Robertson County




County Coordinator is Jane Keppler.

County Co-Coordinator is Jean Huot Smoorenburg

If you have any questions or would like to submit information for Robertson County, please email one of the above.

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Robertson County Land Survey


Survey - Person or Concern bearing the land certificate at time survey filed.


Block - Block number. 
Grantee - Person or Concern to whom the land was actually awarded. 
Leag - League Flag. L = 4,428 acres, B = League + Labor. Labor = 177 acres. 
Section - Section Number 
Abs - Number of the Abstract on file at county courthouse and at the 

Survey                        Blk  Grantee                       Leag Section   Abs
MANUEL CRECENCIO REJON             M. REJON                                     37        
MARIA DE LA CONCEPCION MARQUEZ     M. MARQUEZ                                   25        
MANUEL CRECENCIO REJON             W. MOSS                                      30        
GW MCGREW                          G. MCGREW                                    232       
VINCENTE MENDEZ                    V. MENDEZ                                    236       
CHARLES ROBERTS                    C. ROBERTS                                   312       
JOHN MCNEESE                       J. MCNEESE                                   231       
MANUEL CRECENCIO REJON             W. COX                                       5         
JOHN COPELAND                      J. COPELAND                                  92        
WILLIAM B BALL                     W. BALL                                      76        
JARRETT YOUNG                      J. YOUNG                                     56        
ROBERT M WILLIAMSON                R. WILLIAMSON                                362       
BENJAMIN EARP                      B. EARP                                      137       
CHRISTOPHER C SEAL                 C. SEAL                                      42        
ASHLEY D EASON                     A. EASON                                     8         
JOSH RAINS                         J. RAINS                                     424       
BRADLEY PHIFER                     B. PHIFER                                    306       
GP BRAY                            G. BRAY                                      371       
BENJAMIN EARP                      B. EARP                                      136       
ELIJAH ALLEN                       E. ALLEN                                     57        
CHARLES J HEDDENBURG               C. HEDDENBERG                      6         183       
THOMAS H MAYS                      T. MAYS                                      254       
JOEL BOGGUS                        J. BOGGUS                                    64        
JOHN E LEWIS                       J. LEWIS                           7         429       
BR TYUS                            B. TYUS                                      356       
BF BURT                            B. BURT                            23        77        
JESSE O WHEELER                    J. WHEELER                         8         367       
EZRA CORY                          E. CURRY                                     102       
HOWARD F THORNTON                  H. THORNTON                        15        353       
WILLIAM S ARMSTRONG                W. ARMSTRONG                                 61        
JOHN CHISUM                        J. CHISUM                                    115       
RICHARD CARTER                     R. CARTER                                    91        
LUKE MOORE                         L. MOORE                           24        274       
HUGH CAMPBELL                      H. CAMPBELL                        16        120       
DOMINGO DIAZ                       D. DIAZ                                      135       
JOSHUA HUDSON                      J. HUDSON                                    190       
CLINTON A RICE                     C. RICE                                      316       
JOSEPH DILLARD                     J. DILLARD                                   129       
WILLIAM FAIRFAX GRAY               W. GRAY                                      158       
WILLIAM SMITH                      W. SMITH                                     341       
JOSHUA HUDSON                      J. HUDSON                                    190       
THOMAS O MEUX                      T. MEUX                            12        283       
WILLIAM OWENS                      W. OWEN                                      297       
DANIEL ROBINSON                    D. ROBINSON                                  321       
NEWTON MCCUISTION                  N. MCCUISTION                                264       
JONATHAN B FROST                   J. FROST                                     149       
HJ JEWETT                          H. JEWETT                                    202       
HOWARD F THORNTON                  H. THORNTON                        13        352       
EDINGTON THOMPSON                  E. THOMPSON                                  347       
THOMAS O MEUX                      T. MEUX                                      286       
OCONNER DENSON                     O. DENSON                                    126       
ANTONIO SCHMIDT                    A. SCHMIDT                                   339       
GREEN J DILLARD                    G. DILLARD                                   128       
PETER HERRINGTON                   P. HERRINGTON                                175       
WILLIAM J SMITH                    W. SMITH                                     336       
THOMAS O MEUX                      T. MEUX                            10        285       
THOMAS CARR                        T.C.                                         428       
WILLIAM THOMAS                     W. THOMAS                                    349       
JOSEPH MATHERS                     J. MATHERS                                   233       
CARROLL F ANDERSON                 C. ANDERSON                                  58        
UNSURVEYED                         UNSURVEYED                                             
WILLIAM JONES                      W. JONES                                     200       
