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Heitmann Family Cemetery

AKA: Heitman Cemetery | South of Nelsonville

Location of Heitmann Family cemetery: It is located south of Nelsonville in the New Bremen area on the west side of Beeler road. The cemetery is off the road approximately 400 yards in a grove of oak trees. It is visible from the road. The cemetery is enclosed with a chain link fence.

Name GenFolks
Heitmann, Albrecht D. (1812-1907)Details
Heitmann, Bertha (1852-1859)Details
Heitmann, Doretha (1854-1863)Details
Heitmann, Dorothea (1878-1878)Details
Heitmann, Gesine (1856-1863)Details
Heitmann, John (1850-1911)Details
Heitmann, Julius (1876-1879)Details
Heitmann, Louie (1876-1879)Details
Heitmann, Louise (1886-1886)Details
Heitmann, Wilhemina (1817-1896)Details
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