Some of the pictures are submitted as a gift to others searching for relics.   Other pictures were provided with the owner's request for additional information.  If you know the names of the unknown people in any of the pictures, please send an E-mail to the person who submitted the picture at the address below the picture (with a copy to  so that I may correct the information shown online.)



  Who is shown above?

Submitted by:  

Judith Oakes []


We now have clues. 

From Pat Bagwell :  3rd from r might be August Mlcak, 5th from right might be his brother Frank Mlcak. Therefore, they, with Alois, or Louis, Anton and John.....and some Maler's and Saha's  might be members of the Mlcak Band that played at a dance hall in Cat Spring....maybe a wedding.

Anyone else have another opinion? Pictures of the dance hall at Cat Spring? Other ideas?

Cat Spring TX Beer Drinkers 1918


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