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Several  scrapbooks are available for view at the Bellville  Historical Society Building, 15 N. Masonic, Bellville, Texas.  The Indices are provided here for the articles contained in the Scrapbooks.  Use Control F or browse  for  names of individuals.

Scrapbooks were compiled by Sallie Louise Cumings (Mrs. Valance Crissey) (1881-1973).

Contact  jane keppler for copies of specific articles or to view the scrapbooks.  



Page 1 Bellville 100 years -1948
Page 1 50 yrs ago Titanic struck iceberg
Page 2 Bellville 100 years -1948
Page 3 Courthouse 50 yrs. 1937
Page 3 Obit of Henry W. Millard
Page 3 Obit of Mrs. Agnes Holtkamp Bender
Page 3 Wedding of Miss Carrie Stephenson
Page 3 Obit of Amandus C. Louwien
Page 3 Homestead of N. Cochran burns
Page 4 Hill Family observes 100 y. anniv.
Page 4 Obit of Rev. J. B. Oliver
Page 4 Obit of C. W. Granville
Page 4 Item about L. M. Montgomery
Page 4 Mrs. M. L. Prouty age 96 Feb. 4th
Page 4 Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Lodge m. 50 y.
Page 4 Obit of Chester William Granville
Page 4 Mother of Geo. O. Crump & Mrs. Maggie Amsler
Page 4 Barbeque by Misses Ann & Ada Daughtrey
Page 5 New Tivoli café in Jaurez, Mexico
Page 5 Jack Bader's war service
Page 5 Miss Betty Bader queen of Bowie Co. fair
Page 5 Becky Hill age 11 hayride
Page 5 Visits to Miss Edna Lewis
Page 5 Mrs. Luke Hill honors Mrs. Abbie Hill
Page 5 Haak building history
Page 5 Jean Collum wed Edwin Frank Hoff, Jr.
Page 5 Grace Livingston Hill died
Page 5 Miss Ethel Cumings visits
Page 6 M/Sgt. Jack Bader, Bronze Star Winner
Page 6 George S. Cumings and his 1915 Model T Ford
Page 6 Aug. 13, 1916 Prof. Valance Crissey, superintendent
Page 6 Roland C. Bader here
Page 6 Mrs. L. J. Glenn age 83 years
Page 6 Obit of Anton Fisher
Page 6 Jack Bader stationed in CA
Page 6 E. W. Cumings visits
Page 6 D. P. Sparks, Jr. & R. T. Danvers to go to Europe
Page 6 Fred L. Tesch for District Clerk
Page 6 Mrs. Ruth L. Bader
Page 7 Annual revivals at camp ground
Page 7 Mrs. Nora Spence 83 yrs.
Page 7 Hot Time at Cat Spring
Page 7 "Hello Central, Hello"
Page 8 Mrs. O. R. Prouty, Wallis News Correspondent
Page 8 Another Commencement by Sibyl Glenn
Page 8 Old Timer column
Page 8 Marriage of Allen Hill to Vorgie Inell Cargill
Page 8 In Memoriam to Mrs. Ruddolph Krampitz
Page 8 Mrs. Mattie Fisher 94 Yrs.
Page 9 Letter heads 1890 and early 1900's
Page 10 Marriage of Mary Janice Faktor to Elsworth Brooks
Page 10 "My Faith Looks Up to Thee"
Page 10 Russell B. Cummings-pres. Of Houston Jr. C of C
Page 10 In Memorium to Mrs. Annie Fitt
Page 10 Poem - Bellville by Fay Goode Haring
Page 11 Adele Willrodt & Ben Dickehut wed
Page 11 Hattie Frances Buelow & A. S. Burns wed
Page 11 Fritz C. Brandes & Hermine Wietstruck wed
Page 11 Pearl Thompson & Walter A. Haak wed
Page 11 Marks on English ward and other clippings
Page 12 Inez Batla & Alfred Lee Draper wed
Page 12 Cochran report
Page 12 Mrs. T. G. Barnes, bride
Page 12 St. Mary's Church confirmation
Page 12 D. L. Prouty & Miss Mamie Catherine Fordtran wed
