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Veterans of  World War II

Listed by veteran's surname.

Other Veterans in Austin County


Most of the Information provided here was collected and supplied by Joy Neely.

Our sincere appreciation for her ongoing efforts to supply genealogical data to us all!  

Note: In the Source column, BT indicates Bellville Times, and SN , Sealy News. 

Other abbreviations are:  DC = Death Certificate

                                                       DF = V.A. Death File                

                                             DR = Discharge Record

                                                VM = Veteran's Memorial



Austin County Cemeteries

If you are aware of other available military records or can provide us with such records, please contact Jane Keppler.

To look for obits go to Bellville Public Library site and click on Newspaper as there is a wealth of information for obituaries and other records.

Thanks to Carolyn Zascoda for updates to these files. February 2021


Raeke Alwin H.(Henry)  Cpl ; S/Sgt 2nd Marine Div; Co B Pacific Industry United Methodist VM, VA death file, Marine Muster Roll
Raeke Milton H.(Henry) F1US Navy Pacific USS Boxer Industry United Methodist VM;   mil tombstone
Raiford Earl A. US Navy Pearl Harbor Survivor   VM
Rankin Albert Gustav PFC 1918 Sv.Cmd Unit,  US Army Brookside Mem. Pk. Ho. mil. tombstone
Randle Henry Inducted Nov20, 1942   BTNov12,2009p3
Rasch Walter Pfc Army Inf. Am Theater EAME 3 Bronze Stars.   Serial Number 38303077 VM
Raska Francis   New Ulm  
Raska Joe L.   New Ulm  
Raski August   New Ulm  
Ratcliffe Frank L US Navy S_Catholic Knesek Obit
Rath Artemus E.  U. S. Army  New Ulm BT-11/8/84 p. 18
Ray Clifford G.  TX Pvt Quartermaster Corps US Army Sealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 1
Ray Simpson  Major in USAF San Felipe  tombstone
Rayburn Thomas Harrell CPL US Army, 1940-45; European Theater Oak Knoll VM; VA
Reddick Clifford A. Cpl. USMC P.I. AS. PAC. POW 3 1/2 yrs Japan Star Hill VM
Reddick C. H. Sgt. USMC Pearl Harbor  AS PAC   VM
Reddick W. R. Pfc USMC Died Okinawa, Jap. AS PAC   VM
Reese Bennie  Pfc. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38092305
Reese L. D.  T/5 U. S. Army   Serial Number 38547561
Reese Phillip  S/Sgt. U. S. Army Jefferson Serial Number 38246126
Reibenstein Leslie T5 99 ARTY BN US Army Sealy Death Cert; SN 11/2012
Reichardt Kermit William SGT US Army Sealy mil. tombstone
Reichle Bennie O.  Sgt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38078287
Reichle Lawrence A (Alfred) S/Sgt Army Inf. Europe New Ulm VM, Koenig-Strickland obit
Reinbeck Jesse Berne  S/1 U. S. Navy Sealy BT-7/24/86 p. 7  sec 4; mil. tombstone
Reinecker Delma L Enlisted, 1941    
Reinecker Lester F US Army Pilgrim's Rest BT-4/9/92
Reinhardt Lester T.  Sgt. 208th Engineers US Army Splendora Cem., Splendora BT-6/21/45 p. 1
Reinhardt Warren Lee  Pvt. US Army Air Corps Pilgrim's Rest S. No. 38413665. tombstone
Remmert Alphonse H,  U. S. Army Sealy BT-Dec/87
Remmert Edwin L. Enlisted, 1942    
Remmert Floyd Gordon TSgt Inf. US Army K, W2 Oak Knoll VM; VA
Remmert Gerhardt A. Sgt. US Army Air Force Sealy VM mil. tombstone
Remmert John C. W.  Cpl. U S Army StJames Luthera tombstone & Serial # 38410661
Remmert John C. W. U. S. Army   VM
Remmert Mary K U. S. Navy   VM
Remmert Mary K.  S1 U S Navy StJames Luthera tombstone
Remmert Melvin Louis  U. S. Army Air Corps Crew Chief Pilgrim's Rest BT-5/23/96 p. 16 & BT-10/7/93 p.1; VM
Remmert Wilbert U.S. Army Asiatic - Pacific Wallis VM
Remmert Wilbert "Buddy"   New Wehdem BT-2/18/88 p. 11
Remmert William Morris  Sgt.U. S. Air Force Oak Knoll S# 18061309; BT-2/25/99 p. 4; tombstone
Remmert Wm. Murphy Army Oak Knoll VA
Renken Frederick E. Enl. 10 Dec 1941, U. S. Army   V.A., death cert discharge recorded
Renken Marvin Henry Sgt 1st C Wallis  
Repka Bennie   Wallis BT-5/26/95
Repka Eugene   Holy Cross Cemetery in East Bernard BT-5/26/95-
Repka Ludwig Tec 4 U. S. Army Hartsville  tombstone
Reuther J. L. AOM Yc Navy   VM
Reznicek Joseph F.  Pvt. U. S. Army Hartsville  tombstone
Reznicek Louis Edward  BM 2/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 6258520
Richardson William H.  TX Cox USNR Gilbert  tombstone
Richardson Thomas O. US Army LTC (Ret) Infantry--Airborne   VM
Richie Elgin T-5 36 INF DIV FRANCE   VM
Richter Eddie  Pfc. U. S. Army Pilgrim's Rest S. No 38538730 & BT-5/16/96
Richter John W. J. Sgt US Army Field Artiliary   VM
Richter Norman L. US Army South Pacific   VM
Rigsby Elijah Lee  Sgt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38548219
Rika Frank J.   GuardianAngel BT-5/26/55
Riley Donald E U. S. Army, Europe   VM
Riley Ebb Pvt.  US Army Pilgrim's RestC Vet. Marker
Ring Herbert C. US Coast Guard Omaha Beach 1944   VM
Ring Ralph   GuardianAngel BT-5/26/55
Riniker Charles US Army 2 yrs   VM
Riniker Gus   GuardianAngel BT-5/26/55
Rinn Edwin   GuardianAngel BT-5/26/58
Rinn Emil J. US Army Phillipines, Japan   VM
Rinn Harvey Monroe  Sgt. U. S. Army 111th Observation Squadron New Ulm Serial Number 20820410 BT3/8/90 p.15 VM
Rinn Herman Ludwig  Pvt. U. S. Army New Ulm BT-5/26/55 & Serial # 38593504
Rinn Marvin S/C US Navy Pacific   VM
Rinn Marvin Monroe  S 1/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 9685343
Rinn Phillip   GuardianAngel  
Rinn Robert L.   GuardianAngel BT-5/26/56
Rinn Wilbert   GuardianAngel (?)  
Rinn Wilbert James  AEM 1/c U. S. Navy Welcome2 Serial Number 6258937; tombstone, BT 1/98
Ripper Alfred F US Army Air Corps Cath. Sealy military marker
Riviello Joe US Army, PFC, KIA Belgium 1/15/1945   VM
Robertson George Pfc U. S. Army Oak Knoll BT-7/10/97 p. 4; US Vet. Gravesites
Robertson Joseph A 2 Lt. FOD (MIA or Buried at Sea)   Tex. WWII Casualties
Rocha Samuel Elias Navy Pilgrim's Rest tombstone; VA
Rocken Henry   SantaAnaNat  
Rodriguez Crus   SantaAnaNat  
Rodriguez Jesse   Zettel  Frydek Grotto,  BT-5/26/56
Rodriguez Jesus P PFC US Army Cath. Sealy military marker


