Austin County, Texas

Military Veterans
of Austin County, Texas

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"...the people of Texas do now constitute a free, Sovereign, and independent republic..."
- from the Texas Declaration of Independence, 2 March 1836

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World War I Veterans
of Austin County, Texas


Most of the Information provided here was collected and supplied by Joy Neely. Our sincere appreciation for her ongoing efforts to supply genealogical data to us all!
Much of the information was taken from "A HISTORY OF AUSTIN COUNTY, TEXAS IN THE WORLD WAR" a thesis written by Ruby Grote Ratliff, B.A. in August, 1931 for "Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements  For the Degree of Master of Arts." That entire thesis is available for patrons use in the reference section of the Bellville Public Library but may not be removed from the library.
If you are aware of other available military records or can provide us with such records, please contact us.

Thanks to Carolyn Zaskoda for updates to these files July 2022.


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Name GenFolks
Abbs, Duffie (1892-1976)Details
Abel, CPL Edwin Carl (1890-1978)Details
Abel, PVT Ewald Morris (1895-1977)Details
Adams, Mollie (1891-1984)Details
Adams, PFC Thomas B. (????-????)Details
Addicks, John Henry (????-????)Details
Agnell, COL Peter Walfred (1907-1995)Details
Albert, Bennett Eddy "Ben" (1895-1960)Details
Albert, Jackson (????-????)Details
Alger, CAPT Julian Wilmot (1890-1932)Details
Allen, PVT Hugh Willie (1900-1948)Details
Ammons, Lt, Benjamin Emerson (????-????)Details
Ammons, PVT Oscar (????-????)Details
Anderson, Ed (1876-1960)Details
Anderson, PVT John Amandus (????-????)Details
Anderson, Roy Everett (1900-1960)Details
Andress, CPL Delmar (1893-1920)Details
Anton, PVT Willie Gustav (1891-1974)Details
Armentrout, PVT Allen David (????-????)Details
Armstrong, PVT George (????-????)Details
Arndt, Otto August (1894-1974)Details
Arning, PVT John Sr. (1895-1967)Details
Ashorn, Cpl. Bernhard Charles (1899-????)Details
Ashorn, Otto Wilhelm Vinzen (1897-1985)Details
Assmann, PFC Adolph Jules (1895-1988)Details
Baade, PFC George Houston (1893-1951)Details
Bader, CPL Edmund Sr. (1891-1965)Details
Bader, Leslie Lewis (1899-1961)Details
Bader, Roland Cummings (1897-????)Details
Bage, Ewald Willie (1924-2005)Details
Bailey, Zeany Ford (????-????)Details
Balcerowicz, Frank (????-????)Details
Balke, CAPT John Walter MD (????-????)Details
Balke, PVT Paul Christian Sr. (1894-1972)Details
Ballard, Cpl. Dee Julian (????-????)Details
Bambuch, Cpl. Joseph Fritz (????-????)Details
Bankett, PVT Ezekial (1891-1983)Details
Banks, CAPT Thomas Gray (1887-????)Details
Banks, PVT Tom (????-????)Details
Barnes, Thomas George (????-????)Details
Baron, PVT Rudolph Richard (????-????)Details
Barta, Alfonse (1897-1977)Details
Bartay, PVT Albert James (1896-????)Details
Bartay, PVT Eddie (1895-1919)Details
Bartay, CPL Herman Carl (1888-1980)Details
Bartay, Roland William (1893-1972)Details
Bartay, SGT Tony G. (1894-????)Details
Bartram, PFC Alex Ernest (????-????)Details
Bartram, PFC Benno Adelbert (1893-????)Details
Bassett, PFC George (1895-1960)Details
Bassett, PVT John Smith (1889-1964)Details
