299
Elshick Daniel Max U. S. Marines San Felipe VA death file
Emshoff Elton W. Pfc. 80th CML. Motor Bn. US Army So Philippines 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM
Emshoff Gardie Otto Enl. 27 Apr 1944 US Army Oak Knoll Enl. Rec.VA death file
Emshoff Herbert W. US Army Air Corp    BT11/12/2009p3, VM
Enax Marvin  Pvt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38093172
Engelholm Gilbert H.  Pfc. US Army 41st Inf. 1861Pilgrim's Rest Serial Number 38058749  VM
Engelke Clarence p.  U. S. Navy Sealy tombstone sec 6
Engelking Arthur G.  Pfc. U S Army Wallis. tombstone
Engelking Fritz James  Aviation Cadet U. S. Army Air Corp Pilot U.S., Africa   Serial Number 18190543 VM
Engelking Julius C. Jr. U. S. Navy, Pacific   VM
Engelking R. (Rudolf) A. Jr. 185 7th Svs. Unit WDPC US Army Ft. Sam Houston Sealy VM, BT obit.
Erickson Edward F.  Sgt. U. S. Army Woodlawn Hous BT-6/11/87 p. 16
Ermis Ignac Phillip (Phil) Jr. PFC US Army Sts. Peter& Paul Cath Cem. Plum mil. marker
Erwin Eugene L.  Pvt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 39008601
Esar Charles Mike, Jr.   Sealy  
Esterak Joe J Pvt US Army WWI & II Sealy mil. headstone
Evans Thomas J. STM 2/c US Navy Pacific Campaigns   VM
Fahrenthold Max Cole RM3 US Navy, Pacific 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM
Faist Clemons S.(Steven)  T/4 U. S. Army Welcome#2 Serial Number 38093050; enl record
Fajkus Felix H.  Pvt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 380058748
Fajkus Felix Raymond  Rvt. USMC Guardian Angel BT-5/26/55 & tombstone
Fajkus John Simon WW2 Pvt. U S Army Guardian Angel tombstone
Fajkus Ladgie  S 1/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 8427693
Falk Charles Denatius, Jr.  T-5 U. S. Army Co. A., 53rd BN Oak Knoll S# 38053897, VM, VA
Falk Douglas M., Sr. US Army CPL 329th AAF BU Europe Oak Knoll S# 38093173, VM
Falk Trenckman D.  Pvt. U. S. Army Calvary Oak Knoll S# 38241390, VM
Farmer Homer L. D.  Sgt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38046144
Farnsworth, Jr. Walter Lewis.  Capt. Merchand Mar. 1941-1945 Sealy tombstone , VA death file
Farris William Felix US Army Oak Knoll VA death file
Faterkowski Frank E.  Pfc. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38078658
Faterkowski Stanley C.  Pvt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38056407
Fedford Ayria Arnett US Navy FindAGrave Bell Vicinity
Fee Clarence William  Cpl. U. S. Navy Mt Olivet Cath. Dickinson Serial Number 18079208
Feik Ernest  TX Cpl 25 Repair Sq. US AAF Sealy BT-5/26/55;SN-6/28/79;tombstone
Feist Bennie Sgt. U. S. Army Air Corps IIndustry Pilgrims_Rest BT-5/16/91 p. 6
Felcman Frank H Pfc 342nd Inf. EAME Philippines   VM
Feldmann Charlie   Pfc. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38203886
Ferguson James E.  Pfc. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38543920
Ferree Clark R. Jr 2nd Lt Missing in Action   Tex. WWII Casualties
Fick Emil John, Jr.  Tec5 U S Army Inf. Asiatic Pacific IndBrethren VM tombstone & Serial # 38417308
Fiedler Raymond C TEC3 US Army  Cath. Sealy military marker
Fields Clyde Eugene Lt Com Merch Marines 1942-1947 St.Mary's, Frydek Knesek Obit
Fillip Eugene Army Europe   VM
Filipp George J   Cath. Sealy  
Filipp Joe F PFC US Army Cath. Sealy military marker
Finch Wm. R. Capt. U. S. Army Bronze & Silver Stars Oak Knoll VM, US Vet. Gravesites
Findeisen Hugo Willie  Pvt. U. S. Army Sealy enlistment recore; Serial Number 38303144
Fink, Jr. Leo R. "Buddy"  TEC5 U S Army San Felipe   BT-10/1/98 military tombstone
Finke Jones Gus TSGT US Army Sealy SN 11/2012, mil. tombstone
Finster Wilburn US Navy SW Pacific Theatre   VM
Fischer Lorenz Douglas SGT US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest mil. tombstone
Fischer Robert S.  Air Corps 409th Division MethCh Industry BT-4/23/98
Fisher Clarence James                     Lt. USAF lost over New Guinea 10-2-1943 Oak Knoll BT-7/18/46 p. 1 & 5/26/55  VM
Fisher Clifton Neely  S/Sgt. 8th Air Force 41-45; U S Army 51-55 Oak Knoll Serial # 18061358 & BT-4/18/96 VM, VA
Fisher Floyd L.  Pfc. U. S. Army Air Force England France Germany   Serial Number 38414798 VM
Fisher James Luther US Army CPL INF Oak Knoll VM, tombstone
Fisher Kenneth S Enlisted/ US Army   SN, enlistment record
Fisher Sidney US Army Air Corps Pacific   VM
Flake Robert  Pvt. U. S. Army Cem. Beautiful, Houston Serial Number 38090818
Foehner Eugene Leon  T/4 U. S. Army Sealy M Serial Number 38419154,Bay City D.T. Obit.