Rogers Lane  U S Army New Ulm tombstone
Rogers Leroy     BT-5/26/55
Rogers Martin E Capt. Died Non Battle   Tex. WWII Casualties
Rogers William J Marines, Pacific   VM
Rohan Alfons L.eo Cpl. Fld Arty 2nd Marine Dnv  Marine Corps    
Rohan Benjamin F. Sgt. 423 AAF BU U S Air Corps   BT-5/26/55
Rohan Frank Sylvester Cpl. 896th Air Engr Sqdn 9th AF GuarAngel Serial Number 38303072
Rohan Sylvester J.  S/Sgt ;Co K 346th Inf  3rd U S Army    
Rohan Alfons L. USMC Artillery Pacific Areas   VM
Rohan Benjamin F. US Army Air Corps Gunner Inst. American Defense   VM
Rohan Frank S. 9th US Army Air Corps Supp Clerk Europe   VM
Rohan Sylvester 3rd US Army Infantry Africa, Europe   VM
Rollins John R. US Merchant Marine MV Tybee   VM
Roper Theodore Lt. U. S. A. F. MIA   VM
Rose Edward C.  S/Sgt. U. S. Army   S# 38058752
Rose John Calvin  Pfc. U S Army   S# 38547642
Rose Ernest D.  T/5 U. S. Army   S# 38246347
Rosinski Jack Edmond, Sr.  T/5 U. S. Army Oak Knoll S#38552050; US Vet Gravesites; BT obit.
Rosinski Joe John., Jr.  TX AEM 3 USNR Oak Knoll DC; headstone app./
Rosnaik Johnnie  , Sr.  Pfc. U S Army GuardianAngel tombstone
Ross Ben Ft. Sam Houston Comp D 330th  Engineer Regiment San Felipe VM; Marie Glenn &BT 9/21/89 p. 7
Ross Dan  Sgt. U. S. Army San Felipe tombstone
Ross Earl  Pfc. U S Army St.Mary's,Frydek Serial # 38538833 & BT-1/15/90
Ross Frederick Johnson US Army I_Methodist Fayette Co. Rcd. 3/5/02
Ross Henry Robert  Navy San Felipe Marie Glenn
Ross Robert  Mach Mate 2nd Class US Naval Res San Felipe BT-7/18/46 & 5/26/55 & tombstone
Royal Robert   Wallis BT-5/26/55
Royle Robert E.   Wallis  
Rudloff Archer Lee  S/Sgt. U. S. Army Sealy tombstone sec 6
Rudloff Dennis B. T/Sgt US Army Air Force European   Serial Number 38414804  VM
Rudloff E. Col. Wallis BT-5/26/55
Rudloff Edmund Reginald  U. S. Army Sealy tombstone sec 7 & BT-2/24/94
Rudloff Harold W. (William) Cpl US Air Force Medical Corp Prairie Lea Cem. Brenham VM Serial Number 18188596
Rudloff Kermit SC 3/C US Navy Shelby VM
Rudloff Lee Louis  TX Pvt.Co.G 2 BN Repl.Cen US Army Sealy tombstone sec 6
Rudloff Oliver H. MOMM 3/C US Navy Pacific   VM
Rudloff Oliver Henry  MOMM 3/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 9685345
Rudloff Perry W. (William) Pfc US Army Co L 126 Inf 32 Div Pacific Shelby VM;  tombstone
Rudloff Rubin Otto   Shelby  
Ruether Aloysius   NWehdem  
Ruffner Edmund Reginald US Army Sealy mil. tombstone
Ruggles Charles Edward Tech Sgt. U. S. Army 1942-45  TX, LA Oak Knoll BT obitVM
Ruggles Morris Lt. Col  U. S. Air Force   VM
Ruggles Owen F M/Sgt U. S. Air Force Midland, Tx   VM
Rush Jim Willis US Marine Corps 1944-46 College Mound Cem. Terrell  
Rush Roy Raymond Tech 5 US Army U S Army N.Zulch, TX BT-9/10/98
Rush Roy Raymond US Army Europe   VM
Russ Frank US Army Sealy BT-5/26/55
Russ Waldo Emerson US Army Oak Knoll tombstone; DC; VA
Rutledge William Pinckney "Pete" US Army Bronze Star 636 Tank Destroyer ETO Pilgrim's Rest VM; BT Obit
Rychlis Frank   Wallis  
Rymkus Lou USNavy San Felipe VA death file; US Navy muster rolls
Sabrsula Johnnie W.  AOM 2/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 5763402
Sabrsula Johnnie W. AOM2C Navy Air Corp So Pacific   VM
Sager Lenard Otto  Pfc. U S Army Oak Knoll S# 38561387; VM; VA
Sager Lenard Otto U. S. Army Europe   VM
Saha Emil Louis  1941-1945 St Peter Cath Cem. Blessing Frydek Grotto, VA death file
Saha Paul  Cpl US Army S.Park Cem. Pearland Frydek Grotto, military tombstone
Saha William US Navy Died in Houston SN:1945