ROBERT MCCUISTION                  R. MCCUISTION                                263       
JOHN REID                          J. REID                                      318       
PW MCNEICE                         P. MCNEICE                                   281       
JOHN WEST                          J. WEST                                      361       
JACK HENSLEY                       J. HENSLEY                                   174       
BEN C LOVE                         B.L.                                         427       
MARY PETERSON                      M. PATERSON                                  303       
DENNIS HEGERTY                     D. HAGERTY                                   172       
ROBERT ITSON                       R. ITSON                                     398       
THOMAS MOORE                       T. MOORE                                     406       
WILLIAM J LADD                     W. LADD                                      215       
ALLEN HILL                         A. HILL                                      176       
JAMES FARRIS                       J. FARRIS                                    147       
JOHN M SEIP                        J. SEIP                                      343       
JACOB CASTLEMAN                    J. CASTLEMAN                                 89        
WILLIAM J KYLE                     W. KYLE                                      206       
HENSON COULTER                     H. COULTER                                   80        
ROBERT MOFFIT                      R. MOFFITT                                   28        
JM RICHARDSON                      J. RICHARDSON                      422       425       
BF PENCE                           B. PENCE                                     402       
JB MCCOWN                          J. MCCOWN                                    271       
JAMES B WARE                       J. WARE                                      368       
JAMES M LOVE                       J. LOVE                                      210       
ALFRED R GUILD                     A. GUILD                                     159       
AB FAITH                           A. FAITH                                     150       
JOHN ROBBINS                       J. DOBBINS                                   132       
ACB REGAN                          A. REGAN                                     330       
WILLIAM J KYLE                     W. KYLE                                      207       
JAMES PATTERSON                    J. PATTERSON                                 300       
EDMOND O'NEAL                      E. O'NEAL                                    298       
JAMES W HILL                       J. HILL                                      178       
DAVE RITCHARD                      D. RICHARD                                   404       
EDWARD MCMILLAN                    E. MCMILLEN                                  276       
BF LOVE                            B.L.                               9         423       
CHARLES CALIOTTE                   C. CALIOTTE                                  116       
OLA C BONDURANT                    C.W.                               4         419       
JAMES MCMILLAN                     J. MCMILLIAN                                 221       
HUGH DAVLIN                        H. DAVLIN                                    125       
E ROBINSON                         E. ROBINSON                                  326       
MIKE TURLOK                        M. TURLOK                                    422       
WILLIAM H MYATT                    W. MYATT                                     293       
CHARLES MORGAN                     C. MORGAN                                    279       
ORAN MAYNARD                       O. MAYNARD                                   260       
ABSALOM BOADS                      A. BONDS                                     74        
VINCENTE MENDEZ                    V. MENDEZ                                    246       
ALFRED PENN                        A. PENN                                      310       
STERLING C ROBERTSON               S. ROBERTSON                       7         40        
ANDREW MCMILLEN                    A. MCMILLEN                                  280       
JAMES FARRIS                       J. FARRIS                                    148       
JOHN CC QUICK                      J. QUICK                                     311       
PEDRO PEREIRA JOSE DE JESUS &      P. PEREIRE                                   32        
VINCENTE MENDEZ                    V. MENDEZ                                    240       
JOSEPH W PROCTER                   J. PROCTOR                                   302       
JOSEPH LYON                        J. LYON                                      213       
MARCUS L CLAY                      M. CLAY                                      109       
GH LOVE                            G. LOVE                                      209       
THOMAS JEFFERSON CHAMBERS          T. CHAMBERS                                  2         
VINCENT BANKS                      V. BANKS                                     75        
WILLIAM FULLERTON                  W. FULLERTON                                 145       
LM SIMONS                          L. SIMONS                                    338       
LEVI JACKSON                       L. JACKSON                                   201       
ALFRED R GUILD                     A. GUILD                                     160       
ANN MCMILLAN                       A. MCMILLIAN                                 225       
ROBERT K GOODLOE                   R. GOODLOE                                   156       
GEORGE A SKELLERN                  G. SKELLERN                                  337       
THOMAS H MAYS                      T. MAYS                                      255       
PICKNEY COBB                       P. COBB                                      108       
WILLIAM R COX                      W. COX                                       94        
BENJAMIN CAGE                      B. CAGE                                      87        
BBB&C RR CO                        C.R.R. CO.                                   78        
JOSEPH A BAYLOR                    J.B.                                         70        
