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Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the property owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.


Germania Cemetery

West of Kenny

Location of Germania cemetery: It is located on FM 2754 which runs between Kenney and Nelsonville. It is approximately 3 miles west of Kenney.

Thanks to Carolyn Zaskoda for updates to these files October 2020


Name GenFolks
Arning, Alfred Friedrich (1896-1900)Details
Arning, Christian Christoph (1844-1889)Details
Arning, Emma Louise Sophia (1888-1890)Details
Arning, Mathilde H. (1880-1883)Details
Arning, Mathilde Henriette (1883-1890)Details
Arning, Wilhelm Christoph C. (1844-1889)Details
Arning, Wilhelmine Sophie "Böse" (Bosse) (1844-1936)Details
Baker, Fred G. Sr. (1854-????)Details
Beckmann, Heinrich (1815-1892)Details
Blanschies, Emma D. (Shumberg) (1894-1967)Details
Blanschies, Gustav Herman (1882-1956)Details
Blanschies, Helen (1917-1917)Details
Boeker, baby (????-????)Details
Boeker, Charley Wilhelm (1898-1913)Details
Boeker, Friedrich Christian (1854-1933)Details
Boeker, Heinrich Herman Christian "Henry" (1859-1882)Details
Boeker, Ida (Patent) (1871-1960)Details
Boeker, Walter (1894-1913)Details
Bosse, Marie (1892-1896)Details
Bosse, Rudolph (1890-1890)Details
Brandt, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm (1834-1891)Details
Brandt, Elisabeth (Mueller or Miller) (1875-1937)Details
Brandt, Emilie Sophia Louisa (1875-1876)Details
Brandt, Ernst (1903-1918)Details
Brandt, Friedrika Wilhelmina (Bielefeldt) (1841-1923)Details
Brandt, Gertrude H.M. (1910-1911)Details
Brandt, Hermann Friedrich Wilhelm (1869-1954)Details
Brandt, Meta (1919-1922)Details
Brandt, Willie (1908-1918)Details
Cowart, Curt Gregory "Frog" (1961-2014)Details
Craner, Josephine (1856-1861)Details
Crenor, Stephine (1856-1861)Details
Dean, Joyce Lynn (Goeke) (1956-2017)Details
Emshoff, Emma Louisa H. (1893-1894)Details
Goeke, Albertine (Katerbow) (1866-1928)Details
Goeke, Angelie Annie (Meyer) (1927-2019)Details
Goeke, baby (????-????)Details
Goeke, baby (????-????)Details
Goeke, baby (1892-1892)Details
Goeke, Charles (1854-1931)Details
Goeke, Clara Albertine (1888-1888)Details
Goeke, Elsa (1891-1891)Details
Goeke, Henriette (1852-1923)Details
Goeke, Otto (1894-1894)Details

Goeke, Waldo Bernhard (1927-2004)
Grebe, Christoph (1852-1916)Details
Grebe, Emma (1888-1930)Details
Grebe, Henriette (1852-1923)Details
Grebe, Otto Christoph W. (1892-1895)Details
Grimm, Hudla Ida Auguste (1894-1897)Details
Hold, Caroline (1888-1902)Details
J, G K (????-????)Details
Kachele, Frederick "Fritz" Sr. (1837-1885)Details
Kachele, Fritz, Sr. (1885-1937)Details
Kachele, Johann Gustav (1865-1882)Details
Kaechele, Carolina Geborella (Richter) (1836-1892)Details
Katerbow, Albertine (Lamprecht) (1837-1915)Details
Katerbow, Heinrich (1833-1904)Details
Klein, Leonora Wadena (1902-1903)Details
Klentzman, Mary A. (1870-1890)Details
Klentzman, Mary Ann (1850-1870)Details
Koester, Anne Henriette (1887-1888)Details
Kramer, Christine or Christian Hermann (1893-1894)Details
Kuffernagel, Magdalene (1912-1912)Details
Lampe, Henriette Caroline (Bohne) (1854-1889)Details
Lueckemeyer, Fritz (1847-1923)Details
Lueckemeyer, Louise (1823-1916)Details
Lueckemeyer, Sophie Caroline (Metting) (1860-1944)Details
Lueckemeyer, William H. "Willie" (1887-1930)Details
Mayer, Cristine (1838-1871)Details

Meyer, Ben Henry (1895-1918)
Meyer, C. M. (????-????)Details
Meyer, Charley (1860-1938)Details
Meyer, Henrietta (Arning) (1870-1921)Details
Meyer, Henriettie (Holle) (1866-1918)Details
Meyer, Lydia H. M (1890-1899)Details
Meyer, Meela Louise Henriette (1903-1903)Details
Meyer, Wilhelm (1865-1934)Details
Mikeska, Jan (1862-1897)Details
Mohr, ukn (????-????)Details
Ordner, Peter (1817-1875)Details
Patent, Anna Maria Luise (Schabrich) (1837-1920)Details
Patent, Anselm (1841-1906)Details
Patent, Emma (1876-1900)Details
Pomakal, baby (????-????)Details
Remmert, Adolf Wilhelm (1868-1885)Details
Remmert, Alvin (1907-1907)Details
Remmert, Freida (1887-1892)Details
Remmert, John F. W. (1880-1900)Details
Remmert, Liessette (Sander) (1864-1892)Details
Remmert, Luther (????-????)Details
Remmert, Sophia (1891-1891)Details
Remmert, Wilhelm (1864-1892)Details
Remmert, Wilhelm Friedrich Johann (1887-1892)Details
Remmert, Wilhelmina F. S. (1891-1891)Details
Richter, Karoline (1844-1925)Details
Sager, Louisa Paulina (1892-1892)Details
Sander, Charlotte (Lehde) (1830-1900)Details
Sander, Friedrich (1831-1903)Details
Sander, John H. (1882-1957)Details
Sander, Lena (Williams) (1891-1941)Details
Sander, Sophie (1856-1938)Details
Sander, Wilhelm (1857-1917)Details
Schomburg, August Friedrich Wilhelm (1885-1900)Details
Schomburg, Caroline Henriette (Roehling) (1850-1936)Details
Schomburg, Christian Friedrich (1847-1900)Details
Schomburg, Fritz (1885-1900)Details
Schroeder, Christian Heinrich Wilhelm (1890-1890)Details
Schroeder, Theodore Otto (1888-1889)Details
Schroeder, ukn (1887-1887)Details
Simek, Jan (1830-1884)Details
Spreen, Adam (1985-1985)Details
Stafford, Joann Lydia (1936-2011)Details
Standke, Johann Gottlieb (1889-1892)Details
Stantke, Johann Gottlieb (1849-1890)Details
Sternberg, Arno (1902-1902)Details
Struempler, Marie (Beerholst) (1856-1884)Details
Tiemann, Sophie (Lampe) (1853-1940)Details
Tiemann, Wilhelm Theodor (1855-1934)Details
Tiemann, Willie Heinrich (1887-1887)Details
unknown, unknown (????-????)Details
Wernle, Eduard (1897-1903)Details
Wickel, Irene Elaine G. (????-????)Details

Wickel, SP4 Nolan Bernard (1945-1998)
Wischer, Friedrich Andreas (1869-1893)Details
Woehrmann, Charlotte (Remmert) (1847-1896)Details
Woehrmann, Heinrich Ludwig W. (1881-1889)Details
Woehrmann, Theodore F. W. (1887-1888)Details
Woehrmann, Wilhelm (????-1915)Details

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