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Please remember that many of the older cemeteries are located on private property. Please respect not only the cemetery but also the property owner's rights. Always obtain permission to enter private property.


Krasna Cemetery

Near Wallis

Note: This cemetery is actually located in Ft. Bend County. Because it is so close to Wallis it has genealogical significance to Austin county and will remain on our list.

Location: Starting from Sealy, Texas, take Hwy 36 south through Wallis. Turn right on FM. 1952 at the Catholic Church. Follow the road for 2.8 miles south and turn left on gravel road for .8 mile. The cemetery will front the road on the right side.

Name GenFolks
Adamek, Jan "John" Sr. (1870-1915)Details
Adamek, Jan "John" Jr. (1903-1923)Details
Bilec, Ludmila (1924-1924)Details
Boff, Yvonne Ernestine (Klotz) (1962-1999)Details
Bohacek, Ann (Trojkia) (1850-1893)Details
Brown, Robert Ray Sr. (1913-1972)Details
Cerny, Marie (Somer) (1858-1923)Details
Cerny, Michael Paul (1950-2008)Details
Cerny, Vaclav Wencel (1858-1894)Details
Chalupa, baby (1896-1896)Details
Chalupa, baby (1931-1931)Details
Chalupa, Jan (1864-1898)Details
Curtiss, Vlasta "Lessie" (Dujka) (1922-1997)Details
Dolejsi, Frank (1848-1931)Details
Dolejsi, Julia (1885-1909)Details

Dujka, Adolph W. (1910-1992)
Dujka, Emilie Henrietta (Schovajsa) (1911-1999)Details
Dujka, Julius P. (1930-2013)Details
Dujka, Paul (1867-1954)Details
Dujka, Rosalie (Mala) (1885-1967)Details
Dujka, Virginia Pauline (Resler) (1930-1985)Details
Enriquez, Gregoria (Munos) (1913-1934)Details
Fisk, Edith (Kovar) (1918-2011)Details
Fisk, James Enoch (1903-1994)Details
Fojt, Francis (????-????)Details
Gamez, Josefa (????-????)Details
Garcia, Carmen (1981-2021)Details
Gomez, Josefa C. (????-????)Details
Gonzalez, Gilberto Gallo. (1945-2014)Details
Grigar, Rosie (Cerny) (1891-1976)Details

Grigar, William John (1915-1973)
Harlica, Alfred (1934-1934)Details
Hlavaty, Josef (1862-1946)Details
Hlavaty, Veronika (Cernota) (1864-1924)Details
Hlavety, Bedrich (????-1817)Details

Holly, SP5 Eldon Thomas Jr. (1955-2003)
Holly, Gladys Elaine (Martisak) (1930-2018)Details
Holly, John Charles (1952-????)Details
Holly, Teresa Maria (Glover) (1959-2008)Details
Horelica, Alvin or Alfred A. (1934-1934)Details
Hornicko, Barbara (1842-1920)Details
Hornicko, Frank (1853-1928)Details
Hornicko, Rosalie (1866-1954)Details
Hrnby, Jakub (1869-1922)Details
Hrnicko, Barbora (1842-1920)Details
Hrnicko, Frantisek "Frank" (1853-1928)Details
Hrnicko, Rosalie (Varva) (1866-1954)Details
Hruzek, Peter Rudolf (1895-1978)Details
Hruzek, Robert Charles (1926-1991)Details
Hruzek, Terezie (Jetelina) (1894-1989)Details
Iohcna, Kleeka (1841-1905)Details
Jachect, infant (1914-1914)Details
Jecmenek, Anna (Muenster) (1858-1920)Details
Jochect, Louis (1915-1918)Details
Jochect, Mary “Baby” (1914-1914)Details
Jurck, Rosie (1972-1972)Details
Jurek, Alfonse (1922-1922)Details
Jurek, Anna (Cerny) (1880-1932)Details
Jurek, Annie Mary (Jochec) (1914-1964)Details
Jurek, Bohuslav Sylvester "B.S." (1909-1992)Details
Jurek, Edna Faye (Mays) (1914-1980)Details
Jurek, Edward P. (1884-1962)Details
Jurek, Elizabeth Jane (Zalmanek) (1946-2010)Details
Jurek, Felix (1922-1922)Details
Jurek, Frank E. (1872-1958)Details
Jurek, Frank William "Willie" (1939-2010)Details
Jurek, Frantiska (1884-1931)Details
Jurek, Hazel Irene (Brinkmeyer) (1938-2016)Details
Jurek, Joseph Sr. (1878-1962)Details
Jurek, Joseph "Joe" Jr. (1910-1998)Details
Jurek, Rosie (1904-1972)Details
Jurek, Sidonia (1913-1913)Details
Jurek, William Joseph (1935-2004)Details
Kalas, Ludmila (1898-1906)Details
Kanak, Anna (Bartos) (1866-1932)Details
Kanak, baby Girl (????-????)Details
Kanak, Carolyn Meta Anna (Wetz) (1885-1919)Details
Kanak, Frantiska "Frances" (Pawelkova) (1840-1903)Details
Kanak, infant (????-????)Details
Kanak, Metta (1885-1919)Details
Kanak, Stephen (1836-1915)Details
Kanak, Unora (1952-????)Details
King, Steve Lee (1953-2012)Details
Klavaty, Bedrik (1913-1914)Details
Klavaty, Josef (1862-1946)Details
Klavaty, Veronika (1864-1921)Details
Klecka, Albertyna "Bertha" (Hruzek) (1874-1953)Details
Klecka, Bertha (1874-1953)Details
Klecka, Johana (Lycka) (1841-1906)Details
Klecka, Josef "Joe" (1863-1928)Details
Klecka, Karl (1841-1908)Details
Klecka, Mary (Mozisek) (1870-1900)Details
Klotz, Cecilia Marie (Wleczyk) (1934-2015)Details
Kocurek, August (1873-1924)Details
Kocurek, Leonard (1922-1922)Details
Koehler, Emma Lynn (Dujka) (1921-2005)Details