Bassett, PVT Lindsy (1894-1953)Details
Bassett, PFC Thomas Lee (1897-1934)Details
Bastian, Ernst J. Henry (1898-1957)Details
Bastian, Otto Charles (1895-1984)Details
Bates, PVT Frank (1890-????)Details
Batla, Ben A. (1895-????)Details
Batla, PFC Victor (1893-1976)Details
Beal, PVT John Wesley (1896-1955)Details
Beal, PVT Joseph Nathan (????-????)Details
Beckman, Alvin (1895-1973)Details
Beckman, Cpl. August Edward "Ed" (1891-1975)Details
Beckman, PFC Gustav (1894-1971)Details
Beckman, Ota Dick "Dick" (????-????)Details
Beckman, Otto Louis (????-????)Details
Beckmann, PFC Walter (1896-1975)Details
Belanger, Alcest Ambrose Jr. (????-????)Details
Bell, CPL Foster Franklin (1893-1967)Details
Bell, PFC Luther Cannon (1889-1922)Details
Bender, PVT Lawrence Louis (1895-1981)Details
Bender, PVT Paul (1896-1967)Details
Benjamin, Sgt. Bennie (????-????)Details
Benjamin, PVT Henry (????-????)Details
Bernshausen, PFC Reinhart (????-????)Details
Bertling, Lewis Clyde (1897-1986)Details
Bethany, Oscar Alexander (????-????)Details
Bevill, Grover Lee (????-????)Details
Beyer, Cpl. Herman Fredrick W. (????-????)Details
Bielec, PVT Valenta A. (????-????)Details
Bielefeld, PFC Ben (1894-1954)Details
Bivins, PFC Lucious (????-????)Details
Blackman, PFC Eugene (1891-1973)Details
Blacknell, PVT Floyd Warren (????-????)Details
Blacknell, PFC Harry (1894-1945)Details
Blacknell, PFC James Charlie (1890-1944)Details
Blacknell, PVT Smith (1895-1918)Details
Blackwell, PFC Clarence Frank (1892-1960)Details
Blanchette, Grady Winford (1890-????)Details
Blanchette, PVT Harmon (1894-1919)Details
Blaylock, PVT Fletcher (1896-1967)Details
Blunson, PVT Eugene (????-????)Details
Boehme, Ben (1895-1954)Details
Boeker, PVT Frank Edward (1893-1976)Details
Boelsche, Bennie (1894-1958)Details
Boesling, Thomas Edward (1887-1959)Details
Bogar, Jan "John" (1892-1946)Details
Bolden, PVT Cliffus Maivel (1889-1937)Details
Bolden, PFC Lucious (????-????)Details
Bollman, PVT Otto Charles (????-????)Details
Bollman, PVT Richard Paul (????-????)Details
Bolten, Lee Royal "Fritz" (1895-1966)Details
Bonner, PVT Oscar (????-????)Details
Borgel, PFC Bernhard "Buck" (1890-1973)Details
Bormann, Alfred Ben (1892-1947)Details
Bouldin, Johnnie Lee (1897-1965)Details
Boyd, Vick Leroy (1893-1986)Details
Bozeman, James Sidney (1890-1968)Details
Bozeman, Jesse Hinton (1892-1971)Details
Bradbrook, Dr. Henry M.D. (1868-1958)Details
Brandes, Otto (1894-1963)Details
Brandt, Eddie Jr. (1897-1964)Details
Brast, PVT Edward Julius (1937-1983)Details
Brast, PVT Otto Louis (1898-1919)Details
Brau, Ralph William (????-????)Details
Braun, August William (????-????)Details
Braun, Oscar August (????-????)Details
Bravenec, John Jr. (1892-1965)Details
Bretschneider, Walter (1894-1971)Details
Brian, Diaz Alberto (????-????)Details
Brinkmeyer, Charlie Frederick (????-????)Details
Brockmann, Edwin Rudolph (????-????)Details
Broeker, Christian (1888-1974)Details
Brooks, Albert Lee (????-????)Details
Brooks, Bennie "Ben" (1891-????)Details
Brosig, Anton (1896-1979)Details
Brosig, Major (1894-????)Details
Brouillette, Herbert Michael (1900-1985)Details
Brown, Elbert (1896-1918)Details
Brown, James (1889-1956)Details
Brown, PVT James (1889-1981)Details
Brown, PFC Joe (1892-1947)Details
