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Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the property owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.


Coshatte Cemetery

Location: From Bellville go south on Hwy 36 to Mill Creek and turn left at the Quanex Plant. Follow the dirt road .9 mile and turn left on Nelius Road for .5 mile. Turn right and go 1.8 miles. After crossing the crossroads at Coshatte Hall on Smith Road, go to gate and cemetery is on the hill on the right.

Name GenFolks
Alexander, Mary A. (Kenter) (1857-1897)Details
Alexander, T. J. (1860-1937)Details
Amsler, Charles Fritz (1858-1934)Details
Amsler, John Eli (1888-1941)Details
Amsler, Lydia (Meinecke) (1884-2022)Details
Amsler, Mary (Schanick) (1862-1936)Details
Brosig, Alma (Larson) (1890-1969)Details
Brosig, Theodore "Theo" Jr. (1891-1938)Details
Colvin, Freda Mae (Kretschmar) (1906-2001)Details
Colvin, William Ray (1939-1994)Details
Day, Eugene William (1918-1968) USFlagDetails
Engelking, Herman (1889-1939)Details
Engelking, Lawrence Albert (1948-1967)Details
Engelking, Margaret (Waak) (1891-1980)Details
Gosch, Madeline (Luhn) (1928-1989)Details
Gosch, Vernon Estell (1925-1997) USFlagDetails
Grabow, Annie (1858-1931)Details
Grabow, Christian (1843-1921)Details
Grube, Frederike (1843-1915)Details
Grube, Karl (1834-1920)Details
Gwinn, Gladys (Luhn) (1923-1978)Details
Hagen, Charles Hugo (1911-1975)Details
Hagen, Clara Ida Berta (Stamnitz) (1912-????)Details
Hagen, Emma (Hoff) (1879-1961)Details
Hagen, Gardner (1916-1959)Details
Hagen, Gardner L. Jr. (1935-1935)Details
Hagen, Hugo (1874-1933)Details
Hagen, Iola (Hintz) (1914-2003)Details
Hagen, Linda Fay (Strickhausen) (1940-2011)Details
Harding, Johnny Ray (1955-2020)Details
Henrichsen, Henrietta E. (Abel) (1911-2000)Details
Henrichsen, Walter A. (1900-1990)Details
Hoff, Alvina (Schavrda) (1896-1975)Details
Hoff, infant (1924-1924)Details
Hoff, Karl (1861-1933)Details
Hoff, Louisa (Schroeder) (1870-1963)Details
Hoff, Paul Fred (1888-1973)Details
Hoff, Theodore (1892-1952)Details
Holtz, Lillie B. (Brau) (1898-1982)Details
Holtz, Richard Gustav (1892-1966)Details
Kasten, August Ernest (1920-2002) USFlagDetails
Key, Carol Janette (Hagen) (1935-2001)Details
Klentz, Sophie (Thiel) (1848-2015)Details
Koehn, John F. (1872-2017)Details
Koehn, John H. (1830-2023)Details
Koehn, Lucille (Leedy) (1914-1975)Details
Koehn, Martha (Grabow) (1882-2026)Details
Koehn, Minna (1867-1947)Details
Koehn, Walter Henry (1908-1969)Details
Krancher, Dewey Ray (1940-1988)Details
Krueger, Fritz (1882-1973)Details
Krueger, Leola (Willrodt) (1908-2004)Details
Krueger, Meta (Larson) (1884-1972)Details
Krueger, Waco A. (1907-1981)Details
Lamp, Anna (Packerbusch) (1865-1939)Details
Lamp, Ben (1900-1985)Details
Lamp, Ella (Meinecke) (1898-1982)Details
Lamp, Fritz (1854-1939)Details
Lamp, Fritz Jr. (1902-1942)Details
Lamp, CPL Henry (1890-1958) USFlagDetails
Lamp, Mathilda (Timme) (1888-1954)Details
Lamp, Richard (1892-1947)Details
Lamp, Willie (1883-1976)Details
Larson, Dorathea (1850-2019)Details
Larson, Oradell (1921-1923)Details
Larson, Ulof (1849-1933)Details
Luhn, PVT Adolf Gustav (1838-1917) USFlagDetails
Luhn, Anna (Hoff) (1874-1950)Details
Luhn, Bernard (1876-1950)Details
Luhn, Edmond Ben (1900-1958)Details
Luhn, Elfrieda (Seyer) (1900-1986)Details
Luhn, Floyd Reno (1926-1940)Details
Luhn, Fredericke Ebel (1850-2025)Details
Mahnke, Anna (Sonsel) (1843-1943)Details
Mahnke, Clara (Grabow) (1877-1938)Details
Mahnke, Ernest (1872-1959)Details
Mahnke, John F. (1844-1928) USFlagDetails
Mahnke, John M. (1874-1951)Details
Mahnke, Max Fred (1869-1933)Details
McAlister, Clinton H. (1930-1996)Details
McCollister, Clinton Needham (1930-1996) USFlagDetails
Meinhart, Erlene (????-????)Details
Meinhart, Robert Arnold (1927-2017) USFlagDetails
