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Frnka Family Cemetery

Location: From New Ulm, take 109 North toward Industry. Cemetery is about a mile on the left. It is located behind the New Ulm Cemetery.

Note: Carolyn Zaskoda has recently supplied new information and provided corrections to many of these Cemetery files. Her information is added to the bottom of the file rather than incorporated into The Cemeteries of Austin County, Texas format. This means that more recent burials are not shown in the original family groups. Using the Cemetery Names CemNames index you can determine which Cemetery was used, or you can use Control F to find the particular grave in the files below...but not in reference to adjacent graves.

Franka frnka_historical

Pictures taken August 18, 2019 by Jane Keppler
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3 unmarked graves.

Name GenFolks
Allum, Rebecca (1944-1970)Details
Boelsche, Adela Franka (1893-1934)Details
Boelsche, Idell Harriet (1921-2003)Details
Duke, Hughlene L. (1916-1994)Details
Duke, Partin "Buddy" (1909-2001) USFlagDetails
Frels, Vlasta Frnka (1889-1972)Details
Frnka, Bernice Rinn (1912-1995)Details
Frnka, Betty A. (1932-????)Details
Frnka, Bruno Jindrich (1897-1957) USFlagDetails
Frnka, Carolyn (????-????)Details
Frnka, Cecilie Kroulik (1865-1933)Details
Frnka, Frances Rose Mikeska (1895-1996)Details
Frnka, Dr. Frnka (1935-1978)Details
Frnka, Hugo L. (1887-1970)Details
Frnka, Isabelle Blanche (Huber) (1899-1984)Details
Frnka, Jack (1898-1961)Details
Frnka, Jan J. (1864-1935)Details
Frnka, Jessie J. (1905-1998)Details
Frnka, Jewel U. (1924-????)Details
Frnka, Laramie (1930-1936)Details
Frnka, Laura Duve (1902-1978)Details
Frnka, Louise (1887-1973)Details
Frnka, Lynn Oliver (1911-1980)Details
Frnka, Milford Curtis (1923-1996) USFlagDetails
Frnka, Miroslav Elmo (1903-1972) USFlagDetails
Frnka, Olen Florence (1905-1987)Details
Frnka, Olga Anna (1895-1986)Details
Frnka, Palmo Joseph (1901-1965)Details
Frnka, Robert L. (1934-????)Details
Frnka, Dr. Todd H. (1935-1978)Details
Frnka, Victor Louis (1891-1966)Details
Knolle, Leona Frnka (1899-1982)Details
Lesikar, CAPT Allen Earl (1919-1991) USFlagDetails
Lesikar, Frank E (1885-1932)Details
Lesikar, Milada (1886-1929)Details
Ostreum, Madalyn F. (1925-????)Details
Ostreum, Russel N. (1919-1995)Details
Schultz, Robert A. (1920-1901)Details
Schultz, Ruth Mae (Frnka) (1922-2009)Details
Veynon, Libuna Frnka (1892-1961)Details
Veynon, William C (1880-1960)Details
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