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Some of the pictures are submitted as a gift to others searching for relics.   Other pictures were provided with the owner's request for additional information.  If you know the full names of any of the  people in  the pictures below, please send an E-mail to the person who submitted the picture at the address below the picture  and a copy to  so that I can add names to the pictures for other viewers.   

Picture taken at New Ulm, c1900.  

Catholic church group made up of Polish immigrants.

1) Karel Lesikar 2) Vaclav Volak 3) Vaclav Volakova 4) John Szymanski 5) Leona Frnkova 6) G.F. Boelschova 7) Olga Frnkova 8) Jos W. Jecmenek 9) Jos. W. Jecmenkova 10) J. J. Frnka 11) J. J. Frankova 12) F. F. Lesikar 13) F.F. Lesikarova...

Contributed by Bryan Muench




Alexander Glenn .  

Information below contributed by Orville Shelburne

This is the picture of Alexander Glenn b. .Apr 1812 Ga. In 2000 from the files of Fairy Thompson who died in 1980 at Paragould Ar. She and Orville Shelburne are  descendants of John P Shelburne b.1790 Va. who came to Austin Co 1837. Fairy did considerable work on the Shelburnes which is in the hands of Robert Fairies Thompson, her nephew.
1819- James A Glenn in Al for birth of M S Glenn.;  
1830 census- James A in Limestone Co Al which adjoins Lauderdale Co, and Ruben Dement with wife Synie L Glenn is in nearby Lauderdale.
1840 census- James A Glenn and Ruben Dement are in Tishimingo Co Ms. ages of males suggest Alexander b. 1812 Ga not with father James. (to Tx?)
1841- 7 Dec 1841 Alexander Glenn m. Sarah Pamplin Shelburne in Austin Co Tx they likely met in 1830-36 when Shelburnes were in Lauderdale AL).
1845 tax roll- James still in Ms, son Bethel Hicks Glenn mar. Margaret Ann Page Mahan in Alcorn Co Ms Feb 1845 
1846 B H Glenns son Matthew  Ms
1847- Ruben Dement child born Tx- thus suggest they came with James et al in late 46 or early 47.
1850 census- James Glenn and Ruben Dement are in NW Austin county near Welcome and near Shelburnes who had come from Lauderdale in two waves one arriving in 1837 via Sabine Parish La. and a second wave arr before 1848.

Back Row

1. Sarah Alexander "Sallie" Glenn.  2 Robert Minton  3. Georgia Shelburne

4. Annie Bell    5 Nona Shelburne    6 Olla Bethany, 7 Emma Bethany  7 Emma Bethany

8. Bessie Bell  9. Calpernia "Callie" Shelburne

26 Hiding person between 1, 2.   Unknown

Middle Row

11 Millie Perkins Shelburne  12. Calpernia H. "Callie" Bell Bethany 13 Sarah Adeline "Puss" Bell Minton

14. Sarah Pamplin Shelburne Glenn 15. Virginia Ann "Jennie" Minton Thompson 16. Rolfe V. Bethany

Bottom Row

17. Henry Fortran Glenn  18 Ethel Cumings  19. Ethel "Blue Eyes" Bethany 20. Nena McDade               21. Bessie Brookfield Fortran     22. Artie Bethany 23. Wells Mathew Bethany  (standing)                           24 Annie L Dement Bethany   (adult)  25 Gus John English "Gussie" Bethany. (child)

Additional information:

Picture of Shelburne Descendants 1895

Source of Picture: Files of Fairy Thompson,  who died in 1980 in Paragould, Ark. and  descendant of John P. Shelburne, 

Names  On back of Picture.  Additional information below added by Orville Shelburne.

Date of Picture: Based on calculated ages of  children from their dobs. 1895 or 1896.  Calendar appears to be Dec. 1895 (?) based on 31 days and Sunday the 1st.

Location: Probably Bellville as most of these people lived in Bellville, Possibly St. Mary's Church

Special Occasion?:  21 of the 25 people are descendants of John P. Shelburne, born 28 Dec. 1790.  3 more aremarried to Descendants.  John P.'s daughter, SarahP. Shelburne Glenn is at the center of the group, age 77 and December  is the 65th aniversary of her wedding to Alexander Glenn who died earlier.

Perhaps Christmas of Funeral of John Chester Bethany who died on 31 Dec 1895 and whose wife 2 sons, 4 sisters and 1 brother are in the picture.   Note only one adult male.


1. Sarah Glenn  b5-12 -1850, dau. Alexander and Sarah Pamplin Shelburne Glenn.

2. Robert Minton b.27-4 -1833; son of Alfred & Elizabeth. M. Sarah A. "Puss" Bell

3. Georgia Shelburne b. 9-6-1878, dau James Henry & Mollie Perkins Shelburne m. Joe H. Gardner

4. Annie Bell b.25- 12-1876, dau John P. Bell & Margaret Lucinda Bethany, m. Kenny Hood

5 Nona Shelburne b.29-12-1875, dau James Henry & Mollie Perkins Shelburne, m. Walter Moore

6. Ola Bethany b. 25 -12-70, dau. James Miller & Callie H. Bell Bethany

7.Emma Bethany b. 12-4-1874, dau. James Miller & Callie H. Bell Bethany

8. Bessie Bell b. Aug 1882, dau. John P. & Margaret Lucinda Bethany Bell

9. Calpernia Shelburne, b.23-11-1880, dau. James Henry & Mollie Perkins Shelburne

10.James Robert Thompson b. 7-12-1881, son of Robert Watson & Virginia Ann Minton Thompson.

11.Mollie Perkins Shelburne, b. 5-3-47, wife of James Henry Shelburne

12.Calpernia H Bell Bethany, b. 7-2-1850, wife of James Miller Bethany, dau of A. J. & Callie Bell

13.Sarah Adeline Bell Minton b. 25-2-1843, dau. A. J. Bell & Calpernia Shelburne, m. R. Minton

14 Sarah Pamplin Shelburne Glenn b. 1-5-1819 Dau. John P. and Nancy Dunkin Shelburne, m. A. Glenn

15. Virginia Ann Minton Thompson b. 20-12-47, dau. Alfred & Jane Shelburne Minton

16. Rolfe V. Bethany b. 25-4-1886, son of James Miller & Callie Bell Bethany, m. Augusta Ueckert

17.Henry Fordtran Glenn b.27-11-1887 son of James Alexander & Clara Niebour Glenn

18. Ethel Cumings b. 2-11-1888, dau Franklin Pleasant & Lucy Glenn Cumings

19. Ethel Bethany b. 8-3-1888 dau James M. & Callie H. Bell Bethany, m. Roy E DeLay

20. Nena McDade dau. Jack & Calpernia Bethany McDade

21. Bessie Brookfield Fordtran b. 23-9-1882, dau. Wm. Brookfield & Nancy America Minton Fordtran

22. Artie Bethany b. 3-2-1884, dau. James Miller & Callie Bell Bethany, m. Cooke Riddle

23. Wells Mathew Bethany b. 2-11-1893  son John Chester Bethany, gson James & Callie Bethany

24. Annie L. Dement Bethany, m. John Chester Bethany

25. Gus John English Bethany b. 1-4-1894, son John Chester & Annie Dement Bethany




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