Brune, Willie Frederick (1891-1978)Details
Bruton, Jesse Sr. (????-????)Details
Bryan, Walter Daniel "WD" (1893-1961)Details
Bryant, James (????-????)Details
Brzymialkiewicz, Walter (1889-1964)Details
Bubak, Herman Ernest (1895-1968)Details
Bucek, Frank Jr. (????-????)Details
Buchala, Henry Wenceslaus (1900-1929)Details
Buchala, John William "Willie" (1896-1959)Details
Buchtien, Erwin August (????-????)Details
Buddenberg, Fritz (1895-1971)Details
Buenger, Eldie William (1891-1960)Details
Buenger, Norbert Elo (1892-1967)Details
Buenger, Otto Carl (1895-1951)Details
Burditt, Austin Sr. (1896-1974)Details
Bures, Frank Vincenc Jr. (1897-1974)Details
Burger, August Christoph (????-????)Details
Burgess, Walter B. (????-????)Details
Burns, Asa Samuel (1890-1947)Details
Burttschell, PVT Walter Anton (1891-1971)Details
Bush, David (????-????)Details
Bushwall, James Boyd (1886-1944)Details
Byars, James Arthur (????-????)Details
Byars, Namon (????-????)Details
Byers, Dave (????-????)Details
Bynum, Elijah (????-????)Details
Byrd, Abe B. (????-????)Details
Cain, Paul Durwood (1891-1969)Details
Callender, Richard Ervin (????-????)Details
Campbell, John Ray (????-????)Details
Campbell, CPL Samuel "Sam" (1886-1955)Details
Cannon, Maxie (????-????)Details
Carter, George (1891-1985)Details
Carter, PFC Rufus Hardy (1891-1968)Details
Cary, Howard Brillault Jr. (1891-1978)Details
Cauthorn, James Newton (????-????)Details
Cerny, PFC Frank Wencel (1895-1982)Details
Chappel, Hillery (1888-1967)Details
Chappell, Ed (????-????)Details
Charpiot, Albert Alexander (1892-1962)Details
Chatham, Leo (1900-1978)Details
Chatham, Roy (1898-1922)Details
Chernocky, Charles (1888-1978)Details
Chernosky, John (1894-1976)Details
Christopher Hinckley, Hornsby (1892-1948)Details
Christopher Hinckley, Hornsby (1892-1948)Details
Cieslewicz, Charles Frank (1894-1969)Details
Cieslewicz, Ignac Michal (1896-1963)Details
Clapp, Norval Franklin Sr. (1888-1970)Details
Clark, James Gordon (1890-1976)Details
Clark, Salum (????-????)Details
Clarke, Rev. Eugene Taylor (????-????)Details
Clayton, William S. (1889-1939)Details
Clemons, Thomas Lincoln (1896-1978)Details
Cleveland, Jasper (1896-1976)Details
Cleveland, PVT Saul (1896-1984)Details
Cloud, Guy (1896-1966)Details
Cloud, Walter (????-????)Details
Cloyd, Cecil Thomas "Monkey" Sr. (1896-1942)Details
Cloyd, Raymond Ryle (1894-1964)Details
Coates, Aaron Austin (????-????)Details
Cochran, George (1893-1932)Details
Cole, Elija (1895-1961)Details
Cole, Lonnie (????-????)Details
Collier, Tolliver (1897-????)Details
Coody, James Woodall (1895-1981)Details
Cook, George Allison Sr. (1895-1948)Details
Cook, Wilbur Owen (1896-????)Details
Cooper, George (????-????)Details
Cornelius, Alfred Arnold (????-????)Details
Cornelius, George Adolph (1888-1976)Details
Coufal, Joseph John (????-????)Details
Cox, Lee Bowling (1892-????)Details
Cramer, Agrippa Granville (1899-????)Details
Cramer, Joe (????-????)Details
Crawford, Bruce Leroy (????-????)Details
Crawford, James Edward (1898-1971)Details
Crawford, Lister (1894-1923)Details
Crisp, Clinton Alexander (????-????)Details
Crisp, Philetus Samuel (????-????)Details
Crockett, Walter (????-????)Details
Cumings, Neil Elroy (1896-????)Details
Cummings, Allen Wesley (1897-????)Details
Cummings, Nehemiah (????-????)Details
