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Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.


Gilbert Cemetery

Last Name First Name Born Died Comments
Aldridge Jimmie 29-Sep-1921 19-Apr-1980  
Aldridge Vivian 23-Apr-1921 29-Apr-1956  WWII 
Browning Joseph 29-Mar-1928 25-Feb-2002  
Buster Clint 15-Feb-1884 17-Nov-1952  
Buster Lela Mae Allen 7-Oct-1908 19-Apr-1961  
Buster J. M. 1906 18-May-1956  
Buster Rev. H. L. 1904 1957  
Buster Mollie Chappell Dec-1882 11-Sep-1947  
Bynum Henrietta 7-Feb-1929 19-Mar-1934  
Chapel Willis  Jr 1942 1981  
Cloud Ellus 25-Oct-1902 17-Feb-1955  
Cloud Bertha Mae -- Nov 1956 15 Dec 2010  
Cloud Johnnie 4-Mar-1932 27-Apr-1999  
Cloud Eliza Armstrong 16-Apr-1909 6-Mar-1999 w/o Fred
Dever Ora Lee 7-Jan-1940 18-Apr-2001  
Ellison Josie 7-Apr-1905 17-May-1905  
Evans Lillie Thompson 6-Jan-1941 15-Dec-2008  
Harper  Bessie 5 Jan 1897 3-Jun-1945  
Harper  M. T. 13-Jun-1902 4-Sep-1974  
Harris Everlene Green 22-Aug-1964 26-Jun-2014 w/o Johnnie
Henderson  Nannie J. 20-Apr-1905 27-Apr-1905  
Hogan  Elizabeth 10 Feb 1892 16-Apr-1969  
Hood Roy Neal 1-Sep-1952 4-Sep-2009 Honey Daddy Paw-Paw
Hood Betty Jean Browning 27-Apr-1959 11-Apr-2011 w/o Roy
Jackson  Pinkie 9 March 1888 19-May-1977  
Jackson Catherine Sanders 11-Jul-1926 30-Jan-2001 w/o Joe
Johnson Juanita 23-May-1942 14-Nov-2017 Miller-Josey Mortuary
Johnson Mitchell 29-Jun-1961 21-Aug-2003  
Jones O. C      
Leaks  Clarence 12-Nov-1938 28-May-1941  
Lee Mattie Sanders 13-Jul-1918 28-Nov-1996 w/o Harvey
Lott  Darlene E. 9-Oct-1932 6-Jun-1965  
Newsome  Leroy  Sr. 5-Apr-1905 2-Jun-1905  
Parker  Mack L. 10-Jan-1900 19-Nov-1963  
Parker  James II 2-Dec-1926 6-Feb-1973  
Parker  Samuel J. Jr. 25-Aug-1926 No date given  
Parker  Magella 4-Apr-1905 26-Apr-1905  
Parker  Lanett 15-Jan-1928 19-Aug-1939  
Parker  Johnnie J. 24 Sep1895 15-Jan-1960  
Parker  Rufus L. 24-Sep-1929 10-Nov-1979  
Parker  F. 5-May-1941 30-Oct-1971  
Parker  Malissia Bremby 16 Nov 1899 9-Dec-1998  
Parker  Ira 16 Oct 1893 23-May-1968  
Richardson  Ida 21-Mar-1905 14-May-1905  
Richardson  William 12-May-1910 15-Feb-1968  
Robertson  Annie F. 6 Jan1875 1-Jul-1962  
Sanders  Columbus No dates given    
Sanders  James 28-Mar-1905 29-May-1905  
Sanders  Magg E. 1-Mar-1905 27-May-1905  
Sims  Mary 22-Feb-1905 10-May-1905  
Stokes Bridgett Michelle 2-Oct-1980 27 July, 2002  
Tate Ida Bell Cloud "Whit" 12-Feb-1934 8-Aug-2009  
Vallie Cheryl Evans 6-Jul-1961 16 Mar 2014 w/o Dieon
Vinson  Almus 19-Mar-1905 8-May-1905  
Watts  Mattie No date given    
Watts  Eddie No dates given    
Watts  W. 2-Oct-1949 11-Apr-1979  
Wiley  Rosie L. 10-Apr-1905 7-May-1905  
Wilson  Melvin 13-Jan-1955 28-May-1965  
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