Ford Henry K. 158 RCT Infantry USA& So. Pacific Purple Heart   Doctor  VFW #6522 VM
Ford Jane Lillian Smith USAAF; Far East Airforce South Pacific Oak Knoll VM
Fosha Seth James  Pfc AAF Hillside  tombstone
Fortice JR Frank Eugene   Jefferson  
Fox Lee( S."Sleepy") US Navy Pearl Harbor New Ulm VM
Foytik Johnnie (Jonnie TSgt. USAF WW II; Korea & VN Sealy SN-6/28/79 Serial Number 38552025
Foytik Jonnie  T/5 U. S. Army   Serial Number 38552025
Frank Bryan William Navy-- W2, Korea Oak Knoll VA
Frank Dan Owen  Seaman 2/C U. S. Navy Cath Sealy BT-9/28/95 p. 15; military marker
Frank Harold  TX Sgt 411 Inf Oak Knoll BT-5/26/55 & tombstone
Frank Henry H. F.  Pfc. U S Army Wallis tombstone
Frank Hubert Lee Enlisted US Army Oak Knoll Enl. Rec., BT obit
Frank Hugo Pvt  1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-5/26/55
Frank James Herman  T/4 U. S. Army Oak Knoll S# 3824493; VA, & BT-5/2/96
Frank Julius, Jr. (Puddler) US Army Tech 4, 67th Armd Regt 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-5/26/55 & BT - 6/14/45 p. 3  Serial # 38029065, tombstone
Frank Milton Herrnan  Sgt Sixth Army Infantry, Japan 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM, Joyce Grebe, obit.
Frank Morris Reinhold  Cpl. US Army Garden Park Cem.; Conroe, Tx S#38303111, ER
Frank Otis Allen Enlisted.  Cpl. U. S. Army  463rd AAF BU Airplane Mechanic Oak Knoll S# 18191343, VM
Frank Rodger Lester 463 AAF B U  US Army Pine Crest Mem.Pk. Alexander, Ak BT Obit
Frank Wilbert Bernhard "Candy"  MoMM 2/c U. S. Navy Oak Knoll S# 9679791; VM
Frank William Herman Enlisted              U. S. Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-8/10/95 p. 6
Frank W. B. "Candy" US Navy   VM
Franke Everett E. Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Franke Franklin E Inducted Nov21, 1942   BTNov12,2009p3
Franke Helmuth Sam  U. S. Army Air Corps Welcome Luth BT-9/12/96 p. 5
Franke Henry Lee  Cpl. U. S. Marines   Serial Number 933022
Franke Max, Jr. Pfc. US Army 469 AA New Guinea, Leyte, New Britian, Juzon P.I. Industry Methodist S. NO. 38410667 VM
Franke Roger M. Pvt US Army Welcome # 2 tombstone
Franks Everett Earl  US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest mil tombstone
Franks Harry Lee  Pvt., US Army  1861Pilgrim's Rest  
Frazier Dallas F W US Army Cath. Sealy military marker
Frazier Waco Frank   Sealy  
Freeman J. H. Captain F. A. 921 St BN 96 Div Leyte Okinawa   VM
Freier Paul Henry  US Navy 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-1/5/84 p. 14, VM
Freitag Elmer  U S Army Air Force Oak Knoll VM, BT-11/21/96 p. 10, US Vet. Gravesites
Frenzel Harold Reinhold (Ronald)  Electrician Mate 2nd/C U. S. Navy    
Frenzel Howard Anthony US Army   ER; VA death file. (Lived in Kingsville)
Frenzel Norman Adolph  SSgt. U S Army Houston National Cemetery S#18055952; Mil tombstone
Frenzel Oscar "Buddy"  US. Army 80th Field Art. BN. 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-7/15/93 p. 11 VA death file
Freude Calton D. Sr. Pfc U. S. Army 42nd Rainbow Div.   VM
Frieda Jodie Henry Cpl.. U S Army Susen Family
Froebel Lee V. (Vernon) MP US Army Phillipines, Japan   VM, Discharge.
