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Lookups for Montgomery County Texas

If you would like to be a volunteer or a lookup person for Montgomery County, please email  Jean Smoorenburg.


When requesting a lookup please be sure and ask politely and keep it short and to the point. Please include the surname, location, time period and please always include the county you are researching. Many of us do lookups for several counties.


Lookup Volunteers


Jean Huot Smoorenburg:
Books in my home Library on Montgomery County, Texas:

New! African American Cemeteries in Montgomery County, Texas, Researched by Annette Kerr
New! The History of Montgomery County, by Robin Montgomery
New! Montgomery County, Texas, CSA, by Frank M. Johnson
New! Montgomery County, Texas Historical Timeline,
by Larry L. Foerster, J.D.

Historic Montgomery County: An Illustrated History of Montgomery County, Texas, by Robin Montgomery

The Herald: Parts of the Anniversary Issue, 1977, 1978, 1989 ‑ Present

Every Name Index The Herald, Volume I - III, IV - VI, & Volumes 7 -9

Genealogical Topical Index of Articles Published in the Past Issues of The Herald, compiled by Vera Meek Wimberly

Isaac Conroe, Founder of Conroe, Texas 1834-1897 & Some of his ancestors, compiled by Vera Meek Wimberly.

The Choir Invisible, An Early History of Montgomery County, by Montgomery Historical Society, including the 1850 Abstracted Federal Census.

The Tannerys, Young and Old: Descendants of Thomas Tannery of Huntington New York and other Tannery Families 1724-1998 by Ora Eugene "Gene" Tannery.

Many of the books published by MCG&HS:
Montgomery County Texas Histories
Montgomery County Texas History Book, 1981
Full Name Index - Montgomery County Texas History, 1981
New! History of Montgomery County, Texas, Vol. II, 2012
Montgomery County Texas Census
1850-60 Montgomery County Census &
1850-1880 Mortality Schedules 
Naturalization Records includes nearby counties Anderson, Grimes, Trinity, Walker, Waller & Washington 1840-1925
1870 Montgomery County Census
1880 Montgomery County Census
1900 Montgomery County Census
1910 Montgomery County Census
1920 Montgomery County Census 
Montgomery County Texas Cemeteries
Montgomery County Cemeteries, Volume I
Montgomery County Cemeteries, Volume II
Montgomery County Cemeteries, Volume III
Montgomery County Cemeteries, Volume IV
Montgomery County Cemeteries, Volume V
Montgomery County Cemeteries, Volume VI
Index of the name of each cemetery in each of the 6 volumes
Unmarked Graves in Montgomery County
Died Montgomery County-Buried Elsewhere

