Some of the pictures in this section were submitted as a gift to others searching for relics.   Other pictures were provided with the owner's request for additional information.  

This section has grown and pictures make the pages take longer to open.    That is why it was divided into sections  and more parts will be added as more pictures are provided.

Part 1  


 Part 2

Part 3

(note: this large section was all contributed by

Sidney Schuhmann Levesque may be of special interest to 

Voelkel, Laas, Wagener, Albert, Hassler, Schneider families, and is divided by pictures from locations  below.)

                                                                                                              Austin County                                                                                     


Austin County 1

Austin County 2

Austin County 3


New Austin County Pictures

Inherited tin-types from c1880 - 1890  

Austin County 4 Austin County 5 Austin County 6 Austin County 7 Austin County 8



Industry1  Industry2 Industry3  Industry4 Industry5 Industry6 Industry7 Industry8
Woman Woman Children Children Children  Couple Woman Woman


    New Ulm                                                             Sealy                                                 Shelby MayFest                       

New Ulm 1 New Ulm 2   Sealy1 Sealy2 Sealy3  

Shelby Mayfest



  Couple Woman Baby  



Part 4

This section shows pictures of unnamed people probably from Austin County

 and probably of Voelkel, Neumann, Eckermann, Hartmann, Goebel, Froebel, or Riniker families

They were named "Snyder" for their contributor:

Cheryl Neumann Snyder


Snyder, child  on Postcard
Snyder,family1 Fayetteville  H. Tauch Photo
Snyder,family2 Harper Photo
Snyder,Family3 Nichols Photo
Snyder,man1 E C Lewis Photo, Bryan "Adam" on back
Snyder, man2 "Shelby ho" on back

Part 5

This section shows pictures of people from Industry, Austin County

They were named "Hood" for their contributor:

Richard Hood


a Grayson County TexGen  volunteer researcher.

Henry Carl Emile Wertz Berndt

Henry Berndt picture (back)


Part 6


Cat Spring Beer Drinkers  1918




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