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Macedonia Cemetery

Location: Starting from the town of Sealy, take Hwy. 36 North to Grubbs Road. Turn right on Grubbs Road. Continue on about 3/4 mile to Peters-San Felipe Road. Turn right on Peters-San Felipe Road and the cemetery is on the right about 1 block.

3 unmarked graves

Name GenFolks
Allen, John Roosevelt (1900-1974)Details
Allen, Mary (Wilkins) (1903-1965)Details
Allen, Matilda (1824-1904)Details
Allen, Sarah (Dever) (1885-1940)Details
Allen, Tom (1863-1948)Details
Ames, Eddie (1910-1985)Details
Ames, Edna (Toland) (1896-1936)Details
Ames, Frazier (1885-1937)Details
Ames, Harrison (1857-1931)Details
Ames, Mattie or Nattie L (1912-1981)Details
Ames, Reacy May (1932-1937)Details
Ames, Robedia (Thompson) (1898-1939)Details
Ames, Stacey (1898-1974)Details
Blackmon, Rev Ben (1898-1968)Details
Blackmon, Bennie (1950-1988)Details

Blackmon, Clarence (1912-1962)
Blackmon, Ella (Grant) (1896-1982)Details

Blackmon, Henderson (1910-1969)
Blackmon, Jessie Lee (Grant) (1895-1948)Details
Blackmon, John (1885-1957)Details
Blackmon, L E (1942-1961)Details
Blackmon, L. E. (1911-1969)Details
Blackmon, Lawrence C (1923-1978)Details
Blackmon, Levesrer (1933-1983)Details
Blackmon, N. (1917-1963)Details
Blackmon, Spars (1891-1981)Details
Blackmon, Unknown (????-????)Details
Blackmon, Wilbert (1914-1963)Details
Blact, T T (????-????)Details
Bolden, Hattie (Sims) (1890-1968)Details
Bolden, Herbert (1893-1947)Details
Boyd, Eddie Mae (Johnson) (1910-1982)Details
Byers, Octavia (Mills) (1873-1932)Details
Byers, Taylor (1870-1939)Details
Carr, Ada Mae (Tate) (1925-1968)Details
Carr, Lena Mae (Palmer) (1941-1968)Details
Carr, Terry John (1961-1962)Details
Cleveland, Versie Lee (Fair) (1922-1997)Details
Dever, Betty (1904-1985)Details
Dever, Elnora (Jerrels) (1902-1983)Details
Dever, Leola (Hewett) (1898-1927)Details
Dever, Rev Lonnie (1902-1972)Details
Dever, Luella (1922-1943)Details
Dickerson, Debra Denice (1961-1961)Details
Farr, Jennie Mae (Tate) (1917-1982)Details
Fisher, Mary (Blackmon) (1897-1952)Details
Fisher, Sol Jr. (1855-1935)Details
Gillum, Robert (1930-1957)Details
Gillum, S. B. (1936-1937)Details
Green, Ernest (1925-1953)Details
Green, Fred (1868-1959)Details

Green, TSGT Iowa (1907-1980)
Green, Lonnie (1909-1972)Details
Green, Lornia (1909-1972)Details
Green, Luevenia (Porter) (1899-1978)Details
Green, Luis Lavern (1934-1934)Details

Green, Rogers (1895-1980)
Green, Tennie See (Blacknell) (1871-1937)Details
Green, Viola (Johnson) (1917-2005)Details
Green, Virginia (Carr) (1870-1949)Details
Green, Willie (1921-2006)Details
Hackney, Malana (Washington) (1876-1961)Details
Hall, Josephine (Allen) (1905-1965)Details
Hall, Mary Ann (Washington) (1941-1968)Details
Haynes, Sr. Robert (1929-2010)Details
Haynes, Rosie Lee (Palmer) (1935-2008)Details
Hillimon, Ardessie (1933-1953)Details
Hodge, Nettie Lee (1902-1958)Details
Hornsby, Willie (1894-1978)Details
Hunt, Jessie Mae (1923-1938)Details
Hunt, Viola (Shepard) (1892-1963)Details
Jackson, Mauranda Terrene (1965-2011)Details
Jerrels, Leola (1908-????)Details
Jerrels, Leroy (1924-1936)Details
Jerrels, Maria (????-1982)Details
Jerrels, Walter (1885-1969)Details
Jones, Antonisha Victoria (1984-1986)Details
K, M (????-????)Details
Kelly, Cleothus (McDonald) (1938-1959)Details
Lewis, Anthony (1970-1975)Details
Lewis, Bud (????-????)Details
Long, Gerlene (Jerrels) (1904-1968)Details
Mackey, Xavier Dontae (1991-2011)Details
McClinton, Lizzie (1912-2011)Details
McDonald, Annie (1939-1939)Details
McDonald, Annie Mae (1939-1981)Details
McDonald, Frances (Allen) (1908-1966)Details
McDonald, Harris (????-1988)Details
McDonald, Johnnie Jr. (1893-1965)Details
McDonald, Johnnie Mae (Robinson) (1930-1993)Details
McDonald, Jonie (????-1965)Details
McDonald, Lola (Jackson) (1902-1975)Details
McDonald, Oscar (1899-1969)Details
McDonald, Ruby Jene (1945-1945)Details

McDonald, CPL Willie (1923-1986)
Nunn, Anthony Ray (1979-2012)Details
Nunn-Gilbert, Ruby Lee (1956-2020)Details
Palmer, Andrew Charles (1976-2016)Details
Palmer, Dorothy (1954-201)Details
Palmer, George Sr. (1934-1962)Details
Palmer, Howard Sr. (1947-2011)Details
Palmer, Howard Lee Jr. (1969-1989)Details
Palmer, Ora Lee (Green) (1913-1999)Details
Palmer, Raymond Jr. (1937-2013)Details
Reese, John (1885-1966)Details
Reese, Mary (House) (1887-1962)Details
Scott, Hugh (1873-1938)Details

Seals, Anthony James "Wine" Jr. (1934-2010)
Seals, Roedrick Loren "Ricky" (1973-1990)Details
Speaker, Alfred (1905-1952)Details
Speaker, Charlie Lee Jr. (1904-1979)Details
Strange, Bernice (Blackmon) (1937-1973)Details
Strange, Breanoed (1926-1973)Details
Taft, Nellie M (????-1965)Details
Tall, Luther (????-1963)Details
Tate, Ada (Eveline) (1894-1939)Details
Tate, Arthur (1921-1978)Details
Tate, Lee Ellis (1956-1979)Details
Tate, Leroy Sr. (1936-1982)Details
Tate, Leroy Jr. (1958-2005)Details
Tate, Luther (1895-1963)Details
Taylor, Mary Ella (1894-1963)Details
Thomas, Clifton Lee Jr. (1949-1949)Details

Upshaw, Edgar A. (1896-1956)
Upshaw, Frank (1911-1962)Details
Upshaw, Jessie (1899-1944)Details
Ward, Dave Jr. (1917-1982)Details
Ward, Nellie (Young) (1882-1968)Details
White, Elise Mae (Lott) (1929-1958)Details
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