Sailer J. W.  Sgt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38075338
Salisbury, Jr. Alfred  Pfc. U S Army   Serial Number 38548554
Sandel Thomas N. US Navy Asiatic Pacific Area   VM
Sander Charles Morris 814th AVN Engr.Btn Europe, ;N. Africa Piltrim's Rest VM, VA
Sander Raymond E U.S. Navy W2 Phillipsburg Luth V.A. 
Sanders Columbus  TX Pfc Signal Corps Gilbert Ceme. tombstone
Sanford Mark  Pfc. U S Army Jefferson Serial Number 38238540
Sarman Adolph F Major US Army Ft. Logan Ntl Cem. Denver VA records, 1930 census, BT 5/26/55
Sartwelle James Dinsmore, Sr. US Army, Disch.1945 Sealy BT- 3-21-2002 p.5;   Findagrave
Satterwhite Ure Doyle US Army Oak Knoll BT obit.
Sauer James E Army Infantry Pacific   VM
Savoy Leon Weldon SSgt U. S. Army Pilgrim's Rest BT-3/6/97, tombstone
Sawell John F.   Sealy  
Sbrusch Frank R.   Sealy  
Scales John Wesley  Army Jefferson tombstone
Schaare Leroy   Sealy tombstone sec 6
Schaefer Daniel Rudolph US Army 1945-46 Sealy VA death file
Schaefer Walter  Pfc. U S Army Pilgrim's Rest Serial Number 38303082
Schaefer William   Sealy  
Schaeffer Walter O. U. S. Army, Texas   VM
Schaer Henry  Pvt.1st Cav. Div. Band   Dierking's llist
Schaer William Klopsteck Lt. 105 MM  Field Arty Europe US Army Oak Knoll V.A. BT obit. 
Schafer T. Raymond  U. S. Navy Sealy tombstone sec 6
Schafer Walter   Sealy  
Schaffner Jacob   Millheim?  
Schaffner Max, Jr. Pvt. U. S. Army Oak Knoll BT 2005 Obit,, Dianna Cauthen
Schaffner Robert (Henry)  U. S. Navy Sealy BT-10/6/94
Schaffner Walter  Pvt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38162509
Schanick Wilburn E. U. S. Air Force Europe  Oak Knoll VM; BT obit
Schawe Willie H Tec4 U.S.Army W2 Phillipsburg Luth V.A. 
Scheider R. N. Air Force P.R. VA
Schier Clarence J Capt. US Army Sealy military tombstone
Schier Henry   Sealy  
Schier Marion Claire Koy  U. S. Marine Corps Sealy tombstone sec 6 & BT-12/10/92
Schier Oscar   Sealy  
Schilhab Charles W.   Sealy  
Schiller Alson E.   Sealy  
Schiller Dennis  U. S. Army Natl.Ceme Hous BT-12/22/94
Schiller Ignac   Sealy  
Schiller Milton Edward MOMM2c U. S. Navy OKc (M) VM; BT 8/1/96
Schiller Milton Willie ("Pete")   Pilgrim's Rest  
Schiller Otis Henry   Sealy  
Schiller Raymond E (Ralph) Inducted Nov21, 1942 New Ulm BTNov12,2009p3, Enl. record
Schilling Lawrence  TX Pvt US Army Sealy SN-6-28-79 & tombstone sec 1
Schilling Raymond G.  Cpl. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38303105
Schimara Eddie A.  Pfc. U S Army   Serial Number 38413685
Schindler Harold G US Army Cath. Sealy military marker
Schindler Lester E.  Sgt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 18188741
Schindler Ludy Cherwak  Lt. Col. U S Army Sealy tombstone
Schlabach Roy E. (Ernest)  S/Sgt. U. S. Army Shelby S No 38414802 Brenham BP 11/5/09
Schmalriede Chester Edward  S/Sgt. US Army China Offensive Central Burma National S No.18048906 tombstone, VM
Schmid Sanford Quest  S 1/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 9686820
Schmidt Erwin E (Ernest) Army Pacific, Bronze Star I_ICChurch VM; BBP 3/27/2009
Schmidt Monroe A.  Pfc Krebs Cem Willow SPilgrim's Restings BT
Schmidt O William T/S U. S. Army   VM
Schneider Henry P. (Paul) Sgt US Army Pilgrim's Rest VA SN-11/2012
Schneider Johnnie A.  Cpl. U. S. Army; Purple Heart Cath. Sealy Serial Number38093158; military marker
Schneider Robert Herman Capt. Army Air Corp, England Pilgrim's Rest VM
Schneider Royce AAF   VM
Schneider Vernon Gus  Pfc. U S Army Oak Knoll S#38749711; enl. record
Schneider Walter W Pfc US Army Sealy mil. tombstone