Froebel Melvin Royce SP5 HQ 7th Army Studtgard, Germany   VM
Frnka Milford Curtis US Navy 1944-46 Frnka Navy Muster Rolls
Frnka Miroslav Elmo US Army 1942-1943 Frnka VA death file
Fuchs Minard Sgt 36  SQ Air Dep Grp, ;;US Army; Died Non Battle North Africa Tex. WWII Casualties
Fuller Rex George, Jr. US Navy M.D. Pharmacist's Mate   VM
Furber George Pope US Army Rangers 4th Battalion   SN-11/11/2009 p8
Gabig William A Capt. US Air Force Gabig Fam. Cem BT obit
Gajeroski Edward  1941-1945 Frydek Grotto    
Gajewskey Edward J.  Cpl. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38207203
Gajewski Joe Charlie US Army S_Catholic Enl. record
Gajewski Pete Paul  U S Army Co. B 311 Engineers Battalion Europe & Pacific ImConSealy VM,  BT-12/4/86 p. 9
Gajewsky Willie C. (Cleo  Pvt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38078653 discharge rec
Gajewsky Willie Charles TEC5 US Army 1942-1945 Houston National Cemetery VA death file, military tombstone
Galetka Edwin Joe died in WW II KIA New Ulm PFC US Army KIA/Henri Chapelle Amer Cem, Liege, Belgium/BT-3/22/45 p1, BT-7/18/46 p1, VA, VM


Ga;;e C;oftpm A Pfc US Army I_Pilgrims_Rest mil. tombstone
Galle Hilbert 6th US Air Force Galapagos IslanGulf War   VM
Gallia Jim  SSgt. U S Army Guardian Angel tombstone
Galloway A. E. USS Velocity Radioman 1st Cls   VM
Galloway Joe H.   Millheim BT-5/26/55
Gambill Victor Eugene, Sr PVT US Army Oak Knoll ER, S#38202849
Gann Millard A.  Tec 4 U. S. Army Hartsville tombstone
Gann, Jr. Thomas A.  S/2 U. S. Navy Hartsville tombstone
Garlin Alton H.  T/5 U. S. Army   Serial Number 38852738
Garling Albert  Cpl. U. S. Army Sealy mil tombstone; Serial Number 38207213
Garling Herbert   Pfc. U. S. Army Sealy Serial Number 38078592
Garrett William Arther, Jr.  U S Navy Oak Knoll tombstone
Garrison Clyde James Ball turret gunner 91 BG 8 Div US AAC 1943-1945; POW, Purple Heart Forest Park Cem. Ho BT obit.
Gaskamp Lee Roy William  T/4 U. S. Army  3193 Sgnl SVC Co Sealy Serial # 38303063 & BT-5/16/96, VM mil. tombstone
Gaskamp Monroe Henry   Gonzales Cem Death Cert.
Gass Walter Harvey Hosp. Corpsman US Navy WW II & Korea   SN 11/2012
Gates Milton Odell   Sealy  
Gavranovic Albert J Jr. S1 US Navy Cath. Sealy military marker
Gaydosik Ben J.  T/5 U. S. Army   Serial Number 38094144
Gebhardt Charles W.  TX Pvt U.S.Marine Corps Sealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 5
Gearing Johnie Ray Cpl US Army Shelby mil tombstone
Geck Norman Hugo MSgt US Army Shelby mil tombstone
Gee Eddie Inducted Nov20, 1942 Houston National Cemetery V. A., BTNov12,2009p3
George Thomas Hayes Jr. CPL US Marine Corps S_Catholic tombstone
Gerhart Joe P.(Paul) (JP) Army Inf. T5 ETO 1943-1946 Navy TM; W II & KW Sealy VM; Knesek Obit; mil. tombstone
Gibson Robert Myron Pfc U. S. Army 1943-1946 1861Pilgrim's Rest Family
Giddens William Archie, Jr.   Sealy  
Giebel Bennie H. Enlisted  Pfc. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38303123
Giebel Dennis E Cpl US Army Shelby mil. tombstone
Giebel Leroy Herbert, MD  S/Sgt. U. S. Army, Infantry   Serial Number 38538734, VM
Giese Arthur W2 Phillipsburg Luth V. A.
Gilchrist James F. Tec Sgt US Army Air Forces 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-5/26/55; tombstone
Giles Willie A. PFC Died Non Battle Jefferson BT-7/18/46 p. 1 & BT-5/26/55
Gilley Francis E Sgt. U. S. Air Force So. Pacific   VM
Gilliam C. Lamar US Army Air Corps   VM
Gilliam Edwin C. US Army Air Corps Africa   VM
Gillis Thomas Stratton, Jr. Maj. US Army Oak Knoll BT obit, VA
Gindorf Morris Stephen  1st Lt. U. S. Army Oak Knoll Friend, BT 6-25-45, VA
Gindorf Stephen Andrew., Jr.  Cpl. U. S. Marine Corp 34d Div Iwo Jima Oak Knoll S# 820446; VA,  VM,USMC Muster rolls,  friend
Glaeser Gilbert   U. S. Army Air Corps 1942-44 New Ulm BT- 10/10/85; VA Death File
Glasco George Edward   Sealy  
Glenewinkel Erich C. US Army Air Force Salem Luth, Welcome V. A. BT 2/7/2002 p.4
Glenewinkle (?) Erich W. (?)      
