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Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the property owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.


Hoppe Cemetery

AKA: New Bremen Cemetery | Near New Ulm

From New Ulm, go east on 1094 for 4 miles. Turn left on New Bremen road, go 3.2 miles. Turn right on Hoppe Sisters road and go 1 mile. Cemetery is on the left.

Thanks to Carolyn Zaskoda for updates to these files January 2022 for military records.

Name GenFolks
Ashorn, Arthur Willie Eddie (1908-1994)Details
Ashorn, Milda Alma (Hinkel) (1902-1982)Details
Brast, Helen (Sincl) (1909-1987)Details
Bryant, Erna Belle (Brast) (1929-2003)Details
Duve, Alvin (1923-1965)Details

Duve, Charles C. "Charlie" (1892-1970)
Duve, Edmund (1932-1971)Details
Duve, Frances Mary (Wacusek) (1900-1957)Details
Duve, Lillie (1930-1934)Details
Duve, Louis (1935-1953)Details
Duve, Ralph (1926-1926)Details
Duve, Woodrow James Sr. (1937-2014)Details
Fischer, Albert (1855-1897)Details
Fischer, Albert (1894-1894)Details
Fischer, Anna (Schwanbeck) (1869-1904)Details
Fischer, Frank (1861-1894)Details
Fischer, Franz (1887-1887)Details
Gonzales, John (1894-1968)Details

Goss, Hayden (Candler) (2001-1979)
Goss, Mary Jane (Sincl) (1912-1988)Details
Haase, Adele (1890-1894)Details
Haase, Louis Otto (1895-1895)Details
Haase, Minna Emilie Mathilde (1888-1892)Details
Hartmann, Anna (Hohle / Fischer) (1859-1949)Details
Helwig, August (1872-1898)Details
Hinkel, Bertha (Necker) (1875-1945)Details
Hinkel, Carl (1865-1867)Details
Hinkel, Daniel (1897-1970)Details
Hinkel, Ernst Louis (1861-1936)Details
Hinkel, Friedrich Wilhelm "FW" (1820-1901)Details
Hinkel, Samuel Herman (1895-1978)Details
Hohle, Ernst (1867-1943)Details
Hohle, infant (1904-1904)Details
Hohle, Karl (1869-1933)Details
Hohle, Marhiso (1830-1912)Details
Hohle, Marie (Shramm) (1836-1910)Details

Hohle, Pvt. Mathis (1830-1912)
Hohle, Willie Ernst (1878-1946)Details
Holt, Ella Mae (Sincl) (1917-1999)Details
Holt, Joseph David (1945-1946)Details

Hoppe, George Lee (1927-????)
Hoppe, Heinrich Hermann Ernst "Henry" (1885-1971)Details
Hoppe, Herman Otto Sr. (1818-1896)Details
Hoppe, Herman Otto Jr. (1858-1929)Details
Hoppe, Herman Otto (1898-1984)Details
Hoppe, Ludwig (1853-1930)Details
Hoppe, Martha (Hinkel) (1904-1970)Details
Hoppe, Ruth Louise (Mos) (1823-1896)Details
Janecek, John (1853-2012)Details
Janecek, Johnie (1900-1902)Details
Janecek, Marie Jane (Walicek) (1857-1896)Details
Janecek, Olga Agnes (1896-1896)Details
Janeschek, Benjamin J. (1892-1893)Details
Korenek, Matilda (1893-1921)Details
Lala, Anna (1861-1921)Details
Lala, Frank (1864-1928)Details
Lala, Joe (1886-1886)Details
Lala, Joseph (1854-1885)Details
Luedke, Edward G. (1898-1949)Details
Luedke, Edwin (1906-1981)Details
Luedke, Fritz (1870-1937)Details
Luedke, George (1839-1915)Details
Luedke, Lester Arthur (1926-1988)Details
Luedke, Louise (1867-1956)Details
Luedke, Millie Josie (Machinsky) (1908-2005)Details
Luedke, Paula (Hill) (1899-1989)Details
Luedke, Wilhemina (1838-1929)Details
Meissner, August (1858-1893)Details
Meissner, August (1894-1894)Details
Meissner, Charles Wilhelm "Carl" (1824-1887)Details
Meissner, Henriette Wilhelmine (1828-1912)Details
Meissner,  Max R. (1854-1900)Details
Miller, J. L. (1908-2005)Details
Newman, Anna (Sincl) (1900-1984)Details

Newman, George Eugene (1925-1999)
Rogge, Anna (Lala) (1854-1916)Details
Rogge, Anna Johanne M. (1878-1881)Details
Rogge, Carl Friedrich W. (1877-1880)Details
Rogge, Friedrich C. W. (1888-1888)Details
Rogge, Friedrich W. (1855-1889)Details
Rogge, Louise (1881-1881)Details
Rogge, Willie (1884-1884)Details
Saage, Ruht (1898-1898)Details
Schlute, Otto Jr. (1900-1901)Details
Sincil, Julie Luedmilla (Mickl) (1879-1958)Details
Sincl, Charlie S. (1903-1929)Details
Sincl, John Jr. (1906-1977)Details
Sincl, John K. Sr. (1856-1948)Details

Sincl, Lloyd Allen (1931-1954)
Sincl, Rufina (Brast) (1911-1959)Details
Springborn, Johanna (Rogge) (1849-1891)Details
Walecek, Peter (1831-1899)Details
Walicek, Eva (Willuch) (1828-1904)Details
Wilke, Johanna (Meissner) (1861-1913)Details
Wilke, Otto baby (1899-1899)Details
Williams, Olivia (1928-1928)Details
Winke, Edwin (????-1896)Details
Wright, infant (1912-1912)Details
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