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Jefferson Cemetery

This cemetery is on the northern edge of Bellville, to the left of Center Hill road.      


NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.

Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.

PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.


Last name First name Birth Death Comment
Abbs Jessie No date given 6-Dec-44  
Abbs Rosa Dotson 1 Jan 1878 1972 w/o Allen Bonner, Jesse Abbs
Akins Aline 13-Jul-25 1-May-99  
Alexander Ella 1879 1975  
Armstead Robert L. 24-Dec-03 14-Jan-66  WWII
Bailey Stephanie Renee  24-Dec-67 29-Aug-70  
Baines Rosia 4 Oct 1886 22-May-49  
Baines James Jim 6 Jun 1879 8-Nov-75  
Baker Bernice F. 1917 1949  
Barnes Johnie 12-May-16 16-Nov-86  
Battle Sally 28 Dec 1893 10-Sep-53  
Benjamin James Charles 27-Oct-30 15-Jun-74 h/o Wilma Jean Mack, Mammie Lee Roberson
Bennett Thomas J., Sr. 17-Apr-15 20-Sep-84 WWII, Korea
Bennett Willie Ida 5-Jan-19 27-Jul-75 w/o Thomas James
Bennett Wanda Yvette 3-Oct-62 31-Dec-83  
Blanton Margie M. 1944 1971  
Blaylock Fletcher 1 Jan 1896 16-Jan-67  
Bonner Allen No date given 11-Jul-26  
Bonner Mabel 1913 1986  
Bouldin Ola E  11-Nov-04 14-Jan-97  
Bouldin Ola E 11-Nov-04 14-Jan-97  
Brown Leona Mae Skyes 8-Aug-34 8-Jun-88 w/o Herbert
Bryant Leola 10-Oct-02 4-Sep-85  
Burch Alice 30 Aug 1893 25-Mar-83  
Bush Alfred W., Jr. 5-Nov-00 30-Dec-82  
Bynum Edward 28-Oct-52 26-Mar-77 h/o Brenda Joyce Smith
Bynum Jodie   8 Jun, 1962  
Campbell Dennis Earl 13-Oct-92 22-Dec-13  
Campbell Rev. Lawrence Curtis 22-Oct-1922 25-May-2018 Miller-Josey Mortuary
Carr Amy 24 Mar 1899 7-Mar-38  
Carter Sallie No date given 6-Sep-34  
Carter Rufus 30 Sep 1891 26-Jan-68  WW1
Carter Lydia F. 5 Mar 1893 5-Jul-81  
Carter Roy T. 24-Apr-08 26-Apr-72  
Carter Julius, Sr. 3 Oct 1888 12-Nov-71  
Clark Tom No date given 10-Jun-24  
Clark Reatha O. 21-Jan-20 12-Sep-50  
Clark Rose Ella   13-Sep-63  
Cleveland Edna D. 21 Feb 1897 12-Jan-76  
Cochran George 28 Feb 1893 13-Mar-32  WW1
Cochran Mary 1897 1938  
Cole Pashim Reese  9-Sep-1901 3-Jan-1969  Death Certifcate
Coleman Gertrude No date given 8-Aug-85  
Collier Henrietta 8-Mar-05 2-Jun-05  
Cooper Tennessee 27-Jul-30 2-Jul-00  
Crowder Archie 19-May-05 21-Apr-60  
Cumings Ella Lucille 1-Oct-05 1-Apr-52  
Darden Percy Gene 16-Mar-36 4-Jun-02 h/o Willie Ruth Ford
Davis Willie 27 Nov 1875 10-Apr-09  
Davis Mary O. 1845 1924  