Glenn Arlie Vell  Tec5 U S Army Glenn tombstone
Glover Clarence Edwin  Sgt. U S Army Downey tombstone & Serial # 38204950
Goebel Arthur US Army Aleutian IslanGulf War   VM
Goebel Bennie Pvt US Air Force 66th TR Squadron Shelby VM
Goebel James William Yoeman 3/c  US Navy Hawaii  enl 1944 CapitalMem Park Pflugerville Serial Number 5772929 VM, BT-11/5/2009 p6
Goebel Wilbert F (Frank) U. S. Army 1946 ICC Sealy BT 1/20/2000 p. 4, VA Enlistment record
Goebel Wilburn Arleigh, Sr.  Lt. Col. U. S. Air Force,  Reserve 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-5/11/89 p. 6, tombstone
Goeke Burgess C.  1st Sgt. Co. I 160 Infantry U S Army Philippines Oak Knoll S # 38207195 & BT-5/9/96, VM
Goeke Delphine Cpl. US Army AA Okinawa Woodlawn Cem., Houston, Tx VM; BT Obit; tombstone
Goeke Gilbert E., Sr. Sgt U. S. Army, New Guinea, Luzon I_ICChurch Serial Number 38241362 VM
Goeke John D.  1st Sgt. U S Army Oak Knoll S#38032365; VM; tombstone
Goeke Rogers Emanuel  Pfc. U. S. Army surgical technician Europe Oak Knoll S# 38073228; VM; VA
Goeke Waldo B. US Army Germany   VM
Goller Charles Jr Sgt US AAF Sealy mil. tombstone
Gollmer Edmund, Jr. T5 US Army Bronze Star Asian P.   VM; tombstone,Serial # 38075344 & BT-7/26/45
Gollmer Fred Christian. T5 US Army; Bronze M. Staff Sgt ETO Fields Store Cem.; Waller Co. Serial Number 38073229 VM VA death file
Gollmer George Robert  SC 3/c U. S. Navy, US Navy RES. USS Bronx APA 236 1861Pilgrim's Rest S.No. 9685341, VM, tombstone
Gollmer Hubert (Red) Cpl US Army A11 Middle East ETA 1861Pilgrim's Rest S. No.  38303130 VM, tombstone
Gonzales Charlie    Pvt U S Army S F_Black tombstone
Gonzales Davidson SSGT US Army SF_Blace military tombstone
Gonzales Hiram  SSgt U S Army SF_Back tombstone & Serial # 38302108
Gonzales J. D. (James Davis)  Pfc. U. S. Army San Felipe black Serial Number 38421257
Gonzales Johnnie  Cpl. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38238639
Gonzales Joseph J.  T/4 U. S. Army   Serial Number 38683603
Gonzales Oldham  Tec5 U S Army San Felipe black tombstone
Gore Floyd US Army Oak Knoll ER; VA death file
Gorman Richard J US AAF WWII & Korea Sealy mil. tombstone
Gottselig Albert "Al"  U. S. Army, Europe San Felipe black VM, BT-5/9/96 p. 12 military marker
Gould Earl Dinsmore. AET3 Navy Oak Knoll BT Obit. VA
Gourley Chas. H Army Signal Corp.   VM
Grabow Wallis Andrew  T/5 U. S. Army Oak Knoll S # 38241368;  BT-8/23/45; DC
Gracey, Jr. Allen Curry  Civil Eng. Corps U. S. Navy MemOaks Hous BT-7/15/99 p. 4
Grady Russell (Dr.) US Army unk enlistment record
Graeber Lonnie William  S/Sgt U. S. Army Air Force 19th Bombard. Sq M, Pacific Oak Knoll BT-11/13/97 p. 4 & 11/20/97; VM
Graeter Guido E.  Pfc. U. S. Army Shelby Tombstone & Serial # 38303108
Graf Arnold Herman  U. S. Army Patton's Armored Div. Sealy tombstone sec 6 & BT-4/28/94, VA death file
Graf Harold M. U. S. Navy Pacific    VM
Graf Vernon Charles 69th Inf. Div. 273 Reg U.S. Army. Europe.  Oak Knoll BT-7/23/2009 p6
Graham Charlie B S2 US Navy National mil tombstone
Graham Mark John RDM2 US Navy Cath. Sealy military marker; VA death cert.
