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Buckhorn Cemetery


Starting from Bellville, take 1456 North to Buckhorn.   Turn right on dirt road (sign points direction of Buckhorn Church) road markings.  About .1 mile to church.  Cemetery is back of church.


NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.

Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.

PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.

Thanks to Carolyn Zaskoda

for updates to these files January 2022

Last name First name Birth Death Comment
Acock  Walter   1 May 1857 30-Jul-1935  
Acock  Mrs. Betty Hearn No date given 22-Dec-1955  
Acock  Ethel Mae Keilberg 24-May-1930 22-Aug-1981  
Acock  Louin 10-Dec-1924 11-Aug-2001 WW II
Acock  Minnie Pearl Perkins 14-Aug-1900 18-Oct-1981  
Acock  Elmer 2-Sep-1900 8-Dec-1967  
Acock  Robert F. 18 Mar 1888 26-Jan-1965  
Acock  Robert A., Jr. 6-Jan-1930 16-Aug-1983  
Acock  Margaret Thompson 27-Feb-1924 11-Aug-1987  
Acock  Myrtle Smithe 13 Oct 1897 20-May-1991  
Acock  Sallie Hamilton 4-May-1917 31-Jul-2003  
Austin  Frank M. 1854 1920  
Austin  Lou 1862 1900's  
Bailey  Jessie L. 1 Sep 1897 16-Sep-1979 WWII
Bailey  Clayton Walter 11-Jun-1900 28-Nov-1987  
Bailey  Walter 1 Nov 1855 29-Jun-1946  
Bailey  Mae Arnold 10 Jan 1870 15-Mar-1950  
Bailey  M. Jewell 30-Aug-1918 No date given  
Barrett  Martha Duke 17 May 1873 8-Apr-1965  
Barrett  Lettie Austin 26 Nov 1855 13-Nov-1947  
Barrett  Jacob Allen 24 Dec 1849 6-Feb-1918  
Barrett  James Lawrence 26-Dec-1907 14-Feb-1982  
Barrett  James Samuel 1 Aug 1873 26-Jun-1949  
Bartlett  W. M. 29 Feb 1821 5-Mar-1902  
Bates  Henry W. 10 Jan 1886 12-Dec-1934  
Bennett  Edward 26 Oct 1888 28-May-1974  
Biggs  A.B. (M.D.) 1 Dec 1868 12 Jul 1896  
Biggs Hezekiah 1837 1922 Civil War 
Biggs  Samuel L. 26 Dec 1795 4 May 1884  
Biggs  Thomas Ira 6 Oct 1871 3-Apr-1907  
Biggs  Thomas S. 19 Nov 1833 10-Jul-1917 Civil War 
Biggs  Sarah M. Miller 22 Feb 1847 7-Mar-1905  
Biggs  John Porter 11 Apr 1885 14-Jun-1931  
Biggs  Willie Elizabeth Vasser 15 Jun 1886 15-Dec-1968  
Blanchette  Edna 1890 1939  
Blanchette  Richard Lemuel 18-Jan-1923 27-Oct-1965 WWII
Bonner Bennie 5-Apr-1905 8-Mar-1979  
Broussard  Alberta Houston 1-Mar-1948 29-Oct-2017  
Bugg  Johnnie Lee 21 Jul 1899 17-Feb-1918  
Bugg  George 8 Aug 1892 8 Jan 1893  
Bugg  Mattie J. 25 Jun 1899 1-Aug-1900  
Carter Annette L 2-Nov-1967 16-Jun-2021
Miller-Josey Funeral Home
Carter  L. V. Abbs 10-Mar-1931 10-Mar-1997  
Carter Willie, Jr. 9-Mar-1951 14-Dec-2000  
Clemon  James 3 Mar 1832 26 Jan 1895  
Cloud  Guy 5 Jan 1896 7-Nov-1966  
Cloud  James J. 1868 1898  