Koehler, PFC Milton Ernest (1921-2019)
Konvicka, Alois (1901-1903)Details
Kosik, Rosie (1884-1973)Details
Kosik, Vaclav (1878-1929)Details
Kovar, Albin Login (1912-1981)Details
Kovar, Annie (Mozola) (1885-1975)Details
Kovar, Lillie Vlasta (1907-1921)Details
Kovar, Pavel "Paul" (1874-1968)Details
Kovar, Randolph Patrick "Randy" (1955-1969)Details
Kovar, Rosalie (1908-1914)Details
Kozik, Rosie (Zapalac) (1884-1973)Details
Kozik, Vaclav (1878-1929)Details
Krejcicek, Teresie (1848-1904)Details
Krnicko, Barbora (1842-1920)Details
Krnicko, Frantisek (1893-1928)Details
Krnicko, Roselie (1866-1954)Details
Kucera, Alfred (1922-1922)Details
Kucera, Frank (1874-1924)Details
Kulhanek, Jerry Francis (1918-1999)Details
Kulhanek, Lovine Marketa "Margarete" (Martisak) (1925-2017)Details
Lawandowski, Walter (1897-1899)Details
Litvik, Marie (????-1892)Details
Macha, Frantisek (1905-1906)Details
Manzelka, Jurek (1888-1931)Details
Marek, Betty Jane (Melnar) (1939-2014)Details
Marek, Frantiska "Fannie" (Mozola) (1887-1911)Details

Marek, PFC John Peter "Johnnie" (1933-2017)
Marenka, Sliva (????-????)Details
Martisak, Antonia "Tonnie" (1903-2003)Details
Martisak, John Lawrence (1896-1964)Details
Matka, Mira (1848-1904)Details
Mazola, Jan (1858-1933)Details
Mazola, Julie (1891-1913)Details
Mazola, Marie (1856-1946)Details

Minks, PFC Bernard Anthony (1938-1986)
Minks, Frank (1861-1916)Details

Minks, SP4 Frank Fred (1934-2005)
Minks, James Michael (1964-1986)Details
Minsk, Frank (1862-1916)Details
Mozola, Anna Marie (Svetlik) (1856-1946)Details
Mozola, Jan "John" (1858-1933)Details
Mozola, Julie (Marek) (1891-1913)Details
Pedroza, Mario Roybal (1954-????)Details
Pedroza, Valerie Darcelle (Dujka) (1952-1996)Details
Peter, Aloisius William "Alois" (1871-1895)Details
Pustejovsky, Edmund (1905-1905)Details
Ramos, Pete (1942-1942)Details
Ripel, Adolf (1865-1910)Details
Rippel, Adolph (1905-1910)Details
Schank, baby (1900-1900)Details
Schank, Marianne "Marie" (Neckar / Chalupa) (1866-1936)Details
Schiller, Frank (1930-1930)Details
Schiller, Frantiska (1905-1919)Details
Schiller, Jan (1919-1923)Details
Schiller, John (1861-1913)Details
Schiller, John A (1886-1963)Details
Schiller, Mary (Cerny) (1882-1964)Details
Schiller, Theresa (Pecha) (1860-1949)Details
Schmira, Frances (Sckosta) (1866-1946)Details
Sebesta, baby Boy I (1912-1912)Details
Sebesta, baby Boy II (1912-1912)Details
Sebesta, Frantisek (1864-1918)Details
Sebesta, Frantiska (Schiller) (1866-1946)Details
Sebesta, son (????-????)Details
Sebesta, son (????-1912)Details
Sebesta Jurek, Frantiska (Frances) (1888-1931)Details
Selcer, Albena (1890-1927)Details
Sidome, baby (1913-1913)Details
Sliva, Barborka (1918-1918)Details
Sliva, Joseph (1902-1902)Details
Sliva, Marenka (????-????)Details
Somr, Rosie (1828-1900)Details
Stavinoha, Jan "John" (1880-1909)Details
Sutton, Matthew Robert (1977-1977)Details
Svec, Adolph (1923-1923)Details
Toman, Mildred Bernice (Hruzek) (1923-2003)Details

Toman, Willie August (1918-1980)
Vaclau, Kozik (1878-1929)Details
Vaculova, Anna (1839-1910)Details
Vasek, Gamek (1917-1917)Details
Vasek, Jan (1917-1917)Details
Viaclovsky, Frank (1902-1902)Details
Viaclovsky, Jan (1854-1908)Details
Zde-Adpociowludmila, Kalas (1898-1906)Details
Zdealreina, Jan Slanuno (????-1909)Details
Zotyka, Adolph (1899-1935)Details
Zotyka, John (1928-1928)Details
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