Granberry Seth S.  U. S. Coast Guard CatSpring BT-9/28/89 p. 15
Gratzek William Anthony  Pfc. U S Army Guardian Angel tombstone
Grawunder Henry C. (Charles)Jr S/Sgt U. S. Army, South Pacific Oak Knoll BT-8/1/46, VM, VA
Grawunder Henry Frank S/Sgt Oak Knoll Obit
Grawunder. Leon Enlisted    
Gray Arthur Dempsey  Pfc. U. S. Army Oak Knoll S# 38053898; DC; VA
Grebe Clarence Albert  F 1/c U. S. NavyADAK,; Alaska Mem. Oaks Cem. Houston, Tx S#9684909 VM; BT obit; VA death file
Grebe Leroy Henry  T/Sgt. U. S. Army 15th Air Force, 461st Bomb Group.(POW)   Serial Number 38163464, VM
Grebe Norris F. T/Sgt Troop E 124 Cal CBI   VM
Grebe Norris Frederick  T/Sgt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 20822725
Green H. P. (Henry Paul)  Pfc. U. S. Army Dotson Serial Number 38238642
Green Iowa  U S Air Force Macedonia tombstone
Green William Nelson. (Billy)  U. S. Navy electrician's mate 2 Oak Knoll BT-4/24/97
Greer Robert Jr. Tech 4th Grant of Cit.. 166 Port Co. 481st Port Btl. 68th Art.   DC
Greene Virgil  T-4 U. S. Army   Serial Number 38094532`
Gregor Harold P   Oak Knoll VA
Gregor Joseph Louis "Joe"  CM 3/c U S Navy 56 BN C.O.D.SeaBee's 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-4/30/98 & VM; S. No. 5763719, tombstone
Gregor Stanley Jerome "Jerry" T/Sgt US Army 36th Div Co B 141st Inf 1861Pilgrim's Rest Serial # 38050409 & BT-10/24/96, VM
Greig Harold Paul US Army Oak Knoll ER; VA death file
Greve Clarence J.  Sgt. U S Army19444-1946 d.Harlingen Serial Number 39595253 VA death file
Griffith Albert Ross, Jr.  U. S. Army   BT-7/23/98 , V.A.
Griffith Robert C. 1st Lt. KIA   Tex. WWII Casualties
Grigar Albert P. US Army Philippines I_ICChurch VM
Grigar Alfred A., Jr.  Sgt. U S Army Guardian Angel tombstone & serial # 38303069
Grim Darris C.  TEC5 US Army Cath. Sealy tombstone/military marker
Grimes Hobert Edwin PFC US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest DC; mil. tombstone
Gross Arthur W.(Wilhelm)  Pvt. U S Army 1942-43, Camp Shenks, NY Davis-GH Cem Rosenberg S. No. 38204183, VM
Grube Allan O Inducted Nov21, 1942   BTNov12,2009p3
Guidry Rowland W. US Navy AMM 1/c Pacific   VM
Haak Robert Julius LT US AAC Forest Park Lawndale, Houston SN 1945, VA death file; DC
Habermacher, Sr. Ray N.  Pfc. U S Army Hartsville Ceme tombstone
Hackbarth Fred Adolph, Jr.   Sealy  
Hackney Gene Paul 385 Bomb Gp 548th Bomb Sqd 8th , USAAC   VM, BT Obit
Hackradt Karl Sgt b. Danzig or Germany    
Haczynski, Jr. Steve J.  Pfc. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38538737
Haebemeyer Roger  Pfc. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38545544
Haedge Alfred J SSgt US Air Force St.Mary's, Frydek military tombstone
Haedge Jerry D US Army Susen Jerry Delmus
Haedge Milbert C. Coxswain  US Navy 121st CB Pacific   Serial Number 5773640, VM
Haedge Mondell M. Bosun's Mate 2C U. S. Navy Pacific; Seaman 1st Class   Scrapbook, Serial Number 3603738, VM
Hagen Donald Jackson Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest VA
Hagler Jesse J.  Pfc. U S Army Wallis BT-5/26/55 & tombstone
Hall Lawrence C.  Pfc. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38544068, U. S. Vet. Gravesites.
Ham Jack Daughtry CPL US MC1943-1945. Wounded, Purple Heart Houston National Cemetery VAdeath file; SN
Ham Robert E USAAF  Europe   VM
Hammack Carl H. U. S. Army Photo Lab Tech   VM
Hand Arvid Capt US Air Force Europe   VM
Hand Robert Lee 1st Lt 64 SQ 43 Bomb GP S Pacific   VM
Hansard Thomas James  U. S. Navy Oak Knoll BT-3/6/97
Hanselka Frank I.  Pvt. U S Army Guardian Angel tombstone
Hardeman Howard  Pvt. U S Army   Serial Number 38059476
Harden James Thomas, Sr. PFC US Army Air Force 1861Pilgrim's Rest DC, US vet. Gravesites
Harrell Rayburn  Thomas   Oak Knoll V. A.
