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Frnka Family Cemetery

Location: From New Ulm, take 109 North toward Industry. Cemetery is about a mile on the left. It is located behind the New Ulm Cemetery.

Note: Carolyn Zaskoda has recently supplied new information and provided corrections to many of these Cemetery files. Her information is added to the bottom of the file rather than incorporated into The Cemeteries of Austin County, Texas format. This means that more recent burials are not shown in the original family groups. Using the Cemetery Names CemNames index you can determine which Cemetery was used, or you can use Control F to find the particular grave in the files below...but not in reference to adjacent graves.

Franka frnka_historical
Pictures taken August 18, 2019 by Jane Keppler
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3 unmarked graves.

Last NameFirst NameBirthDeathComments
AllumRebecca4 Aug 19444 Feb 1970.
BoelscheAdela18931934Interred in Houston, Tx
BoelscheIdell Harriet31 Oct 192110 Aug 2003.
DukeHughlene L.9 Oct 191620 Sep 1994.
DukePartin24 Sep 19097 Aug 2001.
FrelsVlasta15 Mar 188926 Apr 1972.
FrnkaBernice19 Apr 19129 Mar 1995.
FrnkaBetty A.8 Apr 1932..
FrnkaBruno Jindrich20 Mar 189713 Oct 1957 .
FrnkaCecilie12 May 186530 Jan 1933.
FrnkaFrances Rose7 Jun 189520 Aug 1996.
FrnkaHugo L.10 Nov 18876 Oct 1970.
FrnkaIsabelle Blanche7 Sep 189921 Apr 1984.
FrnkaJack25 Aug 189821 Jun 1961.
FrnkaJan J.27 Apr 186415 Dec 1935.
FrnkaJessie J.27 Dec 190515 Oct 1998.
FrnkaJewel U.28 Apr 1924..
FrnkaLaramie28 Sep 193029 Feb 1936.
FrnkaLaura24 Jul 190219 Apr 1978.
FrnkaLouise25 Nov 188710 Jan 1973.
FrnkaLynn O.29 Oct 191113 Mar 1980.
FrnkaMilford Curtis9 Sep 192329 Aug 1996.
FrnkaMiroslav Elmo28 Jul 190323 Jun 1972.
FrnkaOlen F.21 Apr 190525 Apr 1987.
FrnkaOlga7 Jul 18955 Dec 1986.
FrnkaPalmo10 Sep 190130 Jun 1965.
FrnkaRobert L.11 Sep 1934..
FrnkaTodd H.13 Nov 19355 Feb 1978.
FrnkaVictor6 Jan 189131 Jan 1966.
KnolleLeona12 Nov 18991 Nov 1982.
LesikarAllen Earl27 Jul 191924 Oct 1991.
LesikarFrank E13 Aug 18857 Oct 1932.
LesikarMilada5 Sep 188615 Oct 1929.
OstreumMadalyn F.21 Apr 1925..
OstreumRussel N.11 Apr 191931 Jul 1995.
Robert A.Schultz2 Jun 192028 Oct 2001.
SchultzRuth Mae14 Oct 192226 Feb 2009.
VeynonLibuna31 Oct 189221 Oct 1961.
VeynonWilliam C.18801960.
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