This scrapbook was compiled by Minnie Georgia Menke , 1894-1983.  Use Control F or browse  for  names of individuals.

Several  scrapbooks are available for view at the Bellville  Historical Society Building, 15 N. Masonic, Bellville, Texas.  The Indices are provided here for the articles contained in the Scrapbooks.  Use Control F or browse  for  names of individuals.

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1-12 Parents golden wedding and death cards
12 Clipping about golden wedding party
13 Former pupils of Millheim School-1931
13 Obit of Mrs. Emma (Baum) Danker
13 Obit of Mrs. Virginia (Dierbach) Westermann
14 Obit of Fritz Westerman
14 Lt. H. C. "Sunny" Strauss
14 Obit of Wm. B. McCracken
14 Cpl. Allen L. Hammack
Obit of Charles A. Menke
Obit of Annie Granau
Obit of W. C. Westermann
Obit of Henry Westerman
Obit of Mrs. Cynthia M. (Pope) Ferris
Obit of Fritz Westerman
Obit of Mrs. Marie Steck
Bible Study Course Diploma of Minnie Menke
15 Clipping, Cross Mountain, May 16, 1956
15 Marriage Robert J. Haak & Miss Marjorie Garrett
16 June 7, 1956, Bellville, The City Beautiful
16 Shelby clipping
16 H. M. Brouillette
16 Nelsonville
17 Bellville--Her History
17 Thomas Bell --Memorial
18 Bellville--Her History- continued
18 Travis--second town
18 Death of Mrs. Mrs. John P. Bell (Lucinda Bethany)
19 History of Bellville Church
20 Obit Of Sheriff George Koy
20 Golden wedding anniver. Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Schonert
21 Hildegarde Holtkamp won World Book Ency.
21 Obit of Max Bader
21 Mrs. P. G. Saage, 90 years
22 Sealy Firemen's Frolic
22 Kitrik of television
23 Interesting Old Timers Mrs. Charlie Grube
23 Marriage Miss Paula Maetze & J. C. Anderwald
23 Obit of T. J. Alexander
24 Bellville mayor & commissioners, Apr. 1955
25 Obit of Mrs. Theo Menke (Friedericke Westerman)
25 Card of Thanks from Hermina Menke
25 Obit of Theodore Menke
25 Obit of Walter Haak
25 Obit of Mrs. E. E. Holtkamp (Anna Haak)
25 Obit of Albertine Beyer (Mrs. Gottfried Beyer)
26 Snow fall in 1940
26 Obit of Charles Nagel
26 Obit of Augustus H. Westermann
loose Copy of The TX Star, Houston Post 9/5/1971
27 Obit Rev. Fredrich W. Braun
27 Obit Edwin Ernest Holtkamp
27 Marriage of Miss Genievieve Kmiec & Pete Janczak
27 Obit of Albert F. Grube
28 Poem in German
29 Influence of Music
29 Frances Jean Roensch, duchess in Brenham Maifest
30 Adolph Andreas silver wedding anniversary
30 Obit of Miss Charlotte Roensch
30 Obit of Adolph Louwien
31 2 Christmas stories
32 2 Christmas stories
32 Obit William Bell Perry
32 Obit Mrs. F. C. Westerman nee Marie Anna Dittert
33 50TH Wedding Ann. August H. Westerman-Brownwood
33 Dec. 24, 1953 Nelda Ray Feagin, Blanche Garrett
33 Floor covering
34 Lasso Girls visit Capitol & White House
35 2 old scenes of Bellville in May20, 1952 Times
35 Dr. C. N. Shaver and Sam Houston band
36 Rev & Mrs. A. J. Mohr
36 Max H. Feuge obit of San Angelo
36 Marriage of Miss Lydia Olga Wilke to Albert Schoenemann, Jr.
36 5 generations, oldest Mrs. Louise Umland of Waller
37 5 generations, oldest Mrs. Louise Umland of Waller
37 60th wedding ann. Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Steck
37 Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Steck
38 Mrs. Anna Danz Burg, Fredericksburg
39 Continuation of Burg account
41 Musings, "I know my Bellville" by R. E. Zieske
41 German poem
42 Fifty Years Ago and Now   1883   1933
42 Be Just by E. W. Kloss
42 Country Folks, 2. The Farmer's wife
42 Chester Granville Rites Held in Harper
43 Bellville Public School which stood on S. Matthews and Austin
43 1907 picture of 3rd grade, most identified in picture
43 Obit of John L. Stierling
44 Seguin dormitory dedication
44 Dr. H. E. Roensch honored for practicing 50 years
44 12 piece set of siverware given to church by Minnie Menke
44 Obit of Miss Alma Brandt
45 Fred Schluens of Cat Spring
45 Guests of Miss Minnie Menke
45 Obit of Erich Holtz
46 Article from Bellville dated February 21, 1946
47 What are pups to do when their masters go to war?
48 Four Roses ad
49 Wm. Glaeser's collection of firearms