Schoenenberg Henry (Dutch)   New Ulm BT-5/26/55
Schomberg Paul H. Tec 5th Grade 13th Field Hosp. Med US Army Welcome 2 VM, dau. Ellen Lindermann, tombstone
Schomburg Theodore Albert  Pfc. U S Army StJames Luthera Serial Number 38052245
Schonenberg Henry (Gustav) 1st Lt USAAF CBI & Langley Fld, VA KIA stateside. New Ulm VM
Schoppe Edward PVT US Army Cath. Sealy military marker
Schoppe Oliver Fred  seaman 1st class U. S. Navy   BT-6/21/45 p. 2
Schrader Billy L Europe   VM
Schrader Henry Herman Jr. US Army TEC4 HQS Battery 2nd Field Artillery Oak Knoll VM; BT obit.
Schrader Leon H. Army Air Force  18198449   VM
Schrader Monroe 3169 SIG SVC BAT US ARMY   VM
Schrader Willie Herman  T/5 U. S. Army Oak Knoll S# 38421615; DC; VA
Schramm Andrew  KIA Okinawa   BT-7/18/46 p. 1
Schramm Herbert Frank US Navy 1942-1946 National VA death file
Schramm Herbert T.  T/5 U. S. Army 86th div. signal co.   Serial Number 38413678, VM
Schramm Herman H., Jr  U. S. Army Cath Industry BT-6/13/91 p. 8
Schramm Leroy Cpl Army Air Force Guam   VM
Schramm Leroy W.  U. S. Air Force Cath Frelsburg BT-3/2/95 p. 12
Schramm Waldemar US Army INF Europe Purple Heart   VM
Schramm Andrew US Army PVT INF KIA Okinawa May 1945   VM
Schramm. Herbert Sr.  Cpl.Black Hawk Div. 86th Signal Co. Natl.Ceme.Nels. BT-7/16/98 & BT-7/26/45
Schroeder Edmond Louis  TX Pvt Med Dept Sealy BT-5/26/55 & SN-6/28/79;tombstone
Schroeder Erwin  T/4 U. S. Army New Ulm Serial Number 38549693
Schroeder Fritz C.  TX Pvt US Army Sealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 7, mil. tombstone
Schroeder Heinrich   Pilgrim's Rest BT-5/9/55
Schroeder Henry Inducted Nov21, 1942   BTNov12,2009p3
Schroeder Leonard  T/5 U. S. Army Pilgrim's Rest S. No. 38416860; VA death file
Schroeder Roger E CM US Navy Welcome 2 mil. tombstone
Schroeder Tom  Pfc. U S Army ETO Oak Knoll S#8078617 VM; VA
Schuette Clarence M  PFC, US Army 63 Inf.  KIA on Luzon New Ulm BT-5/26/55 & 7/18/46 p. 1 VM
Schuette Ramond C 1 Lt. FOD  (MIA or Buriad at Sea   Tex. WWII Casualties
Schulke Herman CAAA-AW US & Pacific Sealy VM, VA death file
Schultz Adolph  died non battle Fayettville   Courhouse Card. BT-7/18/46 p. 1 res. Fay. Rt. 1
Schultz Charles Leslie   Atkinson  
Schultz Edmond H., Jr.   Oak Knoll tombstone
Schultz Gilbert J U. S. Navy Seebees   VM
Schultz Leroy B.  U. S. Army Air Corps ForestPk Housto BT-3/28/84
Schultz Monroe  S 2/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number not shown on card
Schultz Olee W.  Pvt. U. S. Army   Serial Number 38710075
Schultz Raymond  US Army Europe 547th Anti Aircraft   VM
Schulz Walter F. US Army PFC Co. C 343rd INF   VM
Schulze Burnie H. Cpl Army 387 Inf. 97th Div Japan   VM
Schulze Melvin H. E. Sgt. U. S. Army 400 Bomb Group 42 Inf Div Shelby VM tombstone
Schulze Merton E. 137th Infantry EAME Campaign   VM
Schumacher R. W. Army   VM
Schumann Carl A.  U S Army ForestPk Houston BT - 8/7/86 p. 13
Schwecke Hugh R Col. Ord Corps US Army WWI, II, Korea New Ulm mil tombstone
Schwecke Jack Henry US Navy/USS Ormsby New Ulm Navy muster rolls
Schweke Clarence R Cpl. U. S. Army*AF 93rd BG ETO Hardwick Eng. New Ulm VM; S. No. 38091346
Schweke Desmond A. H. Pfc U. S. Air Force 1942-46  Camp Fannin Tx Lived Victoria@ time of d. VM S. No. 18189342
Scranton Joe  Pfc. U S Army   Serial Number 38080630
Seals  Anthony, Sr. U. S. Army    
Seals James Harley  U. S. Marine Corps Sealy BT-5/27/99 p. 4, mil. tombstone
Sebesta Ben W.  Pfc. U S Army National S N 3855061; mil. tombstone
Sebesta Raymond G.(Gillis)  Sgt U S Army  BSM National tombstone,sec6; Serial # 6245095BT-5/26/55
