Pete E Etlinger Funeral Home of Bellville 


1966 - 1978


  Choose first letter of surname. NOTE:  For women, the husband's surname was  normally used in the notices.  (There is no index for maiden names. )  Files have been divided for faster downloads with  slower modems but may still require a few minutes.


The original notices are in possession of the Austin County Historical Society.  They were donated by the family of Chester Merten.  Our sincere appreciation to that family and to Austin County Historical Society  for their contribution of this information!  

 The entire collection has  been retyped and edited for easy access at this website.  

  We realize that this collection is not complete.  We have no other notices at present.  

If you have additional files or similar collections to contribute please  contact Joy Neely  or Jane Keppler  .   

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