49 Symbol of Easter on Cross Mountain
49 Golden wedding anniver. Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Mohr
50 Senate Leader relaxing on LBJ Ranch near Stonewall
51 Story of Fredericksburg's early years
51 Sen. Stuart Symington & Sen. Lyndon Johnson
52 June 4, 1939 Melodeon soothed Indians
52 Obit of Ann Daughtrey March 3, 1955
52 Dr. Henry Ford, Bellville
53 Baptist Church is total loss in blaze
54 Statue of Stephen F. Austin at San Felipe, Oct. 27, 1938
55 Rooney-Jordan Wedding
55 Cat Spring Depot to be sold
55 Early Cat Spring Families to be in Centennial Book
56 Zonta House was home of early Pioneers, Fredericksburg
57 The Max Bader Home
57 Yarborough, Ralph to be sworn in
57 Bellville courthouse from east Main St.showing Alamo theater
58 Thousands flock to Big Cat Spring Celebration
59 continuation of Cat Spring celebration, mention of Dr. J. A.
60 Houston Post Apr. 29, 1957, Ralph Yarborough
61 Charmode Beauty Salon ad
61 Poem, Yesterday's Bride
61 Elvis Presley in uniform in Germany
62 Obit of Judge C. C. Krueger
62 Obit of Edgar Menke
62 Obit of Zada (Cook) Howard
63 The Bishop's Castle, Galveston
64 St. John's Lutheran Church rebuilt
65 Obit of Mrs. Sam Johnson
65 Mr.& Mrs. Felix Hahne
65 Miss Ella Gold
66 Golden wedding ann. Of the Lee Ditterts
66 Early picture of Bellville Courthouse
66 Concordia Old Times with all their names shown
loose April 1, 1965 Bellville Times page
67 Silver wedding ann. Of Mr. & Mrs. Elbert Hahne
67 50th wedding ann. Jesse Woods
68 Fay Marie Schluens & James Higginbotham wedding
68 Miss Mary Jo Powers-Hempstead watermelon festival
68 Max Bader honored
69 Harper's new post office
69 Hometown Impressions by Sally Grebe
69 Mrs. Max Moelering, Fredericksburg
70 Chancellor Konrad Adenauer & VP Lyndon B. Johnson
71 Mr. & Mrs. Felix C. Hahn, Sr.
71 G. F. Harper home in Harper, TX
72 Harper located on land given John F. Winters
73 Barbara Villazon & Lee Maresh wed
73 W. R. Hahn
74 Yvonne Marie Sanford & Miles Sammie Carter wed
74 Directors of Farmers National Bank-Brenham
75 Sept 7, 1930 Houston paper, Richard Hogue Dickson 99 yrs
76 Millheim Reunion
76 Bellville Volunteer Firemen-Miss Minnie Menke's house
77 Pres. & Mrs. L. B. Johnson-Fredericksburg
78 My Mother, poem
78 Obit of Mrs. Wm. Strauss (Edna Cannon)
78 The Faith of the Pilgrims
79 The Bible, poem
79 Josef Leshiker house, Tx medalion
79 John Hackbarth, Eagle scout
80 Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. star of FBI Series
81 Gladys Mae Hartmann & Paul Ray Wood marry
81 Obit of Mrs. O. R. Proudy nee Willie May Fordtran
82 Golden wedding ann. Of the Otto Michaelis'
82 50th wedding ann. Of Mr. & Mrs. W. D. Smith
82 William Miles Knolle in cap and gown
83 Brookshire Nursing Home tree planting
83 Mother's Day card
83 Obit of Walter Menke
84 Obit of John H. Menke
84 Obit of Mrs. Ada Hackney of Brenham
84 Obit of Waldo E. Holtkamp
85 Christmas Spirit & Christmas, poems
85 Obit of Herman T. von Rosenberg
85 Three Douglases
85 Dog food coupon
86 Schluens Farms Visited - Sidney's and Fred's
86 Dog food coupon
86 Reserve champion appaloosa stallion of Boots & Saddle Ranch
87 Sealy News Sept. 21, 1967 Who is he?
87 Lee J. Glenn Home
87 Kitrik of KTRK, Houston
88 Obit of Mrs. Reese Willrodt
88 Harry Wittenben
88 Sealy's municipal buildings dedication
89 Dedication of Bellville Catholic Church
89 Obit of Mrs. Max Bader nee Birdie Ervin
90 Kathleen Heldenfels & Morris N. Lobrecht wed
90 Mr. & Mrs. Davis P. King, Cisco, 50th wedding ann.
91 Songs, Silent Night in German and English & Noche De Paz
92 Muerys 50th wedding anniversary
92 Obit of Charles Henry Menke
92 Obit of Theodore H. Roensch
92 Picture of Rev. Mohr
93 Charlotte Ann Erich & Carlton James Jung wed, San Antonio
93 Millheim Harmonie Verein Songsters
94 Hugo Klaerner, Gillespie County
loose pg. Lt. Ferdinand Regenbrecht died Sept. 19, 1918 in France
loose pg. Catherine Sharker, Mrs. R. M. Holcomb died
loose pg. Ballad of the platter
loose pg. Meine beften Bete
loose pg. 1954 column in German
Several loose papers and pages



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