BW PERKINS                         B. PERKINS                                   308       
VINCENTE MENDEZ                    V. MENDEZ                                    239       
WILLIAM S RICE                     W. RICE                                      322       
RICHARD COPELAND                   R. COPELAND                                  107       
WILLIAM WELCH                      W. WELCH                                     370       
WILLIAM R COX                      W. COX                                       93        
JACOB CASTLEMAN                    J. CASTLEMAN                                 372       
GEORGE W CRISP                     G. CRISP                                     106       
RUFUS P PRICE                      R. RICE                                      323       
ALFRED R GUILD                     A. GUILD                                     161       
WILLIAM H MCGEE                    W. MCGEE                                     220       
HUGH DAVLIN                        H. DAVLIN                                    133       
JOSHUA MCCUISTION                  J. MCCUISTION                                267       
JACOB CASTLEMAN                    L. GRANT                           2         416       
OLA C BONDURANT                    R.C.                               5         420       
THOMAS N MUDD                      T. MUDD                                      229       
VINCENTE MENDEZ                    V. MENDEZ                                    234       
RUFUS P PRICE                      R. RICE                                      325       
JA BOLTON                          J. BOLTON                                    376       
ZN MORRELL                         Z. MORRELL                                   248       
WILLIAM NICHOLS                    W. NICHOLAS                                  294       
ANN MCMILLAN                       A. MCMILLIAN                                 224       
THOMAS H BRENNAN                   T. BRENNAN                                   66        
JOHN TODD                          J. TODD                                      408       
JACKSON K WHITE                    J. WHITE                                     388       
PA LAPON HINES                     P. HINES                                     188       
MRS MARY TRIBBLE                   M. TRIBBLE                         1         409       
ERASTUS SMITH                      E. SMITH                                     43        
JA BOLTON                          W. ARCHER                                    62        
THOMAS H MAYS                      T. MAYS                                      257       
JOSEPH MATHERS                     J. MATHERS                                   261       
DAVID H LOVE                       D. LOVE                                      212       
CLARK COBB                         C. COBB                                      104       
SELDON TRYON                       S. TRYON                                     350       
LEWIS COPELAND                     L. COPELAND                                  405       
WILLIAM FAIRFAX GRAY               W. GRAY                                      157       
VINCENTE MENDEZ                    V. MENDEZ                                    382       
WILLIAM R COX                      W. COX                                       96        
HW BEESON                          H. BEESON                                    71        
VINCENTE MENDEZ                    V. MENDEZ                                    242       
JOHN TRUDOE                        J. TRUDO                                     346       
VINCENTE MENDEZ                    V. MENDEZ                                    238       
E ROBINSON                         E. ROBINSON                                  329       
JAMES FISHER                       J. FISHER                                    11        
DANIEL ROBERTSON                   D. ROBERTSON                                 327       
JESSE BAILEY                       J. BAILEY                                    69        
AB HANNUM                          V.M.                                         247       
MCKINNEY & WILLIAMS                MCKINNEY & WILLIAMS                          288       
AB HANNUM                          A. HANNUM                                    395       
AB HANNUM                          A. HANNAN                                    192       
FRANCIS MAULLAUSLER                F. MAULLAUSLER                               262       
JAMES S LEE                        J. LEE                                       218       
CLARK COBB                         C. COBB                                      105       
FL SPRINGFIELD                     F. SPRINGFIELD                               413       
EZEKIEL MULLINS                    E. MULLENS                                   270       
JOSE MARIA VIESCA                  J. VIESCA                                    46        
HENRY JA HILL                      H. HILL                                      173       
ELR WHEELOCK                       E. WHEELOCK                                  364       
HENRY MAINS                        H. MAINS                                     265       
JAMES W HILL                       J. HILL                                      177       
AARON TOMLINSON                    A. TOMLINSON                                 391       
ALFRED BERRY                       A. BERRY                                     73        
AB HANNUM                          A. HANNAN                                    193       
GEORGE ROBERTSON                   G. ROBERTSON                                 38        
JW MORRELL                         J. MORRELL                                   266       
THOMAS C SMITH                     T. SMITH                                     390       
JOHN INNMAN                        J. INMAN                                     198       
SAMUEL COX                         S. COX                                       118       
CHARLES IRWIN                      C. IRWIN                                     199       
WILLIAM B HILL                     W. HILL                                      182       