Cummings, Reese (????-????)Details
Cunningham, Leonard Berdell (1894-1973)Details
Dahse, Adolph (1893-????)Details
Damek, John (????-????)Details
David, Vernon Leroy (????-????)Details
Davis, Bennie (????-????)Details
Davis, Berry Biggs Sr. (1890-1974)Details
Davis, PVT Ed (1893-1962)Details
Davis, PVT Ed (1893-1962)Details
Davis, Milton Floyd (1885-1959)Details
Davis, Will (1896-1931)Details
Dawson, PVT Choice Alexander (1895-1968)Details
Dawson, PVT Jon "John" (1888-1940)Details
Dehnel, Walter (1902-1941)Details
DeLay, Alphie David (????-????)Details
DeLay, Roy Earl (1884-1960)Details
Dethloff, PVT Albert Fred (1895-1971)Details
Dierke, Willie Frank (1887-1966)Details
Dirba, PVT Raymond Robert (1896-1971)Details
Dittert, Anton Jr. (1890-1967)Details
Dittert, Charles Marion (1898-????)Details
Dittert, J. Lee Sr. (1900-1967)Details
Dittmann, Paul (1886-1918)Details
Dittmar, Herman (1897-1978)Details
Dobbins, Joseph Quinlan (????-????)Details
Dockal, Bennie Louis (1896-1918)Details
Dodd, Johnnie Dick (????-????)Details
Dodson, Barney Louis (????-????)Details
Donahue, James William (1895-1969)Details
Dorbritz, William Carl (1896-????)Details
Downey, PVT Arthur (1893-1927)Details
Downey, Dennis (1890-1969)Details
Drab, Emil Ernest (1890-1970)Details
Drescher, Lawrence (1897-1942)Details
DuBose, William Raymond (????-????)Details
Dudley, Albert (1895-1950)Details
Dudley, Walter L. (1900-1952)Details
Duran, Bryan A (1896-1958)Details
Dusek, Blazej (1873-1924)Details
Duve, Alfred John (????-????)Details
Duve, Charles C. "Charlie" (1892-1970)Details
Eben, Paul William (1890-1965)Details
Eckardt, Edmund (1891-1956)Details
Eckelberg, Charles Frank (1897-1956)Details
Eckels, William (????-????)Details
Eckermann, Edmund John Jr. (1893-1967)Details
Edmonds, John Griffin (????-????)Details
Edwards, PVT Charles Jr. (1895-1977)Details
Edwards, PVT Henry King (1890-????)Details
Edwards, Henry Nathan (????-????)Details
Edwards, PVT Milton (1893-1965)Details
Edwards, Plenty Mack Jr. (1892-????)Details
Eickhoff, William Christoph (1894-1923)Details
Eikner, Turner Lawrence "TL" (1900-1993)Details
Eixmann, Bruno John (????-????)Details
Ekarius, Eddie George (1896-1966)Details
Eldridge, Henry Lee (1894-1969)Details
Elliott, James Walter (1891-1976)Details
Elolf, PVT Emil (1888-1947)Details
Emshoff, Emil Christoff (1894-1959)Details
Engel, Henry Frank Jr. (1893-1975)Details
Engelholm, Robert Charles (1894-1974)Details
Engelholm, Rudolph Henry (????-????)Details
Engelking, Julius Christian Sr. (1886-1929)Details
Esar, Henry (1893-1979)Details
Esterak, Joe John (1900-1972)Details
Etman, Joseph Louis (????-????)Details
Evans, Arthur James Sr. (????-????)Details
Evans, PFC Charles "Charlie" (1888-1963)Details
Evans, William Franklin "Jack" (????-????)Details
Ewald, Arthur (1895-1955)Details
Faist, Edmund (1892-1972)Details
Fajkus, PFC Adolph Alfred (1895-1954)Details
Fant, John Charles Sr. (1893-1983)Details
Fawcett, Sam David (1887-1968)Details
Fedford, Aaron Bracey (????-????)Details
Fedford, Ayria Arnett Sr. (1894-1935)Details
Fenner, Emil Christian (1887-1968)Details
Ferguson, William Henry (????-????)Details
Fields, PVT William Henry (1892-1935)Details
Filip, Emil Jim (1895-1979)Details
Fink, Hyman (????-????)Details
