DeSoto Parish Louisiana

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the state of Louisiana
and to the motto for which it stands:
A state, under God, united in purpose and ideals,
confident that justice shall prevail for all of those abiding here."



Information presented here comes from a wide variety of sources, and is presented as received.  No guarantees can be made as to accuracy, and verification of secondary source data is recommended.   Submissions are always welcome.  If you have biographical data to submit, questions, or comments, please E-MAIL me.

Capt. M. H. Alexander

Dr. Hartwell Alison

Noel P. Baker

     Dr. M. M. Bannerman

William B. Benson

     E. R. Best

     R. E. Bobbitt

     Judge C. J. Bolin, Jr.

Floyd O. Brinkley

     Joe R. Brown

     John W. Bradford

     Judge Jack E. Burgess

     J. W. Chaffin

     C. C. Chatham

Levy S. Carnine

     Dr. H. C. Coty

     J. H. Cowley

     Milton J. Cunningham

     W. N. Cunningham, D. D. S.

Robert Gibbs Douglas

Tolbert L. Dowling

     A. J. DuBose

     Capt. O .L. Durham

     John Henry Eastham

Joseph B. Elam

Judge William J. Fleniken

     Joseph Oscar Flores

     Devereaux J. Ferguson

     William R. Fonville

     William W. Frazier

     S. J. Frierson

     Dr. William S. Frierson

     E. J. Gamble

     The Gamble Family

     Alfred M. Garrett

     R. T. Gibbs

     Swepson Whitehead Greening

     Major John James Greening

     Descendants of James Griffith

More on the Griffith family

     William J. Griffith

Pike Hall, Jr.

     William P. Hamilton

     Mayor W. C. Hardy

J. Fair Hardin

     W. W. Harrington

     A. P. Harris

     John E. Hewitt

     C. B. Hicks

     William R. Hollingsworth

William Rochelle Hollingsworth

     Judkins Hunt

     Thomas Hunt

     L. H. Huson

     A. F. Jackson

     Abraham Wyche Jackson

     Edmond W. Jackson

     John Jackson

     W. R. Jackson

     Hon. B. Francis Jenkins

     Walter Johnson

     I. F. Jones

     Joseph King

Robert Harwell Lee

John Thornton Leopold

     John J. Long

     John Robert Long

     Thomas Jefferson Lynch

     Marshall Family

     Hugh A. Matthews

     David Rogerson Williams McIver, Sr.

     Martha Elizabeth Scriven Grant McIver

     Col. A. R. Mitchell

     Henry N. Mize

     William X. Moseley

     William G. Mosley

Eileen Nabors

     John H. Nabors

     James W. Nolan

     Anderson Jasper Peavy

     Samuel A. Pegues

     James M. Peyton

     W. B. Peyton

Spencer Phillips

     Capt. John W. Pitts

     Charles Vernon Porter

     Paul M. Potts

     Benjamin B. Powell

    A. T. Prescott

Arthur Taylor Prescott

     John T. Prude

     Louis M. Rambin

     Rambin Family

Dr. Abijah Rembert II

     Middleton Hale Rembert

     Marmaduke Ricks

     A. V. Roberts, M. D.

     John C. Ross

     John Lytle Scales

     Martin Wesley Schryver

     Charles Schuler

Stephen M. Shows

     S. J. Smart, M. D.

     Spilker Bros.

     Gemma Stephens

     H. A. Storey

     George H. Sutherlin

     James L. Terrell

J. H. Tucker

     Rev. Jeremiah H. Tucker

      J. F. Walker, M. D.

     Joseph Edward Wall, M. D.

Joseph Wilburn Webb

     Joseph Williams

     J. E. Williams

     J. M. Williams

     Thomas Jefferson Williams, Jr.

     Goode Bryant Williams

Guy Wimberly, M.D.

     Boykin Witherspoon

     Charles S. Youngblood



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