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War Activities of Robertson County 1917-1919

Submitted By Seldon Bain Graham Jr. whose father wrote, War Activities of Robertson County, Texas 1917 - 1919, in June 1933 as his Master's thesis in history at the University of Texas.


These electronic pages may not be reproduced in any format by other organizations or individuals. Persons or organizations desiring to use this material must obtain the written consent of Seldon Bain Graham Jr.

Volunteer Jo Ella Snider Parker re-typed this work for online display.


Table Of Contents

I.   Introduction

II.  The Contribution Of The Civilians Of Robertson County, Texas In The World War

1.   Introduction
2.   Local Board
3.   Council of Defense
4.   Liberty Loans
5.   War Savings Stamps
6.   Red Cross
7.   Food Supply & conservation
8.   Legal Advisory Board
9.   Government Appeals Agent
10. Miscellaneous Activities

III.  Military Service of the White Men of Robertson County Texas Introduction

List I.      Service Records of Officers & Field Clerks in the Army
List II.    Service Records of the White Men in the Army
List III.   Service Records of Men Who Were Wounded in the Army
List IV.    Service Records of Men Killed in Action or Died of Wounds
List V.     Service Records of Men Who Died of Other Causes in the Army

List VI.    Service Records of Deserts
List VII.   Service Records of Men in the Marine Corps
List VIII.  Service Records of Officers in the Navy
List IX.     Service Records of Men in the Navy
List X.       Service Records of Men with no Record in the Adjutant General's Office  

IV.   Military Service of the Colored Men of Robert County

List I.      Service Records of the Colored Men in the Army
List II.    Service Records of the Colored Men Who Died in the Army
List III.   Service of the Colored Deserters
List IV.    Service Records of the Colored Men in the Navy
List V.     Partial Records of Colored Men with no Record in the Adjutant General's Office

V.   Conclusion

Appendix A:  Letters from Servicemen
Appendix B:  Some Interesting Newspaper References to Robertson County Boys in the World War
Appendix C:  Special Correspondent Letters from Camp Bowie Published in Hearne Democrat
Appendix D:  List of Abbreviations




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