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Macedonia Cemetery

Location: Starting from the town of Sealy, take Hwy. 36 North to Grubbs Road. Turn right on Grubbs Road. Continue on about 3/4 mile to Peters-San Felipe Road. Turn right on Peters-San Felipe Road and the cemetery is on the right about 1 block.

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3 unmarked graves

Last name First name Birth Death Comment
Ames Mrs. Nattie L. 1912 1981 .
Ames Eddie 3-Feb-10 3-Feb-85 .
Blackmon Ella Grant 12 Oct 1896 11-Nov-82 w/o Spars
Blackmon Spars 1891 1981 .
Blackmon N. 10-Feb-17 25-Feb-63 .
Blackmon Bennie 23-Sep-50 13-Apr-88 .
Blackmon Levesrer 10-Feb-33 19-Nov-83 .
Blackmon L. T. 1911 No date given .
Blackmon John 4 Sep 1885 7-Nov-57 .
Blackmon Clarence 14-Jun-1912 6-May-1962  WWII USAflag
Blackmon Henderson 11-Dec-1910 10-Jul-1969 WWII USAflag
Blackmon Lawrence C. 31-May-23 19-Jan-77 .
Blact T. T. No dates given . .
Bolden Herbert No date given 27 Jan 1947 .
Carr Ada 1925 1968 .
Carr, Lena Mae Lena Mae 1941 1968 .
Dever Rev. Lonnie 1902 1972 .
Dever Elnora 1902 1983 .
Dever Betty 1903 1985 .
Farr Jennie Mae 1917 1982 .
Gillum Robert 27-Jan-30 1-Feb-57 .
Green Rogers 7 Jun 1895 17-Mar-80 WWI  USAflag
Green Luevenia 25 Jan 1899 3-Jun-78 .
Green Earnest No date given 14-Jan-53 .
Green, Iowa Iowa 17-Jun-07 5-Jun-80 WWIIUSAflag
Green, Lonnie Lonnie No date given 16-May-72 .
Hillimon Ardessie 10-Feb-33 20-Oct-53 .
Hodge Nettie No date given 29-Mar-58 .
Jerrels Walter 1895 1969 .
Jerrels Maria No date given 4-May-82 .
K. M. K. M. No dates given . .
Lewis Anthony 1970 1975 .
Long Gerlene 16-Feb-04 12-Jan-68 .
McDonald Jonie No date given 3-Jul-65 .
McDonald Lola Jackson 24-Apr-02 10-Dec-75 w/o Johnnie
McDonald Willie 29-Oct-23 1-Oct-86 WWII USAflag
Palmer Andrew Charles 6-Feb-76 27-Jan-16 h/o Latavia Robinson
Palmer, Jr. Howard Lee 21-Mar-69 12-Jun-89 s/o Howard & Dorothy
Seals Anthony James Jr 29-Mar-34 7-Jun-10 Korea USAflag
Seals Roderick Loren "Ricky" 14-Feb-73 29-Apr-90 .
Strange Mrs. Breanoed 23-Apr-26 17-Jan-73 .
Taft Nellie M. No date given 8-Jul-65 .
Tall, Luther Luther No date given 27-Jan-63 .
Tate Lee Ellis 1956 1979 .
Tate Leroy 15-Aug-36 1-Nov-82 h/o Luella Washington
Taylor Mary Ella 17 May 1894 18-Mar-63 .
Upshaw Frank 26-Jun-11 28-Mar-62 .
Upshaw Jessie 8 Nov 1899 5-Jun-44 .
Upshaw Edgar 26 Dec 1896 25-Oct-56 WWI USAflag
Ward, Dave, Jr. Dave, Jr. 23-Oct-17 15-Sep-82 .

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