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Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the property owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.


Hill Family Cemetery

Near San Felipe

It is located in San Felipe on the old Peters-San Felipe. Road. Not visible from road.

Name GenFolks
Allen, Johnnie (1869-1869)Details
Allen, Katie (1843-1876)Details
Allen, Mamie (1880-1882)Details
Boyd, James Chesley (1910-1975)Details
Conner, Eula (1882-1882)Details
Davidson, Carrie (1863-1900)Details
Evans, Mary C. (1851-1886)Details
Ferrell, Alton Durane {Sonny} (1930-1993)Details

Gaydosik, Ben Josef (1910-1982)
Gaydosik, Carrie May Hill Ferrell (1906-1995)Details
Gray, Mary Ann (1856-1881)Details
Hill, Abigail Luke (1870-1953)Details
Hill, Carrie Elder (1880-1982)Details
Hill, Dettie Mae Hinsley (1893-1964)Details
Hill, Elizabeth Eidman (1832-1851)Details
Hill, Emily Virginia (1836-1924)Details
Hill, George William (1910-1985)Details
Hill, Guy Susan Cumings (1905-2002)Details
Hill, Ida Mae Rogers (1861-1900)Details
Hill, Jacob (1827-1904)Details
Hill, Jacob Walter (1873-1962)Details
Hill, James Hudson (1861-1921)Details
Hill, John (1832-1900)Details
Hill, John W. (1858-1864)Details
Hill, Josey Luke (1906-1996)Details
Hill, Lorena D. (1858-1904)Details
Hill, Mary M. Bollinger (1806-1853)Details
Hill, Mary S. (1851-1852)Details
Hill, Raymond Asbury (1901-1905)Details
Hill, Sarah Ann Albright (1836-1889)Details
Hill, Sarah Myrtle (1889-1899)Details
Hill, Valerie Aline (1918-1918)Details
Hinsley, Arlene E. (1923-1980)Details
Hinsley, Georgia E. (1863-1927)Details
Hinsley, Hill (1887-1975)Details
Hinsley, Robert S. (1857-1947)Details
Hinsley, Sue (1887-1966)Details
Kizer, George (1849-1873)Details
Kizer, Virginia Deniza (1862-1880)Details
Luckett, Georgia Caroline (1951-1996)Details
McKelvy, Anna Marie (1985-1989)Details
Peebles, Henry Allen (1830-1867)Details
Pitts, Ann Elizabeth (1861-1863)Details
Pitts, Bessie May (1897-1982)Details
Pitts, Elizabeth Hill (1830-1871)Details
Pitts, Francis E. (1869-1873)Details
Pitts, infant (-1878)Details
Pitts, infant (1859-1859)Details
Pitts, Jacob Ferrell (-1890)Details
Pitts, Jesse (1811-1885)Details
Pitts, John B. (1863-1867)Details
Pitts, M. J. (1814-1884)Details
Pitts, Mary T. (1858-1878)Details
Pitts, William G. (1865-1921)Details
Reynolds, Rebecca Ann (2000-2001)Details
Rogers, James Man (1891-1899)Details

Whitley, James A. (1828-1876)
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