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Atkinson Cemetery

AKA Lyons 

The Atkinson Cemetery is located near Bellville  just southwest of town  outside the city limits.  Go west on Austin Street, the cemetery is on the right side of the road.  There is another cemetery just before you get there which has a tall wooden cross approximately 15 feet tall. Adjacent to the east is the Catholic Cemetery. The two cemeteries share the same entrance driveway in the middle between them.

photo taken 5/29/2022 by Jane Keppler
Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.


PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.

To look for obits go to Bellville Public Library site and click on Newspaper as there is a wealth of information for obituaries and other records.

Thanks to Carolyn Zaskoda

for updates to these files January 2022


Surname Given Name Birth Death Comment
Bishop Vanessa Sue Lynn 5-May-83 10-Nov-83  
Bishop Robert Morris, Sr. 4-Dec-1914 27-Dec-1983 WWII
Bishop Doris Marie Lyons 13-Feb-26 9-Jun-01  
Bishop Robert Morris, Jr. 23-Aug-1944 2-May-1997 Vietnam tombstone
Brooks Wyatt Marion 1827 1913 CSA   tombstone
Brooks Louise Jane Atkinson 14 Oct 1836 20 Aug 1894  
Brooks Nanie Louise 28-Nov-01 29-Sep-08  
Carder Joseph 5 Nov 1847 31-Mar-18  
Carder Mary E. 3 Jun 1872 23-Jan-18  
Carr John Charles 30-Jul-02 11-Mar-63  
Carr Leona Villa 28-Sep-17 27-Jan-99  
Carr David Charles 22-Dec-46 18-Feb-00  
Carr Richard C. 13-Dec-1944 8-Jan-1996  
Carraway Archie H. 12-Apr-07 24-Aug-77  
Carraway Bessie Lyons 2-Mar-08 17-Sep-85  
Carraway Earl F. 6-Oct-29 5-Jan-57  
Carraway Eli William 17-Jun-1902 14-Jan-1972  
Carraway Fred Louis 2-Oct-1926 28-Nov-1995  
Carraway Josh 1864 1927  
Carraway Jashua 17-Dec-1905 3-Aug-1979  
Carraway Lucy 1877 1950  
Ciolek John Steve 26-May-1948 14-Oct-1995 Vietnam   tombstone
Clark Vernon Grady 23-Feb-23 8-Mar-37  
Clark Vernon H. 4 Jan 1881 11-Sep-37  
Crawford Martha P. Mar-21 Oct-36  
E. W. S.        
Edwards Jack E. 30-Jul-1924 24-May-1965  WWII tombstone
Gray Asa S. 22 June 1872 25-Jun-42  
Gray Willie Jane Hollingshead 6 October 1881 14-Mar-61  
Hohle Larry Wayne 19-Dec-49 29-Sep-92  
Hohle Vivian Lee Carraway 30-Dec-27 11-Jul-98  
Hohle Clarence 1927    
Johnson Thomas Dwayne, Jr. 27-Dec-93 27-Dec-93  
Kientz Fritz 15 Feb 1881 2-Dec-50  
King Thomas Bledsoe 1836 10-Nov-08 CSA    tombstone
King Nancy J. Granville 16 Feb 1842 16 Nov 1899  
King Ben G. 7 May 1872 5-Dec-37  
King Georgie A. Spence 27 May 1875 21-May-39  
Lamberth Lester 1985    
Lamberth Jessie Earl, Jr. 9-Mar-47 1-Dec-63  
Lamberth Jessie Earl, Sr. 6-Oct-1919 17-Nov-1970 WWII tombstone
Lamberth J. L. 18 February 1895 17-Feb-20  
Lamberth Joseph H. 14 May 1866 8-Mar-48  
Lamberth Mary Catherine Buttram 29 October 1865 16-Nov-35  
Lamberth Jesse L. 1986 1986  
Lamberth Jessie Earl, Sr. 6-Oct-1919 17-Nov-1970 Korea Vietnam
Lee Annie L. 17 April 1889 24-Mar-53  
Lyons   1906 1908  
Lyons A. M. 21 April 1871 23 June 1872  
Lyons Catherine Virginia Atkinson 9 December 1825 20 February 1899  
Lyons Charles W. 16-Oct-1933 10-Jan-1987 Korean    Vietnam
Lyons David Marion 19-Jan-1928 3-Jan-1974 WWII 
Lyons Dora E. Felps 9 December 1896 7-Mar-75  
Lyons Elizabeth 1849 1896  
Lyons Gloria Foytik 25-Dec-1932 24-Feb-2021 Schmidt Funeral Home
Lyons Gordon Marion 29-Oct-79 5-Nov-79  
Lyons Harold Elmer, Sr. 5-Aug-1932 1-Dec-2010 Korea   tombstone 
Lyons Hattie Minze 3 August 1883 13-Mar-20  
Lyons James Alfred 15-Aug-16 21-Nov-01  
Lyons Jeff D. 17 Feb 1862 20-Mar-36  
Lyons Jess Aug-03 Jun-69  
Lyons Jesse D. 24-Jan-32 14-Mar-51 WWII
US Army
KIA  tombstone
Lyons John Henry 26 Dec 1892 15-Dec-73  
Lyons Joseph Robert 24 Jul 1864 21-Dec-39  
Lyons Lee 17 Apr 1892 15-Aug-24  
Lyons Mattie Carraway 21-Oct-03 8-Jun-99  
Lyons Minnie Spence 1875 1913  
Lyons S. W. 1 Oct 1867 10 Aug 1884  
Lyons Sam W. 6-Aug-1913 16-Jun-1960 WWII
Lyons Tommy 1896 1897  
Lyons William J. W. 22 Aug 1818 1 Jan 1899 CSA       tombstone 
Lyons William M. 1869 1946  
McCue infant son 25-May-33 9-Jun-33 s/o Joe P.
Reed William C. 1842 9-Apr-22 CSA  
Spence Morris Doc 25-Jun-03 12-Feb-76  
Spence Alexander R. 21 July 1866 31-Mar-46  
Spence Mary Agnes Morris 17 Nov 1875 31-Dec-36  
Spence Mary Collier 1871 1954  
Vaughn Virgil C., Sr. 21-Aug-30 11-Jan-80  
Vaughn Essie Lois S. 31-Dec-30 9-Sep-89  
Vaughn infant 15-Jun-92    
W. A. M.        


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