Cloud  Jonathan C. 9-Jul-1985 11-Nov-1998  
Cloud  Earl James 23 Jul 1898 1-Nov-1986  
Cloud Margie Lee Thomas 9-Jun-1904 3-Nov-1988  
Cloyd Terry Lee 15-May-1956 4-Jun-1956  
Cloyd  Connie Louise 20-Dec-1963 7-Apr-1987  
Cloyd Kenneth Ray 5-Dec-1954 21-Mar-2004  
Cloyd Raymond E. 20-Oct-1925 13-Jun-2012 WWII
Cochran Florence Montgomery 21 Aug 1849 26-May-1929  
Cochran Nehemiah 28 Jun 1836 22 Jan 1899 Civil War 
Cooper Kash 2017 2017 Miller-Josey Mortuary, Bellville TX
Crawford Charles S. 28 Oct 1856 15-May-1939  
Crawford  Martha V. 14 Feb 1860 21-Jan-1939  
Crawford  James E. 21 Jul 1898 26-Jun-1971 WWII tombstone
Dodd  Julia Klentzmann Sep 1881 1911  
Dodd  Harry L. 1910 1911  
Duke  Samuel L. Mar 1840 No date given CSA tombstone
Dunn  Miss Sallie 21 Jun 1869 18 Nov 1884  
Dunn  Mrs. Carrie 1 Apr 1830 15  Oct 1893  
Earthman Diane Denise 28-Aug-1965 31-Aug-2015  
Edwards Willie Mae 12-Dec-1912 29-Feb-1996  
Erwin  Tom No dates given    
Evans  Phillip Lowell 17-Dec-1942 20-Dec-1987 Vietnam
Father     No dates given   Duke section
Ferguson Annimae Delores Elledge 3-Jan-1941 26-Jun-2017 Schmidt Funeral Home
Ferguson  Felix 10-Dec-1901 3-Dec-1981  
Ferguson  F. M. 7 Aug 1863 5-Jun-1944  
Ferguson  Joe G. 1907 1922  
Ferguson  Melisa Fisher 27-Feb-1901 19-Dec-1984  
Ferguson Robert 8-Jan-1928 1-Nov-2018 Schmidt Funeral Home
Ferguson  Wanda Lee C. 8-Jun-1947 No date given  
Ferguson  Samuel 1 Aug 1873 26-Jun-1949  
Fitt  Clarence A. 16 Jul 1879 30-Sep-1922  
Fitt  Annie T. Smith 7 Jan 1877 4-Nov-1930  
Fitzgibbon  William E. 17 Aug 1888 24-Jan-1904  
Foster  Benjamin Franklin 22 May 1817 8 Jul 1895  
Foster  Jonnie Howard
1870 1916  
Foster  Louis 9 Feb 1898 5-Dec-1905  
Foster  Erin Lucile 10 Jul 1893 17 Sep 1895  
Foster  Jannett A. 29 Oct 1892 22 Oct 1894  
Garrett  Thomas N. 2-Dec-1922 4-Jul-1931  
Garrett  Maggie Murich 10-Jan-1918 7-Jul-1931  
Garrett  Raymond Arthur 4-Jan-1925 4-Jul-1931  
Garrett  Walter Nathaniel 6 May 1887 21-Jan-1931  
Garrett  Celia Johnson 11 Apr 1857 1-Jan-1904  
Garrett  James Richard, Jr. 15 Mar 1880 28-Dec-1910  
Garrett Morris   11-Aug-1914  
Gower  Mildred Jean 20-Apr-1930 31-May-1949  
Hall  Opal I. 1907 1910  
Hammack  Esbe McCrarey 1843 1906  
Hammack  Julius F. 1847 1901 Civil War 
Hammack  infant 4 Apr 1894 21 Apr 1894  
Hammack  infant 16 Jun 1895 23 Aug 1895  
Hammack  James William 7 Jun 1869 4-Apr-1946  
Hammack  Walter Omega 14 Apr 1881 6-Jul-1963 TX US
Hammack  Allie A. 12 Aug 1878 27-May-1966  
Hammack  Julius F. 27-Feb-1911 5-Mar-1981  
Hammack  Mildred 21-Nov-1916 9-Sep-1997  
Hammack  Mary Eleanor Jackson 15 Feb 1877 27-Oct-1967  
Hammack  Ernest Hull 11 Mar1876 6-Sep-1958  