Sefcik Eugene William  T/5 U. S. Army   Serial Number 38162979
Selman John R. SSgt 9th Air Force Sealy VM mil tombstone
Severin Ervin Julius US Air Force Sealy mil. tombstone
Seyer Clinton W US Coast Gd. Navy Sealy US Navy Muster Rolls
Shafer Thomas Raymond US Navy Reserve Sealy V. A., military tombstone
Shaffer Kieth V. Inducted Nov21, 1942   BTNov12,2009p3
Shaw, Jr. Homer  Stew. M 2/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 9376696
Shelburne Chester Ernest US Army Air Corps Oak Knoll Enl. record; DC
Shelburne Clinton T.  T/5 U. S. Army   Serial Number 38052601
Shelburne Micager T. TX Pfc Co. G 21 MG BN 7 Div Sealy SN-6-28-79
Shelburne Wilbur Bud  S 1/c U. S. Navy Holy Rosary Cath. Cem. Houma, LA Serial Number 8431577 VA death file
Sheppard Edward PVT US Army Cath. Sealy military marker
Sherrod William Augustus  T/3 U. S. Army Oak Knoll tombstone & S# 38078606; VA
Shows Ernest J. Army Air Force Warrant Officer   VM
Shultz Edmond Hugh PFC US Marines Pacific Oak Knoll VM; USMC Muster Rolls; tombstone
Shultz Medford Hugh COX USNR Asiatic Pacific Oak Knoll VM; tombstone
Shupak Edwin D.(Darwin)  Pfc. U S Army, Europe National Serial Number 38542590  VM; tombstone
Shupak Elgin F (Franklin) Sgt. U. S. Army, Pacific National VM; Schmidt obit.
Shupak Johnnie, Sr  T/5 U. S. Army POW Japan National SN 38410673; mil tombstone
Shupak Willie Ladislav Pfc  U S Army Ind Brethren tombstone & BT-3/29/84 VM
Sidenblad, Sr. Kenneth Francis Sgt. 36 DIV 111 Engrs U. S. Air Corps Oak Knoll Knesek obit
Siegert Harold H.  U. S. Navy Memorial Oaks BT-10/28/99 p. 4
Siegert Harold H. US Navy San Diego, CA   VM
Signet Robert T.  Army MSgt Pilgrim's Rest mil. tombstone
Sillavan John Harold US Army 20th Armd Div Oak Knoll VM; BT obit
Silva Jim J.  Pfc. U S Army GuardianAngel tombstone
Simmank Waldemar H.  Pvt. U. S. Army Shelby VM; tombstone & Serial # 38207208
Siptak Earnest A S/Sgt Hq & Hq Service Gp. Phillippines   VM
Siptak Jerry F.  Pfc. U. S. Army   BT-6/21/45 p. 2
Sisa Isador A. Sgt. Army Air Corps TX N. Africa Italy SantaAnaNat BT-5/26/55 & tombstone, VM
Sisa Joseph Bohden  Cox SV-6 U. S. Navy Pacific National Serial # 9683528 & BT-7/6/95 p. 16; VM, Schmidt Obit
Siska Ferdinad  Frank (Fred )  1941-1945 Frydek Grotto St.Mary's, Frydek military tombstone
Skiles Donald ( D. L.)  died of injuries after war ceased   BT-7/18/46 p1. Courthouse Card
Skiles Donald D. d. on Tinian Island res.    
Sklar Doninek Martin  Cpl. U. S. Marines   Serial Number 887360
Sklar Joe A. (Anton) US Army Shelby VM; Koenig/Strickland obit.
Sklar S. J. US Navy   VM
Sklar Sylvester J.  S 2/c U. S. Navy I_ICChurch S No. 8416707; mil tombstone
Skrivanek Charlie Willie  U S Army S/Sgt 173 Art Batt European Theater San Felipe  VM; tombstone (living)
Skrivanek Frank US Army Europe Purple Heart   VM
Skrivanek Johnnie E.  South Pacific 2+ yrs.  S 1/c U. S. Navy Pattison Meth Cem. Pattison Serial Number 9683837
Skrivanek Ladis Frank. US Army South Pacific 2yrs. Houston Natl Cem. VM
Skrivanek Ladis F.      
Skrivanek Robert Louis  U. S. Navy & later USAF Reserve NatlCemHouston BT-10/2/97 p. 4
Skrivanek Rudy US Army S. Pacific, Europe   VM
Skrivanek Robert US Navy Stteside 3 yrs   VM
Slacik Charles F. (Frank)  T/5 U. S. Army National S N 38075326; mil tombstone
Slama Joe M.  Army Pvt Pilgrim's Rest mil. tombstone
Slate Marston Lt. USN  LST Pacific   VM
Slater Hammond L., Jr. PFC U.S. Army 3063 Engr DT Co. Pilgrim's Rest Black Vet. Marker tombstone
