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Hoppe Cemetery

AKA New Bremen Cemetery


From New Ulm, go east on 1094 for 4 miles.   Turn left on New Bremen road, go 3.2 miles. 

  Turn right on Hoppe Sisters road and go 1 mile.   Cemetery is on the left.   

(The information listed below is shown in both the Hoppe and New Bremen links.)   

Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.


PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.

Thanks to Carolyn Zaskoda
for updates to these files January 202
2 for military records

Last name First name Birth Death Comment
Ashorn  Milda 3-May-02 26-Jul-82  
Ashorn  Arthur E. 21-Sep-08 28-Jul-94  
Brast  Helen Sincl 31-Dec-09 9-Oct-87  
Bryant  Erna Belle Brast 14-Aug-29 18-Jul-03  
Duve  Francis M. 3-Mar-00 25-Aug-57  
Duve  Louis 14-Feb-35 13-Jul-53  
Duve  Charlie C. 18 Oct 1892 9-Jan-70 WWI
Duve  Alvin 3-Aug-23 4-Jul-65  
Duve  Edmund 9-Nov-32 5-Sep-71  
Duve  Ralph 12-Jul-26 14-Dec-26  
Duve  Lilie 16-Dec-30 16-Mar-34  
Fischer Anna Schwanbeck 13 Jul 1869 5-Jun-04  
Fischer Albert 28 Jul 1855 5 Sep 1897  
Fischer Frank 29 May 1861 18 May 1894  
Fischer Franz 13 Oct 1887 17 Oct 1887  
Fischer Albert 18 May 1894 18 May 1894  
Gonzales John 4 Aug 1894 20-Sep-68  
Goss  Hayden Candles 3-Sep-01 29-Dec-79 US Army  1922-25
Goss  Mary Jane Sincl 8-Nov-12 7-Sep-88  
Haase  Louise 24 Aug 1895 14 Sep 1895  
Haase  Minna 15 Dec 1888 1 Feb 1892  
Haase  Adele 30 Sep 1890 6 Jan 1894  
Hartmann  Anna Fischer 17 Dec 1859 12-Jan-49  
Helwig  Aug 1872 1898  
Hinkel  Carl 22 Sep 1865 14 Sep 1867  
Hinkel  F. W. 31 Aug 1820 24-Sep-01  
Hinkel  Samuel 15 Oct 1895 10-Nov-78  
Hinkel  Daniel 5 Jun 1897 15-Jun-70  
Hinkle  Ernst 15 Jul 1861 8-Aug-36  
Hinkle  Bertha 11 Dec 1875 10-Dec-45  
Hohle  Marhiso 11 Apr 1830 2-Aug-12  
Hohle  Marie Shramm 21 May 1836 19-Oct-10  
Hohle Mathis     Civil War
Hohle  Karl 14 Nov 1869 26-Dec-33  
Hohle  Ernst 17 Sep 1867 8-Jun-43  
Hohle  Willie 22 May 1878 10-Feb-46  
Hohle  infant 13-Nov-04 19-Nov-04  
Holt  Joseph David 23-Dec-45 3-Jan-46  
Holt  Ella Mae Sincl 4-Mar-17 15-Dec-99  
Hoppe  Louise 13 Aug 1823 5 Apr 1896  
Hoppe  Herman 11 Oct 1818 2 Dec 1896  
Hoppe  Ludwig 3 Dec 1853 7-Nov-30  
Hoppe  Herman 1858 1929  
Hoppe  Herman O. 17 Jun 1898 27-Jan-84  
Hoppe  Martha 16-Apr-04 10-Apr-70  
Hoppe  Henry 4 Feb 1885 6-Oct-71  
Janecek  Johnie 16-Jan-00 31-Dec-02  
Janecek  Marie Jane 31 Mar 1857 13 Jul 1896  
Janecek  John 4 Dec 1853 26-Apr-12  
Janecek  Olga Agnes 8 Feb 1896 8 May 1896  
Janeschek  Benjamin J. 8 Oct 1892 4 Apr 1893  
Korenek  Matilda 8 Mar 1893 10-Nov-21  
Lala  Anna 13 Aug 1861 27-Sep-21  
Lala  Frank 9 Jul 1864 2-Oct-28  
Lala  Joseph 8 Mar 1854 5 Sep 1885  
Lala  Joe 27 Jan 1886 9 Nov 1886  
Leudke  Wilhemina 17 Mar 1838 2-Jun-29  
Luedke  Fritz 2 Jul 1870 14-Sep-37  
Luedke  Louise Apr 2 1967 5-Aug-56  
Luedke  Edward G. 23 Aug 1898 9-Aug-49  
Luedke Paula 3 Mar 1899 20-Aug-89  
Luedke  George 29 Dec 1839 9-Dec-15  
Luedke  Edwin 24-Apr-06 28-Oct-81  
Luedke  Lester Arthur 8-Dec-26 1-Jun-88  
Luedke  Millie Josie Machinsky 15-Apr-08 3-Oct-05  
Meissner  Max R. 22 Apr 1854 12-Jan-00  
Meissner  Carl Wilheim 12 Oct 1824 21 Jul 1887  
Meissner  Henriette Wilhelmine 26 Sep 1828 7-Mar-12  
Meissner  Aug 4 Jan 1858 12 Feb 1893  
Meissner  Aug 14 Feb 1894 26 May 1894  
Miller J. L. 15-Apr-08 3-Oct-05  
Newman  Anna Sincl 9-Oct-00 25-Aug-84  
Newman George E. 23-Mar-25 8-Sep-99  
Rogge  Anna 16 Dec 1854 14-Nov-16  
Rogge  Friedrich W. 15 Feb 1855 29 Oct 1889  
Rogge  Louise 8 May 1881 13 Jun 1881  
Rogge  Anna Johanne M. 5 Nov 1878 20 Mar 1881  
Rogge  Carl Friedrich W. 9 Mar 1877 30 Oct 1880  
Rogge Willie 24 Jun 1884 11 Aug 1884  
Rogge Friedrich C. W. 3 Oct 1888 4 Dec 1888  
Saage Ruht 31 Oct 1898 31 Oct 1898  
Sincil Julie Luedmilla Mickl 9 Apr 1879 27-Jun-58  
Sincl Charlie S. 16-Nov-03 17-Jan-29  
Sincl John K., Sr. 12 Nov 1856 10-Jun-48  
Sincl Lloyd A. 27-Sep-31 2-Jan-54 Korea
Sincl Rufina Brast 13-Mar-11 18-Sep-59  
Sincl John, Jr. 30-Dec-06 26-Aug-77  
Springborn Johanna Rogge 16 Apr 1849 31 Jul 1891  
Walecek  Petr 21 Mar 1831 11 Dec 1899  
Walicek  Eva 21 Nov 1828 19-Dec-04  
Wilke  Johanna 27 Jan 1861 28-May-13  
Wilke  Otto baby 18 Nov 1899 18 Nov 1899  
Wright  infant 13-May-12 18-May-12  


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