Harrison  Dollie 20 Jan 1815 22 Mar 1880  
Hinton  Ellen McDonald  16 Aug 1863 23-May-1911  
Hoff  Lola 30-Oct-1933 8-Aug-1975  
Hoff  Leroy 17-Oct-1918 6-Dec-2004  
Hoffman  James L. 10 Aug 1881 12-Jun-1908  
Hoffman  William Henry 25 Jun 1854 28-Jul-1932  
Hoffman  Emma Stephenson 1 May 1854 3-Jan-1939  
Holmes Lonnie Charles 28-Jan-1954 24-Jul-1994 h/o Beverly
Holmes Willie"Rabbit" 13-Jul-1918 10-Jul-2013 h/o Elizabeth Curry
Jackson  William Prentice 21-Feb-1905 13-May-1905  
Jackson  Avy V. Ferguson 18-Mar-1905 21-May-1905  
Jackson  Ada L. 29 Jan 1893 18 Apr 1893  
Jackson  Isabelle 7 May 1871 25 Jun 1896  
Jackson  William Pinckney 30 Sep 1825 20 Feb 1895 CSA
Jackson  Mary Fernanda Curtis 14 Mar 1856 7-Jun-1934  
Jackson  James Hoffman 13 Sep 1875 10 Nov 1898  
Jackson  Nehemiah Cochran 2 May 1887 1-Aug-1905  
Jackson  W. P. 30 Sep 1825 23 Feb 1895  
Jackson  Texanna 16 Feb 1854 26 Sep 1884  
Jackson Viola Eleanor Johnson 22-Jun-1946 26-Nov-1991 w/o Emanuel
Johnson Emma Lott 25-Jun-1917 4-Feb-1993 w/o Joshua
Keilberg  Frank Alonzo 13-Dec-1907 20-Dec-1990  
Keilberg  Lolabelle Falk 4-Nov-1907 15-Jan-2003  
Kendrick  Wyly Milton 5 Apr 1890 30-Nov-1981  
Kendrick  May V. Hammack 22 May 1885 4-Apr-1978  
Kendrick  John Reginald No date given 13-Jul-1924  
Kendrick  John J. 28-Jan-1905 18-Mar-1928  
Kendrick  Cynthia G. Ramage 20 Oct 1864 22-May-1942  
Kendrick  Fred W. 1886 1957  
Kendrick  Elmira J. 1892 1964  
Kendrick  infant 8 Aug 1883 8 Aug 1883  
Kendrick  William 18 Dec 1881 Sep 1884  
Kendrick  Wyly Hammack 10-Aug-1915 5-May-1991 US Army Tech 5 WW II
Kendrick  Mary Jane 21-Nov-1912 11-Apr-2003  
Kesse Nina Michelle 4-Sep-1974 22-Apr-2021 Miller-Josey Funeral Home
Killen, Jr. Rayford 4-Jan-1950 25-Nov-2018 Knesek Funeral Chapels
Kingston  Thomas R. 18-Jun-1936 26-Aug-1956 TX Sp/3 Army Raplacon
Kingston  Glenn W. 1947 1969  
Kingston  George Albert  6 Jun 1910 10-Jun-1972  
Kingston  George E., Sr. 18-Aug-1932 17-Aug-1996  
Kingston  Alice C. 1-Feb-1935 No date given  
Klentzmann  Barney C. 1877 20-Oct-1948  
Klentzmann  Barney H. 21 Nov 1843 2 Feb 1897 CSA
Klentzmann  Hedwig Beyer Jul 1854 1927  
Lawrence  Palestine 27 Dec 1864 10 Aug 1890  
Lawrence  Palestonie 4 Aug 1890 28 Aug 1890  
Leaser  E.O. 26-Jan-1908 19-May-1941  
Locke  R. Della 1868 1949  
Locke  E. Porter 1864 1937  
Locke  Walter B. 1891 1907  
Locke  Helen E. 1895 1945  
Martin  Henry James 26-Jan-1894 22-Apr-1976  
Martin  Rosa Anna 28 Aug 1876 3-Feb-1949  
Martin  Thomas L. 25-May-1909 5-Apr-1982  
Martin  William T. 1900 1982  
Martin  Lucy E. 1884 1947  
Massey  Gladys E. 1906 1982  
