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Red Hill, St. Luke or Moody Cemetery

Known by all three names, this cemetery is located north of Hearne off of Hwy 6, about a mile past the overpass/Franklin cut-off (Hwy 79). Take a left onto County Road 103 or 106 (not certain of the number). There is also a sign saying: "Saint Luke Missionary Baptist Church, Red Hill, Hearne, Texas, Reverend J. E. Baker, Pastor." The church building will be on your right from the dirt road, visible from the highway. The cemetery will be on your left about a mile down the dirt road. The cemetery sign says "Red Hill Cemetery."

ADAMS, LOUELLA "MONEE", 4.9.1900 - 2.24.2001, d Will & Bamma Moody Adams, sons Archie McGrew, Homer McGrew, I. D. Williams, sister Maude Adams, grandchildren Nona Franklin, Choicey Barnes, Louise Edley, Michael, Arthur, & Rodney Williams

ALLEN, ANNER GOLDEN, 5.1.1870 – 7.15.1923

Anderson, Jack

BIRDEN, JONNIE B., 1920 - 1980, Pvt. US Army, WWII

BRADFORD, HENRY, 8.2.1892 – 8.5.1961, TX Pvt., General Hospital 14, WWI

BOWEN, DUB, 1860 - 1937

BOWEN, KATHERINE, 5.6.1850 – 10.23.1964

ELDREDGE, CORA M., 11.6.1908 - 6.22.1984

FIELDS, MATHEW F., 6.1.1893 - 3.18.1986, Pvt. US Army


FIELDS, VIRGIL D., 1.3.1895 – 4.8.1954, TX Pvt. 47th Q. M. Truck Regiment, WWII

GENNINGS, GUSSIE, 9.22.1916 – 11.22.1977

Glenn, Robert

JACKSON, IRELL, 1906 – 9.30.1936

JOHNSON, GERALDINE, 2.2.1898 – 12.9.1976

JONES, MAMIE MOODY, 12.9.1889 - 6.10.1967, c Roy A. Jones, Mrs. Jeffery Morgan, Mrs. Blanche Lloyd

LLOYD, BLANCHE ALMA, 2.22.1924 - 8.28.1993

MOODY, ESTELLA M., 2.22.1894 - 10.29.1973

MOODY, MRS. EVELYN, 12.31.1895 – 12.23.1971

MOODY, GROVER, ? – 2.4.1977

MOODY, JOYCE M., 10.26.1947 - 3.27.1953

MOODY, LAWRENCE "LON", 6.6.1884 - 6.30.1936, w Minnie Ola

MOODY, MARIE, ? – 2.4.1954

MOODY, MINNIE OLA, 12.23.1886 - 9.23.1984, h Lawrence "Lon" Moody

MOODY, MOSES, 9.20.1894 – 6.5.1956, TX Pvt. US Army, WWI

MOODY, OSCAR, 10.13.1917 – 10.17.1949, TX Pvt. US Army, WWII

MOODY, PEARL, 1888 - 1916

MOODY, TOM, 1.1.1886 – 2.14.1953, TX Sgt., WWI

MOODY, WILL DAVIS, 10.13.1916 - 2.18.2000, US Army, WWII

NUTTALL, ALBERTA, 1.14.1889 – 6.20.1973

PEAVY, ELIZARA, 1845 – 1.3.1918

PEAVY, WASH, 2.10.1875 – 4.2.1957

POLING, ADALINE, 1877 – 6.5.1917

SCOTT, JESSIE MAE, 10.17.1910 - 6.16.1966

SMITH-COOKS, EDDIE MAE, ? - 2.26.1998, her grandfather and grandmother are buried as well and her brother Fletcher Smith and her mother and Father Mary Smith Moody and Everett Smith and her sister Aunt Essie Smith

SMITH, AUNT ESSIE, 10.20.1908 - 3.30.1990, "In Loving Memory"

SMITH, EVERETT M., 12.10.1883 - 2.28.1972, Mary Lina Smith, "Father"

SMITH, FLETCHER, 6.24.1918 - 2.2.1982

SMITH, MARY LINA, 2.22.1887 – 10.13.1977, h Everett M. Smith, "Mother"

THOMAS, T. J., 10.? - 7.17.1992, Pvt. US Army, Korea

WELLS, MRS. MITTIE, 1.27.1900 - 10.23.1998

WHITE, STELLA MAE MOODY, 5.21.1904 - 12.6.1981, d Singleton Moody

WILLIAMS, ESTELLA, 2.22.1884 – 10.29.1973

WILLIAMS, FRANK IRA, 11.2.1908 - 5.17.1997, US Army, WWII

WILSON, CATHERINE, 1.12.1909 – 6.29.1935

The above list is partially based upon information contained in the out-of-print book Cemeteries In Robertson County, Texas by Verna Corn Floyd and Vernelle Corn, copyright 1980, D. Armstrong Co., Inc., Printers/Publishers, Houston, Texas.  Updates, additions, and corrections have been made as a result of extensive cemetery and family history research and the invaluable assistance of relatives of people buried in this cemetery.


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