Davis Henry O. 1831 1924  
Davis Lynard 27-Mar-05 3-Jun-05  
Davis Rhoda 1901 1976  
Davis Ed 16 Jul 1894 1-Jul-62  WW1
Dever, SR Eddie Lee 28-Jul-41 9-Aug-17  
Diamond Ralph J. 17-Apr-11 19-Apr-79  
Diamond Alice V. 2-Mar-09 23-Oct-72  
Diggs Jessie Lee Ryles 31-May-14 3-Apr-81 w/o Ennis
Diggs Sidney 20-Dec-08 4-Jul-84  
Diggs James Louis 19 Dec 1884 20-Feb-42  
Diggs Lillie 8 Sep 1884 25-Jul-45  
Donald Larry II Born and died 6-Jun-05  
Dotson Ivy No date given 29-Dec-54  
Dotson Amos 4 Aug 1886 15-Dec-49  
Dotson Mariam 17 Jan 1861 3-Oct-47  
Dotson Sam 8 Feb 1896 15-Sep-73  
Dotson Nettie 1887 1961  
Dotson T. C. 21-Oct-08 30-Mar-67 h/o Janie Canty
Dotson T. C. Jr. 28-Aug-38 17-Nov-82  
Dotson Josephine Ruth Singleton 2-May-10 29-Sep-91 w/o Ranzy
Dotson Ranzy Sr. 28-Nov-00 3-Aug-85 h/o Josephine Singleton
Dotson Adam No date given 15-Sep-22  
Dotson Melissa No date given 12-Mar-30  
Dotson Mimie 1882 8-Jul-64  
Drugo Curtis Lee 1952 1970  
Dudley Lucy No date given 6-Oct-38  
Dudley William H. 1848 19-Jul-15  
Dudley Albert 16 May 1895 13-Feb-50  WW1
Dudley Walter L. 8-Jul-00 27-Sep-52 WWI
Dudley Owen 1900 1986  
Dudley Rev. Carrie Sanford  No date given 12 Nov  1970 w/o Owen
Elmore Pauline Carter 13-Dec-15 1-Jun-93 h/o Rev. Roy E.
Fedford Rev. Aron Nov 1848 26-Feb-08  
Fedford Mary No date given 9-May-12  
Fields William H.     WWI
Fill Lucy No dates given    
Garnett Lula 30-Aug-15 26-Jan-81  
Garnett Mary Lou Mosley 26 Jan 1898 18-Jan-99  
Giles Willie A. 22-Feb-07 27-Dec-45  
Gillum Louis 28 Aug 1894 1-Dec-79  
Green Ethel Lee 5-Apr-05 31-May-05  
Green Sandra Scales Lewis 27-Aug-1942 18-Jan-2016 Austin County Funeral Home
651 W Meyer St
Bellville, Texas 77418


Handley Rinda L. 24 Dec 1880 1-Oct-77  
Hanks Emma No date given 31-Dec-69  
Harlove Johann Mar 1792 Jul 1873  
Harper L. C. 25-Mar-02 28-Feb-72  
Harris Craig Wayne, Jr. 2-Apr-83 8-Jun-14  
Henderson G. Mack 11-Dec-33 8-Oct-60  
Hill Dottie No dates given    
Hill Oliver, Jr. 1890 1975  
Hill Adam 15 Aug 1877 14-Oct-57  
Hill Mrs. Willie B. 10-Oct-08 25-Sep-69  
Hill Calvin H. 20 Jul 1889 21-Nov-74  
Hill Linia A Collins 5 Sep 1899 22-Nov-93 w/o Ben Mathis, Calvin Hill
Hill Ethellee 1918 1935  
Hill Elsie No date given 14-Apr-61  
Hill C. C. 1873 1940  
Hill Eallen 14-Jan-10 5-Jan-77 h/o Dorothy Riley
Hill Margarett L. 26-Feb-15 9-Mar-82  
Hill Eallen 14-Jan-10 5-Jan-77  
Hill James 29-Dec-29 29-Mar-61  
Hill Bennie 30-Jul-12 3-Sep-95  