Page 12 J. R. Crawford & Miss Lisette Hallman wed
Page 12 Edwin F. Adams & Miss Mabel Hill wed
Page 13 Mrs. Georgia Bader poem wins award
Page 13 Edwin Hoff & Miss Eliza Otto Bader wed
Page 13 May 29, 1936 Bellville High School graduating class
Page 13 "Alone" by Georgia C. Bader
Page 13 Houston - circus
Page 13 "The Poet" by Georgia Bader
Page 13 1961 Bader trip to England
Page 13 Kathy Bader's 3rd birthday party
Page 13 Obit of Fielding Lucas Crump
Page 13 Mr. A. T. Adkins & wife Mamie Shelburne Adkins move
Page 13 Jack Bader & Zela Woolgar wed
Page 13 Obit of Henry W. Millard
Page 13 Fred L. Tesch & Lulah Steck wed
Page 13 Kaffee Klatsch honoring Mrs. L. Kastrop
Page 13 Miss Thelma Bader to teach
Page 14 Norton S. Chatham & Miss Mabel Fisher wed
Page 14 "The Little Brown Jug"
Page 14 Leon Fisher & Miss Alma Mae Stafford
Page 14 Shower at Mrs. Emil Harigel's for Alma Mae Stafford
Page 14 Mrs. Chester W. Granville has baby daughter
Page 14 1922 High School Annual Staff elected
Page 14 1904 honor roll for grades 1- 7
Page 14 1955 reunion of descendants of B.H. & Margaret Glenn
Page 14 Mrs. James Robert Thompson gave a dance
Page 14 Three other items
Page 15 Oscar Zeiske & Miss Edith Matthaei wed
Page 15 Walter Mewis & Miss Hildegarde Grube wed
Page 15 "America the Beautiful"
Page 15 "Jack! Jack! Jack!"
Page 15 August Schroeders' Golden Wedding
Page 16 Obit of Thomas W. Batla (2)
Page 16 Andrew Jackson's home
Page 16 "Old Fashioned Expressions"
Page 16 Schauerhammer & Fritz building
Page 16 Old clipping
Page 16 Charles Hicks' trip
Page 16 Charles King & Miss Addie Marable wed
Page 16 Raymond Fisk & Miss Thelma C. Ross wed
Page 16 J. F. Whiddon & Miss Anna Virginia Biggs wed
Page 16 Justus Hill & Miss Beatrice Ransom wed
Page 16 Ben H. Frnka & Miss Clara Batla wed
Page 17 Envelops
Page 17 Leon B. Foehner & Miss Pauline Oldag wed
Page 17 William M. Andress & Miss Viola Oxley wed
Page 17 Will Viereck & Miss Christie Sanders wed
Page 17 J. Wesley Morrison & Miss Callie M. Nolte wed
Page 17 Terry L. Loughridge & Miss Jim Clemons wed
Page 18 Manly brothers visit
Page 18 W. I. Glenn's health improved
Page 18 Mrs. Bernhard Schlosser & daus. Visit
Page 18 "A quarter century ago in Bellville" (Jan. 24, 1918)
Page 18 Frank Herbert Leech & Miss Christine Eliz. Pierce wed
Page 18 Obit of Henry Mewis
Page 18 Frank Merriwell returning in books
Page 18 Mrs. Bertha Harigel 92nd birthday
Page 19 Clippings
Page 20 Obit of Dr. W. T. Brown
Page 20 St. Mary's Church - new building
Page 20 Mr. & Mrs. George Albert Stokeld move to Bellville
Page 20 Oscar T. Wolnitzek & Miss Antoinette C. Peschke wed
Page 20 Former Willie Ida Greenwood writes
Page 20 G. R. Grimes & Lina Dickehut wed
Page 20 Lee Chatham joins firm
Page 20 Mr. & Mrs. Walter Meissner 50th Anniversary
Page 20 "Believe Me If all those endearing young charms"
Page 21 "Down Home" by G. Bader
Page 21 "Dreams" by Fay G. Haring
Page 21 Pages from G. Bader's book with her pictures
Page 21 Clippings
Page 22 Lee F. Weige & Miss Martha Bader
Page 22 Herman Warmke, Jr. & Miss Lizzie Hill wed


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