L KEITH                            L.K.                                         410       
RH MATTHEWS                        R. MATTHEWS                                  228       
VINCENTE MENDEZ                    V. MENDEZ                                    237       
LITSOM PURDY                       L. PURDY                                     34        
JW HILL                            J. HILL                                      191       
HENRY REED                         H. REED                                      35        
ROBERT H MATTHEWS                  R. MATTHEWS                                  278       
VINCENTE MENDEZ                    V. MENDEZ                                    243       
AJ HENSLEY                         A. HENSLEY                                   20        
CHARLES CALIOTTE                   C. CALIOTTE                                  117       
JOSEPH THOMPSON                    J. THOMPSON                                  345       
JOSEPH WEBB                        J. WEBB                                      51        
DANIEL BRADLEY                     D. BRADLEY                                   79        
FRANCIS SLAUTER                    F. SLAUTER                                   335       
SAMUEL DAMON                       S. DAMON                                     124       
HENRY FULLERTON                    H. FULLERTON                                 14        
AG POWELL                          A. POWELL                                    301       
MARGARET MCINTIRE                  M. MCINTIRE                                  227       
VINCENTE MENDEZ                    V. MENDEZ                                    241       
CHARLES HENSLEY                    C. HENSLEY                                   21        
HOWARD F THORNTON                  H. THORNTON                                  354       
GEORGE CHAPMAN                     G. CHAPMAN                                   81        
JOHN FISHER                        J. FISHER                                    13        
ISAAC CROUCH                       I. CROUCH                                    83        
MOSES F ROBERTS                    M. ROBERTS                                   313       
EDWARD MCMILLAN                    E. MCMILLAN                                  222       
HENRY REED                         H. REED                                      315       
JOB FISHER                         J. FISHER                                    12        
GW BROWNING                        G. BROWNING                                  63        
FRANCIS SLAUTER                    F. SLAUGHTER                                 332       
WILLIAM MCGREW                     W. MCGREW                                    407       
JOSE MANUEL BANGS                  J. BANGS                                     1         
GEORGE L HEBGEN                    G. HEBGEN                                    189       
JOB FISHER                         J. FISHER                                    12        
JEREMIAH TINNAN                    J. TINNAN                                    45        
JOHN SMITH                         J. SMITH                                     342       
S DOBBINS                          S. DOBBINS                                   131       
SAMUEL COX                         S. COX                                       114       
H&TC RR CO                         H. &T.C.R.R.CO.                    7         197       
JOSE MANUEL BANGS                  J. BANGS                                     1         
JOSE MANUEL BANGS                  J. BANGS                                     1         
JOB FISHER                         J. FISHER                                    12        
JOHN FISHER                        J. FISHER                                    13        
GW BROWNING                        G. BROWNING                                  63        
HENRY FULLERTON                    H. FULLERTON                                 14        
EDWARD MCMILLAN                    E. MCMILLAN                                  222       
SAMUEL COX                         S. COX                                       114       
S DOBBINS                          S. DOBBINS                                   131       
FRANCIS SLAUTER                    F. SLAUTER                                   335       
H&TC RR CO                         H. &T.C.R.R.CO.                    7         197       
JOHN SMITH                         J. SMITH                                     342       
PEDRO PEREIRA JOSE DE JESUS &      P. PEREIRE                                   32        
JOSE MARIA VIESCA                  J. VIESCA                                    46        
GEORGE L HEBGEN                    G. HEBGEN                                    189       
JEREMIAH TINNAN                    J. TINNAN                                    45        
WILLIAM MCCOY                      W. MCCOY                                     269       
J ERWIN                            J. ERWIN                                     142       
JAMES TAYLOR                       J. TAYLOR                                    351       
HENRY FULLERTON                    H. FULLERTON                                 143       
SA KIMBELL                         S. KIMBELL                                   205       
WILLIAM S RICE                     W. RICE                                      324       
H&TC RR CO                         W. HARKEY                          8         399       
SARAH ANN WALKER                   S. WALKER                                    357       
JF PEEL                            J. PEEL                                      415       
JF HASSMANN                        J. HASSMAN                                   187       
STEPHEN H EATON                    S. EATON                                     10        
JESSE WEBB                         J. WEBB                                      49        
H&TC RR CO                         H. &T.C.R.R.CO.                    5         194       
MALT SPARKS                        M. SPARKS                                    333       
AO BARBEE                          A. BARBEE                                    65        