Fisher, Andrew Johnson (????-1916)Details
Fisher, PVT Henry (1893-1951)Details
Flakes, Ollie (????-????)Details
Foerster, Henry Sr. (1892-1983)Details
Fojt, PFC John Thomas (1893-1968)Details
Fordtran, Benjamin Franklin (1889-1970)Details
Foss, Herman (????-????)Details
Foster, Arthur Lee (????-????)Details
Foster, Richard (1895-1938)Details
Frahm, William F. (????-????)Details
Frank, Alfred Frederick (1897-1969)Details
Frank, PVT Arno Edward Sr. (1895-1949)Details
Frank, Ben Philoph (1892-1927)Details
Frank, C. D. (1896-1953)Details
Frank, Ferdinand William (1892-1967)Details
Frank, Hugo Edward (1895-1942)Details
Franke, Elo (1896-1918)Details
Franklin, Warren Jackson (????-????)Details
Frazer, Walter George (????-????)Details
Free, PVT Alfred (1892-1961)Details
Freeland, Jackson Miller (????-????)Details
Freeman, Eural (????-????)Details
Frels, Rubin (????-????)Details
Frizzell, Hayden Crawford (1896-1989)Details
Frnka, Bruno Jindrich (1897-1957)Details
Froebel, Edmund August (????-????)Details
Fry, PVT James (1891-1940)Details
Futch, James Jewel (1892-1972)Details
Gaines, Aron (1892-1967)Details
Gaines, Arthur McKinley Sr. (1896-1996)Details
Gaines, Robert Jr. (1894-1978)Details
Gasper, PVT Arthur (1887-1968)Details
Gebhardt, Charles Roy (1899-1975)Details
Geisendorff, Albert Polk (1896-1972)Details
Gentry, Nick (????-????)Details
Gerhart, Joe Peter (1896-1941)Details
Gerhart, Joe Peter (1896-1941)Details
Giese, Gustav Adolph (1887-1963)Details
Gillum, PVT Louis (1894-1979)Details
Gilmore, Monroe (1892-????)Details
Glaeser, Benno C. (1894-????)Details
Glaeser, Edwin Hampton (1890-1979)Details
Glaeser, William Reaux (1897-1966)Details
Glasscock, Hillary James (1895-1966)Details
Gleistein, Rudolph George (1890-1970)Details
Gleistein, Walter Charles (1896-1962)Details
Glenn, Henry Mahan (1896-1971)Details
Glenn, PVT James (1893-1971)Details
Glenn, Levy John (1894-1986)Details
Glover, Thomas Claud Sr. (????-????)Details
Glueck, Alfred Emil (1895-1977)Details
Goebel, Alvin (1895-1967)Details
Goebel, Arnold (1895-1975)Details
Goebel, Herman (1892-1978)Details
Goebel, Hugo (1883-1963)Details
Goebel, Hugo (1883-1963)Details
Goebel, PFC Oscar (1893-1979)Details
Goeke, Emanuel (1893-1978)Details
Goff, Tom (????-????)Details
Gonzales, George (1888-1964)Details
Gonzales, PVT John (1895-1987)Details
Gonzales, Willard (????-????)Details
Gooden, Charley (????-????)Details
Gordon, Dr. Virgil M.D. (1889-1978)Details
Granau, Edgar Lucian (1897-1980)Details
Grant, Frank (????-????)Details
Graves, PVT David "Dave" (1892-1941)Details
Grayes, Garfield (????-????)Details
Green, Rogers (1895-1980)Details
Greene, Edward (????-????)Details
Gregurek, Joseph (1895-1959)Details
Gregurek, Joseph Frank (????-????)Details
Grigar, Alfred Anton Sr. (1897-1951)Details
Grigar, Charles Frank Jr. (1938-1990)Details
Groover, Leslie (????-????)Details
Gross, Marcus (1890-1964)Details
Grote, Arthur (1899-1964)Details
Grote, Harry R. (1894-????)Details
Grote, Rudolph (1890-1957)Details
Grothe, Frank (????-????)Details
Grube, John (1892-1980)Details
Gruener, Charles Henry (1895-1942)Details
Gueldner, William Fritz (1890-1969)Details
Habermacher, William Henry (1889-1948)Details
Hackbarth, Fred August (1888-1928)Details
Hackbarth, George Henry Otto (1893-1964)Details
