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Kenny Cemetery 

Going north  from Bellville on Hwy 36, take the Kenny Exit and follow that road to the town of Kenney.  At the post office, Turn right to cross the railroad tracks.  Immediately turn left on Hall road and follow it until you see a white sign "Kenney Cemetery" and the cemetery on the left.

PLEASE NOTE:   I do not live in Austin County and cannot do research.

NOTE:  I only do transcribing and helping people with genealogical research.  I have nothing to do with the cemetery, so if you are looking for information on purchasing plots or rules and regulations of the cemetery, contact the caretaker or a local funeral home.


PLEASE CHECK the Cemetery Index page as the below table may not be complete.

To look for obits go to Bellville Public Library site and click on Newspaper as there is a wealth of information for obituaries and other records.

Thanks to Carolyn Zascoda for updates to these files. October 2020


Last name First name Birth Death Comment
Adams Thomas B., Sr. 3-May-16 13-Apr-88  
Adams Lillie Mae Spates 9-Jun-18 18-Jun-92  
Adams Thomas B., Jr. 18-Mar-42 3-May-96  
Adams Mollie 25 August 1891 28-Jun-84  
Adams Ezekiel 25 March 1891 17-Nov-48  
Austin Inola Adams 2-Sep-31 15-Nov-04  
Banks Odessa M. 3-Dec-36 9-Nov-04 Age 67
Bouldin Johnnie L. 1 January 1897 6-Sep-65 TX PVT US Army WWI
Brewer Lue Brewer 13 January 1856 23-Aug-39  
Browning Eula Mae 11-Jan-22 28-Aug-93 d/o Eddie & Nannie
Chappell Ora Lee 29-Mar-09 9-Jan-62  
Cleveland Carrie 10-Jan-00 6-Feb-66  
Cleveland Jasper 12 Feb 1896 11-Jan-1976 WWI
Cole Elija 5 May 1895 6-Jul-1961 WWI
Crew Texana Dever 10-Aug-13 21-Sep-93 w/o Jessie Sr.
Crew Jessie Jr. 31-Dec-37 30-Jun-55  
Crew Jessie 12-Jan-12 19-Apr-02  
Dabney Bettie Ann 1890 1947  
Dabney Esther May 11-Sep-13 3-Mar-78  
Dabney Fred Hover 1-Nov-1906 30-Jun-1981 WW II
Dabney James 9-Aug-1914 28-Nov-1979 WW II
Dabney Mattie Jane 10 April 1885 17-Nov-72  
Deaver Amanda L. 24-Jul-13 11-Aug-60  
Deaver Arthur, Rev. 22-Dec-07 16-Jul-88 h/o Amanda
Deaver Amanda 24-Jul-13 11-Aug-60  
Dever James Eddie ? 22-Jan-62  
Everline Elmus 30-Mar-12 22-Jun-55  
Gabriel Leary 31-Oct-54 2-Jan-77  
Gardner Donald L. 22-Dec-53 16-Mar-01  
Henderson Estelle 20-Nov-07 27-May-32  
Hogan Sterlin L. 1-Jan-54 4-Dec-58  
Hood Charlie 9 May 1891 17-Feb-61 Cpl. WWI
Jefferson Lila 1898 1976  
Jefferson Lila 1898 1970  
Johnson Melvin 23-Nov-13 18-Jul-84  
Keener Arthur, Jr. 25-Nov-14 17-Dec-90  
Kenner Tommie 3-Jan-23 19-Jul-61 US Army Tec5 WW II
Kenner Arthur 15 January 1890 23-Oct-78  
Kenner Johnnie 8-Mar-17 25-Nov-78  
Kesee J. D. 14-May-19 23-Aug-67 WWII
Kesee Pastor Lee Ray, Jr. 30-Mar-24 16-Sep-04  
Kesee James 28 March 1890 29-Nov-72  
Kesee Lue Brewer 13 January 1856 23-Aug-39  
Kesee Brianna S. 1992 2005  
Kesee Don E 29-Jan-43 7-Jan-15 f/o Don, E., Prince
Lenert Hynn 1938 1949  
Lott Mary Jane 19 June 1880 1-Nov-59  
Lott Rolston B. 4-Jan-09 12-Oct-85  
Lott Dorothy Ann 10-Mar-43 18-Jan-01  
Martin Gladys E. 10-Jan-36 29-Dec-71  
Maxie Elnoria 1-May-11    
Moore Alexander 14-May-25 10-May-84 US Navy WWII
Parker Annie 31 January 1892 14-Aug-76  
Parker William 21 April 18?? 17 April ????  
Pierce Lester L 23-Jul-00 22-Nov-69  
Quiller Lawrence 9-Feb-09 25-Mar-78  
Robertson Ed 8-Sep-00 21-Oct-74  
Robertson Maggie 7-Apr-06 14-Jun-04  
Rogers Ruthie 20 March 1886 27-Dec-52  
Rogers Lillie 5 March 1892 14-Jul-79  
Rogers Emmer 18-Aug-09 9-Aug-76  
Rogers Elmus 27-Feb-12 30-Nov-87  
Rogers Georgia M 17-Mar-16 2-May-76  
Rogers James 28 Jul 1886 25-Apr-76  
Rogers Johnnie 25-Jun-25 22-Feb-59  
Rogers Mary 31-Oct-13 18-Sep-88  
Rogers Jimmy     "SuMan"
Ross Annie Reb 29 July 1873 18-Dec-69  
Ross Edie 9 September 1894 24-Jun-63  
Sanford Ultra 14 Feb 1896 10-Aug-68  
Smith   Mar-17 1947  
Smith Freddie, Sr. 14-Nov-14 13-Mar-68 Pvt. WWII
Smoots Ruth Virginia Woods 11-May-15 14-Mar-69  
Soulpia Johnnie L. 1 ? 1897 6-Sep-65  
Spates Walter, Jr. 17-Apr-05 6-Jun-75  
Spates Rebecca 1 January 1872    
Spates Walter 18 February 1866 11-Jan-23  
Spates Warner 30 September 1894 9-Oct-18  
Spates Charley 28-Sep-04 15-Feb-07 Son of Walter & Rebecca
Stokes Birdie Lee Rodgers 1917 26 Januaary 1983 w/o Ennis
Stokes Ennis 9-Mar-12 18-Jan-87 h/o Birdie Lee Rogers
Thomas Priscilla 1 June 1874 15-May-43  
Twiggs Richard 24 June 1895 25-May-62 WWI
Unk Charlot? 4-Mar-53 8 April ????  
Walker Lenora Kesee 20-Dec-21 13-Sep-98  
Ward Ed   1909  
Ward Alberta 13 March  1902 14-Mar-97  
Washington Booker T., Jr. 25-May-27 2-May-92  
Watts Mattie 9 January 1890 1-May-77  
Watts Rufus 27 June 1890 5-Aug-57  
Watts Lillian 16-Nov-22 8-Apr-45  
Watts Edna 29-Aug-32 28-Feb-73  
Watts Leon J. 20-Oct-17 1-Aug-82  


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