LAVINA ROBINSON                    L. ROBITSON                                  39        
SKEAGH WALKER                      S. WALKER                                    363       
EW HARRELL                         E. HARRELL                                   381       
WILLIAM MCKNIGHT                   W. MCKNIGHT                                  259       
WILLIAM S MCKENZIE                 W. MCKENZIE                                  277       
HUGH HENRY                         H. HENRY                                     17        
H&TC RR CO                         A. SPIER                           6         401       
GMG GRAFTON                        G. GRAFTON                                   155       
WILLIAM MCKNIGHT                   W. MCKNIGHT                                  258       
GEORGE W COX                       G. COX                                       97        
FRANCIS LASATER                    F. LASATER                                   217       
CHARLES HUNTER                     C. HUNTER                                    186       
H&TC RR CO                         G. MOORE                           6         400       
SAMUEL HUNTER                      S. HUNTER                                    184       
HG MORGAN                          H. MORGAN                                    219       
WM LOVE                            W. LOVE                                      216       
SAMUEL HUNTER                      S. HUNTER                                    185       
WL KING                            W. KING                                      396       
MEREDITH DUNCAN                    M. DUNCAN                                    130       
JAMES M LOVE                       J. LOVE                                      211       
THOMAS H MAYS                      T. MAYS                                      256       
DENEVER JAMES                      D. JAMES                                     203       
JH PIERSON                         J. PIERSON                                   299       
ROBERT CRAWFORD                    R. CRAWFORD                                  84        
H&TC RR CO                         D. PARKER                          2         418       
JOHN CLEMENTS                      J. CLEMENTS                                  113       
E ROBINSON                         E. ROBINSON                                  328       
H&TC RR CO                         G. LOGAN                           2         417       
H&TC RR CO                         W. DAWSON                          2         378       
GEORGE W COX                       G. COX                                       98        
JOHN A HILL                        J. HILL                                      166       
WILLIAM WELCH                      W. WELCH                                     52        
H&TC RR CO                         H. &T.C.R.R.CO.                    1         195       
CYRUS SNELL                        C. SNELL                                     340       
CLARK L OWEN                       C. OWEN                                      296       
JOHN HUDSON                        J. HUDSON                                    179       
JAMES H MORRIS                     J. MORRISS                                   273       
ALEX W ROWLETT                     A. ROWLETT                                   320       
ALBERT ALEXANDER                   A. ALEXANDER                                 60        
WILSON CRAIL                       W. CRAIL                                     112       
SAMUEL C SMITH                     S. SMITH                                     44        
THOMAS H MAYS                      T. MAYS                                      250       
SAMUEL H COX                       J. KUECHLER                                  389       
JOHN CHALMERS                      J. CHALMERS                                  85        
GEORGE W COX                       G. COX                                       101       
JESSE WEBB                         J. WEBB                                      49        
JOHN S MCNEEL                      J. MCNEEL                                    223       
MARTHA BRENNAN                     M. BRENNAN                                   67        
SAMUEL H COX                       S. COX                                       82        
THOMAS O MEUX                      T. MEUX                                      284       
PICKNEY S MCNEEL                   P. MCNEEL                                    226       
JD SMITH                           J. SMITH                                     331       
ALEXANDER PATRICK                  A. PATRICK                                   307       
BENJAMIN COCHRAN                   B. COCKRAN                                   86        
ALFRED PENN                        A. PENN                                      309       
JEFFERSON REED                     J. REED                                      317       
SAMUEL A WHITE                     S. WHITE                                     369       
GEORGE W COX                       G. COX                                       100       
JAMES LOVE                         J. ERWIN                                     140       
H&AG GAGE                          H. CAGE                                      122       
WILLIAM M PERRY                    W. PERRY                                     304       
ROBERT HENRY                       R. HENRY                                     19        
ZN MORRELL                         Z. MORRELL                                   249       
ELR WHEELOCK                       E. WHEELOCK                                  53        
JOHN V DAVIS                       J. DAVIS                                     134       
SAMUEL LEFFELL                     S. LEFFELL                                   214       
ISAIAH HARIAN                      I. HARLAN                                    170       
JAMES LOVE                         J. ERWIN                                     141       
JL FULTON                          J. FULTON                                    421       
JOSEPH HARLAN                      J. HARLAN                                    181       
BENJAMIN EARP                      B. EARP                                      138       