Hill James 9-Sep-21 16-Sep-98 WW II
Hill Franklin Lloyd 16-Apr-47 20-Jun-97  
Hillard Flora 4 Jul 1876 19-Jul-63  
Hillendhae Rhoda Davis 3-Jan-01 1-Feb-76 nee Davis
Hilliard Herbert No date given 6-May-60  
Hilliard Rev. T. E. 29-Jan-01 18-Apr-67  
Hilliard Blanche 11-Dec-02 8-Apr-67  
Hilliard Palice 12 Sep 1884 18-Jan-12  
Hillreed Ike 1874 1934  
Hillreed Susie 1875 1960  
Holand Jim No date given 14-Jul-19  
Holland Ruby No date given 28-Aug-75  
Holland Willie 27-Nov-07 6-Mar-67 h/o Ruby Mae Thomas
Hunter Mrs. Lammer 1916 1967  
Hunter Martha Marie 16-Dec-49 28-Jan-96  
Hunter Martha Marie 16-Dec-49 28-Jan-96  
Jackson Rhodie Etta Jones 22-Mar-06 May 4 1974 w/o Earnest
Jackson Marjorie Mae 27 May 1928/29? 7-Apr-79  
Jackson Herbert Lee, Sr. "Peter" 8-Sep-23 26-Aug-77 h/o Letha
Jackson Nettie L. 1911 1978  
Jackson Coleman No date given 17-Jan-31  
Jackson Eligah 1937 1975  
Jackson Idelia 1892 1977  
Jackson Jimmie James 23-Apr-30 7-Feb-88  
Jackson John 1914 1967  
Jackson Mary Randle 11 Mar ? 7-Dec-89 w/o John
Jackson Ben 1912 1967  
Jackson John Douglas 4-Feb-52 13-Jun-00 h/o Marietta Smith
Jackson Lovie Mae 31-Aug-00 6-Jun-80  
Jackson Lula Mae Randle 11-Jan-14 22-Jul-90 w/o Wilton
Jackson Tiny Renee 2-Nov-63 18-Feb-05  
Jeff John E. 14 Aug 1891 4-Jun-53  
Jeff Clinton W. 10 Aug 1895 18-Oct-62  
Jeff Sarah No date given 20-Jun-26  
Jeff Robert 15-Sep-01 2-Mar-73  
Jeff Rev. T. A. 1894 1979  
Jeff   William 6 Nov 1895 10-Aug-83 h/o Louise Gipson
Jerrels Kiontoe Date not given 21-Jun-92  
Jerrels Zelma O Moore 14-Oct-14 28-Dec-02 w/o Ollie
Joe George W. 1924 1962  
Johnson Henrietta 11-Mar-21 8-Jan-51  
Johnson James A. 17-Mar-19 12-Aug-85  
Johnson Elnora McNeese 1-Nov-19 19-Mar-72 w/o Damon
Johnson Johnnie Mae Reese 10-Sep-38 18-Sep-91 w/o Ernest Jewel.
Johnson Albertha Warner 21-May-09 23-Jul-94  
Jones Jessie 1907 1967  
Jones Judith Ann Jerrels 20-Dec-42 16-Dec-76 w/o Earl
Jones Peachie Mae Smith 31-Dec-37 10-Nov-75  
Jones Rosia 7 Aug 1885 6-Sep-29  
Jones Gracie 1902 1974  
Jones Ellis 20 Mar 1894 7-Sep-84 h/o Gracie Jackson
Jones LouCinda Ratcliff 6-Jan-27 10-Jan-00 w/o Lawrence D. Jones
Jones Lawrence D. Rev. 1-Mar-14 20-Nov-92 h/o LouCinda Ratcliff
Jones Champ M. 25-Jul-02 14-Mar-88  
Jones Rachel Jones 25-Aug-04 26-Mar-96  
Jones Clark 9 Jul 1891 11-May-84 h/o Rachel Mosley
Jones Frank Hover 22-Mar-12 2-Nov-92 h/o Laura D. Thomas
Jones Laura Densemo 23-Feb-10 16-Apr-90 w/o Frank H.