Mende, Wilhelmine (1807-2002)Details
Nalley, Viola (Nelius) (1918-1983)Details
Nash, Carol Ann (1944-1998)Details
Nelius, Bertha (Lehmann) (1883-1965)Details
Nelius, Pvt. Charles (1837-1913) USFlagDetails
Nelius, Charles (1883-1949)Details
Nelius, Edwin F. (1936-1974)Details
Nelius, Fritz (1884-1962)Details
Nelius, CPL Fritz Lee (1921-1960) USFlagDetails
Nelius, Lina (Hintz) (1888-1955)Details
Nelius, Margie Pauline Watson (1927-1999)Details
Nelius, Pearl F. (????-????)Details
Nelius, Sophie (Meinecke Timme) (1846-2026)Details
Nelius, SSGT Trenckmann (1923-2005) USFlagDetails
Newman, Felix Elliott (1924-2013) USFlagDetails
Ognoskie, Agnes (Winkler) (1884-1964)Details
Ognoskie, Frank Sr. (1862-1930)Details
Ognoskie, Roy (1928-2012) USFlagDetails
Oppermann, Anna Beth (Willrodt) (1922-1992)Details
Oppermann, SSGT Edgar Willie (1919-2012) USFlagDetails
Palla, Louis Edwin (1935-2014) USFlagDetails
Pfeiffer, Ernestine (1834-1930)Details
Pfeiffer, Julius (1829-1899)Details
Post, Helen (Ognoskie) (1920-2000)Details
Post, O. B. (1909-1994)Details
Post, O. B. Jr. (1940-1948)Details
Reep, Gladys D. (Amsler) (1908-1980)Details
Reep, Harley W. (1931-1950)Details
Reep, Sam W. (1881-1967)Details
Roberts, Helen Catherine (1912-1991)Details
Rohde, Emma (1882-1883)Details
Seyer, John (1862-1931)Details
Seyer, Martha (Pfeiffer) (1861-1936)Details
Smith, Hazel Oranelle (Waak) (1915-1986)Details
Smith, Richard Carl (1907-1980)Details
Teichmann, Annie (Lamp) (1879-1970)Details
Teichmann, Edna (1908-1916)Details
Teichmann, Fritz (1870-1958)Details
Teichmann, Hattie Minna (1907-1990)Details
Teichmann, William F. (1879-1967)Details
Thiel, Margarethe (1823-2005)Details
Timme, Adele (Waak) (1892-1963)Details
Timme, August (1848-1936)Details
Timme, Auguste (Mahnke) (1859-1936)Details
Timme, Benjamin J. "Ben" (1884-1968)Details
Timme, Otto A. (1934-1991)Details
Timme, Otto Charles "Charlie" (1883-1975)Details
Turner, Mark (????-????)Details
Turner, Violet (Timme) (????-????)Details
Waak, Alvina (Hagen) (1871-1948)Details
Waak, Ben (1897-1990)Details
Waak, Bertha Emma (Grabow) (1870-1946)Details
Waak, Edmund (1889-1891)Details
Waak, Pvt. Heinrich "Henry" (1818-1906) USFlagDetails
Waak, Helen (????-????)Details
Waak, Henry C. (1891-2025)Details
Waak, Herman Sr. (1857-1939)Details
Waak, Hulda (Timme) (1891-1988)Details
Waak, Margarethe (Stalbaum) (1822-1896)Details
Waak, Martha Edna (Kretschmar) (1901-1997)Details
Waak, Walter (1893-1972)Details
Waak, William Sr. (1861-1933)Details
Wawarofsky, Hedwig (Lamp) (1895-1974)Details
Wawarofsky, John H. (1892-1972)Details
Wendt, Earl William (1921-1976)Details
Wendt, Florence Jeanette (Hoff) (1924-2014)Details
Westerman, Charles (????-????)Details
Westerman, Elmer Henry (1917-1994)Details
Westerman, Harry W. (1889-1972)Details
Westerman, Henry William (1860-1932)Details
Westerman, Ida (Brosig) (1890-1978)Details
Westerman, Leroy Ralph (1914-1976)Details
Westerman, Lois (2014-????)Details
Westerman, Minna (Timme) (1864-1957)Details
Westerman, Norma Katheryn Site (1943-2005)Details
Westerman, Verda Bell (Nolte) (1919-????)Details
Willrodt, Alma (1878-1878)Details
Willrodt, Sgt. Dethloff "Delle" (1840-1932) USFlagDetails
Willrodt, Dolores (1916-1916)Details
Willrodt, Elisabeth (Waak) (1848-2016)Details
Willrodt, Ernst (1876-1960)Details
Willrodt, Heinrich C. (1871-1884)Details
Willrodt, Herman (1874-1941)Details
Willrodt, infant (1890-1890)Details
Willrodt, Louise (Lamp) (1898-1963)Details
Willrodt, Max (1880-2013)Details
Willrodt, Mercedes Virginia (1920-1970)Details
Willrodt, Minna (Ziemer) (1878-1946)Details
Willrodt, Richard A. (1923-1923)Details
Willrodt, Richard Dethlo (1892-1975)Details
Witte, Erich Gechard (1914-1993)Details
Witte, Frances Arlene (1935-1935)Details
Witte, Grace Idell (Waak) (1916-1998)Details
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