GEORGE W COX                       G. COX                                       99        
J ERWIN                            J. ERWIN                                     139       
GEORGE ANTONIO NIXON               G. NIXON                                     31        
JOHN LITTLE                        J. LITTLE                                    208       
THOMAS CROSSGROVE                  T. CROSSGROVE                                111       
FRANCISCO GARCIA                   F. GARCIA                                    163       
HENRY W MOSS                       H. MOSS                                      235       
THOMAS O MEUX                      T. MEUX                                      282       
FRANCISCO RUIZ                     F. RUIZ                                      41        
HENRY W MOSS                       H. MOSS                                      29        
JOSE MA BUSTILLOS                  J. BUSTILLOS                                 72        
ASA REINHART                       A. RHINEHART                                 314       
GEORGE RIPLEY WHEELOCK             G. WHEELOCK                                  54        
GEORGE W COX                       G. COX                                       4         
JACOB PRICKETT                     J. PRICKETT                                  33        
JH WILSON                          H. EASTERWOOD                                414       
JAMES DUNN                         J. DUNN                                      7         
SA KIMBELL                         S. KIMBELL                                   204       
ANTONIO MENCHACA                   A. MENCHACA                                  27        
JH WILSON                          H. EASTERWOOD                                414       
WILLIAM L MOSS                     W. MOSS                                      230       
HUGH CAMPBELL                      H. CAMPBELL                                  121       
STEPHEN GAFFORD                    S. GAFFORD                                   16        
CHARLES LARBALETIER                C. LARBALETTER                               375       
CHARLES LARBALETIER                C. LARBALETTER                               374       
JAMES DUNN                         J. DUNN                                      127       
JEFFERSON GAFFORD                  J. GAFFORD                                   15        
MARTHA BRENNAN                     M. BRENNAN                                   68        
JAMES DUNN                         J. DUNN                                      6         
HUGH CAMPBELL                      H. CAMPBELL                                  119       
THOMAS J WOOTEN                    T. WOOTEN                                    55        
ABSALOM HENSON                     A. HENSON                                    171       
WILLIAM MANN                       W. MANN                                      287       
TURNER MOSS                        T. MOSS                                      268       
RICHARD EATON                      R. EATON                                     9         
MARCELINA MARTINEZ                 M. MARTINEZ                                  26        
AZRA WEBB                          A. WEBB                                      358       
SHEIGH WALKER                      S. WALKER                                    47        
CJ NEIL                            C. NIEL                                      295       
WILLIAM WALKER                     W. WALKER                                    359       
MCKINNEY & WILLIAMS                W. THORNTON                                  437       
ALLEN J ADKINSON                   A. ADKINSON                                  59        
MCKINNEY & WILLIAMS                WILLIAMS                                     290       
JOHN FULLER                        J. FULLER                                    152       
NK ROBERTSON                       M. LIGHTSEY                                  438       
ABIGALD FOLKS                      MCKINNEY & WILLIAMS                          289       
ABIGALD FOLKS                      A. FOLKS                                     146       
JOHN R TRIPLETT                    J. TRIPLETT                                  355       
ELIZABETH M SMITH                  N. ROBERTSON                                 386       
LEANDER HARL                       L. HARL                                      167       
MCKINNEY & WILLIAMS                WILLIAMS                                     291       
JAMES THOMAS                       J. THOMAS                                    348       
THOMAS WEBB                        T. WEBB                                      365       
RUTH CAMPBELL                      R. CAMPBELL                                  90        
THOMAS WEBB                        T. WEBB                                      366       
ELIZABETH M SMITH                  E. SMITH                                     387       
DAVID W CAMPBELL                   D. CAMPBELL                                  88        
EDWARD PATERSON                    E. PATERSON                                  305       
WILSON REED                        W. REED                                      36        
ANDREW MCMILLEN                    A. MCMILLEN                                  275       
LEONA V TEAGUE                     L. TEAGUE                                    411       
HUGH HENRY                         H. HENRY                                     169       
HENRY FULLERTON                    H. FULLERTON                                 153       
WRIGHT COLEY                       W. COLEY                                     95        
WILLIAM HENRY                      W. HENRY                                     168       
HENRY FULLERTON                    H. FULLERTON                                 144       
UNSURVEYED                         UNSURVEYED                                             
JOHN SMITH                         J. SMITH                                     334       

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Assistant State Coordinators: Jane Keppler and Laura Gregory Roberts
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