Hackbarth, John Eugene (1890-1968)Details
Hacker, August Jr. (1897-1976)Details
Hackfield, Dr. Alfred John M. D. (1897-1962)Details
Hackfield, Arnold William (????-????)Details
Haczynski, Steve Jacob Sr (1895-1976)Details
Hahn, Alfred Moritz Ernst (1896-1964)Details
Hall, Earnest (????-????)Details
Hall, James Henry (1893-1994)Details
Hall, Jeffrey "Jeff" (1936-????)Details
Hall, Tommie {Tommy} (1896-1955)Details
Hall, William DeWitt (????-????)Details
Hall, Willis (????-????)Details
Hallman, Arthur Lane (1887-1952)Details
Hammack, CPL Walter Omega (1881-1963)Details
Hampton, Walter (????-????)Details
Harlins, Phe Arthur (1925-1991)Details
Harper, John E. (1890-1952)Details
Harris, CPL Charles Robinson "Charlie" (1899-1979)Details
Harris, PVT Clarence (1893-1939)Details
Harris, Clinton W. (????-????)Details
Harris, PFC John E. (1895-1979)Details
Harris, John J. (1892-1969)Details
Harris, PVT Lonnie (1892-1945)Details
Harris, PVT Raleigh (1890-1973)Details
Harris, Sam (1894-1942)Details
Harris, Tommie (1894-1972)Details
Hartman, PVT Adolph William (1890-????)Details
Hartman, Otto Emil (1887-1961)Details
Hartmann, Ernst (1860-1936)Details
Harvey, Francis Marion (1890-1962)Details
Hassler, Jesse James (1896-1947)Details
Hasting, John Will (1885-1942)Details
Havran, Anton Martin (1894-1985)Details
Hayden, Reedy (????-????)Details
Hayes, Charles Emerson (????-????)Details
Haynes, Charles John (????-????)Details
Haywood, Henry Ernest (????-????)Details
Haywood, Wesley (1894-????)Details
Heath, James L. "Jim" (????-????)Details
Hein, Ferdinand E. (1888-1930)Details
Hein, SGT Gustav H. (1895-????)Details
Hellmuth, Gardner Benjamin (1893-1951)Details
Hellmuth, Marcus Isador (1899-1993)Details
Helwig, Arthur Herman (1897-1971)Details
Helwig, Colbert Emil (1893-????)Details
Helwig, Eddie Mathis (1897-1967)Details
Henkhaus, Arthur Archie (1897-????)Details
Henske, Charlie Karl Jr. (1893-1967)Details
Hering, Henry Charlie (????-????)Details
Herman, Marshall John (1899-1922)Details
Herrick, George Leroy (1899-1938)Details
Hill, PVT Calvin H. (1889-1974)Details
Hill, PVT Edmund Glenn (1895-1949)Details
Hill, PVT Jake (1890-1960)Details
Hill, SGT John Hampton (1894-1932)Details
Hill, Sam (????-????)Details
Hill, Walter Ernest (1892-1974)Details
Hillebrand, Harry Reinhard (1896-1985)Details
Himly, Charles Herman "Charlie" (1893-1983)Details
Himly, Edmund Otto (1895-1966)Details
Himly, Otto (1896-1993)Details
Hintz, Richard William (1895-1970)Details
Hinze, PVT Edwin Joachim (1896-1980)Details
Hluchan, MSGT Charles (1890-1953)Details
Hluchan, Rudolph (1897-1929)Details
Hoff, Edmund Carl (1895-1956)Details
Hoff, PVT Henry (1893-1952)Details
Hoffman, Adolph Richard (1893-1956)Details
Hoffman, Frank Gordon (1881-1954)Details
Hohlt, Robert Charles "Charlie" Sr. (1895-1928)Details
Hohlt, Theodore Henry "Theo" (1897-1980)Details
Holiday, Loucish (1892-1971)Details
Holiday, Oscar (1896-1931)Details
Holland, Jake (????-????)Details
Hollmann, Louis Fritz (????-????)Details
Holmes, PVT Eligha Willie (1897-1985)Details
Hood, CPL Charlie (1891-1961)Details
Hood, Noel Cummings (????-????)Details
Hopmann, Edwin Karl (1894-????)Details
Hoppe, Gustav Adolph (1895-1940)Details
Hoppe, Helmar Bernhard (1887-1971)Details
Hoppe, Herbert Frederick (????-????)Details