McCrarey  James A. 1849 1927 Civil War
McKeown  Nathan Bray 9-Feb-1990 24-Aug-1990  
McKeown  Robert J., Sr. 11-Sep-1929 29-Mar-1993  
Meredith  James 5-Nov-1903 13-Nov-2003  
Meredith  Vonnie Curley 11-Sep-1911 26-Jun-1996  
Miles Margaret Cloud 12-Dec-1924 10-Dec-2017 Knesek Funeral Home
Miller  Anna V. 21-Jul-1908 26-Jul-1908  
Miller  W. T. 2 Nov 1861 12-Jan-1928  
Miller  Disa 27 Dec 1820 18 Oct 1886  
Mitchmore  Wm. Frank 22-Feb-1905 14-May-1905  
Mitchmore  Nellie Pearl 13-Mar-1905 27-Apr-1905  
Mittanck  Leon Richard Albert 10 May 1896 17-Apr-1988 Pfc. US
Mittanck  Gussie Kendrick 8 Jul 1898 27-Jul-1985  
Mize  Dr. John Thomas 18 Feb 1872 22-Sep-1944  
Mize  Marie Emma Hinton 18 Jul 1882 26-Apr-1960  
Mize  Inez Etta 15-Mar-1905 28-May-1905  
Morgan  Melissa Hoffman 8 Jan 1885 10-May-1910  
Mother     No dates given   Duke section
Oliver  Tillman 18-Feb-1905 10-Mar-1905  
Oliver  Amanda 9-Jan-1905 4-Mar-1905  
Osborne  Eldred Tyler 8-Jun-1901 27-Jul-1975  
Pearson  P. H. 25 Oct 1805 24 Sep 1880  
Perkins  Woodson L. 17-Jan-1917 15-Jun-1982  
Perkins  Georgie 19 Dec 1896 31-Mar-1960  
Perkins  Elbert  8 Sep 1886 25-Jun-1954  
Perkins  George, Jr. 24-Jan-1917 28-Jan-1923  
Perkins  Jack 25-Mar-1905 11-Apr-1905  
Perkins  Robert 2 Feb 1896 17-Jul-1967  
Reamos  Sherwood Young 16-Dec-1904 1-Mar-1905 TX REV
Rogers  Blanche Golden 21-Dec-1928 17-Jun-2003  
Sanders  Susie 4-Apr-1915 8-Aug-1971  
Shine  Elizabeth Cloud 15-Sep-1904 No date given  
Sloan  T. D. 18 Jul 1828 5-Oct-1908 CSA
Sloan  Mrs. Barbara A. 10 Aug 1840 29-Jul-1924  
Smith  Dick 14-Feb-1905 24-Apr-1905  
Smith  Ludie Hicks 14-Feb-1905 1900's  
Smith  Will 5 Dec 1898 1-Jan-1962  
Smith  Mary Etta Acock 22-Mar-1903 13-Apr-1987  
Smith  Sterling R. 10-Jul-1906 24-Sep-1968  
Smith  John No date given 18-Jan-1935  
Smith  Judy No date given 27-May-1948  
Smith  Annie Acock 26 Sep 1893 25-Jan-1950  
Snell James 12-Nov-1942 26-Jun-2017 Schmidt Funeral Home
Stewart  John 24-Jan-1905 12-Apr-1905  
Stewart  Malcolm 25 Dec 1849 23 Jun 1893  
Sturdivant  Sarah F. 22 Jul 1874 2-Nov-1942  
Sturdivant  Robert A. 25 Jan 1861 29-Nov-1936  
Summage Sam 5-Jun-1889 21-Feb-1960  
Tapscott  Mary Ann Scales 6 May 1847 8-Mar-1905  
Taylor  Allie W. 22-Jan-1905 17-Mar-1905  
Thompson  Jack 15-Oct-1921 4-Jul-1931  
Unmarked grave       Mitchmore section
Unmarked grave       Bugg section
Unmarked grave       Jackson section
Unmarked grave         Biggs section
Wilder Geraldine 21-Apr-1949 31-Jul-2021
Singleton and Sons Funeral Home
Woodley  Hattie P. 19 Oct 1864 3-Apr-1927  
Woodley  William H. 6 May 1854 11-Sep-1936  


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