Keener Palice Virgiana 7-May-15 23-Feb-04  
Keenner James 19-Sep-09 21-Mar-70  
Kenner Lilliand 1919 1985  
Kinnard Ida Beatrice Spicer 2-May-07 6-Jun-97 w/o Leonza Kinnard
Landrum J. W. 19 Feb 1868 17-Mar-41  
Landrum Henrietta 12 Jul 1876 31-Dec-69  
Landrum Sylvia S. 23 Aug 1874 17-Sep-59  
Lawson Maude 23 Apr 1893 20-Feb-18  
Legan Johnny Jr. 2-Jan-75 14-Dec-13 h/o Jennifer O
Lewis Pauline Dudley Jul 1888 10-Nov-72 w/o William
Lilly Emma No date given 1961  
Lilly William No date given 1904  
Lilly Hanna S. 28 Feb 1880 9-Aug-76  
Lilly Everline 12 Sep 1898 19-Feb-21  
Lilly James Benjamin, Sr. 23-Dec-24 8-May-80 h/o Margie Thomas
Lilly Willie M. 1943 1965  
Lilly Ralph L. 26-Jul-27 13-Nov-59  
Lilly Pless 7 Oct 1894 30-Dec-65  
Lilly Julia Nichols 23-Jan-10 27-Feb-03 w/o Pless 
Lockett Kate 1900 1955  
Lockett Ammon 1894 1976  
Long Johnnie B 30-Jun-34 9-Dec-85 h/o Loraine
Long Lorine Smith 7-May-39 20-Dec-91 w/o Johnnie B
Madison Luther 1904 1981  
Madison Bernice 1923 1977  
Madison Robert L. 29-Feb-52 28-Aug-75  
Madison Ollie Mae 20-Oct-14 14-Sep-80 w/Q.B
Manor Martha 18 Aug 1879 12-Feb-68  
Mathis Ada No date given 21-Oct-57  
Maxie Floyd Lee 15-Oct-02 9-Oct-68 h/o Georgia Bell Wilkins
Mays Eva 1891 1967  
McCray Freddie 27-May-17 26-Jan-79  
McDade Willie Jr. 1931 1966  
McDade Willie Sr. 11 Sep 1897 24-Feb-67 h/o Roberta Pink
McDade Erma Jewel 22-Dec-38 3 Dec  1990  
McDade Samuel 1936 1978  
McDonald Samantha Athena Bynum 31-Jan-75 2-Jun-14 w/o Joe Earl, Jr.
McNeese Georgia Ann Mosley 1896 1977  
McNeese Henry 29 Apr 1896 10-Apr-78 h/o Georgia Ann Mosley
McNeese Georgia 1896 1977  
McNeese Henry 1896 1976  
McNeese Abraham 28-Apr-22 20-Apr-85 h/o Mary Lou
McNeese. Wesley   10 Jun 1894 19-Jan-55  
Means Aquilla D. 25-Nov-00 7-Oct-22  
Miller Willie, Jr. 7-Jul-35 3-Sep-51  
Miller Freader 18-Jun-00 7-Apr-76  
Miller Arthur James 2-Nov-29 4-Mar-03 h/o Lula Banks
Miller Hattie No date given 25-Sep-52  
Miller Jeffery No date given 22-Nov-63  
Moore Hattie Armstead 18 Mar 1899 1971 w/o Monroe
Mosely Henry No date given 2-Jun-75  
Mosley George W. No date given 5-May-35  
Mosley Rufus 8-Mar-05 6-Jun-05  
Mosley Henretta 10-Mar-05 8-Jun-05  
Nicholas Arthur 4 Mar 1889 14-May-58  
Nichols Lloyd, Jr. 1948 1964  
Nichols Walter 6 Apr 1894 16-Apr-59  
Nichols Donnie Roberts 1 May 1894 12-Dec-89 w/o Walter
Nichols Ralph 26 Jun 1890 18-Mar-46  
Nichols Julie 25 Dec 1870 27 Apr 1899  
Nichols Alton Gee 26-Aug-14 17-Aug-73  
Nickerson Martha 5-Apr-82 13-Jan-55  
Nickerson E. D. No dates given    
Nunn Ronnie Charles 19-Jul-1964 26-Oct-2017  
O. H.   No date given 12593  
Obey Menthia E. 23 Jul 1894 3-Feb-81  
Pannell Miller 1866 1941  
Pannell Octilla 1885 1957  
