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Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.


Holy Cross Cemetery

AKA: Sealy Holy Cross Cemetery | Near Sealy

From Sealy go south on Hwy 36. Travel 1.8 miles from I-10 overpass and turn left on Stockhold road. Immediately across the Santa Fe Railroad, the cemetery will face the road on the left.

Thanks to Carolyn Zaskoda for updates to these files February 2022 for military records.

Last name First name/maiden Birth Death Comment
Castillo John Matthew 3-Mar-2003 17-Sep-2019  
Cieslewicz Bertha 6-Nov-1912 18-Nov-1912  
Cieslweicz Charles 21-Apr-1924 15-Jan-1953  
Cieslewicz Charlie 22-Oct-11 26-Feb-12  
Cieslewicz Conrad 14-Nov-1921 9-Oct-1967 WW II tombstone
Cieslewicz Grabiella "Ella" Sowa 24-Mar-1919 30-Jul-2005  
Cieslewicz Frank 1-Mar-1914 9-Jun-1974  
Cieslweicz Hattie Angelina Sachnik 12 Oct 1889 13-Nov1969  
Cieslewicz Jan 1861 1918  
Cieslewicz Joseph John"Joe" 9 Feb 1888 27-Jun-1944  
Cieslewicz JR Joseph John 3-Mar-1918 23-Nov-1983 WW II tombstone
Cieslewicz Julie Ann Sachnik 16 Feb 1895 17-May-1974  
Cielewicz Martha 1912 1926  
Cieslewicz Matilda Marie Polasek "Tillie" 6-Aug-1915 7-Jun-2013 w/o Frank
Cielewicz Lawrence Louis "Bubba" 6-Nov-1938 21-Mar-2006  
Cieslewicz Pete 1884 1924  
Cieslewitz Charlie (Charles) Conrad 21-Apr-1924 15-Jan-1953 WW II tombstone
Cieslewitz Peggy Jean 2-Nov-1940 4-Feb-1941  
Gorecka Anna 1848 1927  
Infant unknown   No dates given    
Manak Peter 29 June 1874 26-Oct-46  
Manak Albina 14 June 1887 30-Jul-65  
Manak August L. 6-Aug-14 1-Feb-85 WW II
Manak Paul Antone 16-Jun-09 6-Aug-87 WW II
Manak Pete 2-Oct-1924 3-Mar-2021 WW II US Army
Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Muskiet John No date given 21-Jul-41  
Muskiet Anna 8 January 1857 6-Dec-36  
Muzik Willie J. 25-Sep-19 22-May-05 WW II
Muzik Albina Manak No dates given    
Muzik Willie J 15-Sep-19 22-May-05 WW II
Nowicka Frank 1 Dec 1848 4-Dec-43  
Nowicka Mary 11 Nov 1851 10-Sep-29  
Polasek Ben No dates given    
Polasek Clara No dates given    
Sachnik August 6-Aug-07 11-Aug-76  
Slanina George Louis 28-Jun-43 20-Dec-04  
Smith Patricia Ann "Patsy 23-Apr-1943 12-Apr-2018 Knesek Family Funeral Chapels
Sowa Jacob 26 Jun 1893 24-Aug-66 WW I
Sowa Anna 15-Dec-00 10-May-68  
Sowa Mikola J. 1897 1919  
Sowa Mikola J. 6 Dec 1865 7-Dec-32  
Sowa Marcia 23 Jan 1866 25-Dec-43  
Stanko Karel 1856 1919  
Stanko Ludwika 13 June 1858 21-Aug-34  
Stanko Anton 1 Dec 1898 18-Jan-96  
Stelzel Hattie G. 18 May 1894 3-May-02  
Sweeten D. C., III 20-Feb-58 28-Jul-86  
Sweeten D. C., Jr. 11-Jun-25 15-Mar-87  
Talas Frances Lucy 3-Dec-22 26-Apr-13  
Trojanowsky Martha 27-Apr-22 1-Oct-87  
Trojanowsky Joe J. 6-Jun-17 20-Nov-82  
Trojanowsky Jonnie J. 22-Apr-46 6-May-66  
Trojanowsky Martha 27-Oct-54 23-May-61  
Trojanowsky Joe 30 Aug 1885 22-Sep-52  
Trojanowsky Agnes 4 Apr 1888 18-Jul-77  
Verm Clement P., Jr. 12-Aug-62 28-Oct-82  
Verm Bertha M. 10-May-14 30-Jan-83  
Verm Brooks F. 4-Nov-13 26-Aug-91  
Wosnitsky John 1886 1974  
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