Horlock, Walter Peeples (????-????)Details
Horn, Mack (????-????)Details
Horn, Tommie (1892-1924)Details
Horn, Walter Hugh (????-????)Details
Horth, Charles Jefferson Sr. (1892-1971)Details
Horth, Edgar Ernest (1894-1964)Details
Horth, Elga (1888-1969)Details
Hotmann, Henry Rudy (1896-1975)Details
House, PVT Jack (1894-1975)Details
Hover, Dr. Frank William MD (1879-1951)Details
Howard, Eugene Jack "E. J." (1893-1975)Details
Howe, Edmond Henry (1895-????)Details
Hrnicko, Rudolph George (1892-1961)Details
Hubbard, Andrew (????-????)Details
Huber, Samuel (1897-1940)Details
Huber, PVT Walter (1895-1918)Details
Huebner, Bernard William "Ben, Willie" (1895-1985)Details
Huebner, Delmus Hugo (1895-1987)Details
Huebner, Harry Carl (1895-1986)Details
Huebner, Jesse Edwin (1900-1969)Details
Huffman, Henry (????-????)Details
Hunter, Jessie (1886-1953)Details
Hunter., PVT Jessie (1890-1961)Details
Hurst, James Matthew "Jim" (1895-1974)Details
Jackson, Abner Edwin Sr. (1889-1938)Details
Jackson, Allen (1891-1976)Details
Jackson, Clarence (1889-1974)Details
Jackson, Coleman (1893-1931)Details
Jackson, Dave (????-????)Details
Jackson, Fred D. (1893-1940)Details
Jackson, PVT James A. (1893-1955)Details
Jackson, Julius (????-????)Details
Jackson, Lee J. (????-????)Details
Jackson, CPL Luther (1895-1953)Details
Jackson, Montie Jr. (????-????)Details
Jackson, Sam M. (1893-1977)Details
Jackson, Wayman Murray (????-????)Details
Jaeschke, Bernhardt Alexander "Ben" (1894-1934)Details
Jahnke, Reinhardt Henry (1897-1967)Details
Jalowy, Edward (1895-1975)Details
Jalowy, John Jacob (1895-1971)Details
Jamerson, Charlie (????-????)Details
Janes, John (1886-1931)Details
Janicek, PVT Charlie J (1896-1960)Details
Janicek, PVT Charlie Joe (1896-1960)Details
Janovsky, Joe Louis (????-????)Details
Janovsky, Joseph Thomas (1890-1950)Details
Jedlicka, Anton James (????-????)Details
Jeff, John Eddie (1891-1953)Details
Jeff, William (1895-1983)Details
Jefferson, Clinton Willie (1895-1962)Details
Jeter, Robert McKay (????-????)Details
Johnson, PVT Amos (1912-????)Details
Johnson, Eldridge (????-????)Details
Johnson, Henry Isaac (1892-1971)Details
Johnson, Paul (????-????)Details
Johnson, PFC Robert (1886-1964)Details
Johnson, Victor Rudolph (1892-1962)Details
Johnson, Warner Malcom (1901-1957)Details
Johnson, William Hallie (????-????)Details
Johnston, James Whitley (1887-1971)Details
Johnston, Lemuel Linder Jr (1863-1947)Details
Jones, Eaffie (????-????)Details
Jones, Ellis Sr. (1894-1984)Details
Jones, William (????-????)Details
Josey, Roger (????-????)Details
Jousan, Andrew Jackson (1895-????)Details
Jousan, Jake (1893-1978)Details
Jousan, Jake Morris (1897-????)Details
Jousan, Jesse James (1893-????)Details
Judlin, Joseph Edward (????-????)Details
Juergens, Herman Fred (1882-1923)Details
Juergens, Willie Charles (????-????)Details
Jurek, Richard Joe (????-????)Details
Kabuda, Mikulas (????-????)Details
Kaechele, Arthur William "A. W." (1896-????)Details
Kaliszewski, Joe Steve (????-????)Details
Kallie, Johnnie (????-????)Details
Kallus, Joseph (1886-1948)Details
Kamas, John Paul (1890-1964)Details
Kamas, Stepan "Steve" (1892-1990)Details
Kamas, William Daniel (1893-1982)Details
Kaminski, PVT John Mike (1891-1952)Details
Kaminsky, Albert (1892-1973)Details