Pannell Annie 3 Aug 1868 20-Jun-26  
Pannell Fritz M. 1899 1931  
Perry Alvis, Sr. 24 Aug, 1913 14-Dec-81 h/o Fredonia Russett
Perry Fredonia Russett     w/o Alvis
Randle Willie Sr. 25-Dec-15 2-Jun-71 h/o Rosie Mary Mosley
Ray Robert Lee 19-Oct-02 10-Jun-74  
Reed Lettie 1945 1965  
Reed Lettie 7-Jul-35 3-Sep-51  
Reese Helen c1884 5-Dec-1931 Death Certificate
Reese Phillip 2-May-11 7-Dec-83 US Army
Reese Sally Ann Crawford 28-Feb-14 25-Sep-99  
Richardson Ed 7 Jun 1891 2-May-67  
Richardson Amanda 7 Apr 1887 25-Jun-60  
Richardson Charlie 20 May 1893 12-May-50  
Richardson Sarah 1855 1942  
Richardson James 1903 1936  
Roberts Leonard A., Jr. 6-Aug-00 4-Oct-52  
Roberts Leonard No date given 26-Feb-52  
Roberts Elvia No dates given 16-Aug-74  
Sanders Lorene Ward  26-Nov-19 24-Apr-11 w/o James Eddie Dever. James Sanders
Sanford Mark 30-Nov-06 3-Mar-75 h/o Mary J. Flakes
Sanford May Jane 15-Dec-05 1-Jul-97 w/o George Darden, Mark Sanford
Scales Earnest 1905 1958  
Scales John Wesley 12-Aug-13 1-Dec-79  
Scales T. B. 1911 1957  
Scales Mrs. Johnnie R. 1916 1961  
Scales Coy 13-Sep-16 1981  
Shand Albert 16-Jul-37 9-Apr-76  
Simms Edward 7-May-21 7-Jul-46  
Sims Alex 17 Mar 1893 30-Nov-70  
Sims Brother Bill 14 Aug 1877 30-Dec-67  
Sims Mary 1888 1949  
Sims Minnie P 1913 1980  
Sims Jeffrey Leo 2-Mar-01 7-Jul-75  
Smalley Legusta 23-Dec-15 11-Oct-66  
Smallwood Alanzo 17-Mar-19 20-Jan-69  
Smallwood Irene 11-Mar-05 11-May-05  
Smith Elizabeth 28-Aug-11 16-Apr-79  
Smith James   10-Dec-66  
Smith Lawrence D. 4-Jun-22 13-Dec-55  
Smith Roosevelt "Veal" n/a 12-Jan-2013 Austin County Funeral Home
651 W Meyer St
Bellville, Texas 77418
Southern Janie Dotson 23-Dec-10 1-Nov-95 w/o T.C. Dotson, Rev. Hardy Southern
Spain Ora Lee 20-Mar-05 23-May-05  
Spicer Louis B. 1908 1982  
Spicer Theodore R. 1903 1967  
Spicer Hays 7 Nov 1876 1-May-66 h/o Narcissus Pendelton & Mattie Norsworthy
Stacey Bell 15-Jul-00 1-Nov-79  
Stokes Frank W. 10 Oct 1884 21-Jan-60  
Stokes Edna P. 14 Dec 1898 14-Apr-57  
Stokes Washington 31 May 1871 10-Feb-50  
Stokes James 4 Apr 1876 3-Jun-68  
Stokes Daffenia 12 Sep 1889 21-Apr-51  
Stokes Sally 1 May 1856 14-Jul-39  
Stokes Alice 7 Feb 1889 7-Oct-83  
Summage Sam 1870 1960  
Sykes Gus 1915 22-Dec-65  
Sykes Anderson No dates given    
Sylvester Ellen Ruth 21-Jan-04 1-Jun-74 w/o Jim
Taylor Daisetta No dates given    
Taylor Lillie Chappel   24-Jan-90 w/o Carsey
Terry Daisy 1-Oct-06 10-Mar-71  
Terry Sam, Sr. 11 Apr 1894 23-Feb-74  
Terry Fannie 31-May-00 21-Apr-89 w/o Sam Terry
Terry Allen L. 1891 1968  
Terry Lt. Alberta 27 Feb 1895 8-Aug-63  
Thomas Phillisa A. 5 Apr 1893 3-Feb-80  
Thompson Marie Jeff 5-Mar-17 19-Jan-77 w/o 1. Robert Greer, 2 John