Slater William Floyd  U S Navy 52nd Sea Bees & 37 Regt. Oak Knoll BT-12/11/97; VA
Sledge Henry L. Sr.  U. S. Navy Oak Knoll BT-3/31/88 p. 7; VA
Sliva Henry J. Sgt 2nd Div.  died of injuries after war ceased auto acc. GuardianAngel BT-7/18/46 courthouse card
Sliva Ludwig  TEC5 U S Army     Co B 473 INF Cath. Sealy tombstone Serial # 38093190
Sloan Henry W. Inducted Nov21, 1942 Oak Knoll BTNov12,2009p3
Sloane Jerry D 2nd Lt US Army Sealy mil. tombstone
Slovak Otto F.(Frank)  Pfc. U S Army Signal Corp. Sicily National S.N. 38091340; VM
Smalley Legusta   Jefferson  tombstone
Smalley Leon   Pfc. U S Army   Serial Number 38414567
Smallwood Alanzo  TX Pvt U S Army Jefferson tombstone
Smidovec Frank L.  S2 U S Navy per  Frydek Grotto St.Mary's,Frydek BT-4/30/87 p. 8 military tombstone
Smilek Jerry J.  TX Sgt 311 AAF FTR Control Sq; Non-battle death Sealy BT-5/26/55; SN-6/28/79;tombstone
Smith Alvin O.  U. S. Army Air Force B-26 pilot   BT-7/9/98
Smith Arthur James, Sr."A. J."  U. S. Navy Oak Knoll BT-7/16/87 p. 10; VA
Smith Billie  Cpl. U. S. Army Oak Knoll tombstone & S# 38239407
Smith Claude Harris  Pfc. U S Army Pilgrim's Rest S. No.  38543924 & BT-3/14/96, VM
Smith Eddie, Jr.   Pilgrim's Rest Black tombstone
Smith Edgel  J S SG  Died non Battle   Tex. WWII Casualties
Smith Ervin K enlisted    
Smith Frank Thomas, Jr. (Dr.)   Sealy  
Smith Freddie Sr. enlisted Oak Knoll  
Smith J. Tolbirt      
Smith John T Pvt. U. S. Army Air Corps, Europe Sealy BT-9/29/94 VM
Smith Johnnie D. (Jhonnie)  Pfc. U S Army 92 QM Railhead Co.   Serial Number 38543367 V.t. Marker
Smith Lawrence D  Pfc. U S Army Jefferson  tombstone & Serial # 38031983
Smith Mitchell Pvt. U. S. Army  Pilgrim's RestC Vet. Marker
Smith Robert A Pvt U. S. Army, enlisted Pilgrim's Rest Black tombstone
Smith Stanley Dean  Cpl. U.S. Army Air Corp ETO KIA in Austria Oak Knoll BT-5/26/55; 8/31/44; 7/18/46 p. 1, VM
Smith Sterling, Jr. Enlisted    
Smith Waco A U. S. Army, Pacific   VM
Smith William Bryant  Sgt., Medical Corp 57th Field Hospital   Serial Number 38078174
Smith William Bryant US Army  England   VM
Sneed William C Jr LtCol US Air Force Sealy SN-6/28/79; tombstone
Snell John E.  U S Navy Hillside Ceme tombstone
Snow Bill D. W2 Europe&K   VM
Snow Manning B. US Army Europe   VM
Snow Parm Y. US Navy Pacific   VM
Snow Wilson H. US Army Pacific POW 1942-1945   VM
Snyder Edwin P Pfc US Army Sealy mil. tombstone
Sodolak Eddie August  US Army Air Force Airplane Mechanic StMary's Frydek BT-4/30/98 military tombstone
Sodolak Frank   GuardianAngel BT-5/26/55
Sololak Frankie L US Army Cath. Sealy VA death file
Sodolak Jerry E TEC5 US Army Cath. Sealy military marker
Sodolak Louis John  1941-1945 St Roch's Cath Cem Mentz Frydek Grotto
Sodolak Ludwig Joe Sr.  Pfc.10 Mtn Div  U S Army St.Mary's, Frydek Serial Number 38545542
Sodolak William Frank  Pfc US Army Air Forces St.Mary's, Frydek Frydek Grotto, military tombstone
Somerlatte Leroy BM2 US Navy USS Hollandia Pacific National VM; mil tombstone
Sommer Frederick E.  U. S. Army Air Corps Pilgrim's Rest BT-10/27/87 p. 8; VA death file
Sommerfeld Otto C.  S 1 U. S. Navy Shore Patrol NewWehdem BT-2/1/96 p. 3
Sommerfeld Otto C. US Navy Seaman 1st Class Asiatic--Pacific   VM
Sommerfield James AMM1 US Navy New Ulm mil. tombstone
Sonsel Henry E. 86th Air Service Group Tinial 4 yrs   VM
Sowa Boniface  1941-1945   Frydek Grotto
Sowa Boniface J. Sgt. U. S. Army   VM
Spacek, Jr. Frank Louis  CM 3/c U. S. Navy Ft. Worth, TX Serial # 6170072BT-8/29/85
Spence Tommie Bell  PFC U S Marine Corps Oak Knoll BT-4/16/98; USMC Muster Rolls
