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Some of the pictures are submitted as a gift to others searching for relics.   Other pictures were provided with the owner's request for additional information.  If you know the names of the unknown people in any of the pictures, please send an E-mail to the person who submitted the picture at the address below the picture (with a copy to  grandma@cmaaccess.com  so that I may correct the information shown online.)



Back row:

1.     2.     3

2nd row:

    1.   2.   3. Wm. Krueger. 4. Johann Mardaus    5.  6 . 7.John Fritz Krueger  8. 9. Ferdinand Lehmann  10. 11.

3rd row:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Emma Krueger  6. Amelia Krueger 7. Sophie MarieLehmann    8 Minna Mardaus Ueckert  9. 10. 11.

4th row

1.  2.  3.   (children)

5th row

1 (man)

6th row

1. 2.  (children held by man)

Information from Rose Marie Nelius Stork:

"I don't know any of the children.   I think that this is a photo from about 1901.  The ladies in black are in mourning.  My Mother, Emma Krueger Nelius told me that they had to mourn a 'whole year' and wear black.  We think that they are mourning the death of Elise Mardaus Krueger who died the day before the 1900 storm!!"  The other ladies dressed in black must be family members, but I don't know who they are.

Below is additional information from her about some of those in the picture.



3.Wm. Krueger, son of Christian and Sophie Marie Krueger (Sr.)   


4. John Mardaus  is the father of Elise Mardaus Krueger (the deceased), Emma Mardaus Krueger, and Minna Mardaus Ueckert  


7. John Fritz Krueger, son of Christian  and Sophie Marie Krueger (Sr.)  Bro. of 3. William.      9. Ferdinand Lehmann husband of Sophie Marie Krueger (Jr.)


5. Emma Mardaus Krueger, wife of John Fritz Krueger Row 2 #7 #6 Amelia Krueger --- is the sister of William Krueger, John Fritz Krueger, and Sophie Marie Krueger Lehmann 
7. Sophie Marie Krueger Lehmann, wife of Ferdinand, Row 2 # 9
#8 Minna Mardaus Ueckert  --- is the sister of Emma Mardaus Krueger and Elise Mardaus Krueger (the deceased)




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