Thompson John 25 May 1892 21-Dec-69  
Thompson Willis 3 Mar 1884 31-Mar-45  
Thompson Millie 15 Dec 1866 27-Mar-29  
Thompson Cad 22 Dec 1861 21-Jul-23  
Thompson J. S. 22 Feb 1890 12-Oct-18  
Thompson Lucinda 28 Dec 1887 29-Sep-27  
Thompson Norris, Jr. 27-Dec-29 16-Apr-79 h/o Odela Korean War
Toles Pearl 7 Apr 1894 21-Jun-72  
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Unmarked grave        
Verse Thomas A. 3 Aug 1879 21-Oct-65  
Verse Rhodia 7 Aug 1885 17-Dec-76  
Walker Leonard 8-Feb-02 4-Mar-84  
Walker Lucy B. 3 Mar 1896 6-Nov-85  
Waller Overton V. 6 Aug 1895 13-Apr-62  
Waller Crawford 11 Dec 1891 22-Jun-43  
Waller Aquilla 31-Dec-02 31-May-74  
Waller Mathew Bell No date given 17-Aug-22  
Ward Hattie May No date given 30-Dec-64  
Ward Lonnie 1-Mar-34 27-Jan-83  
Ward Lizzie 16-Oct-02 31-Aug-82  
Ward Wesley 23 Aug 1894 24-Sep-79 h/o Lizzie
Ward Roy Kelly 2 Januaary 1930 21-Oct-07 h/o Jessie Vera
Ward Ida Beatrice Jones 1-Jan-29 4-Oct-74 w/o Jesse
Ward Jerrell Rondell  Sr. 29-Dec-80 5-May-11  
Ward Jerry Wayne 9-Jan-56 30-Apr-77  
Ward Jessie Vera Barker 2-Jun-35 1-Apr-88 w/o Eddie Henderson, R. K. Ward
Ward Ladien Bryan 27-Jul-60 17-Jul-88 h/o Margie Sherrell
Ward Lewis Douglas "L.D."  29 Apr 1921 14-Dec-97 h/o Gloria Pearl Banks  Veteran St. Sgt
Ward  Xavier 8-Aug-86 12-Aug-97 s/o J. Ward, V. DaBera
Warner Cora A. 1912 1962  
Warner Louis D. No dates given    
Warner Prince Albert 4-Apr-18 11-Nov-76  
Warner Veola Miller 21-Oct-03 10-Jan-79 w/o Walter
Warner Walter 20 1893 6-Apr-72  
Warner Steve 6-Sep-44 1-Jul-01  
Washington Gideon 4 Oct 1893 25-Dec-46  
Williams John Hernry 5-Dec-11 29-Nov-71  
Williams Robbie Lee Wellington 22-Sep-19 8-Sep-72  
Williams  Isabell Jackson 25-Oct-22 6-Jan-90 w/o Robert Lee, Jr.
Wilson  Sadie "Say-A" Bailey 23-Jan-25 10-Dec-91 w/o Willis Jr.
Woods Lula 1892 1981  
Wyatt Clinton   12-Jul-68  
Wyatt Edgar  "Hy" 7-Jul-08 12-Feb-95 s/o Mose 
Wyatt Emma Date not given 6-Jan-95  
Wyatt Frankie Jane Jackson 8 Dec ??? 9 May, 1971 w/o Mose
Wyatt James Lee Travis 4-Jul-08 11-Jan-79 h/o Emma Thomas
Wyatt Sidney (Sir Knight) 4-Dec-04 15-Feb-78  
Yancy John Wesley "Dee" Sr. 3-Aug-20 3-Jun-96 h/o Sadie Ester Jackson
10 unmarked graves        
2 unmarked graves        
2 unmarked graves        
3 unmarked graves        
3 unmarked graves        
3 unmarked graves        
3 unmarked graves        
3 unmarked graves        
3 unmarked graves        
3 unmarked graves        
3 unmarked graves        
4 unmarked graves        
4 unmarked graves        
5 unmarked graves        
6 unmarked graves        
7 unmarked graves        
7 unmarked graves        
7 unmarked graves        


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