Montgomery County Texas Marriages
Montgomery County Marriages   1838-1894
Early Montgomery County Marriages Black Boxes 1838-1872
Marriage Applications   1898-1907
Death Dates & Marriages Inferred In Montgomery County      Texas Black Boxes 1838-1900
Montgomery County Texas Funeral Homes
Wahrenberger Funeral Home Records: 2 volume set
Index in Vol. 2. This is transcribed directly from original records and including ALL information therein.
Cockerham-Branch-Marland Funeral Home Records
Volume 1      A-K
Volume 2      L-Z
Wright's Forest Hill Funeral Home Records
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Metcalf Funeral Home Records
Volume I--------1938-1942                                                          
Volume II-------1942-1945
Volume III------1945-1948
Volume IV------1948-1950
Volume V-------1950-1953
Volume VI------1953-1955
Volume VII-----1955-1961
Volume VIII----1961-1965
Volume IX------1965-1968
Volume X-------1968-1971
Volume XI------1971-1974
Volume XII-----1974-1978
Volume XIII----1976-1978
Volume XIV----1978-1979
Volume XV-----1979-1980
Volume XVI----1980-1980
Volume XVII---1980-1981
MCG&HS Members Ancestor Charts
Membership Ancestor Charts - Volume 1, A-D
Membership Ancestor Charts - Volume 2, E-G
Membership Ancestor Charts - Volume 3, H-K
Membership Ancestor Charts - Volume 4, L-M
Membership Ancestor Charts - Volume 5, M-R
Membership Ancestor Charts - Volume 6, S-V
Membership Ancestor Charts - Volume 7, W-Z
Montgomery County Texas Court Records
Montgomery County TX - Deed Abstracts A-E 1831-1840     
Montgomery County TX - Various Court Rec. 1840-1896
Montgomery County TX - State Docket 1857-1879
Montgomery County TX - State Docket 1879-1894
Montgomery County TX - Probate Minutes 1838-1851
Montgomery County TX - 1890 Tax Rolls
Montgomery County TX - 1905 Tax Rolls
Montgomery County TX - 1915 Property & Tax Rolls
Montgomery County TX - 1921 Tax and Poll Rolls
Montgomery County TX - 1925 Tax Rolls  
Montgomery County TX Property Assessments 1929,
The original tax assessment book no longer is in existence. However, the abstractor was able to rescue it long enough to transcribe the entire book. Alphabetically arranged. 
Montgomery County TX - District Court Records 1842-1860
Montgomery County TX - District Court Records 1838-1845
Montgomery County TX - Treasurer Claim Record 1885-1894
Treasurers Claim Record - Jury, Road, & Bridge 1911-1918, Vol. #1
Treasurers Claim Record - Jury, Road, & Bridge 1911-1918 Vol. #2
Montgomery County TX - Death Records 1903-1940
Montgomery County Texas Miscellaneous
Early Settlers of Montgomery County Vol. I          
Early Settlers of Montgomery County Vol. II
Bible Records with Montgomery County Connections
Montgomery County Texas Cattle Brands
Montgomery County, Texas Deeds, Book F 1835-1842
Montgomery County School Records  1874-1909
Montgomery County TX School Transfers

4th Regiment of the United States Volunteers Mobilized at Camp Tom Ball  July 1898 this photo copy of the original muster roll provides the name of the soldier, his age, place of residence, name and residence of next of kin.  The names of soldiers contained therein were from not only Montgomery County, but many other Texas counties as well. 

Griffin Papers Vol. 1 1829-1893
Griffin Papers Vol. 2 1893-1906
Griffin Papers Vol. 3 1906-1913
Griffin Papers Vol. 4 1913-1943
Montgomery County Texas Probate Records 

Probate Records, found in the Black Boxes "Black Box Documents" are those original papers created in probating a will or settling an estate.  They may include an application for administration and probate of an estate, a will, guardianship papers, bonds, inventories, citations, requisitions for partition and vouchers to support claims.  All volumes include as slave index

Volume I    - 1838-1848 
Volume II  - 1849-1858
Volume III - 1857-1867
Volume IV  - 1867-1885
Volume V   - 1885-1899

Wimberley Wimberly Family History,
Compiled by Vera Meek Wimberly, 1979

Annette Kerr
Willing to do lookup for Magnolia and its surrounding area and Old Danville.

Jane Keppler 
(temporary unable to do lookups at this time)

will do lookups from
5 books MCG&HS for Montgomery County TX cemeteries
Montgomery County History
Most all the Metcalf Funeral Home Books
Wrights Forest Hill Funeral Home Books
Wahrenberger Funeral Home Records
1850, 1860 census and Mortality Schedules for 1850, 1860,  1870, & 1880
Died Montgomery County Texas Buried Elsewhere
Early Settlers of Montgomery County

Lee Nave has volunteered to do lookups from
Black Box Documents Vol II - 1849-1858

Black Box Documents Vol III - 1857-1867

Black Box Documents Vol IV - 1867-1885

Black Box Documents Vol V - 1885-1899

Cemeteries Vol 1

Unmarked Graves

Name Index for Cemeteries

State Docket of the District Court 1857-1879

1890 Tax Records

1910 Census Index

1920 Census Index

1915 Property & Poll Taxes

Various Court Records 1840-1896

Montgomery County History Index



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