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Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the property owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.


Glenn Cemetery

North of Sealy (Black)

From Sealy, go north on Hwy 36 and just past the Sealy Auction turn right on Jurica road to cross railroad tracks. Cemetery is on the left of the road.

Name GenFolks
Baby, unreadable (????-????)Details
Bradshaw, Scott (1942-2001)Details
Cobb, Ashley (1984-2002)Details
Cooper, LeRoy (1929-2010)Details
Davis, Jacquez (Rashard) (1992-2013) USFlagDetails
Eveline, Terry Lynn (1958-2003)Details
Flowers, Mary Lou (1950-1998)Details
Glenn, Arlie Vell (1909-1984) USFlagDetails
Glenn, Eddie (1931-2011)Details
Glenn, Floyd (1950-1950)Details
Glenn, PVT James (1893-1971) USFlagDetails
Glenn, Lee George (1918-1982)Details
Glenn, Lendy (1942-1984)Details
Glenn, Mary Ann Elizabeth (Southern) (1871-1951)Details
Glenn, Rosetta (Downey) (1910-1990)Details
Glenn, Squire Sr. (1870-1964)Details
Glenn, Squire Jr. (1891-1975)Details
Harris, Connie D. (1908-2004)Details
Harris, Sadie (Glenn) (????-????)Details
Holloway, Wanda (1957-2021)Details
Hya__t, Western Jr. (1950-2001)Details
Johnson, Cornellius (????-????)Details
Johnson, Leme Sr. (????-????)Details
Johnson, Leme Jr. (1927-1980)Details
Johnson, Pearlie (Glenn) (1897-2004)Details
Johnson, Willie (1939-2022)Details
Joiner, Elroy (1950-2008)Details
Jones, Glen Adam (1935-2023)Details
Jones, Jerry (1905-1991)Details
Jones, Lovie Agusta (Glenn) (1907-1988)Details
Miller, Birdie Mae (Glenn) (1945-2009)Details
Miller, William Louis (1931-2008)Details
Molizone, Brenda Jeanetta (Cooper) (1956-2007)Details
Robinson, Dwayne Derrick (1973-1991)Details
Runnels, Richard Jr (1954-2014) USFlagDetails
Zellis, Bennie R. (1934-1983)Details
Zellis, PVT Ellis (1896-1972) USFlagDetails
Zellis, Glenna K. (1938-2012)Details
Zellis, Joseph (1932-1960)Details
Zellis, Willie E. (1944-2020)Details
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