Harris Clinton W. USN Lith. Printer   VM
Harris E. J.  Cpt. U. S. Army Houston National Cemetery Serial Number 38205976
Harris Marshall Pvt. US. ArmyInducted Nov20, 1942 SF_Black tombstone, BTNov12,2009p3
Harris Maynard Warren  Pfc. U. S. Marines   Serial Number 933021
Harris Riley  Sgt. U S Army SF_Black tombstone & Serial # 38164061
Harris William R. US Army Air Corps 2nd Lt.   VM
Harrison Harold Guinn (Baldy) MM2; U. S. Navy, Pacific 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM, mil. tombstone
Hartman Edmund G. Pfc 206th Combat Engineers    
Hassebrock, Jr. William  S 1/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 3579402
Hassler Arthur E. T/Sgt Air Force Japan 41-45 K 50-53  22 yrs   Serial Number 6299482, VM
Hatchett Gerald US AAC 1926-191960 Waco Mem Park Maus. VA death file
Hatchett Geraldine 2Co2 Rgmt WAAC d. in GA SN 1945
Hatten Fred   Walis Black BT-5/26/55
Hatton Johnnie Wayne. Inducted Nov20, 1942   VA, BTNov12,2009p3
Haugen Donald Jackson M. P. US  Army Pacific, Bronze Star 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM, mil. tombstone
Havel Jerome PFC US Army New Ulm mil tombstone
Havemann Harry W US Army Sealy military tombstone
Havemann Theodore F.  U. S. Army Air Force ForestPk. Houst Bt-8/21/86 p. 11
Havemann Walter  U. S. Army Paratrooper  Purple Heart Sealy tombstone sec. 6 & BT-12/2/93p.13
Haverlah Alton B. SSGT USAAF  POW, Purple Heart Haverlah VFW #6522
Haverlah Harold Gus  TX Pfc U S Army Welcome # 2 tombstone
Havran Laddie Louis  Pvt. U S Army Air Corps Sealy Serial # 18228314 & BT-4/4/96 mil. tombstone
Hawkins Alva G 2nd Lt. FOD (MIA or Buried at Sea)   Tex. WWII Casualties
Hawkins Cawley Coates  Pvt. U. S. Marines   Serial Number 933099
Hayden L. M. (Buck) Staff Sgt. U S Army 1394 Engineers, Pacific   VM
Haygood William Inducted Nov20, 1942   BTNov12,2009p3
Hegemeyer Hubert T.  Pvt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38552735
Heidemann Walter W.  Pvt. U S Army, Europe StJames Luthera VM, tombstone & Serial # 38552394
Heiman Laddie J US Army Pacific Theater   VM
Hein Willie F (Fred) Cpl U. S. Army Europe Sealy VM mil. tombstone
Heinrich Otto Frank US Army Davis-Greenlawn Mem.Pk. Rosenberg Obit. Ho. Chr.
Heinsohn Melvin  S/Sgt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38552044
Heinsohn Wilbur W. Cpl US Army Pacific POW Bataan DM   VM
Heintschel Arthur O.  U. S. Air Force LuthCatSpring BT-9/15/94
Heitmann Cecil Calvin US Army 1942-1945 1861Pilgrim's Rest VA death file
Helwig Elo Neal  F 1/c U. S. Navy Shelby Serial # 9375529 & BT-11/28/91, VM
Henneke Roy E.  Tec. 4 U. S. Army Sealy tombstone sec 7
Henske Charles  78th Div. G Co. 309th Inf StJames Luthera BT-9/25/97 p. 4
Henske Elmo J. 1st Lt. U S. Army Air Force B24 Pilot 455 B GP 15th AF Italy   VM
Henske Lee Charles O.  T/Sgt. U. S. Army Co. G 309th Inf.   Serial Number 38416864
Henske Melvin Cpl, 57th Field Hospital T/5 U. S. Army   Serial Number 38078593
Henske Wilbert US Army Germany   VM
Henske Will, Jr.  S 2/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 5776282
Herbrig Lee Roy Pvt 1st Class U. S. Army   VM
Herbst Robert Low US Army Oak Knoll ER
Hering Andrew Lewis US Army Oak Knoll ER
Hering Leroy F.  Cpl.  U. S. Army infantry division   BT-6/21/45 p. 1
Hermes Howard W.  U. S. Army Tec 5 Buena Vista Cem. Canadian. Co. OK BT-12/6/84 p. 14; tombstone
Herr Edgar Willie  Cpl. U. S. Army Salem Welcome Serial # 38410665 & BT-10/22/98; tombstone
Herreth Carl Frank Tec 4 Army, F. A. France, Germany   VM
Herrington (Elza) Bernard US Army Sealy mil. tombstone