Spiess Robert L. Army Air Corp   VM
Spiess Robert Lee  U. S. Air Force New Ulm BT-10/28/93 p. 3
Spoede, Jr. Herman H.  Capt. USMCR missing in action Wallis tombstone
Stahl Ervin  U.S. Army Sealy BT-6/4/98, May,98 military tombstone
Stalbaum Gilmer S/Sgt So Pacific   VM
Stalbaum Gilmer "Buddy"  Sgt. U. S. Army     sister: Mrs. Witte
Stalbaum Gus A   Oak Knoll VA
Stammann Bennie E.  Cpl. U. S. Army Fayetteville Serial Number 38303094
Stamnitz Adolph Navy Seaman 1st Class S Pacific   VM
Stamnitz Charlie H.  Pvt. US Army, Calif.   S. No. 38239731; VM
Stamnitz Emil  Sgt. U.S. Army artiliary reg .CT Europe Gun Comm   Serial Number 38054620 VM
Stamnitz Willie  (Pfc.216 Med Bn. US Army ) USA.F.  Airplane Mechanic Tank Crewman, Africa, Italy 1861Pilgrim'sRest VM BT-5/26/55, tombstone;   S. No.38054616
Stark Alexander John  1st Sgt. U. S. Army Cavalry Burma Road 1861Pilgrim'sRest VM BT-6/14/45 & Serial # 20822713
Stark Quintes Walter, Sr.  T/5 U. S. Army   Serial Number 38303070
Stark Quintes. W. Cpl US Army Okinawa Japan   VM
Stark William Frank  Pvt.32nd Army Inf. National (Bleilberville) dgt.; VM, mil tombstone
Starks Isaac "Ike"   Jefferson  
Stastny Arnold Anton CS1C  US Navy Sealy Catholic VM; military marker Serial Number 5777376, Frydek Grotto
Stastny Cyril M.  TEC/5 U. S. Army Sealy Catholic Serial Number 38161744 Frydek Grotto military marker
Stastny Frank US Army, Enlisted 1942 Fayette Co. St.Mary's, Frydek military tombstone
Stastny James A Army Oak Knoll VA
Stavely Charlie E.  U. S. Navy  Sealy BT-5/5/88 p. 9 VA death file
Steck Dennis E.  M/Sgt U S Army KIA Sealy BT-5/26/55 & SN-6/28/79;tombstone
Steck Earl L. R.  Pfc. U S Army   Serial Number 38410827
Steck Eugene W.  Pfc. U S Army Sealy tombstone sec 7
Steck Gus  BT-6/14/45 Sgt    
Stegent Albin David  Tec5 US Army Welcome 2 BT-5/26/88 p. 11 mil. tombstone
Stein Leroy H. TSgt US Army Japan Germany   VM
Stein Leroy Henry  Sgt.  NewWehdem BT-6/25/45 & BT-12/27/90 p.9
Stepan Raymond J. T/5 US Army Sicilian Europe 3 yrs   BT-6//25/45 VM
Sterkx Albert D.  U. S. Army Pilgrim's Rest BT-12/3/87 p. 7; tombstone
Sterling Fred Benjamin, Sr. Capt USAAF New Guinea Oak Knoll VM
Stern Lawrence L.  CM 2/c U. S. Navy Hartsville  Serial Number 5257355
Stewart Connie Dale S/Sgt USAf, 368th Bombardment Squadron, B-17 Gunner Europe   VM
Stewart James D.  Pfc. U. S. Army paratrooper  Co. G Oak Knoll BT-7/3/86 p. 3, VM; tombstone
Stewart Lawrence E.  GM 2/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 6164545
Stewart Moody Russell  U S Army paratrooper Oak Knoll VM; BT- 10/23/86 p. 11
Stewart Marshall Air Corp Div US Army   VM
Stinson Edwin Durwood US Army Pilgrim's Rest Waco Trib. Her. 12/14/80; VA death file
Stinson William D.      
Stoelke Henry  Army Batt. D 52nd AART B    
Stokeld Reginald A.  Pfc US Army; US Navy in 1944 Forest Lawn Mem. Pk. Pineville, LA Dierking, SN-1944, Navy Muster Rolls.
Stokely Lester V.  TX S 2 USNR Sealy SN-6/28/79 sec 4, mil. tombstone
Stokes Albert  U. S. Army Rosenberg  
Stokes Earl T. Pfc 338 Engrs 5th Army European Theater 39mo   Serial Number 38239562, VM
Stokes James U. S. Army   VM
Stokes John W., Jr. 275 Port Co. War-Pacific   VM
Stokes Lloyd George  Sgt. 1st Class U. S. Army Medical Corps, Tx. 1942-1958 Phillipsburg Luth VM, BT-4/21/94 p. 12, V. A.
Stolarski Leonard     Dierking
Stolarski Mark     Dierking
Stolarski Nick     Dierking
Stone Jack CPO US Navy South Pacific   VM
Stopl Anton     Dierking
Stopper Chester     Dierking
Stransbury Mack E.     Dierking
