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Sheriffs of Austin County, Texas 

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(Before Statehood)


H. N. Cleveland   February 6, 1837-April 6,1839

McHenry Winburn   April 5, 1839-May 23, 1840

Jacob Harris Catlin   June 23, 1840-February 6, 1843

Benjamin S. Grayson   February 6, 1843-February 3, 1845

Charles Railey    February 3, 1845-December 15, 1845

Asa B. Robinson   December 15, 1845-October 7, 1848


(After Statehood)


James J. Jackson   October 19, 1840-August 5, 1850

Andrew Jackson Bell   August 6, 1850-July 2, 1851

and August 4, 1951-August 2, 1852

James J. Jackson  August 2, 1852-August 7, 1854

John Tilly Edwards, Jr.   August 7, 1854-August 4, 1856

George W. Johnson   August 4, 1856-August 2, 1858

James J. Jackson   August 2, 1858-August 6, 1862

George D. Bell   August 4, 1862-April 4, 1864

J. P. Ferrell ex-Officio for the sheriff’s office

Newitt Cloyd   August 1, 1864-June 25, 1866

Theodore H. Luhn   June 25, 1866-August 19, 1867

Jacob Smith acting sheriff January 1, 1868

Fritz Palm   January 22, 1868-June 15, 1869

August John   May 12, 1869-June 17, 1869

William Green   June 17, 1869-October 28, 1872

Joseph Blasingame   November 15, 1872-December 2, 1873

Charles Langhammer   December 2, 1873-November 5, 1878

John Bell Lewis   November 5, 1878-November 4, 1890

William B. Glenn   November 4, 1890-November 3, 1896

William Palm   November 3, 1896-October 5, 1918

Jay Dee Palm   October 7, 1918-October 11, 1918

Leumuel Linder Johnston, Jr.   November 5, 1918-November 2, 1920

Albert J. Remmert   November 2, 1920-April 2, 1932

George Koy   April 2, 1932-March 22, 1937

Erwin E. “Bounce” Reinecker   March 23, 1937-January 1, 1948

Marcus Edward William Steck   November 2, 1948-January 1, 1953

Truman Albert Maddox   November 4, 1952-September 1, 1987

Vernon Brzozowski   28 September 1987 -31 December 1995

Robert Dewayne Burger   1 January 1996 – 31 December 2012

Jack W. Brandes 1 January 2013 -





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