Hess Floyd Charlie  U. S. Navy Mailman 2/C (T) Sealy tombstone sec. 6 & BT-5/9/96p.12
Hess Norman Arnold Lee  S/Sgt 2126 Army Air Force Sealy tombstone sec 7 BT-2/25/88 p. 8
Hetzel Clinton F.  Pvt.U S Army Shelby tombstone
Hetzel Lynn H. (Harvey)  Pvt U S Army Shelby tombstone
Hibbeler Arnold  Pfc. U. S. Army Sealy Serial Number 38303129 mil. tombstone
Hibbeler Arnold US Army Tech-Sgt Normandy Beach   VM
Hibbeler Rudolph T/Sgt US Army Air Force Airplane Machine Gunner Air Offensive Europe/Normany Resthaven Cem Silsbee Serial Number 38303067, VM, SN, findagrave
Higginbotham J. P. US Army 35th Tank Europe   VM
Higgins Auburn L. US Navy Pearl Harbor   VM
Higgins E. J., Sr. Merchant Marine lost at sea 1942   VM
Hilbun M. P. "Hip"  U. S. Army Air Corps   BT-8/27/98
Hilburn Glenn B.  S/Sgt U S Army Oak Knoll tombstone
Hill George W.  Lt. Commander U. S. Navy HillSanFelipe BT-8/29/85
Hill Guenther  Pfc. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38303068
Hill James "Remmett"  U. S. Army "Battle of Okinawa" Jefferson BT-9/24/98
Hill James, Sr.  Pvt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38409415, VM
Hill Joseph T. Jr. WOJC, Died Non Battle   Tex. WWII Casualties
Hill L. L. "Lew"  U. S. Coast Guard Houston BT-2/14/91 p. 11
Hill Leon F U. S. Army Europe   VM
Hillboldt Leroy Louis  Pvt. U. S. Army Millheim Serial # 38241331 & BT-11/28/96, VM
Hillboldt Lester Inducted Nov21, 1942 Pvt US Army Sealy BTNov12,2009p3;  mil. tombstone
Hillmer Marvin Ernest  F-1/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 9686797
Himly Clarence M.  Pfc. 28 Inf Div BTO U. S. Army, Europe   Serial Number 38675912 VM
Hintz Chester Allen, Sr. Tec.5 US Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest BT-10/28/99 p. 4; tombsstone
Hintz Eugene G. Sr. S/Sgt US Army 8th Air Force Gunner: B-17 34  ICC Sealy Serial Number 38548480 VM
Hintz Joe William  Cpl. U. S. ArmyAsiatic Pacific Sealy Serial Number 38595608; SN, Knesek obit.;VM
Hintz Leroy   Sealy  
Hinze Bennie A.  Tec 5 U. S. Army Sealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 6
Hinze Fritz Joachim  U. S. Army Sealy BT-6/29/95 p. 11 mil. tombstone
Hinze Alvin May TxCplCo.C. 201 Eng. Bn Sealy SN-6/28/79
Hirt Robert L Msgt U. S. Air Force   VM
Hluchan Alfred F U. S. Navy C. SP   VM
Hluchan Charles MSgt 25 Air Base CP US AAF; WW I, & WWII Sealy military tombstone
Hluchan Edward Albert  T/5 U. S. Army  Medic, Purple Heart Sealy VM, BT-Aug/86 & Serial # 38093169
Hluchan Louis J. (Putty)  Cpl. 33 Armored Inf. U S Army KIA Germany 3/30/45 Sealy VM,SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 6
Hluchan Woodrow Otto  S/Sgt. U. S. Army  Purple Heart   Serial Number 38091347, VM; mil. tombstone
Hoff Beno Charles Inducted Nov21, 1942   BT-8/23/45, BTNov12,2009p3
Hoff Charles M. US Army Pacific     VM
Hoff Leroy Paul  S/Sgt. U. S. Army 25th Div. So. Pacific Purple Heart Buckhorn Serial Number 38075349, VM
Hoff Raymond Edmond  Pfc. US Army 36th Div 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM, S. No. 38050485 & BT-8/23/45; VA death file
Hohlt Ben Robert  U S Army, POW Europe Zettel VM, BT-6/26/97 p. 4 tombstone
Hohlt Eugene (Henry) Sgt. U. S. Army Pr. Lea Cem. Brenham VM, mil. tombstone
Hohlt Harold W. Enlisted 1941 Tec3 US Army Odd Fellows Rest Cem Columbus US Vet. Gravesites
Hohlt Leroy E.  Pfc U S Army StJames Luthera tombstone & Serial # 38303133
Hohlt Wilbert Herman PFC US Army Air Forces 1861Pilgrim's Rest mil. tombstone
Holba Lessing Irvin Pfc Army Co C 2nd Med Batt Germany Washam VM, BT-12/7/95 p. 18