Stratton Orth Ray Pfc US Army New Ulm mil tombstone
Strauss Dennis     Dierking
Strauss H. C U. S. Army Pacific   VM
Strauss Harold C     Dierking
Strauss Homer Charles  S/Sgt. U S Army   Serial Number 38078665
Streb Arthur E. Sgt U.S. Army Air Corp., W2 Phillipsburg Luth V. A.
Strebeck Lonnie V.     Dierking
Strickland, Sr. Monroe Redman  U. S. Marine Corps St.Mary's, Frydek BT-11/23/95 p. 3, military tombstone
Strieder Frank      
Strieder Frank G U. S. Marine Corps, Pacific   VM
Strokes Albert     Dierking
Stokes Lloyd G. U. S. Army W2 Phillipsburg Luth V. A.
Struve Alvin C.  SSgt. AAF Wallis tombstone
Stuchly Rudy E Sr. TEC4 US Army Cath. Sealy military marker
Stuessel Orville Frank  F 2/c U. S. Navy   Serial Number 9683979
Stutler William W.  F-1 U. S. Navy San Felipe  tombstone
Sula Joe     Dierking
Sulak Albert  U. S. Navy MemOaks Hous BT-4/9/87 p. 8
Sulak Edwin J.  Pfc. U S Army Wallis tombstone & Serial # 38078655
Sulak Eugene F.  T-4 U. S. Army   BT-7/26/45
Sullivan  Avery J (Army;)  Lt US Navy Aviator Pilgrim's Rest VA
Supak Arnold P Pfc US Army Hq & Hq. Co. 13 Sig Svc Bn. GuardianAngel VM, Tombstone
Supak Ben J. Army Natl. Cem Friend
Supak Edwin Darwin  U. S. Army Natl.Cem Nelson BT-10/31/91 p. 15
Supak Paul P.     Dierking
Supak Vernon     Dierking
Supak, Sr. Johnnie   U. S. Army Natl.Cem Nelson BT-10/5/89 p. 7
Surovcak Joe R.     Dierking
Surovic Daniel     Dierking
Surovik Emil E. Army Air Corps Pfc India   VM
Surovik Johnnie A.  1st Lt. U. S. Army Sealy BT-11/14/96 p. 11 military tombstone
Surovik Walter George PFC US Army National mil tombstone
Susen Alfred L.  TX Tec 4, 79 Coast Arty, BN Sealy SN-6/28/79 & tombstone sec 7
Susen Delmar J.  S/Sgt. FRP A 15 Cavalry;  U S Army CathSealy tombstone, military marker & Serial # 38303080
Susen Franklin 32nd Field ArtyS.Pacific``4 yrs   VM
Susen Franklin C. (Charlie)  Pfc. U S Army Susen Serial # 38075327 & BT-7/26/45; VM;  tombstone
Susen, Sr. John Willie  U S Army I_ICChurch BT-2/26/98; S. No. 38414800
Svajda Jerry  Capt   Dierking
Svec Adolph Walter  SC 2/c  U. S. Navy Ships Cook Aleutians Cath Sealy VM, tombstone & Serial # 6241425
Svinky Joe J.  T/4 U. S. Army St.Mary's, Frydek Serial Number 38417302, Frydek Grotto
Svinky Richard V  Pfc Sig Corps, US Army; died of injuries after end of war St.Mary's, Frydek BT-7/18/46 p. 1 & 5/26/55
Svinky Willie L.  T/5 U. S. Army St.Mary's, Frydek Serial Number 38078289, Frydek Grotto
Svoboda Joe  S/Sgt. U S Army   Serial Number 6266006
Swearingen Aaron Pvt US Army Air Force   VM
Swearingen Aaron D.  Pvt. 1455th U. S. Air Force Base Unit MillheimCeme. BT-4/29/93
Swearingen Emeleck  Cpl    
Swearingen J. T. Sat. 601 Batt. ETO   VM
Swearingen Jake H. Pvt Cannon Co., 387th Inf. & Cpl 63rd Inf Reg   living
Swearingen Jake H. Cpl 6th Inf. Div. Pacific   VM
Swearingen Jasper T.  Sgt. U. S. Army Troop C 23rd Calvalry GuardianAngel Serial # 38413309 & BT-11/15/84
Swearingen Marvin R. Sgt AAF  380th Bombardment Gp. So. West Pacific   VM
Swinky Joe      
Swinky Richard      
Swinky William      
Swonke Emanuel James Pfc US Army IndustryMethodist   mil tombstone
Swonke James D CPL US Army Air Force Sealy Catholic military marker
Sykes Anderson   Jefferson  
Sykes, II John H.  U. S. Army Air Corps cremated BT-4/11/85
Symank John H. Jr. 2nd Lt. FOD (MIA or Buried at Sea)   Tex. WWII Casualties
Syptak Alfon      
Syptak Jerry F.  Pfc. U S Army   BT-5/18/95 p. 14 & BT-5/17/45
Systak Jerry  Lt.    
Szeliga Chester S1c US Navy Oak Knoll VA; Navy Muster Rolls


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