Kanak, Jan "John" (1886-1929)Details
Karger, Charles Owen (1897-????)Details
Keener, PVT Arthur "Archie" Sr. (1890-1978)Details
Keener, Isiah (????-????)Details
Keener, Willie (????-????)Details
Keith, Bennie (????-????)Details
Kelley, Clyde Carroll (????-????)Details
Kelling, Adolph Wilhelm (1893-1945)Details
Kellner, Fred William (1894-????)Details
Kelso, Thomas Jefferson (????-????)Details
Kendrick, CPL John Reginald (1895-1924)Details
Kennedy, Rance (????-????)Details
Kenner, Alex (????-????)Details
Kenner, Archie (????-????)Details
Kercho, Thomas Stephen (????-????)Details
Kesee, Ed (????-????)Details
Kiemsteadt, Fred Robert Sr. (1894-1985)Details
King, Davis Preston (1894-????)Details
King, John Henry (????-????)Details
Kinnard, Sammie (????-????)Details
Kinney, Arthur Otto (1897-1967)Details
Kirby, Anderson (1895-1953)Details
Kirby, Eugene (????-????)Details
Kitchens, Henry (????-????)Details
Kizer, Fred Richard (1893-1957)Details
Klecka, Steve John (1886-1958)Details
Kliem, William Herman (????-????)Details
Klostermann, Herman (1887-????)Details
Knolle, Miles (????-????)Details
Kocurek, CPL Edward John Sr. (1896-1946)Details
Koehn, Emil Hugo (1895-1979)Details
Koenig, George Sr. (????-????)Details
Koeppen, Walter (????-????)Details
Koerth, Edward William (1891-1979)Details
Kokemor, Fred William (1894-1972)Details
Kolb, Edward (1886-1955)Details
Kolb, Robert Roy (????-????)Details
Kollatschny, Otto (1895-1980)Details
Kollatschny, PFC Richard (1896-1959)Details
Konesheck, Henry Fritz (1894-1969)Details
Kopecky, Joseph Paul (1897-1925)Details
Kopecky, Vincent J. (????-????)Details
Koppa, Anton Albert (1888-1986)Details
Kovar, Joseph John "Joe" (1893-1977)Details
Koy, Edward (1895-1958)Details
Kramer, Edwin (1895-????)Details
Kramer, Fritz (1887-1962)Details
Kramer, Rudolph (????-????)Details
Krampota, Charles (????-????)Details
Krause, PVT Franklin (1887-1985)Details
Krause, Fritz Andreas (1893-1963)Details
Krause, Walter (1894-????)Details
Krc, Henry (????-????)Details
Krc, John Frank (1902-1959)Details
Krenek, Edward John (1892-1985)Details
Krenek, Joseph Peter (????-????)Details
Kretek, William Frank (1894-1969)Details
Kretzschmar, Arthur (????-????)Details
Kretzschmar, Arthur Carl (????-????)Details
Kretzschmar, Edmund Henry (1889-1942)Details
Kretzschmar, Gustav Joseph (1896-1973)Details
Krinke, Alfred Earnest (????-????)Details
Krupala, John D. (????-????)Details
Krupala, John P. (????-????)Details
Kubicek, PVT Rudolph John Sr. (1894-1970)Details
Kucera, Joe (????-????)Details
Kucera, John Joe (1893-1968)Details
Kuehn, Ernst J. (1885-1976)Details
Kuehn, Herbert Frederick (????-????)Details
Kuehn, Walter Frederick (1889-1984)Details
Kulenda, Louis Alois (1892-1959)Details
Kulhanek, Peter Metto (1895-1955)Details
Kunkel, Edward Bernhardt (????-????)Details
Kunze, Charles Ernest (1892-1964)Details
Kunze, Dallas David (????-????)Details
Kunze, Ernest Franklin (1898-1982)Details
Kurtz, Henry Emanuel (1887-1953)Details
Kurtz, Otto Charles (1889-1980)Details
Kurtz, Robert Lee (????-????)Details
Kutra, Alois Stepan "Louis" (1879-1895)Details
Kutra, Louis S. (1892-1980)Details
Kveton, Alvah Julian (????-????)Details
Kveton, Herman (1896-1983)Details
Kveton, Walter J. (1893-1931)Details

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