Holder Gerald Eugene  U S Army 70th Infantry Div San Felipe BT-6/12/97 & military tombstone
Holiday Luckie B.  Cpl AAF Dotson tombstone
Holiday Waldo K.  Pvt. U S Army Restland Mem. Park Dallas Serial Number 38059487
Holland Mervin L 1st Sgt US Army; Purple Heart Sealy military tombstone
Hollien Ed F. Jr. T Sgt US Army Pacific Purple H Bronze Star   BT-6/14/45, VM
Hollien Jim Bill   3rd Marine Div   BT-6/25/45
Hollieu, Jr. E. G.     BT-6/25/45
Holmes Lewis D.  T/5 U. S. Army Samuel Chapel Serial Number 38418839
Holmes Lewis D. US Army Tec 5 b. 9/1/1923 d.1/10/84   VM
Holmes Willie D.  T/5 U. S. Army, Germany   Serial Number 38164017, VM
Holt Joseph A.  U S Army Oak Knoll BT-3/12/92
Holtkamp Fritz W.  T/4 U. S. Army Salem Luth.Cem. Whitehall, TX Serial Number 38074644;  enl. record
Holtkamp Henry (G) Pfc US Army, Pacific Sealy VM, mil. tombstone
Holtkamp Herbert L.  U S Army Sealy tombstone sec 7
Holtz Owen C HqCo 141 36 Div.  Europe   VM
Holtz Owen O. Carl      
Holtz Waldo Lee E. GM3C USN USS Swenning DE394 So Pacific   Serial Number 9684907  VM
Holub Alvin J. U. S. Navy Guardian Angel


BT. 2/13/2003
Holub Dan E Pvt U. S. Army Guardian Angel


Holub Libor J. T/Sgt U. S. A .F. Guardian Angel BT-5/26/55 VM
Hooge Melvin P ... 1861Pilgrim's Rest VA death file
Hooker Fred A.  U. S. Navy  Rosenburg BT-6/2/94
Hoppe Clarence Albert Pfc U. S. Army Ind. 1944 New Ulm mil tombstone
Hoppe Clifton F Pfc. US Army Co C. 329th Europe Oak Knoll Serial Number 38413304, VM
Hoppe George  U. S. Marines   BT-2/22/96 p. 7
Hoppe Helmar Bernhard MSgt US Army WW I & II New Ulm notation/
Hoppe Lester H.  Pvt. U. S. Army New Ulm tombstone & S. No. 38303101
Hoppe Palmer W. (Wilhlm)  T/Sgt. U. S. Army 1942-45 Odd F.Rest Cem. S.No. 38180329 V.A. death file
Horn Walter T.  Pfc U S Army   tombstone
Hosak Method  Pfc. U. S. Army St.Mary's, Frydek Serial Number 38075336
Houston Charles D.  U. S. Navy SulphurSpring BT-6/1/89 p. 18
Houston Tommie  T/5 U.S. Army   Serial Number 38058394
Houston William A.  U S Army Sealy tombstone sec 7
Hover Billy      
Hover Frank (Billy) USAF Europe   VM
Howell Billy L U. S. Navy D Day Landings   VM
Howle Wayne H. US Army   VM
Hrnicka Alfred W.  Pvt. U S Army Wallis tombstone
Hruzek Anton P.  SSgt Army Guardian Angel BT-5/26/55
Hubbard Gaylord AAF 67, 50, 44 Bob Grant of Cit.. ETO KIA   VM
Hubbard Kermit R US Army New Ulm mil. tombstone
Huebner Bennie  Pfc. U. S. Army Welcome # 2 tombstone & Serial # 38093156
Huebner G. E. 8th Air Force 453 BG European Th   VM
Huebner Gilmore E.  Sgt. U. S. Army 8th Air Force 453 BG European Th   BT-6/25/45 &  VM Serial # 18226562
Huebner James Edward F1 US Navy Star Hill mil. tombstone
Huebner Jesse R. E.  Pvt. U S Army   Serial Number 38303119
Huebner Otto William  T/5 U.S. Army Welcome 2 Serial Number 38078624; mil. tombstone
Huey Preston E US Air Force Sealy mil. tombstone
Huff Connie S/Sgt Army 1st Cavalry Div. Trp B, 5th Reg. Philippines   VM
Huff Erwin John Pvt. U S ArmyCo. C. 796 MP, BN Scranton Grove Serial Number 38204192, VM
Huffman Francis A.  T/5 U.S. Army 1861Pilgrim's Rest S. No. 38241371; tombstone
Huffman John Elihu S/Sgt 1306 AAF Crew Chief/Mech 1861Pilgrim's Rest S. No. 38078654, VM
Huffman Manus J. ARM2  US Navy & Air Force 1941-1946 Aleutian Island Gulf War 1861Pilgrim's Rest VM, BT-1/18/90
Hughs James Ernest,  Jr.   Sealy  
Hughs Willie Paul  Pvt. 7th Marines 1st Marine Div. KIA Okinawa Sealy BT-7/18/46; 5/26/55 & Sn-6/28/79 tombstone
Hugo Melvin C. US Army Pfc Burma India   VM
Hull Thurman B.  U S Army Oak Knoll tombstone